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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/2-1

Feb. 2, 2000

Analysis of the United Nations' Report on Multinationals' Global Investments

A Cleaner, Neater World? Hardly. But Deadlier, for Sure...

Russia - the Biggest Loser in 1998, As China Rakes It In


PHOENIX, Feb. 2 – America is hardly a kinder, gentler place, as the former U.S. president, George Bush, wished it to be, during his 1988 campaign.  But the world seems to be becoming a cleaner, neater place.  People drink less sugar water, and shave more.  Pepsi and Coke are out of the top 100 multinationals, Gillette is in!

Unfortunately, the world also consumes more junk food.  McDonald’s business, for example, is thriving.  The King of Junk (food), which has come to epitomize the “Princes of the 20th Century” - large multinationals - continues to flood the world with burgers and fries, only with less sugar water, it seems.

The preceding are some of the conclusions one can draw from our analysis of the 1999 United Nations’ report on the top 100 multinational companies’ (1997) business results.  Other observations may be less bombastic, but are more profound. 

Such as that, despite its stellar business results, the King of Junk is also attracting another kind of attention. From Seattle (World Trade Organization) to Davos (World Economic Forum) globalist meetings, McDonald’s windows are being smashed by those who oppose the Princes’ colonization of the world. 

McDonald’s storefront windows may be a handy target of the global revolt against the Princes’ financial tyranny, if only because it’s hard to throw a rock through the Microsoft Windows.  But if the world’s largest software company’s customers had a chance to smash its windows for every crash its Windows have caused for their systems, Microsoft HQ might have more holes than Swiss cheese.  In fact, it may look like Swiss cheese without the cheese.

No wonder, Bill Gates, the King of Windows and the Prince of Smoke and Mirrors, also became a Pied Piper when he was hit by a pie, following his attendance at the 1998 Davos conference (see Annex Bulletin 98-06, Feb. 5, 1998).

All’s Not Well in Princes’ Well

But all’s not well in the Princes’ well.  Their foreign assets declined by 1.3% in 1997, after surging to a record level of $1.8 trillion in 1996 

So even the global residents who choose not to throw rocks or pies at the globalist New World Order symbols, yet who deeply resent the destruction of national sovereignties and cultures which the Princes’ attempt to colonize the world has meant during the 1990s, will find reasons to rejoice at the various princely demises hidden behind the boring United Nations’ statistics.  Starting with an apologetic tone the writers of UNCTAD’s 542-page tome used each time they had to say something the least bit unflattering about the multinationals’ failures.

“Market capitalization of the top 500 Chinese-owned firms was reduced by nearly a half in 1998,” the Princes’ UN scribes noted.  But the UN serfs were encouraged by a pleasantly “surprising” increase of 7% in foreign investments by South Korea!?

In plain English, they might have said:

“Chinese-owned foreign equities were spurned by global investors in 1998, just as the South Korean suckers started to throw their remaining good money after bad, in the hope of catching the train which had already left the station.”

That’s what an analyst who doesn’t live out of the Princes’ pockets might have said about the princely investment smarts.  Or one who may work for the Princes, but hopes that they may want to use at least some smarts before flushing hundreds of billion of dollars down the toilet, as they did during the Southeast Asia crisis.

At times, the UN scribes even stooped so low as to rewrite (their own) history so as to make the Princes favorite investment targets look good.  China’s capital inflows for 1997 were $45.3 billion, according to UNCTAD’s 1998 report (see “Two Faces of Globalism”, Dec/98).  In the 1999 report, however, China’s 1997 figure was restated as $44 billion.  So that the UN scribes would be able to scribble:

“China remains the single largest FDI recipient in the developing world.  Inflows to China (in 1998) were $45 billion, a slight in crease over 1997.”

Which is bull, of course.  But also a good indication how desperate the globalists are getting in pushing globalism at all cost, even that of the truth.

But the UNCTAD’s rewriting of history in China’s case was child’s play compared to the gilding the lily which it performed with respect to Israel.  In the UN’s 1998 report, the total capital inflows into Israel, which by the way is listed as a “developed” country, in the same league as Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, were $10.1 billion during the 1990-1997 period. In the 1999 report, however, the figures for Israel were revised to such an extent that $4.2 billion, or 42% of the supposed total for 1990-1997 had vanished!?

Global Investment Trends

Text Box:   We’ve said many times before that capital is a coward.  After the Southeast Asian financial crisis in 1997, you can now see how big a coward.  As hundreds of billions of dollars fled the instability of the erstwhile “Asian Tigers” markets, they washed up on the “safer” shores of North America and Europe, propping up the local stockmarkets and economies. 

In 1998, for example, this led to a 68% surge in direct foreign investments in developed countries to nearly half a trillion, pushing up their 1990-1998 compound annual growth to 19%.  Of the $460 billion total, the EU countries received $230 billion, while the U.S. and Canada got $210 billion.  This left only $20 billion for the rest of the developed countries, such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

By contrast, with exception of China, most developing countries in Asia saw a sharp drop in the capital inflows from the multinational companies in 1998.  Southeast Asia was down 12% to $77 billion; Pacific Rim countries were down 24% to $11.1 billion, while Asia/Pacific as a whole experienced a 14% decline in capital inflows to $88 billion.

But no major country was savaged by multinational investors as badly as was Russia.  Foreign direct investments declined in 1998 by 65%, from $6.2 billion in 1997, to only $2.2 billion.  This put Russia, the world’s largest and richest country in terms of mineral resources, on a par with a tiny Hungary or Romania, for example. 

Nor was 1998 this some sort of a one-year quirk.  We have been saying for years that one should not listen to the New World Order leaders’ rhetoric; that one should look at the way the Princes invest their money.  And if one did that, one would quickly realize that Russia has been deliberately and consistently starved of foreign capital; that it continues to be the Bogey No. 1 of the New World Order.

Take a look at the above bar chart which shows the aggregate foreign capital investments per capita in various countries around the world during the 1990-1998 period.  Hungary and Israel, for example, received 17 and 15 times more money per capita respectively than did Russia.  Brazil and China got eight and five times more.  Even China received twice the amount of investments per capita Russia did, even though China is the world’s most populous country.  Only India, the world’s largest democracy and Russia’s strategic partner, received less money per capita.

EU: Biggest Capital Exporter

Meanwhile, Europeans among the top 100 multinationals were practically unscathed by the Asian calamities in 1997.  While the U.S. Princes’ foreign assets declined by 2%, those owned by multinationals based in the U.K., Germany and France, rose by 10%, 10% and 6% respectively.

Foreign assets owned by the top Japanese multinationals, the 1980 Princes’ role models which turned into 1990 not-so-princely toads, also shrank by 3% in 1997.  And the foreign assets owned by the rest of the international Princes also dropped by 9%.

But if the European capital exports were good in 1997, they reached booming proportions in 1998.  Transnational capital outflows in the European Union (EU) reached a record $386 billion in 1998, up77% from the year before.  Compare that to the (also record levels) of U.S. capital outflows of $110 billion and $133 billion in 1997 and 1998 respectively, and then you will realize that the EU is now by far the world’s largest foreign direct investor (FDI).

But while the U.S. multinationals account for only a third of the EU capital exports, America has been the Europeans’ most favorite investment target.  The EU capital inflows into the U.S. economy tripled in 1998 to $155 billion, or 80% of all foreign investments made in the U.S. ($193 billion).  The once mighty Japan, by contrast, accounted for only $9 billion of the 1998 foreign investments in the U.S. economy.

So what do you do if you’re a Prince with a Wall Street zip code, trying to rob your European counterpart of his heritage, and see a dangerous St. Bernard, Bouvier, or a Doberman guard dog charging at you? Text Box:

You throw the dog a bone, of course.  Or better still, several bones…

Such as the EU and the “euro,” for example.  Followed by NATO’s eastward expansion.  And by Kosovo.  And by Chechnya.  And by Turkey’s membership in the EU. 

Soon enough, European guard dogs will be so busy chasing their own tails, that the foreign invaders may be able to rob their princely masters of their house and home.  And even leave a calling card, too.  With a Wall Street zip code, of course. (If in doubt about any of this, or that the whole scam was highly predictable, check out this writer’s Chronicles magazine Dec/98 column, “A Bear in Sheep’s Clothing,” actually written in July 1998.  And then take a look at the above “Santa Maria Returns” cartoon).

European “Demo Farce”

And if you’re a European about to be robbed of your heritage by Wall Street globalists, you may want to start barking.  Loudly! 

Joerg Haider did, the Austrian Freedom Party leader, who collected 27% of the popular vote in last October’s elections.  Never mind “democracy” when it comes to the Princes’ business interests. 

As we write this, the Austrian voters are being ostracized and threatened by sanctions by the European Union, of which Austria is a member!?  The U.S. and Israeli governments have also issued threatening statements should Haider’s Freedom Party become a government coalition partner.

Why? Because Austrians voted for one their own who had expressed a disagreeable opinion about the global colonization by the Princes.  Haider and his Freedom Party ran on a ticket “Austria for Austrians.”  Just as Pat Buchanan was and is running for president on an “America First” principle, and as Pauline Hanson had awakened the sleepy Australian patriots with an “Australia First” call.

And just as Haider and Austria are being attacked now, the two American and Australian politicians had been stoned and scorned by the Princes’ lapdog media and politicians for their “protectionist” views.  No wonder, Mr. Haider’s reaction to his becoming a new “hate symbol” was, “then we might as well abolish democracy in this country straight Text Box:  away,” according to a Feb. 1 New York Times front page report.

Which is exactly what Buchanan and Hanson had managed to expose earlier (in 1996) -   that American and Australian “democracies” are nothing more than “demo farces” (see the “Demo Farce and the American Century,”  for example, this writer’s Nov/96 Washington Times column). 

And Haider has exposed the EU “democracy” for what it is - a European variation of the “demo farce.”  Countries with “non-PC” (not politically correct) views are ostracized (Austria ostracized - it even rhymes… J).  And in some cases bombed (Bosnia, Serbia).  That’s the kind of a “democracy” Josef Stalin might have understood and supported.  Even if its real name is “dictatorship of capital.”  For, the Princes have managed to buy or coerce Europe’s mostly leftist governments to act as their serfs (for more on that, see “Globalism: Dictatorship of Capital,’ this writer’s book review - Mar/98).

Text Box:  And just in case the significance of the pressure European “democracies” are putting on Austria hasn’t fully hit home yet, suppose you live in Arizona.  And that some foreign government, say from Canada, Mexico or Peru, tries to dictate to Arizona voters what kind of government they should elect.  And threatens sanctions and isolation if the Arizonans did not comply. 

Well, that’s what the EU, the U.S. and Israel are doing to Austria right now.  No wonder that it is widely believed in that European country that if new elections were held right now, Haider would probably win enough votes to become a chancellor, not just a member of the coalition government. 

Real Arizonans would have done the same thing; they would have told Washington, not just the foreigners, to mind their own business.  Unless they’d prefer to come to our Grand Canyon state, and take a dive into the biggest hole on earth.

The EU “doeth protest too much,” to quote Shakespeare.  And so does the Clinton administration.  If Brussels and Washington were only to protest verbally.  But these “democratic” governments have also killed.  Wantonly.  They bombed their fellow-Europeans, killing over 2,000 innocent Serb civilians, who also happen to have voted the “wrong way,” according to these “democrats.”  As if that weren’t enough, millions of unlucky survivors of such EU/NATO/NWO example of “democracy” are now freezing in one of the harshest European winters in the 100 years, thanks to the EU/UN sanctions. 

Austrians should think about that.  And about the high price of sovereignty in today’s “democratic” Europe, which is covered from Belfast to Budapest by a new kind of iron curtain (see “New Iron Curtain Over Europe,” this writer’s column for the New Dawn magazine, written in Mar/99).

Meanwhile, by comparison to the NWO “democracy” leaders, such as the war criminals Bill Clinton, Tony Blair. Jacques Chirac, or Gerhard Schroeder, for example, Austria’s Haider looks like a saint.  Which is probably why the “NATO Nazis” are labeling him a “neo-Nazi.”  The best defense is a good offence. The first rule for a thief who wants to get away is to yell, “catch the thief!,” point to an innocent passer-by, and then try to get lost in the crowd.

Luckily, the Washington and Brussels leaders will have a hard time getting lost in the crowd.  The world has seen the enemies of humanity, freedom and sovereignty.  The world will remember the faces of the war criminals who run NATO and the EU.  And the world will “never forget” them or what they did.

Other World Regions

Meanwhile, back to global economics from this sidebar on geopolitics, in addition to North America, some other world regions also benefited from the flight of capital from Asia.  Eastern Europe, except for Russia, was certainly one of the grateful recipients.  Foreign capital investments in this former part of the “Soviet Empire” have been booming, just as we predicted back in 1996 in a series of special reports on Eastern Europe investment prospects (see “Eastern Europe’s ‘Renaissance II’; a Taiwan Next Door”, June/96). 

During 1990-1997, foreign capital inflows in this part of the world have surged to $18.5 billion.  And even after a 5% decline in 1998 (due to Russia’s woes), that’s a 66% compound annual growth between 1990-1998, bigger than that any other region of the world.  Eastern Europe even tops China’s 38% compound annual growth in the same period.

Among the Latin American countries, Brazil also benefited from the capital flight from Asia.  In 1998, direct capital inflows into Brazil surged by 53% to $28.7 billion, the biggest increase for any major country.  Never mind that Brazil itself went through an economic crisis in the same time frame (see “Brazil’s Central Bank’s Revolving Door”, Feb/99).  All it took was a former George Soros executive being installed as Brazil’s Central Bank governor, and suddenly cash started to pour in. 

Never mind that Brazil's internal debt from $60 billion in 1994, soared to more than $350 billion in 1998.  This may sound a death knell to millions of Brazilian jobs, but its music to the ears of international bankers.  They have proven once again, just as in Mexico in 1995, that one way of solving a financial crisis is to throw money at it.  Including the taxpayers’ money, of course, in the form of IMF or World Bank financing.

Then just close down or buy up at bargain basement prices the local enterprises, “restructure” (meaning fire) much of its work force, and then run the remaining companies according to the interests of the globalist Princes, not the country in which they exist.

Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico, for example, are already seeing the butt of globalism.  Huge increases in foreign investments in 1997 have turned into sharp declines in 1998.  In Argentina’s case, they plummeted 30%, from $8.1 billion to $5.7 billion.  Venezuela’s foreign investments dropped 27%, from $5.1 billion to $3.7 billion. Mexico, on the other hand, experienced a 20% reduction during the same period, from $12.8 billion to $10.2 billion.

Easy come, easy go… for the slaves of NWO.

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