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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/2-3

Feb. 8, 2000

Bulgarian "Demo Farce: Veterans Cry for Help

New York Times Lies, Denies and Distorts - Again!

KFOR Also Trying to Distort the Truth (DPS); Beijing Warns Washington China Is No Yugoslavia



New York                    1. New York Times Lies, Denies and Distorts - Again!

Belgrade                      2. DPS: KFOR Also Trying to Distort the Truth

Sofia                            3. Bulgarian “Demo Farce:” Veterans Cry for Help

Beijing                         4. Beijing Warns Washington China Is No Yugoslavia


1. New York Times Lies, Denies and Distorts - Again, and Again…

NEW YORK, Feb. 5 – The New York Times was back this weekend doing what it does best - lie, deny and distort any news that doesn’t fit its editors’ opinions (read New World Order’s agenda), while claiming on its front page that it publishes “all the news that’s fit to print.”  The Times’ coverage of the latest outbreak of violence in Kosovo is the case in point (see “Two Elderly Serbs Killed As KFOR Bus Ambushed by Kosovo Albanians”).

On Feb. 4, it carried its story about the killings of the elderly Serbs on the inside pages under the headline, “Bus Ambush in Kosovo Costs NATO Faith of Serbs.”  (As if NATO ever had the faith of the Serbs, except perhaps for the indigent ones).Text Box:

Then the Times “lie, deny and distort” propaganda machinery went into full gear.  The next day (Feb. 5), the paper published a photo on its front page of the NATO French troops supposedly chasing away the Albanian rioters, according to the caption (the photo on the left).  And indeed, that’s what the Times readers would conclude, if they had no other sources of information.

But takText Box:  e a look at the following two photos.  The one on the right, taken by Agence France Presse (and, therefore, also available to the Times), shows the Kosovo Albanians hurling tear gas grenades at the KFOR “peacekeepers” in full riot gear, including the helmets and shields). 

Upon having seen that photo contemporaneously (on Feb. 4), the TiM editor remarked to his wife: “Now isn’t that an interesting turn of events - Kosovo Albanian ‘civilians’ throwing tear gas grenades at the troops.  In Seattle, the police did that (and worse!) to the American civilians (see “Toward a Multipolar World”).

But “interesting” turned into “deceitful” when the Text Box:  next day (Feb. 5), the New York Times published the photograph (on the left) of a Serb victim of Albanian violence in Kosovska Mitrovica being wheeled into a hospital.  Because the Times did it under the caption: “Velebit Jaksic, a Serb injured by a grenade thrown into a Serbian café in Mitrovica on Thursday, received treatment at a local hospital.  The attack came after a night of violence that killed seven ethnic Albanians.” (emphasis added by TiM).

This single word - “after” - instead of “before,” made all the difference between a lie and a news report.  For the Albanian attack on the Serb café PRECIPITATED the Serb reaction and the “night of violence that killed seven ethnic Albanians.” 

The story was vintage New York Times: Dramatic, hateful, anti-Serb, and… WRONG!  Which is how Hitler, Stalin and other murderers of truth and liberty, not to mention tens of millions of humans, also happened to report the lies, denials and distortion as “news.” The New York Times has showed us, once again, that it comes from  that stock of “freedom of speech” practitioners.

But the Times readers would never know it unless they depended on their information from multiple sources, such as the Truth in Media.  Nor that this was the “umpteenth example” of the Times massacring the truth while advancing NWO propaganda.  Yet it was all done in the same “true and tried” propaganda style of selective “news” reports the New York daily had practiced ever since the end of the Cold War, including in Bosnia.

Here’s a typical NWO anti-Serb/Russian propaganda “Wag the Dog”-style script…

Bosnian Muslims, Albanians, Chechens (a-dime-a-dozen New World Order vassals) fire on Serb/Russian civilians or troops.  Some Serbs/Russians are killed; others maimed.  The Times, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and other “lie, deny and distort” media, don’t cover that.  Or if they do, the print media bury such stories on the inside pages.  Just for the record.  So that should anyone accuse them of their obvious bias, they could always point to such pieces and say: “See? You’re wrong!”

Now, the Serbs, Russians, Martians, Lilliputians … or whoever else does not want to submit to the New World Order dictates, retaliate. 

Bingo!  The TV floodlights come on.  Cameras start rolling and clicking.  The Times editors splash photos of the “poor victims” of Serb or Russian “crimes” on their front pages.  CNN’s masters of lies and deceptions, such as Christiana Amanpour, for example, are suddenly brought out of their plush abodes to cover yet another “war scene” from their “fur-lined fox holes,” to paraphrase one of their own, Walter Cronkite.

An exaggeration? Consider the following excerpt from the TiM Bulletin 93-10, published in October 1993 (yes, over six years ago!):

“On Aug. 19, 1993, the Truth in Media sent a fax to the New York Times which could qualify as the world's shortest letter to the editor.  It consisted of only one word.  But so that it would not be lost on the editors, we printed the word using almost a two-inch font.  All the letter said was: "LIARS!"

What brought it on was an Associated Press photograph from the Bosnian war which was published the same day (Aug. 7, 1993) by both the Washington Times and the New York Times. 

The Washington Times caption read, "An elderly Croatian woman and her son mourn over the coffin of her son and brother in Posusje, Bosnia-Herzegovina yesterday. Funeral services were held for 18 of 34 Croats killed by Muslims."

The New York Times caption read, "A Croatian woman grieved with one son yesterday and for another who died as a result of an attack by Serbian forces in the town of Posusje in July."

Our one-word letter to the editor was never published.  But the Times did run a correction six days later (see TiM Bulletin 93-10, Oct/93).  Here’s an excerpt:

New York Times Admits Fault in Photo Caption

While this writer was traveling in Europe (during Sep/93), a NYT's senior editor, William Borders, sent us a letter admitting a mistake in the photo caption (see page 12 and YU NEWS 93-09) which falsely identified the Serbs instead of the Muslims as the killers of a fallen Croatian.  The editor enclosed a correction which was published six days later. 

As you can see, Borders claimed that it was "an honest mistake," and complained that our calling them "liars" in two-inch letters "seemed excessive".”


TiM Ed.: In other words, "there’s nothing new under the sun," as King Solomon put it 31 centuries ago.  In a typical style of communist propagandists - tell a lie, omit some truth, tell the victim he's uncouth - the Times editors continue to practice their Slavophobia using the same techniques, only different backdrops.

We’ll leave it up to you, the TiM readers, to be the judges of what’s “excessive” and what’s not.  To us, decades of this New York daily’s daily lies, denials and distortions of the truth do seem more than a bit “excessive.”  But then, we’ve never lived under Stalin or Mao…

2. DPS: KFOR Also Trying to Distort the Truth

BELGRADE, Feb. 4 - It takes more than just the media, however, to deceive the western public.  The collusion between the New World Order governments and the media became evident to all awake citizens of the world, as they lied, denied and distorted the truth about NATO’s bombing of Serbia in unison.  This unholy alliance is evidently continuing during the Kosovo “Peace Farce,” too.  The following is a letter we received from the Democratic Party of Serbia, an opposition party

A terrorist attack on a cafe in the north of Kosovska Mitrovica, in which a dozen Serbs were injured, has proved not only to what extent KFOR and the international police are incompetent, but also how incapable they are of ensuring security in a Kosovo multiethnic town, that is part of it.  Unfortunately, the attack has made it perfectly clear that they would not hesitate to accuse Serbs of all incidents in the province only to cover up their incompetence.

Although the attack on the cafe took place before the murders of a Turkish couple and an Albanian woman, as well as the shooting and arson attacks on houses and cars, representatives of KFOR and the French gendarmerie coldly distorted the truth in their first statements, and said that three Albanians were killed first, and that the cafe was attacked later (TiM Ed.” As did the New York Times - per our above story).

There is no doubt what they wished to achieve by that - to point an accusing finger at the Serbs. That's why they also rushed to present the two poor Turks as Albanians.

Of course, any murder deserves the strongest condemnation. The trouble is that international representatives are those insisting on the sequence of events and tending to interpret all crimes committed against non-Albanians as revenge attacks provoked by those previously committed by Serbs. However, last night's events in Kosovska Mitrovica were preceded by a brutal terrorist attack on a UNHCR bus carrying the Serbs from Mitrovica to Suvo Grlo, a village in the Srbica municipality, as well as a series of other incidents targeted against the Serbs living in the north of the province. Accordingly, it is obvious that ethnic cleansing and forcible Albanization of the north of Kosovo are under way.”

2. Bulgarian “Demo Farce:” Veterans Cry for Help

SOFIA, Feb. 3 - Our wartime readers may recall a Bulgarian correspondent, Dr. Vladimir Russev, president of the World Security Organization, whose letter we published while in Belgrade, on Day 26 of NATO’s bombing of Serbia (see S99-45, Day 26, Item 6, Apr. 18).  Our old time regular readers may also recall our comments about the American “Demo Farce” (a Washington Times column, Nov/ 96), and similar references to the Australian, Canadian and European Union “Demo Farces.” 

Well, we’ve just received another letter from Dr. Russev, which along with the earlier comments by Blagovesta Doncheva, exposes the alleged Bulgarian “democracy” for what it is - another New World Order “Demo Farce.”  Upon reading his piece, you may want to take action and fax the Bulgarian President and Prime Minister, as he suggests.  So as to let them know what the truly free patriots around the world think of their version of “democracy,” and their subservience to, and collaboration with, the NWO/NATO war criminals:

“An old Internet friend is writing you. I am Vladimir Russev, President of the World Security Organization. The WSO participated together with all US patriots and honest people worldwide in the anti-NATO campaign during the criminal war in Yugoslavia. I'd like to congratulate you once again for your great work and for all your efforts to uncover the concealed, and to show the truth to the world.

I am writing with regard to our need of informational support from you, the reading public of Truth in Media and every honest person keeping in his heart the aspiration for freedom, democracy and independence.

I apply to all of you because you, the US citizens earned your freedom, earned freedom and human rights for the Negroes, and for many other nations and ethnic groups. I apply to your readers because during the last two years they proved that there are still true followers of the first American pioneers for whom the words ‘honor’ and ‘freedom’ are as necessary as the air and water. I need the help of every one of you, dear brothers and sisters.

These are the facts:

I am an elected President of the World Security Organization. WSO unifies all patriotic veterans and professionals from army and police wishing the good of their countries and the world community. WSO protects their personal, social and professional rights and interests and coordinates their activities worldwide.

We carry out international stabilizing, anti-crisis and training programs on request of governments, as well as international programs for fight against organized crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, corruption and fundamentalism. WSO is an independent world organization, and is not bound to any government or global organization willing to colonize the world, and to plunder the national resources of the countries for the benefit of a small group of people only.

Our independence is not convenient, and that is why we have not received even a cent of financial support from the governments, organizations, foundations, etc. We had to sell out our personal property in order to maintain the General Headquarters of WSO, to pay the rents, the bills for communications, electricity, heating and to cover the traveling expenses. We work voluntarily, without wages on behalf of the world veteran community.

Presently, the WSO is headquartered in Bulgaria. Several days ago the Bulgarian government - ‘democrats’ passed a draft law according to which all NGOs would be placed under the control of the government and it will be given the right to dispose of their finances and property as well as to replace its management elected by the members and registered in the Court with persons appointed by the state.

We have no funds and property, but this does disturb us. Disturbing is the fact that every inconvenient organization will be deprived of its funds and managed by people appointed by the government, which means that it will lose its status as non-governmental organization.

Bulgarian media cannot respond to this because there is an effective ‘democratic law’ here according to which every inconvenient journalist is taken to prison or fined at $2,500 - $15 000 which is equal to 6 - 35 annual salaries.

The IMF imposed a monetary board on Bulgaria and the lowest monthly salary is $35. Nearly 90% of the working people receive such a salary and in addition about 50% of the people are unemployed. Even the UN Charter defines this as a genocide against the people, but as we both know the word ‘genocide’ is not applied to a ‘democratic’ and obedient servant.

Because of the independence and the free-thinking of the WSO, we were destroyed economically and forced to pay overcharged bills for any service. After that on 01.02.2000 (Feb. 1), we received an order of the regional governor of Veliko Tarnovo (appointed by the government - here the regional governors are not elected by the people) to leave the offices hired by the General Headquarters.

The aim is quite simple: you throw out the General Headquarters into the street, after you have destroyed it financially, and deprive the veterans throughout the world of the possibility to coordinate their actions. Thus there will be no one interested to investigate the organized crime and corruption. The governments are set at ease (Germany - CorruptionGate, European Union - billions of dollars embezzled by the old and new euro-commissioners), and you keep on plundering the taxpayers.

With this respect I apply to every one willing to give us a hand to contact the General Headquarters of WSO, or to send a letter of protest by fax to the President or the Prime Minister of Bulgaria against the ousting of WSO from its offices. Contact details:

President of Bulgaria - Mr. Peter Stoyanov - Fax: +359-2-980-4484

Prime Minister of Bulgaria - Mr. Ivan Kostov - Fax: +359-2-980-2042

Besides this, feel free to inform the US NGOs and the American media about the two anti-democratic draft laws: (1) law for control of the NGOs in Bulgaria; and (2) the second one for the journalist to be fined with vast sums which they cannot ever pay.

We must act right now. If they manage to do it in Bulgaria today,  this would happen in the other countries, too. This is just a part of the experiment to enslave the world.

Bob, I would like to thank you, all TiM readers and other patriot organizations in advance. We will fight to the very end, but we need the assistance of every person.

May Lord keep you and the United States of America!

Vladimir Russev, Ph.D., President, WSO

WSO e-mail: ; tel/fax: +359-62-600-136; tel/fax: +359-62-622-054


TiM Ed. : To which we replied:

“We will try to help you by publishing your comments and posting them at our web site, along with the Bulgarian fax numbers you have enclosed.  I will then fax that report to the President and the PM of Bulgaria - just in case they are not on the Internet.  :-)   Maybe other TiM readers/patriots across America and around the world will join us, as they did when the NATO travesty was unfolding?  We'll see...”

4. Beijing Warns Washington China Is No Yugoslavia

BEIJING, Feb. 4 - A spokesman for the Chinese People's Liberation Army, furious over U.S. Congress passing legislation to boost military ties with Taiwan, warned the United States on Friday not to mistake China for Yugoslavia, according to a Reuters report.

“China is not Yugoslavia. And Taiwan is not Kosovo,” the Liberation Army Daily said in a commentary, referring to the U.S.-led NATO bombing of Yugoslavia last year over atrocities against ethnic Albanians in the southern province of Kosovo.

The House of Representatives voted 341-70 on Tuesday (Feb. 1) in favor of the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act, which would establish direct military communications between Washington and Taipei. and expand U.S. training of Taiwan military officers.

The following day, the Chinese Foreign Ministry summoned U.S. Ambassador Joseph Prueher to protest against the Act, and demanded the United States curb the sale of advanced weapons to Taiwan.

The newspaper commentary said China would make good its threat to invade if Taiwan, which Beijing considers a breakaway province, declared independence.

U.S. President Bill Clinton, anxious not to upset the delicate balance between China and Taiwan, has threatened to veto the act if the Senate also votes in favor, the Reuters reported (also see “Who Lost China?”. “Chinese Dragon Wagging Macedonian Tail " - a Washington Times column, 3/21/99, and A Cleaner, Neater World?  Hardly.”).

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