Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

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April 15, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-42, Day 23


Apr. 15, 1999; 6:30PM GMT - DAY 23


Belgrade                 1. Greetings from the Capital of the Free World

Belgrade                 2. Casualties Growing in NATO's Attack on Refugees

Macedonia             3. A Sub-contractor: The Pentagon Was in for Long Haul

Brussels                  4. A High-Level Spy in NATO?


1. Greetings from the Capital of the Free World!

BELGRADE, Apr. 15 - Greetings from the capital of the free world!  After a nearly 30-hour trek from Phoenix to Belgrade, your editor has finally made it to where the action is.  And all we can say right now, as the city awaits its first nightly air raid sirens, is - wish you were here! 

Wish you could see the resolve in the faces of the people, mostly young, who have just marched across the Gazelle bridge, enroute to Brankov's bridge, walking along the left bank of the river Sava.  Wish you could see the cabs and other private cars driving slowly across the bridges, three abreast, honking horns and flying Serbian and Yugoslav flags.  Wish you were here to see the 60 Russian trucks parked outside this writer's hotel, which had just delivered humanitarian aid to Serbia. Wish you could have seen an ordinary cashier's face at the hotel at which this writer is saying, as he said: "Welcome back, Mr. Djurdjevic. We will persevere no matter what."

Meanwhile, the "lie and deny" crowd at Brussels and Washington keep telling the American public and others in the West, how their bombing campaign against Serbia is inflicting heavy damage.  And it is.  To the  civilians, both Serb and Albanian.  And it is.  To the one remaining morsel of credibility which NATO had had before it launched this needless, aimless, and so far endless war against a sovereign country which did us no harm.  And it is.  To the would-be world rulers who would like to win a war they started without having the guts to face the opponent, except by dropping bombs of innocent people.

As for the significant damage to the Yugoslav military which NATO had inflicted, as claimed by Gen. Wesley Clark on Apr. 13, during the first in-depth press briefing NATO has given to-date on the progress of the war, all this writer can say, even after less that a day in Serbia, is - bull!  Without revealing any particular locations which he saw today, some of the Yugoslav facilities which the New York Times had marked as "destroyed" in its Apr. 14 charts, quoting Gen. Clark, are still as erect as the Empire State Building.  So add INCOMPETENCE, to a myriad of derogatory epithets which NATO has earned during its 23-day terror-war, mostly on civilians.

As for NATO's losses, if the wrecks in the Serb farmers' field were fertilizers rather than ecological polluters, the Serb farmers would have good reasons to look forward to a bountiful crop this year.  Notably ABSENT from Gen. Clark's first-ever "in-depth briefing" was any discussion of any casualties which NATO had suffered.   Nevertheless, the gullible or corrupt western media slurped the NATO soap as if it were pabulum.

2. Casualties Growing in NATO's Attack on Refugees

BELGRADE, Apr. 15 - The casualties total from NATO's last night's attack on a convoy of Albanian refugees is growing.  As of the early evening hours on Apr. 15, at least 80 civilians, mostly Albanian, were killed and many more wounded.  After Gen. Wesley Clark issued NATO's usual "lie and deny" denial, and had tried to pin the blame on the Yugoslav military, the Pentagon has just admitted that it (i.e., NATO), had bombed a convoy thus retracting the earlier accusations, made by Clark (MSNBC, 7:05PM EST).

Once again, the general's earlier accusations have turned into "a tragic mistake".  So once again, add INCOMPETENCE to a myriad of war crime charges which can now be levied against Clinton, Clark, Cohen and that tomahawk wielding State Department hawk or a squawk, Madam Halfbright.

3. A Sub-contractor: The Pentagon Was in for Long Haul

MACEDONIA, Apr. 14 - A story buried deep inside Apr. 14 edition of the Wall Street Journal provided a proof that the Kosovo war was NOT caused by the Serbs; that it had been a carefully planned and premeditated case of NWO imperialism, carried out by Bill Clinton for the benefit of the American "death merchants" and their hanger-on-ers in other industries.

John Heard, formerly a major in the US Army, who now serves as the Macedonia country manager for the U.S. energy, services and construction group, Brown & Root Services company, said that "the U.S. Army had instructed him to build a military infrastructure in Macedonia that can operate for three to five years."  Brown & Root is a subsidiary of the Dallas-based Halliburton Co., which has a five-year, almost $1 billion "life cycle management" contract to support the U.S. Army in the region.

Never mind that FYR Macedonia has never formally acceded to this.  Never mind that the Macedonian people generally resent the sudden presence of all these foreign troops on their soil.  The U.S. Army, masquerading under the NATO face mask, has evidently moved into Macedonia and is there to stay.  For at least three to five years, according to the Journal.

Wonder why the American people always seem to be the last ones to find out about such foreign adventures to which our government is committing us?

4. A High-Level Spy in NATO?

BRUSSELS, Apr. 12 - One tell-tale sign of a losing side in a war is when its leaders start to fear their own shadows.  In addition to Gen. Clark's optimistic assessment of the NATO bombing effectiveness, the ABC Radio news reported on Apr. 12 that NATO believes there is a high level spy informing Belgrade of the bombing targets ahead of time. 


TiM Ed.: A Matta Hari reincarnate in Brussels?  Come on, Gen. Clark... get real.  Either way, you and your political leaders will be facing a war crimes trial, sooner or later.


P.S. The air raid sirens have just sounded in Belgrade 8:42PM (L).   But the city's lights are still as bright as ever. We've come a long way since the WW II bombings... Both the targets and the shooters can "see" each other, so why spoil the dinner...

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