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Aug. 30, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-143, KFOR "Peacefarce" 37

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Aug. 30, 1999 - KFOR "Peacefarce" 37


Edinburgh                     1. Scottish Paper Alleges Spy within NATO Helped

                                         Serbs' Shoot Down F-117A "Stealth" Plane

Pristina                         2. Bomb Damages Tito Monument

Orahovac                     3. Russia's Bark Is Worse than Its Bite (At Least in Kosovo)

Norway                        4. Meet Some "Norwegian Serbs" - by Choice and Necessity


1. Scottish Paper Alleges Spy within NATO Helped Serbs' Shoot Down F-117A "Stealth" Plane

EDINBURGH, Aug 27- A spy within NATO's command structure passed on top secret information about the organization's military operations during the war in Kosovo to Russian intelligence services, who, in turn, informed Belgrade, a NATO sources have told The Scotsman (see its Friday, Aug. 27 edition).

One alleged casualty of such enterprising intelligence gathering was the U.S. Air Force F-117A "stealth" bomber, shot down near Belgrade on Mar. 27 (see "Serb Possum Bites Back," S99-08, Day 4, Update 2, Item 1, Mar. 27, as well as our Kosovo War Photo Album).

It is understood that NATO officers arrested a military officer attached to the organization, shortly after the F-117A was shot down, the Scotman said. He is still being detained although his arrest has remained secret and is believed to be subject to rules of military law.


TiM Ed.: Of course, allegations about a supposed spy within NATO are almost as old as the NATO war itself. And almost as wrong, too. We first wrote about it, for example, on Apr. 15, expressing our skepticism and ridiculing NATO's paranoia (see "A High-Level Spy in NATO?", S99-42, Day 23, Item 4, Apr. 15, filed from Belgrade).

That's because the Russians didn't need a spy within NATO to spy on NATO (see S99-112, "Peace" 6, Item 1, June 21, and S99-114, "Peace" 8, Item 2, June 24). And for once, the White House and the Pentagon agreed with us…


The United States government spokespeople denied on Friday (Aug. 27) that a spy within NATO passed secrets to Russia during the war over Kosovo, including details of flight plans of U.S. warplanes.

"There is no information to corroborate those allegations," David Leavy, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council, told Reuters.

Earlier, Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service declined to comment on the report.

U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Craig Quigley, a Defense Department spokesman, said only U.S. military personnel were given information during the air campaign on planned raids by American F-117s and B-2 stealth bombers.


TiM Ed.: Oopsie-daisy… So now you have it - straight from the horse's mouth: The Pentagon, not NATO, ran the F-117 and B-2 shows (see the photo-cartoon at our Web site).

In other words, there were two parallel wars going on. One was the official NATO's war on Serbia; the other, an unofficial U.S. war on Serbia. Both, of course, equally unlawful and repugnant. For, their main targets and victims were innocent Serb civilians. Some 2,000 of them are now dead, about 30% children; about 6,000 recovering from their NATO- or Pentagon-inflicted wounds.

It was easy, of course, for the Pentagon masters of double-speak to deny the existence of a spy at NATO. But why did no one among from the NWO lapdog media pop the obvious question to Rear Adm. Quigley: "But what about a spy at the Pentagon, Sir?"

Just as Bill Clinton claimed on June 10 that NATO had suffered no combat casualties during its 79-day war on Serbia, despite the hundreds of alleged body bags (see S99-110, "Peace" 4, Item 2, June 14). That's because, of course, the double-talking Clinton's definition of "combat" evidently did not include the nearly 40,000 bombing sorties flown by NATO. Just as this disgraceful American president had once claimed with a straight face that he did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky. Only to apologize to his family, and seek their and the nation's forgiveness about a year later.

Nor did anyone, as far as we know, challenge the Pentagon at the Quigley's press conference about its allegedly accidental May 7 hit on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, carried out by a B-2 bomber. "Why did the Pentagon remain silent in the immediate aftermath of that bombing, and refer all questions to NATO, if indeed it is true that the Pentagon, and not NATO, ran the B-2 show?," would have been an obvious question.

Finally, if what the Quigley Horse's Mouth statement is true - that the Pentagon conducted its own war, independent of NATO, doesn't it also flow from that, that the two biggest blunders of the 79-day aerial bombardment of Serbia - the loss of the heretofore thought to be invincible "stealth F-117A bomber, and the B-2 strike at the Chinese embassy - were both committed by the "most powerful military in the world?" (as the Pentagon brass like to pat themselves on the back).

Add to it the whole bunch of "dummies" which the NATO dummies had destroyed foolishly believing they were Serb tanks or planes (see "Serb Dummies Fool NATO Dummies," S99-114, "Peace" 8, Item 1, June 24, and S99-131, "Peace" 25, Item 3, July 31), and then we, the American taxpayers, should demand of Clinton, Congress, and the Pentagon:

"Refund to us forthwith the hundreds of billions of dollars which you, Washington taxpayer-bloodsuckers, have been sucking out of our wallets every year, and passing on to the death and other industrial merchants - all on account of supposedly protecting our national security. If a Serb cartoonist and airplane modeler can fool such Pentagon and NATO dummies with his wooden dummies, maybe we ought to fire the whole lot of you, in Washington, and outsource our national security to China or Russia? Which is what you, Mr. President, seem to have been already working on anyway, given the Chinese spying scandal."

Will we, the American people, wait until we stoop to the level of the handful of remaining Serbs in Kosovo who are being murdered daily and starved by the Albanian thugs? And all that, with an apparent acquiescence of the same murderous Clinton government?


2. Bomb Damages Tito Monument

PRISTINA, Aug 28 - A bomb rocked Kosovo's capital early on Saturday (Aug. 28), and damaged a monument to the former Yugoslav leader, Josip Broz Tito - symbolizing the Yugoslav supposed ethnic harmony ("brotherhood and unity," an old Tito slogan).

The explosion, which occurred at 3:22 a.m. (local time) in central Pristina, rattled windows and woke people across the city. It badly damaged the base of the reinforced concrete monument, which local residents said was erected in 1961. There were no reports of injuries as a result of the blast and no immediate indication who was responsible.

British KFOR explosives experts said the bomb was amateurish, and had been made from aging military explosives with an alarm clock used as a timing device. A KFOR helicopter with a searchlight circled the area of the explosion at low level for some time after the explosion, the Reuters reported. U.N. police were stopping and inspecting cars in the center of Pristina in a search for the culprits.


TiM Ed.: No such vigilance by the British KFOR troops was evident when the Serb national leaders' monuments were being destroyed earlier on during NATO's Kosovo "peacefarce" (see "Vuk Karadzic Monument Trashed; Goethe and Schiller Would Have Wept," S99-120, "Peace" 14, Item 3, July 7).

No surprise there. Tito was a Churchill creation, consistent with the British betrayal of their allies-Serbs (see "Kocevje: Tito's Bloodiest Crime"). Ironically, it was under Tito's communist regime that the longest period of the Serb "ethnic cleansing" from Kosovo had taken place (1945-1980).

Following the end of WW II, during which the Kosovo Serbs had been massacred by the local Albanians, Hitler's allies (as they are now Clinton's allies), the surviving victims of that episode of "ethnic cleansing" (the Serbs) were PROHIBITED by law, passed by the Tito communist government after WW II, from returning to their homesteads. The law is apparently still on the books of the Yugoslav government - a monument to stupidity of the current Belgrade leaders.

On the other hand, blowing up a Tito statue in Pristina is also a monument to the stupidity of the Kosovo Albanians who did it. For, Tito was their best and most trusted ally…


3. Russia's Bark Is Worse than Its Bite (At Least in Kosovo)

ORAHOVAC, Aug. 28 - After barking up that the resistance of the Kosovo Albanians, who prevented Russian troops from entering Orahovac, a central Kosovo town, was an (American) orchestrated challenge to the province's international peacekeeping force, the Russians quietly fell into line.

Russian troops retreated Aug. 27 from a five-day deadlock with ethnic Albanians, failing to enter the city of Orahovac. The Russians were scheduled to take over peacekeeping activities from Dutch KFOR troops this week.

"The main thing is to not destabilize [the region] and for the problem to be fixed in a peaceful way, without the use of force – that’s the line from our command," said Lieutenant-Colonel Mikhail Kovtunenko, spokesman for Russian forces. Kovtunenko also said Russian troops could wait months before returning.

Yet only three days earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry had said that, "such provocations, which are no doubt pre-planned and well-orchestrated actions, are an open challenge to the international community."

The Russian Foreign Ministry statement did not say who Moscow believed was responsible for planning the action.

Albanian residents of Orahovac, 25 miles (40 kilometers) southwest of Kosovo's capital Pristina, set up road blocks around their town on Monday to keep out Russian soldiers, who are part of the KFOR international peacekeeping force.


TiM Ed.: And now they have succeeded in their actions, thanks to the wimpy "Yeltsin Russians," on loan to the NWO "peace-farce-keepers" in Kosovo.


4. Meet Some "Norwegian Serbs" - by Choice and Necessity

NORWAY, Aug. 26 - When Hitler's "Iron Curtain" fell upon Europe in the late 1930s and the early 1940s, Norwegian patriots were among the few Europeans who chose to resist, rather than subsist as slaves, hoping the Berlin crocodile would eat them last.

The following letter, which we have just received from Yann Grundt, an old-time TiM reader from Norway, attests to the fact that some Norwegians are still as much the "freedom-fighters" today as they were 60 years ago. It's just that the enemy's name has changed. From Hitler to Clinton:

"Dear Boba (Serbian for 'Bob'),

In this country, Norway, you have to pay a kind of a tax to some church anyhow. If it is not the church, it is someone else, e.g. a sport federation gets to collect your taxes.

Anyway, you have to pay this tax. Period. Therefore, my mother and I have joined the Serbian-Orthodox Church, so that they will get our money.

We live in a society of brainwashed fools. But I (and my brave Mummy) do what we can. Keep on fighting!"

Yann Grundt, Norway

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