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TiM GW Bulletin 98/5-6

May 9, 1998

"Kremlin on the Hudson" Moves Closer to Reality

Murder on Wall Street

Victim, a Kosovo Story, Killed by Stroke of Editor's Finger





PHOENIX - If the story which we are about to share with you were written in the Soviet Gulag days, we suspect that most Truth in Media readers would find it disconcerting, but not surprising. After all, everybody knows that the Kremlin gang were communist murderers who killed tens of millions people. So killing the truth was a minor crime on their scale of destruction.

But this May Day murder occurred on Wall Street, the new "Kremlin on the Hudson." The victim, a Kosovo story, was felled by a stroke of an editor's finger. The accused killer, a Wall Street Journal editor, then tried to cover up his crime by publishing another Balkan story in the victim's place.

The Journal editor might have gotten away with murder, but for a divine intervention - via the Internet. The chief protagonist of the story, "Monastery Becomes Sanctuary Again..." by the WSJ staff reporter Neil King, happened to be a monk at Decani, a beautiful Romanesque monastery built by Serbian King Stefan Decanski in the 1320s. Decani's walls are one of the world's richest medieval galleries, displaying some 1,000 priceless frescos.

decani.jpg (28836 bytes)Father Sava Janjic is no ordinary monk. He has two computers, a scanner, an Internet connection, a short-wave radio, and speaks fluent English. And he uses these modern tools to publish on the Internet the truth about what's really happening in Kosovo - from the ground perspective (; E-mail: decani@EUnet.yu).

It so happens that Fr. Sava has also been one of the Truth in Media readers for about a year and a half now, as well as one of our sources about the news from Kosovo. So when the WSJ story about him and the Decani Monastery was published in Europe on April 30, Fr. Sava rushed to share the happy news with us. Finally, a western reporter has written a fair and objective piece about Kosovo. He e-mailed us the WSJ story which opens with:

"Father Sava Janjic catches the first sound from a long way off -- the deep rumble of tanks.

As they come up the valley, a long column barely visible through the trees, the other sound emerges. The tanks are blaring nationalist Serbian songs. The monk rushes onto the monastery terrace, his black robe ballooning behind him. ''This is not good, not good at all," he says.

All afternoon, as shadows lengthened beneath the high stone walls of the Decani Monastery, there was nothing but the singing of birds and the trickle of water in the ancient fountain, sounds that have prevailed since Serbian kings built this famous sanctuary 670 years ago in a lush valley in what is now called Kosovo. But now Father Sava and the other Serbian Orthodox monks here must listen to new sounds.

Nights are punctuated by the distant rattle of machine-gun fire and days by the growl of Yugoslav troops moving in to fend off a guerrilla movement of ethnic Albanians willing to kill to gain their independence."

The story goes on to describe how the Albanian guerrillas have been ambushing and killing Serbian policemen and administrators, as well as the Albanians who collaborated with the Serbian government. And how in recent weeks, well-armed with machine guns and artillery smuggled in from Albania, the terrorists have also begun to harass and attack Serb villagers and engage the Yugoslav Army in daily skirmishes, hardly three kilometers (two miles) from the Decani Monastery.

"As a result of all this fighting, frightened Serbian villagers who have never gone to church now flock to the monastery'," the WSJ reported, "a symbol of their distant glory, but even more a source of flour and water. They come for information and advice or simply to spend a few hours by the fountain, within the walled compound with its expanse of grass and its clusters of pine and birch. And more often than not, Father Sava is the man to whom they turn. As evening falls, a desperate woman arrives to say that Albanian insurgents have kidnapped her husband and six others from a nearby village. She has heard that all of them were killed. She has also heard the Albanians have shelled the village church."

It is through such acts of terrorism that the Serbs have been reduced to only about 10 percent of Kosovo's population, according to the western sources. Yet they constituted a majority prior to being victimized in genocidal killings by the pro-Nazi Albanians during WW II, and through subsequent purges and repression under the communist rule (1945-1988). In 1929, for example, Serbs constituted 61 percent of Kosovo's population in 1929, ethnic Albanians 33 percent, and others 6 percent. But by 1961, ethnic Albanians accounted for 67 percent, the Serbs for 27 percent, and others for 6 percent (see "Kosovo: 'Bosnia II...", TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-1, 3/06/98 for more details; at our Web site go to Sample Bulletins+Balkans section).

The WSJ story also noted that, "Father Sava and the Bishop of Kosovo, Artemije, flew to Washington twice in recent months to urge officials there to push for a speedy settlement. They testified before Congress. They have released statements condemning the violence on both sides. They have even taken to the Internet to get out their message."

In other words, WSJ's Neil King wrote an honest, fair and objective report about what he saw and heard in Kosovo. No wonder Father Sava was elated when he e-mailed us the Apr. 30 story. Finally seeing the truth about the Serbs in print in a major Wall Street establishment paper must have been like a relief a person feels when he stops beating his head against the wall. Little did he know that his brief reprieve was merely another NWO media stonewall...

For, having monitored the U.S. establishment media's lies and distortions about the Balkans for about 10 years now, to us this seemed too good to be true. So before sharing the happy news with you - the TiM readers - about Kosovo truth finally breaking out in the WSJ, we decided to make sure that the story was actually published in hardcopy. This writer asked his assistant to clip it for our archives. But she could not find it in our (western) edition of the WSJ. Yet when we checked the WSJ Web site, the story was there with the May 1 date (it still is, as of today, May 9 - at, then SEARCH under "Janjic").

We immediately alerted Father Sava about what we had found out. We then waited a few days, knowing from past experience that sometimes the same story can appear in different WSJ print editions on different dates. Yet by May 6, there was still no sign of it. "Bastards!" this writer snapped at his assistant. "Bet they've killed the story in the U.S. editions so that Americans wouldn't find out the truth about Kosovo."

TiM then called the WSJ to find out exactly where the story did or did not appear. It turned out that it was published only in the European edition - circulation 65,657. And in the on-line WSJ - 178,099 subscribers. But the Decani story was excised from any of the U.S. editions - circulation 1.9 million.

It seemed fairly evident, therefore, that Neil King's Decani story was killed immediately upon arrival in New York by the Wall Street Journal editors. The killers' motive was also quite obvious - keep Americans dumb and ignorant while the New World Order interventionists stoke the fires of another Balkan ethnic war. After which they will send American and other international troops to douse out the fires and claim another colony for the "Kremlin Upon the Hudson" (Wall Street), just as they did in Bosnia.

But we had to wait till yesterday, May 8 - Victory Europe Day - to get the second confirmation of that theory. This time, it arrived from the WSJ reporter - via Father Sava. On May 6, King finally replied to Father Sava's inquiry:

Dear Father Sava,

I am in NY now. Many thanks for your notes. I am intensely interested in what is happening there, so the more news the better. As for the Decani story, you are right, it has not appeared in the US - and for the stupidest of reasons. Another reporter at the same time was reporting a story about US troops in Macedonia, so the editors decided that two stories somewhat about Kosovo in the same week on the front page would be too many. So my story lost. It shouldn't have.

Best, Neil

What hogwash! How stupid do the people on Wall Street think the rest of us are? So this writer fiired back the following missive to King on May 8:

Dear Mr. King,

Fr. Sava (of Decani) had sent to me both your original story and now also your reply, enclosed below. I wish to compliment you on your story which fairly and objectively portrayed the situation in Kosovo.

As for your explanation as to why your story never ran in the U.S., maybe a kind and benevolent monk in Serbia would buy it, but I find it absolutely preposterous. Who says both stories had to be on the front page? They could have published your story inside - in the International Section, for example. Or on a different date. Or a week later. After all, you weren't reporting a time-sensitive ticker-tape item. Your story is still current even now as we speak.

So killing your story in the U.S. editions is one of the most egregious examples of editorial news manipulation which I have seen. And God knows I've seen plenty - both about Bosnia, Iraq... and now about Kosovo, too.

I believe that the editors killed your story in the U.S., where the giant share of the WSJ circulation is, BECAUSE IT WAS FAIR AND OBJECTIVE! Yet at the same time, they created an ILLUSION OF OBJECTIVITY by running it in Europe, where the Journal has a minuscule readership.

I feel sorry for you as an evidently good reporter who has had to live through such anguish. And who has to live day in and day out with the fact that he is evidently working for corporate whores. But my empathy is somewhat offset by your attempt to pull the wool over Fr. Sava's eyes. Or maybe you've pulled it over your own eyes, first?

In any event, thank you for a good read. Considering how few people saw your piece, I am almost feeling like a co-conspirator in a secret. But I won't keep it a secret.


Bob Dj.


So that's the story about the story that never was published in the U.S. It was merely the latest case of a premeditated murder of the truth committed by the establishment media. And the reason the Truth in Media was formed in the first place.

When the Bosnian war broke out in 1992, for example, we saw countless similar examples. We would hear one thing from our sources on the ground in Bosnia, and read another thing in the American media. Often the stories were as different as night and day. Back then, still being fairly naive about such things, we thought it was a case of ignorance. So we tried to educate the NWO establishment editors. To no avail. We were stonewalled as befits a street called Wall.

Now, after many truth-seeking trips through the war-torn Bosnia, we know it was not a case of ignorance. It was a case of malice. It was a premeditated murder of the truth. Just like the Decani story. Which, in turn, fueled the killings of real people half a world away. Mostly because they were Orthodox Christians who stood up against the godless NWO with all they had. Which was not much, except for faith and courage. And a few PCs and scanners of late.

So the Serbs lost. And Wall Street won. This round. Witness the NATO presence in Bosnia, the first region of the world into which NATO did expand "de facto" - well before the Senate ever got to vote on NATO's expansion into Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

But what if the Wall Street's recent victories, and Orthodox Christians' recent defeats (including the genocide the NWO "reformers" are committing in Russia), were God's way of separating the chaff from the wheat? What if one day, amid all this hue and cry, the American people once again regain the upper hand in this "land of the free" and ask why? That's when the establishment media must occupy front row seats in the prisoners' dock of Miss Liberty's assailants, alongside our crooked politicians.

But the gold-plated seats must be reserved for the Wall Street bankers who pulled the latter cheap (moral) whores' strings, filled their purses, loaded their guns, and ultimately killed millions of real people world over, not just Miss Liberty.

And what shall the charge be in such a People vs. Wall Street trial? Well, it won't be the usual financial swindles to which the Wall Street filthy weasels are accustomed. It will be murder. Premeditated. First, murder of the truth. Second, abduction of our liberties. Third, genocide of innocent people world over who died or suffered as a result of such NWO elite's strategy of "perpetual war for perpetual commerce."

This writer would be privileged to be a witness at such a trial. God knows, he offered to do it regarding Bosnia - twice (in 1996 and 1997) - to the former prosecutor of the Hague War Crimes Tribunal, the One World Government's "kangaroo court." There were no takers, though. Just as there were none for the Decani WSJ story once it hit Wall Street. Enter, "Murder on Wall Street," the latest unpublished New York spectacle.  Not a musical...

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