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July 7, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-120, "Peace" 14

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)     Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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July 7, 1999 - "Peace" 14


Phoenix                   1. Foul Air in South Phoenix

Prizren                    2. Milosevic's Legacy: The Man Who Returned

                                   Turks to Kosovo

Pristina                   3. Vuk Karadzic Monument Trashed; Goethe and

                                   Schiller Would Have Wept

Baku                       4. Today Serbia; Tomorrow Russia?

Phoenix                  5. A Letter to the "Death Merchants Journal"


1. Foul Air in South Phoenix

PHOENIX, July 7 - A number of Phoenix residents reported a sudden influx of foul air in the Valley of the Sun this afternoon, particularly after 4PM local time in the poor neighborhoods of South Phoenix. Citizens with breathing difficulties, especially those suffering from truth and liberty privations, were among the first to complain about the   sudden increase in air pollution levels.

The Phoenix area radio and TV stations were at first at a loss to explain the reasons for this unusual phenomenon. While the Arizona summer heat has been predictably oppressive, the temperatures have been at normal levels for this time of the year. And last night, the annual monsoon arrived in the Valley, packing high winds and rain, but also lowering temperatures and clearing the air.

So what has caused this sudden rash of foul air complaints? Bill Clinton arrived in Phoenix at 4PM this afternoon, a part of his belated effort to woo the Hispanic and black vote across the country. "Clinton Stakes Out a Legacy," screamed a three-inch headline in this morning's edition of the state's biggest rag, the Arizona Republic.

Right. Now, let's check out what sort of a legacy it is going to be, besides being a criminal one... Such as when he ordered the CIA in late May to hack into the bank accounts of the Yugoslav officials, for example.

As we said in out TiM GW Bulletin S99-92, Day 66, Item 2, May 28, this Clinton move alone showed the world that, "NATO's war on Serbia was a battle between the two 'Mafia' gangs. One big-time criminal operation - in Washington; one small-time dictatorship - in Belgrade. With the drug-dealing KLA terrorists as the sideshow in Albania, pitching in as fall guys for the Big Boss from Washington."

Here's another excerpt:

"By showing the same, if not worse, disrespect for the law as the Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic had displayed, the American president ordered a U.S. government agency to commit the kinds of crimes for which any other citizen in this country would end up in jail. If not in a coffin. Clinton ordered our civil servants to rob the banks in which the Belgrade officials supposedly keep their cash.

Of course, nowadays, you don't have to wield the Bonnie-and-Clyde-style guns to be a bank robber. All you need to do is know how to use computers, in lieu of the Colts. The crime is nonetheless just as heinous."

But well before he turned a world class criminal, Clinton was robbing American taxpayers of their jobs and savings.

In 1993, for example, Clinton started to export American jobs to Mexico via the North American Free Trade Agreement, to the applause of his masters - the "Princes of the 20th Century - the heads of the Wall Street multinational companies who fund and run the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, and other globalist organizations.

And Clinton used Al Gore as a NAFTA bat, finally finding a suitable purpose for this wooden Veep. In a November 1993 TV debate on free trade, Gore squared off against Ross Perot and "won," we were told by the media owned and run by the Clinton-Gore bosses.

NAFTA passed. The "great sucking sound" of the American jobs leaving the country ensued. Just as Perot had  predicted. Now everybody, except for Americans as brain dead as baseball bats, knows that Congress is also largely corrupt,

And just in case some Americans using baseball bats for brains missed that message, Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole, the House and Senate Republican leaders in 1995, went to bat for Clinton and Gore early that year, siphoning off some $50 billion from taxpayers' pockets so as to bail out their mutual Wall Street bosses' losses in Mexico.

Clinton and Gore also went to work to encourage immigration, especially from non-European countries, such as Mexico, for example. And again they did it to the applause of their globalist masters.

While preaching consumer benefits to Main Street, Wall Street has seen the NAFTA-immigration combination all along for what it was - not only a "great sucking sound" of American jobs leaving the country, but more importantly to Wall Street, a source of cheap immigrant labor - legal or illegal - as replacement.

Today, in South Phoenix, Clinton is completing his brazen and contrived service to the Princes of the 20th Century. He is here to use the taxpayers money to help the Hispanic immigrant poor. Many of whom he and Gore have helped bring into the country. Legally or illegally.

But that's NOT what we are hearing from the media owned and run by the Clinton-Gore bosses. Nor from the state's biggest rag, the Arizona Republic.

Is there any wonder so many people in the Valley of the Sun have been complaining this afternoon of foul air? Especially in South Phoenix. And that the hardest hit are the Arizonans suffering from truth and liberty privations?


2. Milosevic's Legacy: The Man Who Returned Turks to Kosovo

PRIZREN, July 4 - The western "lie and deny" news spinners say that Yugoslavia's president, Slobodan Milosevic, staked his nationalist claim in Kosovo 10 year ago. And for once they are right. But Milosevic did it in a typical opportunistic, communist apparatchik style, just as Boris Yeltsin did it in Russia.

Both turncoat communists used any means which could advance their careers to climb up the power ladder, regardless of ideological or any other moral issues. Just as the closet "red," Bill Clinton, did in the U.S.

So, let us try to offer a few epitaphs for the legacies which these "red" goons will have left in this world:

  • CLINTON: The man who sold out America to the Wall Street globalists.
  • YELTSIN: The man who sold out Russia to the West.
  • MILOSEVIC: The man who returned the Turks to Serbia's Kosovo.

No, unfortunately, there was no pun in the latter Milosevic legacy. We weren't talking about some "young Turks" among the anxious to restore the old glory. We were referring to the July 4 news story that the Turkish NATO troops have now entered Kosovo, for the first time since the Serb freedom fighters evicted them from the Serb lands, over a century ago.

"The 130 soldiers, a vanguard of a 1,000-man Turkish NATO deployment within the German sector, symbolized the Serbs' worst nightmare," the Associated Press reported on July 4.

Greece objected to the deployment. But late last week, the Turkish column rumbled out of Turkey, and crossed Bulgaria, the first time armed Turkish forces have returned since the Ottomans were expelled in 1878.

"The 50 (Turkish) vehicles took two hours to inch through town (of Prizren), hemmed in by ethnic Albanians and Kosovo Turks who chanted, 'Turkey, Turkey, Turkey.' Kids swarmed over the convoy, waving red Turkish and Albanian flags.

No one missed the meaning. The cornerstone of Serb history is a bad day in 1389, when Turks won a battle in Kosovo and moved in to stay. The memory remains fresh. In Bosnia, Serbs still refer to their Muslim foes as 'Turks'."

Nearby, a cluster of flag-draped kids belted out a rhythmic, 'Kosovo-Turkey! Kosovo-Turkey!' Others chanted, 'The greatest soldiers are our soldiers'."

But the AP report also noted that even some NATO troops were unhappy about this NATO "coup" - bringing the Turks back to Kosovo. Which was analogous to the Mexicans taking over Alamo; or the Japanese running the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

Some NATO German soldiers showed they knew their history. And that the Serbs had defended European Christendom, not only their own country against the marauding Turks in June 1389 on the Holy Field of Kosovo.

"Few (German NATO soldiers) were smiling," the AP also reported. "'I'm in a lousy mood, so get moving,' one large soldier bellowed in German, brandishing a sturdy stick. When an Albanian youngster approached another to shake his hand, the soldier muttered a curse and walked away."


TiM Ed.: On the other hand, don't you EVER associate the Clinton/CIA-financed anti-Milosevic protests by the likes of Zoran Djindjic, or Milos Djukanovic, as anything other than as yet another NATO-U.S. illegal re-conquest of Kosovo. And of all of Serbia proper. Adding an insult to the Serbian martyrs who died defending their country and Christianity against the foreign invaders in 1389, as in 1999.

If in doubt, just check out the unmistakable CIA imprints on the "Serb" protest banners neatly pre-PRINTED (God only knows by which NATO government). In any peoples' protests in which we have ever participated, all really spontaneous signs were HAND-WRITTEN by the people, not printing presses! (see photos at our Web site).


3. Vuk Karadzic Monument Trashed; Goethe and Schiller Would Have Wept

PRISTINA, July 6 - Two of the greatest German literary minds, Johann Christoph Schiller (1759-1805) and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), whose busts are facing each other across Vienna's Parkring in a proud salute to the glory of man's free Renaissance spirit, would have wept had they seen the Vuk Karadzic monument being trashed in Pristina on July 6 by the Kosovo Albanianspristvuk.jpg (82519 bytes), as depicted in the photo shown at our Web site.

Not because Karadzic, the German authors' contemporary, got studied in Germany. But because he revolutionized the way his people thought and wrote.

It was Karadzic who gave Serbia Europe's first, and to this date, only alphabet which used one letter for each phonetic sound. So that even the dumbest of the dumb dummies, including the NATO generals, such as Gen. Wesley Kanne Clark, who is said to be able to read the Cyrillic alphabet, could get by.

And in recognition of his genius, the Vuk Karadzic's bust now lies in the heap of smoldering trash in Pristina. Need we say another word about what NATO is about?  And for what kinds of people it has grabbed Kosovo away from the Serbs? Goethe and Schiller would have wept.


4. Today Serbia; Tomorrow Russia?

BAKU, July 6 - Throughout NATO's war on Serbia, we have been trying to point out the wider geopolitical implications of this blatant multinational aggression on a sovereign country. Such as "Today Serbia, Tomorrow Russia"-idea, for example.

Well, guess what... It's happening. Despite the apparent agreement between the quisling Yeltsin and the murderous NATO governments about the deployment of some 3,600 Russian troops in Kosovo.

"NATO's campaign to halt Serb repression in Kosovo has resonated beyond the Balkans to the troubled Caucasus, where governments are grappling with the implications of the Yugoslav war for their own minorities," the Agence France Presse reported on July 6.

Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia are all laying claim to the role of victim, arguing that if NATO were to intervene, it would be to support them against aggression.

"I believe that a NATO operation in the Caucasus would be desirable," the Azeri foreign policy aide, Vafa Gulizade, told AFP. "Azerbaijan has undergone its own ethnic cleansing."

"Thanks to a NATO operation, the Kosovo refugees are returning home," he added. "I think that if NATO forces were brought into the region, the Armenians would be forced to leave our occupied territories."

Baku and Yerevan fought a six-year war over the breakaway territory of Nagorno Karabakh, a predominantly ethnic Armenian region in Azerbaijan that declared independence in 1988.

Gulizade said that he would ask NATO troops "to stand on the ... border while we conduct peace talks."

Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze echoed Goulizade's statements recently and compared Belgrade's aggression against the Kosovars to Georgia's refugee problem after the war in the northwestern republic of Abkhazia, the AFP reported.

"Genocide and ethnic cleansing are unacceptable and should be punished," Shevardnadze, a former communist Soviet foreign minister, said.

Some 250,000 people fled the fighting in 1993, as Abkhaz separatists overwhelmed Georgian forces and achieved de facto independence."

Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian, speaking to an audience in Washington last week, compared the Karabakh Armenians to Kosovar Albanians in their fight for independence, the Turan News Agency reported. Oskanian, unlike Goulizade and Shevardnadze, did not call for NATO involvement in the Karabakh conflict, but said that if comparisons were to be made, NATO would have to bomb Baku.

Speaking after a meeting in Brussels with Armenian President, Robert Kocharian, NATO's civilian secretary general, Javier Solana, said that the alliance was not thinking of deploying any troops and that it enjoyed good relations with all countries in the region.


TiM Ed.: Right. Just as NATO did with "all countries in the region" of the former Yugoslavia, prior to 1989. Who do these NATO turkeys think they are fooling? Except for the turkeys, of course?


5. A Letter to the "Death Merchants Journal" a.k.a. Wall Street Journal

PHOENIX, July 7 - Check out the letter which we sent today to the "Death Merchants Journal," a.k.a. the Wall Street Journal.

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