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TiM GW Bulletin 99/12-1

Dec. 3, 1999

We Are Not Buying It, But a London Daily Claims...

Chinese Embassy Deliberately Targeted?

Also, Slovak NWO Vassal Shuts Down Newspaper over Its NATO Criticism, as Albright Heaps Praise on Vassal; Bin Laden Aided by Albanian, Bosnian Muslims



Taipei                                   1. Chinese Embassy Deliberately Targeted?

Bratislava                            2. Slovak NWO Vassal Shuts Down Newspaper over

                                                  Its NATO Criticism, Albright Heaps Praise on Vassal

London                                3. Bin Laden Aided by Albanian, Bosnian Muslims


1. Chinese Embassy Deliberately Targeted?

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Dec. 3 - For the second time in the last couple of months, the London Observer published a story on Nov. 28 which alleged that the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was deliberately targeted by the U.S. when it was bombed on May 7 (see Day 46 and Day 47 for our reports about it, and Kosovo War Photo Album - for photos).

The Observer article was headlined "The Chinese embassy bombing: Truth behind America's raid on Belgrade." Its sub-heading claimed that, "The US claimed it was a tragic blunder. But the pinpoint accuracy of the attack was in fact a deadly signal to Milosevic: seek outside help in Kosovo at your peril."

"The true story," this left-wing London daily claims, "though it is being denied by everyone from Albright, Foreign Secretary Robin Cook and CIA director George Tenet down - is that the Americans knew exactly what they are doing. The Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was deliberately targeted by the most precise weapons in the US arsenal because it was being used by Zeljko Raznatovic, the indicted war criminal better known as Arkan, to transmit messages to his 'Tigers' - (the alleged) Serb death squads - in Kosovo."

And in support of its theory, the Observer cites the following exchange which supposedly took place at the Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) in Vincenza in northern Italy:

"British, Canadian and French air targeteers rounded on an American colonel on the morning of 8 May. Angrily they denounced the 'cock-up'. The US colonel was relaxed. 'Bullshit,' he replied to the complaints. 'That was great targeting ... we put two JDAMs down into the attaché's office and took out the exact room we wanted ... they (the Chinese) won't be using that place for rebro (re-broadcasting radio transmissions) any more, and it will have given that bastard Arkan a headache'."


TiM Ed.: To which we say, hogwash! And for once agree with Madeleine Albright, the U.S. secretary of state. She characterized the Observer report as "balderdash." Unless, of course, one is prepared to believe a fairy tale - that the U.S. military had been given a free hand in running the Clinton administration's foreign policy, not only executing the bombing campaign in Serbia. Consider some evidence to the contrary before you decide if you wish to believe that the Chinese Embassy was deliberately attacked…

You may recall from our contemporaneous report about the May 7 bombing, referenced above, that Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan's office was in the nearby Hotel Jugoslavija (a few hundred yards from the embassy). And that the Pentagon/NATO tried to hit it the same night. But they missed and hit the hotel parking garage instead, killing one guest (also see the photos at our Web site - Kosovo War Photo Album).  And they also mistakenly hit other foreign embassy residences in Belgrade later in May (S99-84, Day 58, Item 1, May 20 and S99-85, Day 59, Item 2, May 21).

So much for "great targeting" about which the unnamed U.S. colonel bragged in the Observer piece.

NATO also demonstrated its "pin-pointed accuracy" when several of its missiles hit a suburb of Sofia, Bulgaria (check out a story at our Web site - S99-86, Day 60 - Special TiM GW Bulletins, May 22, 1999). And when they exploded in Macedonia.  If they could not even hit the right country, why should we be surprised that they hit the wrong building in Belgrade?

Nor was this the only example of NATO's or Pentagon's ineptitude. Remember the hundreds of "collateral damage" civilians killed or maimed as a result of dozens of "regrettable mistakes," according to NATO's and Pentagon's own wartime spokesmen? If the Chinese embassy bombing was such a perfect hit, all these other war crimes against civilians which the NATO/Pentagon leaders and soldiers had committed must have been also deliberate hits. Right? The NATO/Pentagon "supermen" can't have it both ways. Or can they?

Furthermore, several western "post mortems" conducted after the bombing ended showed that the NATO's 79-day war on Serbia yielded dismal military results. One such a report showed that NATO hit only 26 of the 900 military targets in Serbia (US News & World Report, Sept. 20. You can also search our Web site - - for additional stories about how Serb wooden dummies fooled NATO's brass dummies).

Finally, while attending a business conference in Boston last July, this writer had lunch with the man who is in charge of the Pentagon's mapping office, which provided the target specs during NATO's bombing. He admitted their mistake in the Chinese embassy's case, while lamenting a lack of credit for other targets which they did get right (see our July 27 letter to the Wall Street Journal editor re. this).

Of course, this man was a computer executive, not a military expert or a politician, trained in the art of lying and denying. So he probably didn't know he was supposed to "lie and deny" everything - to help maintain the myth of infallibility of the world's most expensive airplane (B2 - $44 billion), according to the Observer. Or on another heretofore "untouchable" F-117 "stealth" plane which the Serbs shot out of the sky on the fourth day of the war. For photos of this monumental NATO/Pentagon embarrassment check out - Kosovo War Photo Album).

For what it's worth... We are not a military experts, as you know. But our readers tell us that they detect an above average expertise on matters of common sense.

That an American colonel with a vested interest in his job security and protection of his employer from further embarrassments would help spread a fairy tale about the supposed Pentagon infallibility, is understandable. That a left-wing British publication, seeking to embarrass the "capitalist" U.S., would swallow it fish, hook and sinker, and publish it as supposed "truth," is similarly plausible.

But that the Princes' proxies (Bill Clinton and his team) would risk over $200 billion which their bosses had poured into China during the 1990s, just to give one two-bit alleged criminal (Arkan) a headache and cut off his phone, does not pass our test of common sense. To us, this NATO blunder seems more like the main reason NATO's "supreme being," as Gen. Wesley Clark's subordinates derisively refer to NATO's Supreme Commander, was told he'd have to leave his post prematurely (see "The 'Clinton General,' Our 'Victorious' NATO Commander, Gets the Boot" - S99-130, "Peacefarce" 24, Item 1, July 29).

For the full Observer story, check out - .


2. Slovak NWO Vassal Shuts Down Newspaper over Its NATO Criticism, as Albright Heaps Praise on Vassal

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, Nov. 25 - The Czech-born U.S. secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, arrived for a visit toZmena - front page 1499.gif (164289 bytes) Slovakia on Nov. 22, and voiced her support for Slovak membership in NATO and the European Union. In her speech, Albright praised the government of Mikulas Dzurinda for moving so swiftly to liberalize Slovak politics.

Three days later, a report we received from Martin Lipocky, a TiM reader in Slovakia, removed the mask from the face of "liberals," like Albright and Dzurinda, and exposed the ugly totalitarian face of the New World Order vassals. Here's an abridged excerpt from that report:

"The 'Slovak' government indicts the first free democratic paper

The 'Slovak' government has indicted Vladimir Mohorita, editor in-chief of Weekly Zmena, for its anti-NATO front page story published on March 31 of this year (see the front and the back page images of that   Zmena issue). Zmena is the first free democratic paper in Czecho-Slovakia, and still REAL independent paper in Slovakia.

Zmena reacted to a criminal and illegal decision Dzurinda's government had committed by allowing pro-terrorist NATO aircraft to fly over the territory of Slovak republic that in the conflict with international law, and in the conflict with humanity and justice were bombing the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

A part of the text stated:

'A shameful and fratricidal misdeed of the 'Slovak' government- Dzurinda with his accomplices - has involved our fatherland in the war! The 'government' without the approval of National Council of Slovak republic (parliament) has opened our air space to deadly aircraft of barbarian cutthroats of NATO!

Zmena - back page 1499.gif (216067 bytes)The manic Satanists from the USA and NATO are murdering the Slavs! Clinton - a pupil of Hitler, Dzurinda's 'government' - a stoodge of Clinton! Mikulas Dzurinda, Eduard Kukan, Pavol Kanis & Co.: You've got bloody hands! You are criminals against humanity! You've become accomplices of the mass murderers! You are responsible for blood of Slavic children, women, and men! SDK, SDL, SMK, SOP, and HZDS (see below): Even after murdering all of Yugoslavia are you for joining the criminal aggressive organization of NATO?!

Slovaks, let's reject the 'government' of mass murderers!'

In addition, it is very interesting that the Government has decided to impose the indictment eight months later. It might be assumed the government has stepped up to this act after they may have been encouraged by criminal world-leaders they have recently visited Slovakia.

The weekly Zmena was founded on November 23, 1989, by Slovaks students' decision to provide other information among the corrupted media in the hands of the former Communist Party. Those media still exist and do well.

Zmena is still the only paper that fights all kinds of totalitarian regimes, such as communism, New World Order, 'EU', world-ruling criminals from neo-fascist and other gentile organizations. Zmena promotes Christian values over the garbage on TV, American-run media, movies, concerts, sick elements in Christianity, New Age, propagation of drugs etc.

Zmena has been accused many times of the propagation of racism, whereas it has pointed just at the dangerous influence of freemasonry."

Martin Lipocky, Slovakia


Mr. Lipocky also provided a legend to Slovakia's political landscape:

SDK - Slovak Democratic Coalition - the Gov. coalition leader, jerry-rigged of mini-parties.

SDL - The Party of Democratic Left - the member of the Gov. coalition, known as political prostitute, the descendant of Communist Party.

SMK - The Party of Hungarian Coalition - the member of Gov. coalition, very aggressive nationalist party aiming at irredentism.

SOP - The Party of People's Understanding - the member of Gov. coalition.

HZDS - The movement for Democratic Slovakia - the election winner, now in the opposition.

Dzurinda - the premier minister

Kukan - the Minister of Foreign Affairs (former communist)

Kanis - the Defense Minister (former communist)

Mr. Lipocky's text is also available at: , including a photo.


3. Bin Laden Aided by Albanian, Bosnian Muslims

LONDON, Nov. 17 - Remember the Arab "super-terrorist" billionaire, according to the NWO media - Osama Bin Laden? Well word is out that several leading politicians in Albania are believed to be helping him find a new place of refuge, Arab sources told the World .

The sources said western intelligence agencies believe Bin Laden is in contact with supporters in Albania and Kosovo in an attempt to find a new refuge amid heavy United States pressure on the Taliban ruling faction in Afghanistan to surrender Bin Laden.

For the United States, the sources said, the problem is compounded by links Bin Laden has formed with Albanian politicians. They said Bin Laden has bought several key politicians who have looked away from the activities of his supporters in Albania.

On Monday (Nov. 15), the London-based Al Quds Al Arabi daily reported that the CIA is investigating the connection between Albania and Bin Laden.

Earlier, Albanian police working and the CIA arrested a Jordanian national suspected of being an associate of Bin Laden in Albania. The Tirana-based Koha Jone daily said on Sunday (Nov. 14) that the 42-year-old suspect was a Jordanian businessman who had been living in Albania since 1992 and had been granted Albanian citizenship. "Escorted by the CIA agents, he was taken by special plane to an unknown destination," the paper said.


TiM Ed.: Another "slice of life" (and death?) in the "democratic" world of the New World Order.


Meanwhile, bin Laden was granted a Bosnian passport in 1993 by that "country's" embassy in Vienna, according to an Agence France Presse report of Sept. 24. The AFP cited an independent Bosnian weekly, "Dani:"

"Bosnian embassy in Vienna granted a passport to bin Laden in 1993," the Dani magazine said, quoting anonymous sources and emphasizing that files and traces linked to his case have been recently destroyed by the Bosnian Muslim government.


TiM Ed.: So here we have the NWO mobsters - from Washington to Kabul to Tel Aviv to Tirana to Sarajevo… carrying on with their gangland wars over the backs of innocent people - in Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo.

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