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March 27, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-08, Day 4, Update 2

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Mar. 27, 1999; 10:15PM EST - DAY 4, UPDATE 2


  1. Belgrade:       Serb Possum Bites Back: An F-117 Kill Confirmed!
  2. Belgrade:       At Least 12 NATO Planes Downed?; British SAS Rescue Helicopter                          Downed Near Cacak?


1. Serb Possum Bites Back: An F-117 "Kill" Confirmed

PHOENIX, Mar. 27 - The Serb Possum has bitten back. Even without resorting to its sophisticated air defense systems. More than once. "No less than five (NATO planes have been downed)," said the Yugoslav ambassador to the UN, at this evening's CNN Larry King Live show.

The Truth in Media, for example, reported that an F-117 had been downed in Srem (a Serbian district stretching for about 50 miles west of Belgrade) LAST NIGHT (!) based on our  INDEPENDENT Serbian sources (see TiM GW Bulletin Day 3, Update 2, 3/16/99).  Note that that was almost 24 hours BEFORE the CNN and the rest of the western media buzzards latched on to the BG TV feed, sending the Washington and NATO "lie and deny" spin masters into apoplexy.

Well, now that's a fact. For the first time, the Serb Possum has decided to show today one of its claws to the world. The Belgrade TV broadcast tonight pictures of a burning wreckage of the world's most sophisticated military technology, the top secret, famed American F-117 Stealth Nighthawk fighter.

Also for the first time since NATO's murderous assault on Serbia, a small, sovereign European country, NATO had "no comment" about the downing of the F-117. The F-117 is a $45 million pride and joy of the U.S. defense industry, the New World Order's death merchants. Yet tonight, the whole world could see this American death merchant's techno-wonder smouldering helplessly in a Srem farmer's muddy field.

Since NATO has been saying that the Serbs have not used their sophisticated anti-aircraft defenses, it must have been then a lowly Srem farmer, who mistook this $45 million Pentago Nighthawk for a local crow, and shot it out of the sky with his hunting rifle?

C'mon, Bill. Get real with your "Wag the Dog" "lie and deny" PR manufacturing crew. Not all Americans are braindead.

Nevertheless, our prayers go to the pilot of the F-117, whose destiny is not known at this moment. But the military experts have identified the downed NWO techno-wonder as one of the planes from a US Air Force squadron based in New Mexico, who took off on his mission from the NATO base in Aviano, Italy.

[A news update - 10:13PM MST - Suddenly, NATO has regained its speech. The "Lie and Deny" factory has launched a new product. CNN has just reported that the pilot of the F-117 has been rescued. While we are happy that our prayers were answered, we STRONGLY urge you to reserve judgment about that, considering the "Wag the Dog" Washington personalities who are waging this war against the Serbs. So stand by for this "pilot" to be a Tom Cruise-look alike, hailed as an "American Hero."

Just as was Captain Scott O'Grady, shot down over Bosnia on June 2, 1995, being toasted by Bill Clinton. He even got to write a book, "Return with Honor," about his "experiences" - to "prove" it!

Naturally, the "lie and deny" Washington/NATO spin masters would dismiss such notions as "conspiracy theories." We leave it to you, however, the TiM readers, to use your own judgment].


2. At Least 12 NATO Planes Downed? British SAS Rescue Helicopter Downed Near Cacak?

PHOENIX, Mar. 27 - Our sources in Serbia report that the number of the NATO planes downed in the last three days is "at least 16," according to a Yugoslav Army (YA) source. The YA spokesperson said that they had 12 wrecks of the shot-down NATO planes in their possession, and that four NATO pilots were being kept as prisoners of war.

Two of those pilots are reported to be Germans.  Ironically, the Germans thus became the first casualties of NATO's assault on Serbia, having been shot down over Mount Jastrebac (as we had reported earlier - check our Web site for details). Our sources report that the Serb villagers hunted down the pilots, captured them, and turned them over to the Serbian authorities.

Asked why the Serbs would not show the prisoners on TV, as the New World Order forces regularly boast when they capture an enemy soldier, Brent Sadler, a CNN reporter replied to his network host's question that he had no idea.

But we do.  As one of the TiM readers speculated, Serbian villagers aren't exactly known for showering the foreign invaders who bomb them with kindness, especially not the Germans.  So maybe these German pilots had their faces rearranged to such an extent, that they weren't suitable for CNN?  Or even for Belgrade TV?

Some of the British SAS soldiers (the equivalent of our "Special Forces") weren't so lucky. A British helicopter with 12 SAS soldiers on board, coming in to try to rescue a down pilot near Cacak, a central Serbia town, was shot down. There were no survivors, our sources report.

"This is not a Serbian Government media war propaganda," our source emphasized. "This is based on my own sources in the area."


March 28, 1999

New Photos of the Downed F-117

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