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TiM GW Bulletin 99/11-5

Nov. 28, 1999

Holbrooke in East Timor, Clinton in Kosovo...

Criminals Return to Scene of Their Crimes

Also, Lenin Stamp in Belgium; Aussie Taxpayers Hit with Special East Timor Levy as Muslim Illegal Immigrants Flood the Country; An Update to Our Helmets and Bikes Story

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Dili, Pristina                        1. Criminals Return to Scene of Their Crimes

Brussels                               2. Lenin Stamp to Be Issued in Belgium

Canberra                             3. Aussie Taxpayers to Pay for NWO's East Timor Invasion

W. Australia                        4. Indonesia's Revenge: Illegal Muslim Immigrants Invade Australia

Perth                                    5. Mandatory Bicycle Helmets: Danger to Public Health, Not Only Civic Liberties


1. Criminals Return to Scene of Their Crimes

DILI, PRISTINA, Nov. 24 - When this writer was a kid devouring several books a week, some streetwise policeman in one of the mystery novels whose title is a mystery to us now claimed that a criminal always returns to the scene of his crime. Well, we don't know if that's universally true. But two separate events this week, half a world apart, yet at about the same time, proved out the validity of this policeman's theory.

Bill Clinton paid a brief visit to Kosovo's capital Pristina, while his U.N. ambassador, Richard Holbrooke, did the same near East Timor's capital Dili.wpe2C.jpg (23234 bytes) That Clinton is an unindicted war criminal and a mass murderer of innocent Serb civilians is well known. What is less well established is Holbrooke's culpability over the fate of the East Timorese. Yet those in the know will read the following excerpt from Holbrooke's remarks in Aileu, just south of Dili, with a mixture of incredulity and repugnance over this State Department diplomat's duplicity. Instead of being charged with crimes against the East Timorese, Holbrooke reportedly received a hero's welcome:

"We look at all your faces and we know how long you have struggled for your independence, and now you have achieved it," this erstwhile advocate of Indonesia's pogroms in East Timor told the East Timorese in the presence of Xanana Gusmao, leader of the Falintil resistance fighters. "We look forward to working with you to assist you in developing a new and stable democratic country."

"Democratic" like Bosnia or Kosovo - two of Holbrooke's recent legacies? In today's New World Order double-speak, the words like "democracy" have come to mean a dictatorship by the self-styled "liberals." And the terms like "liberal" have come to stand for thinly veiled fascism.

Meanwhile, let us go back to the TiM GW Bulletin 99/9-5, Sep. 19, 1999 (see ), filed from Moscow, in which we commented about the perfidious role which NWO's Washington Crisis Factory had played in recent outbreaks of violence and political tension around the world (Kosovo, Taiwan, Caucases, East Timor):

"TiM Ed.: Just in case that there is even a speck of a doubt that the eruptions of ethnic violence around the world are not spontaneous outbreaks, but are in fact 'helped' behind the scenes by the NWO pyrotechnicians, consider the following excerpt from TiM editor's speech to the Reform Party of Arizona in September 1998:

'The (Bosnian) war was eventually halted by a U.S.-imposed 'peace' agreement signed in Dayton, Ohio, in November 1995. Credit went to Richard Holbrooke, a former State Department official, who should be among the first to be prosecuted for war crimes under the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal for East Timor, according to Joe Fallon's CHRONICLES September 1998 article. 'If such a court is established, one of the first people it will indict is Richard Holbrooke,' he wrote.

The reason? Holbrooke's complicity in the Indonesian government's pogrom of over 200,000 East Timorese for which, Fallon said, Indonesia received a green light in 1975 from President Ford and Henry Kissinger (for whom Holbrooke worked).'

Funny how the same names keep popping up wherever Christian blood is being shed around the world, isn't it? Holbrooke, now the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., had his fingers in the Kosovo and Cyprus mess, too, before being confirmed to the U.N. post after a delay of more than a year, due to alleged financial and other ethical improprieties."

And now, we have this Assistant Butcher of East Timor back on the crime scene, glad-handing the descendants of his victims during the last quarter of a century. And taking credit for being their liberator!?

Just as Holbrooke did in June 1998, for example, when he publicly supported the KLA terrorists in Kosovo (see "Thugs of the World Unite" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/6-7, June 26, 1998, and "Milosevic: A Riddle Wrapped in Mystery" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/6-6, June 22, 1998).

Holbrooke being welcomed with open arms in East Timor is like George Bush being cheered by the Iraqis. Or Josef Stalin by the Gulag inmates. For, lest we forget, the Indonesian military butchers of East Timor were equipped and trained by the U.S. government in the "art" of human butchery. And the Indonesian army also received financial aid from Britain, according to a Sept. 19 London Observer article (see "U.S.-Trained Indonesian Death Squads - Butchers of East Timor," TiM GW Bulletin 99/9-6, Sep. 22, 1999).

If that doesn't make you nauseous, the Nov. 23 Associated Press report by Robert Burns about Bill and Chelsea Clinton's brief visit to Kosovo's capital Pristina, surely will. As Diane Bernish, a TiM reader from Ohio put it, "would just love to see you write a rebuttal to this outrageous garbage from the AP.

Well, we don't do rebuttals, but we certainly agree that the AP report was a schmaltzy piece of pro-Clinton propaganda. Here are some excerpts:

"Addressing several hundred American troops in a tent, Clinton called ethnic hatred 'the most important issue in the whole world today…'

Speaking in a chilly school gymnasium, Clinton drew round after round of cheers as he recounted the leading role the United States played in the 78-day air war against Yugoslav government troops.

'You cheered for us when we came in because when you were being oppressed we stood by you,' Clinton said.

An 8th-grader, Ramadan Ilazi, introduced Clinton, making his first visit to Kosovo since the war ended in June. 'You promised that you will bring us to our homes safe. You kept your promise,' the boy said."

The only thing missing from this AP "Ode to Clinton" were the violins. And any mention of the 2,000 Serb civilians whom he (NATO) had killed. Nor of some 180,000 Kosovo Serbs who were "ethnically" cleansed while Clinton et. al. (KFOR) "liberated" the Serb sovereign territory from the Serbs after the bombing stopped on June 10. Nor of the fact that the Clinton entourage arrived in Kosovo after having to literally slink in and out of Athens, like straypolutexneio-99.jpg (15633 bytes) dogs, so as to avoid the wrath of tens of thousands of outraged Greeks.

Despite the heavy police presence (up to 7,000 officers were patrolling Athens, clearing streets of traffic and sealing off areas where Clinton, his wife and daughter were visiting during their 24-hour stay), before dawn Friday (Nov. 19), some demonstrators erected two giant banners that read ''Killer Clinton'' on a mountainside overlooking central Athens. Even across the road from Clinton's downtown hotel, an American flag bearing a large swastika was in full view.

Two days earlier (on Wed., Nov. 17), more than 10,000 marchers chanted ''Clinton, Fascist, Murderer'' and other anti-American slogans in front of the U.S. Embassy (see the photo to the right).

But the AP "PR soap" masquerading as a news report wasn't limited just to the Slick Willie.

"Clinton was warmly received but his daughter, Chelsea got an even better reception. Everywhere she went she was mobbed by soldiers who wanted to get their picture taken with her," the AP said.

If true, the U.S. military these days must be staffed by absolute morons. For, here is an example which illustrates the Clinton family's attitude toward the military, as annunciated by a younger Chelsea. Here's an excerpt from our editorial, "Ayatollah Klintonmeini," published in April 1996 (see TiM GW Bulletin 96-4 for the full text):

"'During Clinton’s first year in office,' writes (the U.S. Marines) Lt. Col. Tom McKenney in the (1994) book, 'The Clinton Chronicles,' 'an incident occurred which was buried by the news media.'

'The occasion was a departure for a state function, a routine operation,' Col. McKenney writes. 'Vehicles were lined up outside the White House... Young Chelsea Clinton, like everyone else, was assigned a specific sedan.' But when Chelsea was about to get into her limo, she turned around and declared: 'I won’t ride in this car! There’s a military man in here, and I don’t ride with military men!'

The 'military man' happened to be a senior U.S. officer. Being a gentleman, however, he quietly got out of the car and found another ride.

In a separate incident, Chelsea asked her young Marine security escort to wear civilian clothes in the future. 'My family doesn’t like military people,' she explained.

Where, do you suppose, the 'young Chelsea' acquired such attitudes? At her home, of course.

And those are the two women (Hillary and Chelsea) whom President Clinton sent in March (1996) to boost the morale of our troops in Bosnia? That’s like sending 'Hanoi Jane' to cheer up U.S. troops in Vietnam'!"

And now the AP tells us that such a person was being affectionately "mobbed by soldiers?" That's like Jane Fonda being hailed at a Vietnam veterans' convention! Fat chance of that ever happening, unless the Vietnam vets' minds suddenly turned to mush as the today's NWO Army recruits' ones seem to have.

Clinton's return to the scene of his NATO war crimes was the last leg of a 10-day trip to southeastern Europe. He flew by military helicopter to an airfield in the Kosovo capital. As snowflakes drifted in the freezing air, Clinton and members of his national security team met with the KLA leader Hashim Thaci, marking another Pristina reunion of the world thugs (see "Thugs of the World Unite, " S99-117, "Peacefarce" 11, Item 1, July 1).


2. Lenin Stamp to Be Issued in Belgium

wpe31.jpg (13225 bytes)BRUSSELS, Nov. 24 - Remember the Cold War movie, "The Russians Are Coming?" Well, communism may have come and gone in Russia, but it is rearing its ugly head in the West, from where it had been exported into Russia anyway. Last week, we received several letters from agitated TiM readers in Belgium, the country which is the seat of both the European Union and NATO. The reason for our readers' alarm?

"Belgium's government has completely lost its mind," wrote Irene Gossens. "They are printing a series of postal stamps illustrating personalities representing the XXth century. They choose Jean XXIII, Che Guevara (!), Nelson Mandela (!), (Willy Brandt!), John Kennedy, Golda Meier and .... LENIN!! These stamps will be on sale from 6 December 1999." (see the black and white scan of the stamp at our Web site).

So Ms. Gossens fired off a long letter of protest to "La Libre Belgique" ("Free Belgium"), a Brussels daily, which published it in full on Nov. 24. She accused the Belgian government of being accomplices to the crimes against humanity carried out by the Soviet communist under Lenin's leadership. And she demanded that the stamp be pulled from circulation before its scheduled release date.

Meanwhile, we replied to her as follows:

"Wish you were right, Irene (that the 'Belgian government has completely lost its mind'). But I am afraid this looks to me more like a case of closet 'reds' coming out of the closet. And why not, when one of them is now president of the United States of America. (You may have noticed that I had already proposed a long time ago that the red star and hammer and sickle symbols be added to the NATO logo?)."

Speaking of which, here's what we said, in part, last August in the text which accompanied the new proposed NATO logo (see S99-132, "Peacefarce" 26, Item 1, Aug. 5).

nato-new-black.jpg (2659 bytes)nato-newlogo.jpg (2783 bytes)"Throughout NATO’s war on Serbia, (British Defense Minister) Robertson has been one of the loudest hawks among the alliance members. Unlike (the NATO secretary) Solana, who in a fit of double-speak alleged that NATO was not waging war on Yugoslavia (see S99-91, Day 65, Item 1, May 27), Robertson did not mince any words when attacking the Serbs speaking with a thick Scottish accent. Which is probably why Tony Blair’s nominee won such a quick endorsement by Washington and Berlin (to succeed Solana as NATO's top civilian boss).

There is at least one thing which Robertson and Solana have in common - both are lifelong socialists. Add to this left-wing fraternity of Clinton, Blair and Schroeder, plus the fact that leftists are in power in 11 of 15 European Union nations, and you can see that NATO and the West have become a new mutation of Socialist International. The only thing missing are the hammer and the sickle. Which can be easily appended to the NATO logo (see the new proposed NATO logo)."


3. Aussie Taxpayers to Pay for NWO's East Timor Invasion

CANBERRA, Nov. 23 - In the "Kosovo vs. East Timor" portion of our lectures delivered during the TiM editor's October "Tour de Oz," we said that sooner or later the NWO parasitic clique which is running this country Down Under will reach for the Australian taxpayers' bank accounts to help pay for the NWO invasion of East Timor. Just as the un-American U.S. government has done in its neo-colonial occupations of Bosnia and Kosovo, among others.

And voila! Now it is official. That "special levy" is now a reality in Australia. Boy Howard (John Howard, Australia's prime minister) told the nation on Nov. 23 that taxpayers earning more than A$50,000 per year will be hit with a special 0.5 percent Medicare surcharge to pay for the Australian troops defending the NWO Princes' wallets in Indonesia (our terminology, of course, not his). The cost of the Australian East Timor deployment is estimated at just over A$1 billion per year.

And what did the leader of the "opposition" have to say about it? In a truly adversarial political system, you would think that the head of the Labour Party would be spitting nails over such an arrogant way the Liberals (the ruling party) are wasting taxpayers money and lives, right?

Well, think again. Boy Beazley (Kim Beazley, leader of the Labour party), said the "special levy was highly appropriate."

No surprise there. Here's an excerpt from out "Tour de Oz" lecture which dealt with that topic:

"When last month Boy Clinton called on Boy Howard to pay his dues to the NWO Princes, and asked him to put 4,500 Australian lives at risk in East Timor, did Boy Beazley (Kim Beazley, leader of the opposition Labour Party) object?

No Sirree… Not that I've heard. Beazley backed Howard on East Timor. Just as Boy Dole, Boy McCain and other Republican leaders supported Clinton on Bosnia and Kosovo.

And what Australian national interests does the East Timor neo-colonial intervention serve?

  • Is it in the Australian national interest to challenge one of its most powerful neighbors and put its own security at risk?
  • Is it in the Australian national interest to jeopardize its exports to one of its biggest trading partners?
  • Is it in the Australian national interest to alienate the most populous Muslim nation in the world?
  • Is it in the Australian national interest to put its citizens at risk as potential hostage targets of militant Islamic groups worldwide?
  • Is it in the Australian national interest to burden its taxpayers with costs of the East Timor deployment? (Boy Howard is already hinting about a 'special levy' to pay for it).

Of course, the answers are no, no, no, no and no!

And it is certainly NOT in the Australian national interest to have its soldiers killed while defending the pocketbooks of the NWO Princes, rather than the security of their own country!

Especially not after Washington had been training for years the worst of the Indonesian death squads in the 'art' of butchering people, according to a Sept. 19 London Observer story. And after Britain had pitched in with £1 million to help the Indonesian army.

So what does that tell you about Boy Beazley and Boy Howard? That they attended the same NWO boy scout camp, as did Boy Clinton, Boy Dole, Madam Halfbright, Boy Blair, Garson Chretien, Schroederkind, Lady Thatchpatch, Garson Chirac, etc. Most likely at some posh Bilderbergers, CFR or Trilateralist resort.

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems to me that you have in this country the same type of an un-Australian plutocratic parasitic clique riding herd on Australian taxpayers, as we do in the States. Only worse… For, Australia's 'Demo Farce' is not even a domestic product."


4. Indonesia's Revenge: Illegal Muslim Immigrants Invade Australia

WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Nov. 28 - Reactions of some Australian citizens with whom we discussed the government's "special levy" for East Timor ranged from indifference to mild disgruntlement with the WAY (i.e., through Medicare) Boy Howard and Boy Beazley chose to help themselves to the taxpayers' wallets, not that they did it. No one we spoke to among the middle class Australians questioned WHY Canberra invaded a sovereign country (Indonesia) at the behest of foreign interests.

But all of them were up in arms over Indonesia's revenge. Rather than confront Australia militarily, Indonesian ships have been dumping boatloads of Muslim illegal would-be immigrants on coastal areas of Western Australia. In one recent week, over 1,000 such illegals were picked up by the coast guard, and resettled in various temporary camps - again at the cost of the Australian taxpayers, of course.

What the Western Australians find especially galling is that these would-be immigrants., most from Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait, Iran or Iraq, appear to be well-heeled. "It's travesty," one Australian resident told us. "Some of these 'refugees' are coming here with their mobile phones, and our government is laying out the red carpet for them, instead of sending them back to sea."

Well, that appears to be yet another point of similarity between the NWO America and NWO Australia. The un-American Washington government has been unable or unwilling - take your pick - to stop the flood of illegal immigrants into the U.S. By the latest estimates, there are over five million such illegal residents in the U.S.

If the Muslim "boat people" continue to arrive in Australia from Indonesia in the present numbers - on top of the rampant legal immigration from the third world countries, this sparsely populated country may experience the same kind of a demographic assault on its traditional European culture as Americans have since the enactment of the 1965 Immigration Act (see "Dancing 'Round the Gold Calf, Washington Times, Aug. 31, 1997, and "Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts").

And that seems to rile the average Aussies more than the "special levy" for East Timor.


5. Mandatory Bicycle Helmets: Danger to Public Health, Not Only Civic Liberties

PERTH, Nov. 26 - Regular, old-time TiM readers may recall a travel vignette "Helmets Are In, Bikes Are Out", written during our last visit to this part of the world. Having been shocked to discover that helmets are mandatory for bicycle riders, we said to an attendant at a bike rental place on Rottnest Island:rsd-helm.jpg (53741 bytes)

"'Really? And what's the point of all that helmet-mania? Does Australia have a surplus of headgear from the Vietnam war or WW II? Or some ailing helmet factories which needed government protection to stay in business?', this writer asked tongue-in-cheek.

'Don't know 'bout that… But I tell you mate, this law is one of my pet peeves. They told us when they passed it that it was going to save lives. And maybe it did. People simply stopped riding bikes. Within a year, five bike shops in Perth went out of business.'

So there you have it. A typical socialist solution looking for a problem creates new problems. Like driving the small entrepreneurs out of business. And causing people to stop exercising."

Well, we've now received a belated feedback about this travel vignette from Chris Gillham, a freelance journalist from Perth, WA, who has evidently done a lot of research into this subject. And the upshot of it is that the mandatory bicycle helmet legislation is not only endangering civic liberties, but also the public health in this country. Here are some excerpts from his research, the full text of which you can find at the URL shown at the end of this article:

"Various governments around the world have considered introducing mandatory bicycle helmet legislation during the 1990s. Australia was the first country in the world to introduce mandatory helmet laws for all age groups within all State and territory legislatures in 1990, 1991 and 1992. New Zealand introduced all-age mandatory bicycle helmet legislation in 1994. These are still the only two countries in the world with nationwide laws imposing statutory penalties against cyclists who fail to wear a helmet.

Objective analysis of the results in Western Australia shows the legislation has minimal, if any, effect on cyclist head injury rates, has proportionally worsened overall cyclist injury numbers, and has demonstrably caused injury to overall public health.

Compulsory bicycle helmet legislation has decimated cycling as a recreation pursuit in Western Australia since 1992, yet cyclist injuries are now at their highest level in the State's history. The latest statistics show a total of 738 cyclists were hospitalized in 1997, when 20% of seriously injured road users were cyclists. The previous admissions record was 735 in 1991.

The law was not introduced in Western Australia for medical reasons but because a Senate road safety committee in Canberra threatened to withdraw Black Spot road funding... in other words, financial blackmail. No medical or other research data was used to justify drafting and gazettal of the law. […]

Cumulative injury types increased by about 110% in 1993, the year after helmets became mandatory in Western Australia. By 1995, head injuries had surpassed the 1991 level. However, by 1995 the number of people riding bicycles in WA was between 30% and 40% less than in 1991. […]

Total cyclist head injury figures were higher in 1995 and 1996 than during any year before the law was introduced, an exception being 1988, and the proportion of upper body injuries almost doubled between 1988 and 1996.

Between Sept 1983 and Dec 1989, Perth enjoyed a 10% annual growth in personal bicycle trips. By 1994 and as a direct consequence of the helmet laws, the total number of recreational cyclists had fallen by almost 50%. […]

Cyclist fatalities and injuries recorded by police in 1997 show 112 were male and just 10 were female, adding to anecdotal evidence that women in particular are dissuaded from cycling because of helmets."


TiM Ed.: Guess female vanity is a more powerful resistor to the legislation forcing people to look like Marsians while exercising in public, than is the unisex impulse to fight for lost civic liberties. But wait till the NWO Aussie government brings out posters or ads of Elle MacPherson or Cindy Crawford wearing bicycle helmets. The remaining male riders may also put away their bikes and helmets and pick up cameras instead. In front of the boob-tube, of course.

To read the rest of Chris Gillham's research on "how the mandatory bicycle helmet legislation in Western Australia is damaging the democratic rights and public health of the West Australian community," click on .

By the way, Chris Gillham tells us that, "the Australian government is now proposing that the sale of second hand helmets be made illegal, be compulsorily recalled or have a health warning stuck on them warning they may be dangerous, but you HAVE to wear them!" To check out this Aussie government document, click on .

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