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Bob Djurdjevic on: Quo Vadis... Oh, Canada?


NATO's Kosovo War: A Gang Rape of a Small Nation

Toronto, Canada - December 11, 1999

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Quo Vadis… Oh, Canada?

NWO Pits Canadians vs. Serbs

A Lecture by Bob Djurdjevic, Founder of the Truth in Media


Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Toronto Serbian and other ethnic communities, friends of the truth and liberty in Canada, distinguished guests,

Thank you for inviting me to address this esteemed forum. What a setting… the Canadian Opera House! I am truly awed. But if any of you are here because you expected me to sing, please ask for refunds from the organizers. [smile]

I am delighted to be back in Toronto, a place of fond memories for me, personally. I spent more than a decade in your beautiful city. Our children were born here. I used to cheer for the Maple Leafs when they were hapless and hopeless. [smile]

Occasionally, I'd go to the Maple Leafs Gardens and watch the Buffalo Braves play NBA basketball. Just to see a winner once in a while. Before the Braves turned tail and moved to California. Where they also became hapless and hopeless. [smile]

That's why never ever, not even in my wildest dreams, would I have thought that one day I'd be standing here before you while a Toronto basketball team is in the first place of an NBA division in which the Chicago Bulls are in the cellar. [smile]

So what goes up must come down. And vice versa. Not only for the NBA millionaires. That's a good message for the downtrodden in any walk of life. [pause and smile].

I have not been to Canada for a number of years. So on our flight to Toronto last night, I was intrigued by a new question on the Canadian customs form.  It asked us to declare any "articles made or derived from engandegered species."

Hm... I'd thought about it for a moment.  Let's see... One Serbian T-shirt, one American patriot, one native Canadian proud of her country'e heritage... [pause and smile]. 

I can see some of your are getting my point.[smile]

Well, maybe I should now tell you what I really plan to talk about today. I'll speak about the New World Order. And about why it pitted Canadians against Serbs, friends and allies in two world wars.

I will also share with you some of my impressions about NATO's war on Serbia. Many of them - firsthand. Twice in the last seven months, I traveled to that Balkan country. The first time, in April, during NATO's bombing. And then again in September, when my wife and I toured eight Serbian cities ravaged by the war.

I will also try to put the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s in the context of global geopolitics, such as the globalization trend driven by the so-called NWO elite - the "The Princes of the 20th Century" - multinational companies whose interests western politicians serve.

And I'll show you how they are colonizing the world using dollars as well as bombs. Within that topic, I plan to answer questions such as:

Who is the Bogey No. 1 of the New World Order?

Quo Vadis… Oh, Canada's democracy?

I'll also talk about some similarities and differences between Kosovo and East Timor

Finally, I'll share with you my views about what sort of a world we can expect if the Princes succeed in realizing their global agenda.

But first, I have to warn you. Some of the war images you're about to see are quite graphic and not suitable for the faint at heart.

Also, unless you're a full time "New World Order watcher," you may find some of my conclusions rather disconcerting. That's because, "at a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act," according to George Orwell.

Or as Thomas Gray noted, "where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."

I'll chance it... [pause & smile]

Because Arthur Schopenhauer emboldened the truth and liberty lovers when he observed that, "all truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; second it is violently opposed; and third - it is accepted as self-evident."

So, you see, it's just a matter of time before we all agree. [smile]


Ladies and gentlemen, NATO's bombing of Serbia was nothing short of a gang rape of a small country.

A military alliance of 19 nations and 780 million people; with over half of the world's gross economic product, possessing two-thirds of the global military power, ganged up on a tiny nation of 10 million. For 79 days, NATO terrorized the people of Serbia, dropping 23,000 bombs and missiles on them in 36,000 sorties.

Yet the citizens and the army of Serbia remained unbowed and unkowed! This is not hearsay. I saw their defiance with my own eyes during the six days I had spent under NATO's bombardment.


As you can see here, tens of thousands of Kragujevac citizens showed it on March 31. They defiantly assembled for an "extra (school) period" at Sumarice, the site where the Nazis executed 7,000 Serb civilians in 1941, including several hundred school children.


And you can defiance written all over the face of this Belgrade Mom who had marked her children as targets for NATO bombers.

Or in this boy, wearing a "sajkaca" cap with a double-eagle crest, and answering the NATO "Uebermenschen" ("supermen") with the Serb Orthodox three-finger salute.


For that reason, at every stop of our September "Tour de Serbia", I told the Serb people that it was my privilege to bow my head before them in admiration of their courage and love of freedom.

And then I did it. [bowing] Like this. [pause]

But let us start at the beginning. March 24.

Even before the first bombs fell on Serbia, we had put up at the Truth in Media Web site the first of, what turned out to be, 106 special wartime TiM Bulletins, encompassing 480 articles and 199,000 words.

The bombing ended on June 10. But NATO's war against the Serb civilians continued. Only by other means. The day the armistice was signed by NATO and Serbian military authorities, we said that NATO's "peace process" would turn into a "peace farce." It has.

During the next five months, over 400 Kosovo Serbs had been killed, nearly 500 kidnapped and presumed dead, and more than 180,000 driven from their ancestral homes.

We have documented all this in another 52 special "peace farce" TiM editions, totaling 227 articles and 101,000 words.


On Nov. 10, our Kosovo War Memorial was finished. It consists of 158 special TiM Bulletins, 707 articles, nearly 1,000 printed pages, 400 photo images, and 314,000 words.

On the eve of the Remembrance Day, Nov. 11, we also unveiled our new Kosovo War Memorial design which symbolizes this epic 230-day struggle. And we proposed that Nov. 10th be dedicated a new Serb Remembrance Day; a day to honor all Serb victims of their former WW I and WW II allies. [pause]

In fact, I said in that first wartime TiM editorial, that March 24th will go down in history as the New Day of Infamy. Except that this time, American missiles and bombs did to Serbia what the Japanese did to America at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

And worse... Because NATO was waging war on civilians.

When I traveled through Serbia in late April, I saw that this mighty military alliance was attacking old age homes, hospitals, schools, factories, churches, bridges, railroads, TV and radio stations... Take a look at some of NATO targets:


"A Yugoslav Town Bathed in Blood" read the headline of an Apr. 6 Associated Press report about the carnage in this small Serbian mining town of 17,000. At least five people died in this NATO strike, and 30 were injured. Three two-story homes were also flattened, the AP said. You're looking at them.

In the town's center, a stone-throw away from this bombing site, nearly all shop windows were smashed. And even when we visited Aleksinac in mid-September, many of them had not been repaired due to shortage of glass.


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In this Apr. 12 NATO bombing of a passenger train crossing a bridge near Grdelica, at least 14 people died and scores of others were hospitalized.

But during our visit to Nis, my wife and I learned about a very personal tragedy associated with this NATO attack. A woman we met lost her husband on that train. Their two teenage daughters lost their father.


Stela Jovanovic is one of the most popular TV personalities in Nis, the third largest city in Serbia. She has won a number of international awards for her documentaries. You can see her here with yours truly on the set of a Nis TV studio, just before the airing of an hour-long live talk show about the Truth in Media activities.

After the program, as we walked through downtown Nis, Stela told me how it happened….

Her husband was called up as a reservist. He was on his way to join his army unit when the train was struck. His body was never found. Stela said she had searched frantically through every car on that train wreck. All in vain. So he is now officially listed as "missing" by the Yugoslav Army.

Stela's 16-year old daughter refuses to accept her Dad's death. She got quite cross with her Mom that evening when she dressed in black for our TV show ("black - color of mourning).


By the way, Nis was the most bombed out city in Serbia. And the first to be attacked by cluster bombs, designed to kill people. Here you can see one of them exploding in a residential neighborhood. I added the animation, of course.

There were 16 such cluster bomb attacks, which dropped an estimated 3,000 cluster bomblets on the city being run by two Serb democratic opposition parties.

So much about NATO waging war on Milosevic! [pause]


At the end of my breakfast meeting with Gen. Nebojsa Pavkovic and six other generals - members of his general staff, the Third Army commander presented me with books documenting some of the destruction Nis had suffered. And he led me and my wife through a photo exhibit at the Army headquarters.

Overall, Nis was attacked by NATO 48 times in 40 days by about 300 projectiles. Some 4,000 Nis residential dwellings were damaged in the attacks.


Over 120 houses were totally destroyed, such as these homes in the Nis suburb Medosevac. This heap of rubble at which my wifeis looking is all that was left of a private home which was once someone's pride and joy.


In addition, 234 Nis businesses were destroyed or damaged by NATO. 21 of them were civilian factories, such as the Nis Tobacco Industry (DIN) - left photo. Or "Energogas," a small company which bottled propane gas for stoves and barbecues.

As a result, some 50,000 people are now out of work, Zoran Zivkovic, the Nis mayor, told us in a meeting at the City Hall.


Even some animals became NATO victims, such as the German shepherd who had his head severed from the rest of the body by a bomb. Or that white horse on the right.


And here's what a Surdulica residential neighborhood look like after NATO's strike on Apr. 28.


And a sports arena in Cuprija which I personally photographed. And a residential area in the same town, struck on May 29.


Take a look at the "Home of the Yugo" after the NATO strike in early April. This was once Eastern Europe's most successful car exporter - the "Zastava" factory in Kragujevac.


And this is a photo I took from inside the same factory on Sept. 14.

As a result of this bombing alone, 36,000 people are now out of work. And "Zastava's" main competitor, a NATO country's (Czech) "Skoda," has picked up most of the Serb car maker's market share.


Here's downtown Belgrade in flames on Apr. 3. That day, I wrote: "Today, parenthesis have dropped off the 'Adolf Clinton' sign."


And here are the very same bombed-out buildings which I photographed later in April.


Furious at the Serb defiance, NATO widened its bombing of the Serb capital to other civilians targets. Such as this heating plant in New Belgrade, for example. Which is why many Serb people are still freezing today. Yet there are no western cameras recording this consequence of NATO's "humanitarian intervention."


And this is a photo of a huge toxic cloud over Belgrade which I took from my hotel room in late April. [pause]

Ladies and gentlemen, some of these images were being posted at the Truth in Media Web site right after the bombings took place.

And some of the TiM Bulletins were typed "live," and transmitted around the world via the Internet, literally as bombs were falling around the dwellings in which I was writing them.

As a result of such dramatic reports, the TiM Web site also received millions of hits - from visitors across the U.S. and from over 100 countries around the world. In May, it was voted No. 33 by popularity among the over 40 million Web sites on the Net.


So as you can see, "Truth CAN be addictive!" - as the TiM T-shirt slogan also says. [smile] But so can be the Big Brother's "lie and deny" propaganda. In that "Adolf Clinton" TiM Bulletin published on Apr. 3, we wrote: "Remember the Big Brother's slogans?

"War is peace"

"Freedom is slavery"

"Ignorance is strength"

We are living them now. Orwell was off by 15 years. Consider today's NWO's (Kosovo) reality:

"Naked aggression" is "humanitarian mission"

"Killing innocent people" is "saving lives"

"Peacekeepers" are "warmongers"

"Free press" is "war propaganda"

And what about all those Serb atrocities you've been seeing in CNN, ABC, BBC, CBC, SKY or other establishment media reports?


Many were actually clips from the NWO edition of the "Wag the Dog" movie. As this photo cartoon suggests, published on Apr. 8.

An exaggeration? Well…consider the following "clip" from real life.

After my evening lecture in the Serb town of Valjevo, I gave some interviews to various TV channels, both state- and opposition-owned. After one of them, a young female reporter shared her own Kosovo story with me.

"When I was reporting from Kosovo, we were all a part of a large media pool," she said. "So I had a chance to observe how CNN, for example, works. CNN doesn't report the news. It creates the news. I saw with my own eyes a CNN reporter literally reading from the teleprompter the news which his Atlanta editors had written." [pause]

Furthermore, just last week - Dec. 3 - the Agence France Presse reported that that the UN police and KFOR troops had found illegal weapons, and Serb police uniforms in a house "inhabited by members of the Kosovo Protection Corps" - successor to the supposedly disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army.

Why, do you suppose, the KLA needed the Serb police uniforms?

Hm… Let's see… Remember those massacres in 1998 and early 1999 which were blamed on the Serbs, and used as justification for NATO's bombing? The perpetrators reportedly wore masks and Serb police uniforms, according to the NWO media.

But let's apply Common Sense 101… If these murderers were really Serb police, why do you think they would want to advertise it by wearing the Serb uniforms? [pause]


Besides helping debunk such NWO media "news" stories, the Internet was also a powerful anti-war weapon which helped move the truth and freedom-loving people into action. Twice in the last five weeks of the war, I traveled to America's capital to speak out against NATO's war at the Washington demonstrations.


The first time, I did it on May 1 at the Ellipse, just back of the White House south lawn, right after I had returned from Serbia.


The second time, I went to Washington on June 5, when I addressed tens of thousands of anti-NATO demonstrators at the Vietnam Memorial. It was by far the largest anti-war protest in America since the days of the Vietnam war. It was "Forrest Gump" all over again!

They came to Washington from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Alabama… And yes, even from as far away as Canada, Arizona or California.


After the speeches at the Vietnam Memorial, a river of humanity, 20 to 30 abreast and over a mile long, crossed the Potomac and marched on the Pentagon. There we delivered a thundering "NO!" to Clinton's war on Serbia.

Later on that evening, I wrote the following tearful words in my hotel room, and broadcast them around the world via the Internet:


"WASHINGTON, Saturday, June 5 - Mark this day - June 5! This is the day a Serb flag flew at the Pentagon possibly for the first time in history. The red-blue-and-white Serb banner was mounted high on top of the soundstage erected on the Pentagon lawn, right next to the official U.S. Defense Department flag pole.

All around the stage, more than 30,000 anti-war demonstrators… billowed from the top of their lungs (as if at a football game):

"Yu-go-sla-via! Yu-go-sla-via!" And "Kosovo is Serbia!"

It was a moment to behold. One older American summed up the mood in the crowd succinctly.


Dressed as an Uncle Sam from top-to-bottom, he carried a big sign which just said: "NO!" [pause]

Yet the U.S. establishment media remained virtually mum about the largest anti-war demonstrations in the country in 25 years! Not a word about it was published in the Washington Post or the New York Times, for example, whose editorial offices are within a shouting distance from the Vietnam Memorial.

So much for the "free press" in the "land of the free" constitutionally guaranteed by the First Amendment! [pause]


Of course, similar anti-war protests were being held all around the world... Toronto, Moscow, New York, Paris, Sydney, Brussels…

Our Truth in Media Toronto sources reported that many non-Serbian-Canadians had joined in protests in front of the U.S. Consulate, outraged and embarrassed by the fact that Canadian CF-18 fighter jets were among the first planes to drop bombs on Serbia.


"I can't believe Canada is standing for this. I'm so ashamed,'' said a 27-year-old Toronto woman, holding a small baby in her arms.

Some prominent Canadians also spoke up publicly against NATO's bombing of Serbia. Like the former ambassador James Bissett. Or Gen. Lewis MacKenzie. Or the Toronto columnist, Peter Worthington. Or Prof. Michael Mandel of York University...

Decent and patriotic Canadians refused to take part in the New World Order plot which pitted Canadians against Serbs - friends and allies in two world wars. Many seemed to be saying: "Oh, (NWO) Canada, we (won't) stand on guard for thee!"

That was also the case in other NATO countries. Like Greece, for example. I'm reminded of a story told personally to a high-level military friend of mine by none other than NATO's Bomber-in-Chief, Gen. Wesley Clark.

After a meeting during the bombing campaign, Clark walked over to the Greek ambassador to NATO and said:

"This must be difficult for you, as I know there is a lot of controversy in your country about what we are doing."

To which the Greek ambassador replied: "Oh, no, Gen. Clark. There is no controversy. We are all against it!" [pause & smile]

So much for the alleged "NATO unity!" [pause]

Meanwhile, back in Serbia, the "Clinton Doctrine" was progressing full steam ahead. What's the "Clinton Doctrine?"


As Col. David Hackworth put it, America's most decorated living soldier, whom I also have the privilege to count among my friends, the "Clinton Doctrine" is:

"Bomb the civilians and the civilian structures until that country's military can't stand to watch it anymore."

Ladies and gentleman, what NATO did to Serbia this spring was not war. That was terrorism!

In the wake of such NATO bombings, over 1,500 civilians were killed - more than twice the number of casualties which the Yugoslav army had suffered. Some 30% of the victims were children.


Like the 11-month old Bojana Tosovic, killed by NATO's bombs on Apr. 11 at her home near Podujevo, along with her father.


Like the 4-year old Dejana Pavlovic, and her 7-year old brother, Stefan, killed by NATO's bombs at their home in the Belgrade suburb of Ralja on May 27.


Like this unidentified Cacak woman, killed at the very start of NATO's bombing in March.


Like Father Milivoj Ceric, a brave and unselfish Serb priest, whose head was literally blown off by a NATO bomb on Sunday, May 30.

And what was Fr. Ceric doing at the time of his death? God's work. Right after his Sunday church service, he rushed to help his injured parishioners after the first NATO strike on the Varvarin bridge. Only to be killed by the second one. As America celebrated the Memorial Day weekend... [pause]

Ladies and gentlemen, Clinton was not waging war on Milosevic. He was waging war on Serb civilians. A cowardly war. The only kind of a war, I suppose, draft-dodgers know how to wage.

"Are we going to stand by idly and let our Draftdodger-in-Chief carry on such slaughter - in our name, under our flag?" I asked the Washington demonstrators at the Vietnam Memorial on June 5.

"Noooo…!" roared back a thunderous response.

So "Let's Drop Clinton, Not Bombs!", I proposed.

Again to a loud approval of the boisterous crowd. [pause]

I also told the American people about some human tragedies I came across during my wartime trip to Serbia which never get reported in the media - Serb, American, or Canadian. Like that of the four-year old Mina…

A Serb doctor treating this little girl told me that her patient was losing her hair. From the constant trauma caused by air raid sirens and bombs. Asked what she feared more - the sirens or the bombs - the four-year old said the dreaded the sirens more.

And now, YOU will have a chance to find out why. What you're about to hear is no Hollywood soundstage product. It is a live recording of an air raid siren made on a Belgrade balcony in April.


What usually followed this sound was the roar of AAA fire... Such as these "Belgrade by night" images depict…


And then, the sound of bombs...

Here's a recording of one missile which whizzed over downtown Belgrade before crashing into the "Dragisa Misovic" hospital in the posh suburb of Dedinje:


What came next was usually the sound of the fire truck and ambulance sirens. And then, the silence of the dead. [pause]

Now, imagine having to live through that day in and day, mostly at night, but sometimes also in daytime hours - such as when I was meeting with the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, for example. Imagine that, and then you may understand why a four-year old girl was losing her hair. And why 10 million civilians have been traumatized by NATO, not just those killed or maimed.

Which is why, in my May 1 speech at the White House, I said that we must charge ALL NATO leaders responsible for such barbaric acts with war crimes.


[pause to allow for laser animation to take effect]

This is a photo from a Washington Times May 2 report about that.

And on May 11, we called on the Truth in Media readers around the world not to wait for the lawyers to act, but to file their personal "home-made" complaints against all 70+ NATO war criminals and send them to the Hague.

The same day, May 11, I filed one such complaint myself.


Ten days later, on May 21, Madam Kangaroo of the Hague, my nickname for the Canadian judge, Louise Arbour, complained to reporters in Fredericton, Canada, that the War Crimes Tribunal had been "seized by many complaints… urging us to charge the entire NATO leadership with genocide..."

Imagine that… What audacity! [smile]

But while such politicized judges were balking, the TiM readers from around the world were writing to us saying they were outraged by NATO's war crimes. Some Americans said they were ashamed of being American. As did some Canadians, Brits, Belgians, Germans…

Some U.S. vets, as well as ordinary citizens, volunteered to go and help Serbia. None of them of Serbian descent, by the way.

So if Clinton didn't have the support of the American people, why in God's name did he bomb the Serbs? And on whose behalf?


Well, I have been saying for years the real motto of the New World Order globalists is NOT "world peace through world trade", as its leaders claim. It is "perpetual commerce through perpetual war."

First you knock them down; then you build them up. Either way, the "death merchants" and their banking and media partners-in-crime win. Serbia is just the latest case in point.

Bottom line? War is good business. Always has been. Always will be. Just ask the CEOs of the top 10 Pentagon suppliers whose shares soared as mankind's stock dropped.


Their shares outperformed the rest of the bullish stockmarket (the S&P 500) by a 2.5-to-1 ratio during the first 60 days of the war.


Furthermore, NATO's Kosovo "humanitarian mission," as depicted in this clever wartime cartoon, was a case of premeditated mass murder. It had little to do with what Milosevic did or did not do.

Would it surprise you to learn, for example, that the Clinton administration requested an additional $112 billion for the Pentagon budget almost six weeks before the NATO bombing started?


Would it surprise you to learn that last year's Pentagon spending on arms was "only" $44 billion - the lowest level in more than a decade? (see the blue arrow)

Would it surprise you to learn that, following the war, spending will go UP to $60 billion next year? For a total Pentagon budget of $319 billion in year 2005!

Would it surprise you to learn that the U.S. Defense Secretary, William Cohen, used an evaluation meeting of the war against Serbia, held by the 19 NATO defense ministers right here, in Toronto, on Sept. 21-22, to bully his allies into buying more precision-guided weapons and other high-tech systems?

Who do you suppose from?

From the U.S. "death merchants," of course.


Ladies and gentlemen, I said in a January 1999 column for the Australian "New Dawn" magazine, that the "Kosovo Crisis" was a product of the Washington Crisis Factory. Consider the evidence…

When was the first time you've heard of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army? In my case, not before late 1997. Prior to that, the KLA didn't exist. At least not in public's minds. And no wonder…

For, the KLA was conceived at the June 1996 Bilderbergers meeting in King City, just outside Toronto, according to John Whitley, a Toronto analyst and a "Bilderberger watcher." The KLA was created, equipped and trained by the West with the mission to destabilize Kosovo, and thus facilitate a NATO intervention.

But don't take my word for it. On Apr. 2, the Truth in Media received a letter from a disillusioned "KLA field commander." He said he had been trained by German, Turkish and Afghan instructors. And that they received weapons from the NATO troops in Macedonia. The KLA orders were to destabilize Kosovo and act as NATO ground troops. His letter is still at our Web site.

In early 1998, in a rare fit of truthful candor, or perhaps a slip of the tongue, a senior State Department diplomat, Bob Gelbard, called the KLA a "terrorist organization."

wpe2C.jpg (41461 bytes)

Yet here is the KLA, in January 1999, looking ship-shape and ready for action in brand new German-made gear.

As was the KLA air wing - NATO. No wonder some American demonstrators carried signs saying that that NATO actually stood for - "North Atlantic Terrorist Organization."

"Birds of a feather flock together?" [smile] [pause]

wpe31.jpg (36158 bytes)

If in doubt, take a look at Richard Holbrooke, now the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Here is this revolving door Wall Street banker-cum-State Dept. diplomat trying to boost the KLA image in a photo-op staged near Decani, in June 1998. On the same trip, Holbrooke snubbed the Serb Bishop Artemije in favor of posing with this KLA fighter.

Bad luck for the fighter. As a senior British military intelligence official told me a little while later: "That KLA man was a fool to have allowed his face to be shown. Serb police are no fools."

Sure enough, the bearded KLA terrorist was identified in a September 1998 Yugoslav government brochure as one Lyum Hadziu, "a Swedish resident who joined the KLA in 1998."

His fate is not known. [pause]

Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, the Kosovo War was minted from start to finish by the Washington Crisis Factory.

The war was the latest example of an evil, genocidal, parasitic, Machiavellian military-industrial-financial complex enriching itself on the backs of other fellow-humans' pain and suffering.

Not that long ago, in 1983, President Reagan justifiably called the Soviet Union an Evil Empire. In both of my Washington speeches I said that now, Washington is the seat of an Evil Empire. [pause]

In another TiM Bulletin from last February, also carried by the "New Dawn" magazine, I suggested that if Winston Churchill were to deliver his famous "Iron Curtain" speech today, he might say:


"But a shadow has fallen upon the scenes so lately lighted by the Cold War victory. From Belfast on the Irish Sea, to Trieste in the Adriatic; to Budapest on the Danube - an iron curtain has descended across the Continent."

Keep in mind that both New Dawn articles and this map were published well BEFORE NATO's attack on Serbia.

But why would NATO want Kosovo? For the same reason it took Bosnia. Because of Russia…


Take a look at this map. We designed it and published it in November 1995. Yet over four years later, everything on it is as up-to-date and accurate now as it was back then.

The "green" countries are considered U.S. allies; the "yellow" ones are American vassals; the "orange" and "pink" are potential enemies (Russia and China). The "white" ones are the countries of low or no strategic geopolitical importance. And the "red" ones, which include Serbia, are considered adversaries.


Five months earlier, in April of 1995, we said that Russia is still the New World Order's Bogey No. 1, despite Washington's sweet talk. For, talk is cheap.

In that article, we asserted that the so-called "Partnership for Peace" was nothing more than a more perfidious version of the old western "Drang Nach Osten." And that the former Soviet dominions in Eastern Europe have now all become western minions, conquered by dollars, not bombs.

Subservient behavior of ALL Serbia's neighbors during NATO's bombing attested to their vassal position.


In a May 9, 1997 Washington Times column, I also said that the anti-Russian strategy of the NWO architects had three prongs:

"On Russia's western frontier, the NWO is trying to build an iron-ring around Russia's European neck - through the NATO expansion (and through direct intervention in the Balkans).

In the Far East, the NWO architects had counted on China to keep Russia in check - a strategy which has now clearly backfired…

The third prong of NWO's anti-Russian policy is its support for the Islamic nations along Russia's southern underbelly." (i.e., Chechnya, Dagestan…).

And where does Serbia fit in all of this? Well, it is the only non-vassal nation left in all of Europe. Which is why it is also a "red" dot.


Plus the country lies right on top of a key geopolitical fault line which runs from Asia to Europe. And that is why NATO wanted Kosovo. As I first said in a Nov. 1995 Arizona Republic article, and later in an Oct. 1998 Washington Times column…

"NATO's involvement in the Balkans is NOT about protection of civilians - Albanian or any other kind. It is about projection of power into a political vacuum created by the end of the Cold War. And about connecting NATO East (Turkey) with NATO West (Bosnia) - over the backs of a small predominantly Orthodox Christian nation whose territory unfortunately happens to intersect these NATO strategic interests (along the "Green Interstate").

If the Serb leader had been smart, he would have realized all this… As it were, Milosevic totally misread the geopolitical tea leaves around the end of the Cold War… And the Serbian people have been paying the price for his arrogance and stupidity ever since."

Ladies and gentlemen, some of you may be seeing these charts for the first time, even though they were published 4-5 years ago, when I first predicted that Kosovo would become "Bosnia II." But Serbian leaders have no such excuse. I have personally briefed about this most of the key political, military, academic (SANU) and even church leaders. And although I have not met with Milosevic since February 1992, I know that some of his people have also tried to make him see the light.

And yet here we are, Serbia is once again facing a dead end in the dead of winter, only poorer and colder than before. And minus several thousand of its citizens killed by NATO.

So what's to be done?

During my recent trip to Serbia I could see that "everybody" these days is calling for Milosevic's resignation. Far be it for me to defend the man whom I publicly denounced as early as August 1990, at the time when he objectively enjoyed about a 90% support by the Serb electorate. But before the Serbian people decide when and how it is time for Milosevic to go, they must consider alternatives.


To this end, it is instructive to look at the experiences of other Eastern European nations which took Washington's advice on how to implement western economic reforms and democracy.

Let's look at Russia, for example. In a special report, titled "Killing Russia Softly," published after my visit to Russia in 1997…


… we pointed out that the life expectancy of an average Russian male had dropped from 65 to 57.7 years between 1987 and 1995. And that the Russian women's have had their life span shortened by three years - from 74 years to 71 years.

That puts Russia at the level of an Afghanistan, or some of the poorest African countries! And it is a direct result of the kinds of the western economic "reforms" which destroyed Russia's health care system. [pause]

In late October of this year, Prof. Murray Feshbach, a renowned expert on Russia at the Washington Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, predicted that falling birth rates, coupled with an alarming rise in diseases like tuberculosis, AIDS, syphilis, etc. could cut Russia's population by more than a third by the year 2050.

"Russia's population could fall to between 80 and 100 million, from the current level of 146 million," he said. [pause]

Ladies and gentlemen, Yeltsin and his western "reforms" are killing more Russians than did Stalin!

In addition, with the help of the local quislings, the West has literally plundered Russia, transferring hundreds of billions of dollars of her assets into foreign bank accounts.


I was back in Moscow in late September. And I can tell you things have only gone from bad to worse in the last two and a half years. The Russian currency, for example, which traded between 5-6 rubles to the dollar back in 1997, was worth only 26 rubles to the dollar. Which means that all imports were five times more expensive. And that the Russian standard of living had sunk even deeper. [pause]

In short, the New World Order Princes' version of "democracy", "reforms" and "free trade" boils down to a license to cheat, steal and kill!


Take a look at this photo. It was taken in Moscow in September of 1998. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this is the picture of "democracy" and "reforms." A little girl forced to beg for a piece of bread. [pause] "And tomorrow, this could be your daughter, if the Clinton vassals come to power," I told the people of Serbia.


No wonder that this is what an average Russian thinks of such "democracy." This photo was taken during my visit to Russia in 1997. The sign on the garbage container reads: (Stuff) "democracy here!"

Nor is the state of democracy much better in America. Our Republic has evolved into an "American Demo Farce," as I said in my November 1996 Washington Times column. Take a look at the two presidential candidates in the 1996 election:


Both frontrunners, "Ayatollah Klintonmeini" and "Kosovar Dole," were horses racing for the same stable owners - the Princes. Just as are today George W. Bush and Al Gore. That's why Washington politicians, the high priests of the New World Order, wear turbans, fez's or yarmulkas. Whatever suits their bosses' business interests. Just not the Serb "sajkace." No money under it, I suppose…[smile]

That's why both Republicans and Democrats sound exactly alike when it comes to foreign policy. And why they always unite against political challengers who espouse patriotism, home spun values, America first-type issues. Such as Pat Buchanan, for example, the NWO target.


That's why I told my fellow-Americans in both of my Washington speeches - at the White House and at the Vietnam Memorial:

"This is no longer a government 'OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people.' This is a government OF and FOR a group of bankers, 'death merchants' and other industrialists, run BY corrupt politicians, like Bill Clinton. And it is a government AGAINST the interests of the American people."

Nor is the American "Demo Farce" some sort of a quirky, isolated phenomenon. Canadian pilots and bombs also killed Serb civilians who have meant them no harm. Why, for God's sake?

Was it in the Canadian national interest to have its red maple leaf stained by the blood of innocent Serb victims?

Was it in the Canadian national interest to have its reputation as a neutral peacekeeper destroyed forever?

Was it in the Canadian national interest to have Ottawa let this country's military deteriorate to such an extent that NATO is now basically Canada's national security umbrella? As a former senior military leader recently wrote to me: "We now need NATO a good deal more than NATO needs us. NATO's business is our business no matter how ill-conceived the undertaking, such as in Kosovo."

Was it in the Canadian national interest to alienate not only its friends and allies in Serbia, but also those in Russia, China, India or Greece, for example, all countries which are ancestral homes to millions of Canadian immigrants and their descendants?

Was it in the Canadian national interest to burden its taxpayers with its share of the high costs of NATO's Kosovo deployment?

Of course, the answers are no, no, no, no and no!

And it is certainly NOT in the Canadian national interest to have its soldiers killed or maimed while defending the pocketbooks of the "death merchants," rather than the security of their own country!

wpe37.jpg (25569 bytes)

Yet when the Bill Clinton asked Jean Chretien to jump, what did Canada's Prime Minister say?

"How high?" I suspect, judging by his obedient compliance.

Okay, so Chretien is, like Clinton, another NWO altar boy. But did other Canadian political leaders, like Preston Manning or Alexa McDonough, for example, object to this country's participation in the gang rape of a small European nation?

No Sirree… Not that I've heard.

Just as Dole, John McCain and other Republican leaders backed Clinton on both Bosnia and Kosovo invasions.

So what does that tell you about the Canadian politicians? That they may have attended the same NWO boy scout bootlicking camp, as did Clinton, Dole, Albright, Blair, Chirac, Schroeder, Yeltsin, etc. Most likely at some posh Bilderbergers, CFR or Trilateralist resort.

In short, ladies and gentlemen, it seems to me that you have in this country the same type of an un-Canadian plutocratic parasitic NWO clique riding herd on Canada's taxpayers, as we do in the States.

Only worse… For, Canada's "demo farce" is not even a domestic product. [pause & smile]


Those of you who are the Truth in Media readers probably know that my wife and I have just returned from a trip around the world, which included lectures in Perth and Sydney, Australia.

Since Australia is another NWO vassal which, like Canada, has been forced to tow the globalist line, I was asked Down Under to comment about the similarities and differences between Kosovo and East Timor:

"Why did the Princes, go to war over Kosovo but not East Timor?"

One answer is, because they didn't have to. Washington sent Australians and other subservient nations to do its bidding. Just as it sent Canadians to Haiti, for example.

But to me, an even more important question is: "Why did the Princes bomb Serbia and not Indonesia?" After all, both regimes were accused of committing atrocities.

The simple answer is: Serbia is expendable; Indonesia is not.


Serbia is a small, predominantly Christian country, isolated in the heart of Europe and surrounded by NWO vassals.

Indonesia is a vast, oil-rich country, whose 17,000 islands are home to the world's biggest Muslim population.

Killing and alienating Serbs would not jeopardize strategic U.S. interests elsewhere in the world, as the Kosovo War has proven.

Bombing Indonesia could provoke a Muslim backlash throughout the world, putting at risk strategic interests of the Princes not only in Indonesia, but elsewhere, such as in the Middle East.

In Kosovo, atrocities were staged or invented and blamed on the Serbs in real life "Wag the Dog" scenarios. That became clear lately by an absence of alleged "mass graves" after the KFOR takeover.

In East Timor, atrocities were real and carried out over a period of 14 years by U.S.-trained Indonesian butchers, according to the London Observer. And once again, our old global troublemaker, Richard Holbrooke, pops up...


Remember him boosting the KLA in June 1998?

wpe38.jpg (39182 bytes)

Well, here he is in East Timor last month, with the leader of the Falantil fighters.

Yet, while working for Henry Kissinger's State Dept. in the mid-1970s, Holbrooke was instrumental in encouraging the Indonesian massacres of the East Timorese, according to a September 1998 Chronicles magazine article by Joe Fallon. If there were ever a U.N. War Crimes Tribunal for East Timor, "one of the first people it will indict is Richard Holbrooke," Fallon wrote.

Yet here was Holbrooke, taking credit for the "liberation" of East Timor!? "O tempora, o mores…" [pause]

But back to Kosovo vs. East Timor… The Princes had no leverage in Serbia, whose economy had already been devastated well before NATO's bombing of 1999 by years of genocidal sanctions. The good news for the Princes was that they had zero capital at risk. The bad news was that they had zero leverage in pulling the political strings in Belgrade as compared to Jakarta. Especially after the $69 billion IMF bailout package.

Which is why in Serbia they resorted to bombs, not loans. But taking East Timor without having to bomb Indonesia goes to prove that nations can be colonized with dollars as effectively as bombs.

In my Washington Times column "An Ugly Double Standard in Kosovo Conflict," published on Oct. 25, 1998, I said:

"The U.S./NATO never bombed Turkey over its atrocities against the Kurds; or China over Tibet; or Indonesia over East Timor; or Israel over its various even extra-territorial military assaults on neighboring countries; or Russia over Chechnya; or Great Britain over Northern Ireland; or Spain over its treatment of the Basques."

But it did bomb Iraq when Washington lost its leverage in Baghdad, despite having supported Saddam Hussein, both militarily and financially, during Iraq's war with Iran.

And it did invade Panama and Haiti.

And it did bomb Afghanistan and Sudan, also expendable countries by the Princes' standards.

And it did kill thousands of Somalies in another New World Order "humanitarian mission." [pause]


So the essence of the NWO globalists' neo-colonial strategy is: "Bomb obstinate weak nations, buy off obstinate big ones. Then rule the world." [pause]


For, as Niccolo Machiavelli warned in his book, "Prince", written in 1513: "There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage, than a creation of a new order of things."

But power-hungry, would-be rulers of the world - from Genghis Khan, to Attila the Hun, to Napoleon, to the British Empire, to Hitler's Third Reich, to Stalin… rarely pay attention to the words of the wise, or bother to learn from history. Which is why they tend to repeat it. Usually at their own peril.

The same will be eventually the case with the latest edition of the New World Order. As we have seen, the West Side Gang delivers same kind of a "gun diplomacy" which the Kremlin's East Side Gang had used. Only using bigger guns and more perfidy to mask the western Princes' grab for power.

And what are the Princes' ultimate objectives? Not unlike those of communists. Both love faceless uniformity and blind loyalty. Both loathe any living creature which is proud of its unique looks, language, religion or culture.

So if God were to (re)create the world by the designs of the NWO Princes, there would be only three kinds of creatures around:


All two legged-creatures would be ostriches; [smile]

All four legged-ones would be sheep; [smile}

All sea-living creatures would be sardines, anxiously waiting in long lines at the nearest Princes' canning factory docks to jump into cans, and be exported to some distant low-cal, low-brow; low-IQ, but immensely happy NWO society. [smile]

Now, I can see how this New World Order "menage trois" could seem appealing to some Canadian sheep farmers. But only if they behaved like their livestock. [smile]

Meanwhile, Canadians who do not wish to stoop to the sheep level, may wonder why so many of their fellow-citizens rose up against the baby seal hunters, for example, but did not against the Canadian government's participation in the murder of Serb humans? Including babies. Like Bojana or Dejana whom you saw earlier.

And even if some Canadians don't care about a bunch of distant people being killed, where were the Canadian animal lovers when NATO decapitated that German shepherd, or disemboweled that white horse you had also seen earlier? Or when it terrorized the wild animals at the Belgrade zoo?

Guess ostriches, sheep or sardines wouldn't get too exercised over dichotomies like that, either.

Nor about the fact the Canadian government generously hosted Kosovo Albanians, but turned its back on over 180,000 Serb refugees from Kosovo, "ethnically cleansed" after the KFOR "peace farce" commenced.

wpe39.jpg (29201 bytes)

Not to mention over 600,000 Serb refugees who had been driven from their homes during the NATO "humanitarian missions" in Bosnia and Croatia. Such as this image of the Serb exodus in August 1995 depicts…

Ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at the New World Order at work. [pause]

I said at the outset that you may find some of my conclusions disconcerting. But is there still hope for the unsedated citizens of the world?

Yes, there is. In fact, the arrogant, yet short-sighted, global industrialists may have invented the tools of their own destruction; the sword upon which they may fall.


The self-proclaimed Cold War winners should beware of premature victory parades.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in the midst of a revolution - an information technology revolution, a revolution no less dramatic than the invention of gun powder.

In an article, "Move over Einstein, Signor Da Vinci Is Back," published in July 1997 in the FORBES magazine's on-line edition, I said:

"The Internet and the PC - two post-industrial era technological revolutions - are returning Homo Sapiens back to nature. It's the beginning of 'Renaissance II'."

The ubiquitous PC and the Internet have empowered individuals and small companies to compete with giant enterprises on a level playing field. They've become equalizers. Kind of like the invention of gun powder enabled a little old lady to overpower a big hooligan.

The result is a massive transfer of wealth from industrial incumbents to information technology challengers.

Bill Gates, by far the richest man in America, is today much wealthier than the IBM CEO. Yet 20 years ago, he was a nobody. Similar opportunities exist today for small nations with talented people engaged in the field of information technology.

The industrial era automated the simplest (physical) forms of life; called them SCIENCES; held them in high esteem; and rewarded handsomely its apostles, such as Albert Einstein. It also put down the more complex forms of life - the ARTS.

Now, with the advent of PC's and the Internet, a (re)fusion of arts and sciences is taking place…

Leonardo da Vinci would have been pleased…

Picture a CNN reporter sticking a microphone in front of Signor da Vinci, and asking him: "Sir, do you consider yourself an artist or a scientist?"

What do you think the great Renaissance man's answer would have been? [ask for show of hands]

"Son, I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about. What is the difference between artists and scientists?," would be my guess.

So, as you can see, there's hope for graduates of liberal arts colleges and university after all. [smile] And I am especially pleased to be able to make that proclamation in a house of art - the Canadian Opera House. [smile].


One of the greatest tributes for me personally was when I, an engineer by academic degrees, was elected last September an honorary member of the Serbian Writers Guild in Belgrade, and presented the membership card No. 3.

Fancy that… an engineer turned a scribe and a public speaker!

Surprised? I was. Yet I have a feeling that Signor da Vinci would have found that perfectly logical. [smile]


To summarize, NATO's war on Serbia was nothing short of a gang rape of a small nation. For no good reason, it pitted Canadians against their friends and allies in two world wars.

But the future is not as bleak despite a gloomy present New World Order picture. The PC and the Internet are combining to help Homo Sapiens liberate himself from the shackles of the Princes.

And what about the crimes the Princes have already committed?


As I said to the American people in Washington, even if Clinton somehow dodges a war crimes trial, as he had dodged the military service to his country - he, his Secretary of Hate, Madam Halfbright, the Bomber-in-Chief, Gen. Clark, and other NATO leaders will still face a trial, sooner or later, in a higher court.

"Don't be afraid of anything but sin," the Serb Patriarch Pavle once told me, as he asked me to pass this message to the faithful among the Serbian-Americans. For, in the end, he said, God "will weigh everything precisely and fairly."

Including the sins of our Draftdodger-in-Chief!

So to my fellow-Americans, I say: "Let's Drop Clinton, Not Bombs!"

And to my Canadian friends, I say: "Stand on guard for Canada, not Wall Street wallets!"

And to the Serbs, I say: "Kosovo is Serbia! Always has been. Always will be. Even if it takes another 600 years to win it back from the Evil Empire, as it did from the Ottoman Empire."


For, as Prince Lazar replied to God's question about which kingdom he would choose - earthly or heavenly:

"Dear God, the earthly kingdom lasts only a brief time,

But the heavenly kingdom is always and forever."

Prince Lazar did perish physically from his earthly kingdom in the Battle of Kosovo. But as you also saw earlier, his noble and defiant spirit still burns in the Serbian nation's hearts 610 years later.

And it will, forever…

logolittle.jpg (9114 bytes)

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