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June 24, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-114, "Peace" 8

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)     Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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June 24, 1999; 10:00PM EDT - "Peace" 8


London                   1. Serb Dummies Fool NATO Dummies

Phoenix                  2. Man vs. Machine: How "Peasants" Outwitted

                                  High-tech NATO

Kosovo                   3. KLA Rampage Continues as KFOR Looks On

Kosovo                   4. U.S. Troops Come Under Fire from the KLA

Florida                   5. U.S. Veterans' Wives Send Toy Soldiers to

                                  Clinton to Play With: "Leave Our Guys Alone!"

Phoenix                 6. The Journal's Anti-Christian Propaganda (a letter

                                  to the editor of the WSJ, June 24, 1999)


1. How Serb Dummies Fooled NATO Dummies

LONDON, June 24 - Hundreds of Serb dummies managed to fool the NATO brass dummies into believing they were bombing hundreds of Serbian tanks and artillery. Close to the war's end, NATO claimed that it had destroyed about 60% of the Yugoslav Army's artillery and about 40% of its main battle tanks.

Yet when the armistice took effect after June 10, "NATO dropped thousands of bombs on dummy roads, bridges and soldiers... and hit only 13 real Serb tanks," the London Times, no friend of the Serbs, reported in a front page story today (see

"NATO'S 79-day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, which involved thousands of sorties and some of the most sophisticated precision weapons, succeeded in damaging only 13 of the Serbs' 300 battle tanks in Kosovo, despite alliance claims of large-scale destruction of Belgrade's heavy armor," the Times defense editor, Michael Evans, reported from Pristina.

With Nato's Kosovo Force (KFOR) now spread out into every area of the province, troops from all the different nationalities taking part in the peacekeeping operation have been searching for destroyed or damaged tanks and artillery. They have, so far, found just three damaged T55 tanks left behind in Kosovo. "What we have found is a huge number of dummy tanks and artillery," one KFOR source told the London Times.

The Yugoslav Army used well-practiced Russian camouflage techniques which involved placing dummies around the countryside, some of them next to dummy bridges with strips of black plastic sheeting across fields as fake roads to delude NATO bombers into thinking they had a prime target to hit. "When you're travelling at 500mph at 15,000ft, it is easy to be fooled," another KFOR source told the Times.


TiM Ed.: Funny how the chief "lie and deny" NATO spokesmen, Jamie Shea and Gen. Walter Jertz, neglected to tell us that during the air campaign!?


When the Serbs finally withdrew from the province, at least 250 tanks were counted out, as well as 450 armored personnel carriers and 600 artillery and mortar pieces.

Which is why some NATO officials, the Times said, are baffled about why Slobodan Milosevic did surrender, given that his army was practically intact.


TiM Ed.: Wrong question. Why did he bother to fight? That's what informed people should have wondered.

The writing had been on the wall for several years that Milosevic would give up Kosovo. We first wrote about it in 1995, and twice last year (see the "Green Interstate," and this writer's two Washington Times columns - and


2. Man vs. Machine: How "Peasants" Outwitted High-tech NATO

PHOENIX, June 24 - Slobodan Milosevic did what proven traitors are expected to do - he surrendered Kosovo to NATO. But the Yugoslav military leaders showed that in a battle between man and machine, even NATO's multi-billion dollar high-tech war machine was no match for human wit and creativity.

As early as March 25, we told you that the Yugoslav Army surprised NATO by not turning on its radar systems, as the bombers had assumed (see "Playing Possum?", Day 2, Update 2, Item 1, Mar. 25). By doing so, the Serbs deprived NATO of its plan to take out the Serb air defense systems early on in the war.

Two days later, the Serb possum struck back, shooting down NATO's technological pride and joy, the "stealth" F-117A (see Day 4, Update 2, Item 1, Mar. 27). Naturally, the "lie and deny" NATO spokespeople had "no comment" even though every child could see the smoldering remains of the supposedly "invisible" Pentagon blackbird in a muddy Serb farmer's field.

After that, both sides seem to have imposed a news blackout about their respective losses - the Serbs, so as not to reveal their military tactics; NATO, so as to hide its bloody nose. As the evidence is now emerging that NATO was unable to do any serious harm to the Yugoslav Army during the 79-day war, and instead had basically terrorized Serb civilians (see S99-112, "Peace" 6, Items 1 through 3, June 21), we thought it may be time to share with you some of the examples of HOW the Serb military drove NATO into its impotent rage.

On Mar. 23, one day before the bombing started, a former Serb military officer wrote, in part, in an e-mail (translated from Serbian):

"Military airports in Serbia and Montenegro have been built in a way which meets the highest world standards. That is to say, no matter how much they (NATO) bomb the airports, they can only destroy the above-ground facilities. Which is what the YU Army assumed would happen in the event of a war anyway.

There are at least two secret exits from the underground bunkers and hangars to the nearby highways. MiG-29, Suhoi-35 and Orao (aircraft) can take off and land on very short runways.... If Batajnica (a military airport near Belgrade, one of the most frequent targets of NATO raids) is built like Slatina (the military airport near Pristina from which 11 "stealth" YU MiG-29s and 29 MiG-21s took off on June 12 - see S99-112, "Peace" 6, Items 1 through 3, June 21), civilians may be the only victims of NATO bombs.

In the event of an aerial attack, the military barracks in Pristina, which housed some 5,500 troops when I was in service (the author lists here the details of the types of military units based in Pristina with a lot of acronyms which were all Greek to us), can be emptied upon a four-hours notice. Therefore, none of them were in the barracks when NATO started bombing them (which is the same thing we had noticed elsewhere in Serbia during the visit there in late April - NATO was basically hitting over and over again empty military barracks. And occasionally missing them, killing the Serb civilians who lived nearby).

As for the radar installations, especially the stationery ones, they are not supposed to be defended, but rather evacuated immediately upon the start of hostilities. Every one of those installations has backups in deep underground bunkers built so as to withstand a nuclear strike of a medium strength.

As for the mobile radar units, the only way Americans can destroy them if the driver falls asleep at the wheel and crashes the vehicle into an abyss."

On Mar. 28, one day after the famed F-117A went down in flames over Srem, we received another e-mail message from a different former Yugoslav military officer. Here are some excerpts (in translation from Serbian) from that message which (coincidentally) dovetails on the above one:

"The stationery radar systems have been deactivated a long time ago, and transferred to the underground bunkers. As for the mobile ones, NATO can't find them because we move them around all the time - without turning them on.

...Military tactics are very simple here. First come the 'Tomahawks.' We let them through, only firing at them during their final trajectories, using the Bofors anti-aircraft guns. They are not very effective at night (up to 10%), but during daytime hours they are taking down up to 60% of the missiles.

Since they are flying mostly at night (back in those early days of the war), our main challenge is to lie low and take cover while letting them hit those empty barracks or the dummies.

What follows then is a delightful peasant response to the high-tech war. Their (NATO) planes come in groups of 15-20 aircraft at a time. Our AAA (anti-aircraft artillery) defense then fires some 20 or so cheap and worthless missiles. To which their high-tech fighters automatically, without the pilot's intervention, respond with anti-radar missiles.

So they shoot down our cheap bait-missiles, but at the same time reveal the coordinates of the fighter which launched them. What follows is the height of the Serb military cunning...

The NATO attackers are expecting us to shoot at them the SAM-6 rockets, which have a built-in radar. But, our engineers have removed the original Russian radars from the missiles, and instead installed some of our home-made cameras. Since the NATO attacker has already revealed his position to us when he shot down our cheap bait-missiles, an AAA defense operator guides our 'missile with eyes' using a monitor with joystick. He aims at the light emitted by the attacker's jet engines.

If that pilot is careless, or is in the middle of the formation and cannot easily maneuver, about the only thing he can do is say a prayer and eject.

Another just as unsophisticated military tactic is just as effective. We have thousands of wooden rockets which are placed all over the country as bait. Of course, NATO knows that we have these dummies, but cannot tell a dummy from a real rocket. All the more so, since our military keep moving them around all the time.

At first, the NATO pilots were reluctant to shoot at anything that looked like a missile for fear of making themselves look like fools. But after they started to suffer the first losses, they are shooting at anything that looks like a rocket, even if it is a farmer's hay stack.

We are thinking how terrible it is to be bombed. But we forget what it is like for a foreign pilot to fly into an air space defended by God-only-knows what sorts of contraptions. Be assured that every NATO pilot would be scared to fly over Belgrade if he knew that one million madmen below would be shooting at him from their pistols. War psychology is a f....d up thing.

NATO by day scans the terrain and chooses the targets for the night action. Of course, we let them take a good look. As soon as night falls, we start to shuffle our positions like a deck of cards. From the 300 projectiles which NATO has fired so far, only four have hit something of substance. All those NATO 'misses' aren't actually misses; they are hits into our dummies."


TiM Ed.: The letter went on and on with more details and examples, but if you're the non-military types like the TiM editor, we hope that that's enough for you to see how man outwitted the machine, and why there has been such a total embargo on NATO losses - from Washington to London to Brussels. After all, gotta keep those western taxpayer-suckers believing into the fairy tale of our technological omnipotence, so that the NATO governments could keep siphoning off cash from our wallets into the "death merchants" and other industrialists' bank accounts.

Is anybody among the TiM readers still surprised why 11 MiG-29s and 29 MiG-21s took off from the Slatina airport on June 12? Or why the KFOR troops could only find three Serb tanks left behind by the Yugoslav Army in Kosovo? If not, ask Uncle Sam (or your equivalent NATO uncles) for a tax refund. For, we've been conned into believing that the hundreds of billions of our dollars which the Pentagon and NATO are spending connote good security. They don't, as you saw from the above examples.


3. KLA Rampage Continues as KFOR Looks On

KOSOVO, June 24 - The KLA rampage against the Serb civilians is continuing with the NATO KFOR troops basically looking on and doing little else, the TiM sources within the Serb Orthodox Christian church report from Kosovo.

Albanian terrorists have abducted at gun point at least 140 Serbs in Kosovo during last 12 days, our sources say. Most of the kidnapped Serbs are men (36 to 40 in age) from the territory of the Glogovac municipality.

All the citizens of the village of Slivovo escaped to the Gracanica monastery on June 22 after the Kosovo Albanians attacked them. In addition, about 300 Serbian refugees "ethnically cleansed" from Bosnia in 1995, who had been put up in the Velika Reka camp near Pristina, fled after a large group of the KLA terrorists broke into the settlement.

Bodies of six massacred Serbs were found also on June 22 in the village Mazgit. These Serbs were kidnapped June 16 in front of their houses in Obilic. Also the ANSA reported Albanian retaliations in Kosovo continue. Four Serbian shepherds were killed yesterday in Novo Brdo and bodies of six Albanians killed by KLA have been found.

At same time The Independent daily reported that, the "British and French troops stood and watched as looters pillaged and burned a Serb village yesterday, making a mockery of NATO's claim that is proving security for both Serbs and Albanians".

A group of the armed Albanians killed three Serbian civilians in the village of Belo Polje near Pec on Sunday evening (June 20), the Tanjug news agency reported. The killed were Stevan (60), Radomir (51) and Filip (46) of the family Stosic, while Mirko Stosic was badly injured.

The Serbs in the village of Grece, 10 miles north of the Kosovo capital Pristina, had apparently been warned on Saturday night (June 19) by returning Albanians that they should leave immediately. Early yesterday morning dozens of tractors and trailers arrived in the tiny village, as the Albanians set about taking anything they could find", The Independent's correspondent Andrew Buncombe reported.

So far, at least 69,000 Serbs have been cleansed from Kosovo, according to the western relief agencies.


TiM Ed.: But who's counting, right? After all, just as in Croatia and Bosnia in 1995, when over 300,000 Serbs were "ethnically cleansed," these unfortunate displaced people are only Serbs. And they got what they deserve, right? Just ask Bill Clinton, Tony Blair or Madeleine Albright - the NWO's chief "ethnic cleansers."


4. U.S. Troops Come Under Fire from the KLA

VITINA, June 24 - On Monday night (Jun 21), U.S. Army troops came under fire from three men who were wearing the uniform of the ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army when they were spotted near a house that began burning.

The American soldiers fired back but nobody was wounded, according to Captain Matthew McFarlane, who heads the Alpha company 2-505 of the 82nd Airborne Division.

U.S. troops came again under attack and returned fire during a tense and busy patrol overnight Wednesday (June 23) in southern Kosovo, the second firefight here in just three days, the Agence France Press (AFP) reported today.

Two Apache helicopters and several road patrols, including one with AFP reporters aboard, received an emergency radio call to provide backup at the shooting scene.

It was the peak of a busy night in which four homes were set ablaze on a rural road and several weapons confiscated at a U.S. army checkpoints in the town of Vitina, south of the Kosovo capital of Pristina.

US Army Sergeant Brent Hickman said later that his squad fired a few shots from their automatic rifles after two 10-round bursts of automatic weapons fire whizzed over their heads in a residential area.

American soldiers, with night-vision goggles jumped off and advanced, at times kneeling to the ground or hugging walls, the antennas of their radio packs shaking. "Come on, walk forward," a soldier urged his comrades behind him.


5. U.S. Veterans' Wives Send Toy Soldiers to Clinton to Play With: "Leave Our Guys Alone!"

FLORIDA, June 21 - We received the following e-mail from Linda Norway, a U.S. veteran's wife from Florida in response to the TiM editor's last week's speech at the WHTT luncheon in Phoenix (June 15 - see

"I have just today discovered this site when a friend sent me a copy of your speech at the WHTT Luncheon. Bravo!!!! I am fed up with the media not telling the truth about the attacks on Serbia. And I am also sick of this draft-dodging president sending our troops out all over the world as pawns in his legacy game. The media is not telling the truth about the KLA, nor is it putting any focus on the history of the region.

A group of friends and I, all U.S. veteran's wives have all decided to send Mr. Clinton packages of toy soldiers so he can play army and leave our guys alone. We know he couldn't care less, but we can't take him or the complacency any more.

We're calling this our toy soldier campaign. It isn't sponsored by any organization, just passing the word to friends, etc in e-mail."


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