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TiM GW Bulletin 97/6-9

June 30, 1997

British Archives Shed New Truth

Serb WW II General Exhonerated

Taming of the Serbs: Amb. Fotitch Was the First to Document Western Treachery



1. Serb WW II General Exonerated by British Archives' Disclosure

2. Taming of the Serbs: Making Old Mistakes (Amb. Fotitch Was First to Document Western Treachery)



LONDON - "How a Soviet Mole united Tito and Churchill," a story at least 55 years too late, published by the London's INDEPENDENT on June 28, revealed that the secret reports on one of the most controversial British undercover operations of the Second World War show that a Soviet spy was responsible for the British switching support to Tito's communist forces in the former Yugoslavia.

The documents, including transcripts of secret wartime signals to London, are being released by the Public Records Office. They show evidence of the role played by James Klugmann - the Soviet mole who converted the British spy, Donald Maclean, to Communism - in switching British allegiance from a Yugoslav royalist resistance leader, General Draza Mihailovich, to Tito, at a critical point in the Second World War.

By switching support to Tito's forces, the Special Operations Executive (SOE) helped to force the German retreat, but it cost Mihailovich his life - he was executed after the war as a collaborator - and ensured that the former Yugoslavia remained a Communist state under Tito's control.

Rupert Allason, author of spy books under the pen name Nigel West, and a former Tory MP, said the real issue raised by the papers was the reason for the British government's backing of Tito. Nothing had been known about Tito - Fitzroy Maclean, a British agent, thought he was a woman - and the government became convinced that Mihailovich was a collaborator with the Germans - something the "Ultra" code intercepts showed to be untrue.

The signals sent by Klugmann, who was an intimate of the traitors Blunt, Philby and Burgess at Cambridge, for the first time confirm the claim of an agent, quoted by Andrew Boyle in "The Climate Of Treason," that Klugmann was principally responsible for the massive wartime sabotage of the Mihailovich supply operation and for keeping from London information about the impressive activities of the Mihailovich forces in the fight against the Germans.


TiM Ed.: Actually, the claim that this is supposedly "the first time" that something like this is coming out is hogwash. Constantin Fotitch, the Yugoslav ambassador to Washington from 1935 to 1944, documented most of this in his 1948 book, "The War We Lost" (see an excerpt below from TIM GW Bulletin 94-12, 11/23/94). The fact that the Communist-led betrayal of the Serb freedom fighters, who fought with the Allies against Hitler during WW II, and who saved thousands of Jewish lives, is being billed as a "revelation" by the Western media more than 50 years later, is merely another example of the deviousness of the NWO.


A 1994 Foreign Affairs Column: "New World Order's" Greatest Tragedy: MAKING OLD MISTAKES

Taming of Serbs (Act VI)

New Actors, New Backdrop, Same Old Perfidy

PHOENIX, Nov. 23, 1994 - "The more things change, the more they are the same," noted the French philosopher Alphonse Karr (1809-1890). The dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia is a proof that we still haven't learned from past mistakes. Bosnia's carve-up proposed by the Contact Group is not all that different in style from the territorial divisions concocted by the "great powers" at the Berlin Congress in 1878. Or by the Allies at the 1945 Yalta conference. Each was supposed to delineate the various interest zones in the name of "peace." Each failed for the same reason - it didn't take into account the human greed and treachery. Each led to more wars; more carnage; greater losses of innocent civilians' lives. Each demonstrated that, "when the small nations invoke principles, the big nations invoke artillery" (Kristoff); that "might is right;" that "laws are like spider webs..." (Solon), etc.

A rational person might think, therefore, that the modern-day politicians would have heeded the old truism - "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it?" That's wishful thinking. Modern-day politicians are making a mess of their own Balkan stew every bit as grotesquely as their predecessors had. And every bit as perfidiously...

Constantin Fotitch, the Yugoslav ambassador to the U.S. from 1935 to 1944, knows a thing or two about perfidy. And about treachery. In his 1948 book, "The War We Lost," he depicted in great detail the flip-flops of the British and American foreign policies vis-à-vis Yugoslavia. His account of how Serb nationalist forces, led by Draza Mihajlovich, were first gored by the Western media; then by their "friends and allies;" then on the battlefield; and finally by the communist historians, is startling. It is that much more credible because it is based on his many personal conversations with President F.D. Roosevelt, and his Secretary of State, Cordell Hull. And on his first-hand accounts of the Western media lies and distortions during WW II, paralleling those during the latest Balkan crisis. The difference was that, back in 1941-1944, the British press and radio engaged in the most glaring examples of deception. In 1991-1994, it was the American media who committed the most heinous crimes against the truth.

For example, Fotitch writes that, "in the summer of 1943, the German authorities in Yugoslavia posted a notice throughout the country, offering a reward of one hundred thousand gold German marks to anyone who would bring in Tito (the communist leader) or Mihajlovich alive... Photos of Tito and Mihajlovich were displayed on the same poster. But when the news reached London, the British press reproduced only that part of the poster which carried a picture of Tito" (because the British, favoring Tito so as to appease the Soviets, were trying to depict Mihajlovich as a Nazi-collaborator).

There is more...

On October 7-8, 1943, the Mihajlovich forces, under the General's personal command, destroyed four bridges on the Belgrade-Visegrad-Sarajevo railroad line. They also stormed the town of Visegrad, overcoming a garrison of more than 800 Axis soldiers. Several British and American officers took part in this major operation. Colonel Seitz, for example, told Fotitch that he personally pushed the plunger that sent a bridge toppling down into the gorge. Brigadier General Armstrong transmitted a detailed report to the Allies about the whole operation.

A few days later, the BBC radio broadcast a glowing account of this battle. Except that the entire operation was credited to Tito!

Shades of the May 1992 U.N. resolution which imposed the sanctions on Serbia, but ignored the damning evidence of the Croatian and Muslim violence in Bosnia? Or the Muslim-orchestrated Sarajevo February 1994 Markale market massacre? (which was blamed on the Serbs). Or the infamous Sarajevo "bread line" killings in 1992? (also perpetrated by the Muslims, but ascribed to the Serbs). Or...

As was the case with the media coverage, the strategic roles of the two leading Western governments are now also reversed. In the 1940s, President Roosevelt was content to let Winston Churchill take the lead on matters of European security. The American President played the role of the "good cop" to the Serbs. Meanwhile, Churchill, the "bad cop" in this skit, was selling them down the river to the Soviets.

In the 1990s, the U.S. government is leading the anti-Serb diplomatic assault. The British are acting as the "good cops." The Bosnian Serbs should consider what happened to Draza Mihajlovich before trusting "friends" like that.

Fotitch's book provides ample evidence of the Western duplicity toward the Serbs. When the Belgrade citizens overthrew the Yugoslav government for collaborating with the Nazis in March 1941, the British and the American governments cheered them on. When the time came to reward the Serbs for the enormous sacrifices which they had made for the Allies' cause, the Western powers looked the other way. Tito and Stalin wantonly violated the 1945 Yalta agreements without a whimper from either Britain or the U.S. - the Serbs' "allies."

So as to weaken the democratic voting power of the Serbs, Tito carved up their lands into four "republics." Today, these "neuter the Serbs"-type borders, are the basis for the recognition the modern Western powers have granted the breakaway Yugoslav republics (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia).

A Future Blueprint?

Such a travesty of justice perpetrated 50 years ago, coupled with a case of Western historical amnesia, may become a frightful blueprint for things yet to come at the close of the 20th century. If history repeats itself (and it always seems to), and unless the leaders of world powers start to conduct foreign policy based on morality and long-term vision, not just short-term interests (which rarely happens), here's what can happen in the foreseeable future:

· Bosnian Serb leaders will be tried and/or executed as criminals and outlaws - just like Draza Mihajlovich was;

· Serbian President, Slobodan Milosevic, just like Tito in his time, or Arafat more recently, will address the General Assembly of the U.N. He might even get the Nobel Peace Prize;

· American troops will operate out of Albania as if it were Alabama (sans the local southern accents, of course);

· Russian military may be setting up its bases in Serbia;

· German (NATO) troops will be establishing bases in Croatia and Bosnia;

· Muslim Bosnia will become the European hub of Islamic fundamentalism;

· Muslim (Turkish) expansionism in Bulgaria and Greece, or a Kosovo Albanians' secession attempt, or the Albanian abuses of Greek minorities, will lead to another series of Balkan wars - a warm up to the "Big One" (just like before WW I);

· Britain will withdraw from the European Union; (France will follow at a later point; when the German expansionism proves the French pro-German stance was a folly);

· China will become increasingly power-hungry, possibly with Japan's help and technology. Western companies will try to bail out of China, as they did from Nazi Germany (in 1930s), or the Soviet Union (in 1970s);

And finally, a "tongue-in-cheek" forecast:

· Michael Chang (the tennis star) will be interned as a Chinese double-agent (as the Japanese-Americans were in WW II);


The "Big One" will hit early in the 21st century. In its wake, another "New World Order" will follow - for the devastated and impoverished, but happy-to-be-alive remaining "Homo Sapiens:"

The U.N., the U.S., and the Western Europe will have lost most, if not all, of their global influences. The new fulcrum of global power will shift to the Far East (China, Japan - where it used to be quite a few centuries ago). It will be then up to the next generation of humans to make its own mistakes by not learning from history. Just as we did not.


Could all this be but a bad dream? I only wish... But I am afraid it may not be. For, "the more things change, the more they are the same." Monsieur Karr thought so, anyway.


P.S. General Draza Mihajlovich was executed by Tito's government. Even though Mihajlovich's forces saved over 500 American flyers' lives, the U.S. didn't lift a finger to help him (see the letter by an American Jew, Major Richard Felman, USAF Ret., published by the WALL STREET JOURNAL, Nov. 30, 1993; also in TIM GW Bulletin 93-13, 12/08/93).

Worse, between May 24 and 29, 1945, Winston Churchill's British government turned over to Tito's communists some 18,500 Yugoslav fighters - most of them the Serb members of the Yugoslav Royal Army, all of them allies of the British Crown. They had laid their arms down when reaching the British troops in Austria, figuring they were in friendly hands.

Care to know what happened to these loyal Western allies? All 18,500 of them were executed by Tito's communists near Kocevje (in today's Slovenia - check out our review of the 1958 book, "Kocevje: Tito's Bloodiest Crime," by Boris Karapandzic).

Wonder why you never heard of that in your high school history classes? Because now you know who wrote the American hisotry textbooks - the WW II winners, the Soviet wolves in Western sheep's clothing.

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