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June 21, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-112, "Peace" 6

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)     Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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June 21, 1999; 11:30PM EDT - "Peace" 6


Belgrade                1. NATO Lost 128 Aircraft?

Phoenix                  2. NATO Debunked: Serb "Stealth" MiGs

                                  Reappear, Proving NATO Lied to Us All Along

Belgrade                3. Yugoslav Army Also "Unscathed by NATO"

Washington (state) 4. A Conclusive Indictment of Society, Science and

                                     Technology (by Steffan Bertsch)

Phoenix                 5. Clinton Has Made American People

                                 Accomplices to Murder (by Capt. Richard Davidson)


1. NATO Lost 128 Aircraft?

BELGRADE. June 21 - A TiM reader from the Netherlands has sent us a clarification regarding the figures which the chief of general staff of the Yugoslav Army, Gen. Dragoljub Ojdanic, cited in his speech on the occasion of the Yugoslav Army Day. According to this TiM source, NATO has lost 128 aircraft, not just 61 as previously reported.

Gen. Ojdanic has said that the Yugoslav Army had downed 61 NATO fighter jets, 30 unmanned spy aircraft (UAV), seven helicopters and 238 missiles during the NATO air strikes campaign (see S99-111, "Peace" 5, Item 4, June 18). Our correspondent from Holland asserted, however, that those were the only losses NATO suffered at the hands of the Yugoslav anti-aircraft defense units and the YU Air Force.

In addition, the Yugoslav Third Army, whose territory included Kosovo, shot down 34 aircraft, five helicopters, 25 UAVs and 52 cruise missiles, says this TiM source. Which actually comes pretty close to what its commanding officer, Gen. Nebojsa Pavkovic, said on June 9, one day before the war ended. Gen. Pavkovic said that his Third Army had downed 33 NATO planes, 25 UAVs, five helicopters, and 50 cruise missiles (see S99-106, Day 79, Update 2, June 10).

Furthermore, our source from the Netherlands said that the Yugoslav Navy had shot down three NATO aircraft, three UAVs and at least five cruise missiles; that the Second Army destroyed 24 NATO aircraft, two helicopters, 2 UAVs and 30 cruise missiles; and that the First Army "killed" six NATO aircraft and 129 cruise missiles (see the maps in the NATO's War section of our Web site for the deployment areas of the three Yugoslav armies).

Altogether, that adds up to 128 NATO aircraft lost, 14 helicopters, 60 UAVs and 454 cruise missiles. For additional details regarding NATO's losses, check out the "Venik" Web site), which we had also referenced early on in NATO's war on Serbia (see S99-48, Day 29, Update 1, Item 5, Apr. 21). According to NATO's own statements, over 1,000 aircraft took place in NATO's assault on Serbia, with American pilots flying over 80% of the sorties.


TiM Ed.: We're not, of course, vouching for the accuracy of all of the above figures, including the NATO claims. But the "Venik" Web site contains an enormous amount of detail about the hundreds of NATO shoot-downs, including photos, dates, aircraft specs, etc. - which we suspect are based on Russian military intelligence sources. Only closed-minded, pro-NATO bigots would ignore such evidence, and prefer to believe our Liar-in-Chief, who claimed that we had suffered zero combat losses after a 79-day war (S99-106, Day 79, Update 2, June 10).


2. NATO Debunked: Serb "Stealth" MiGs Reappear, Proving NATO Lied to Us All Along

PHOENIX, June 21 - We don't know how many "closed-minded, pro-NATO bigots" are included among the TiM readers ranks. If there are some, we invite them, too, to join us in a "NATO debunked" exercise. So that the truth may be known. We've said all along that the Washington-Brussels "lie and deny" PR news spinners had been serving us bunk throughout the 79-day NATO war. Now, we can prove it, too, with the help of NATO and "Venik."

To participate in this quest-for-truth exercise, you don't need to be a military expert. You only need to be able to count to 16. And to add and subtract. So get your abacuses out. Don't bother with calculators or computers. It won't be a high-tech exercise. Lying is a low-tech business.

On June 12, two days after the Kosovo "peace" agreement had been signed by the NATO and Serbian military commanders, most of the world's media recorded the fact that 11 Yugoslav MiG-29 jets took off from the Pristina's Slatina airport and headed north toward Belgrade (see S99-111, "Peace" 5, Item 4, June 18).

Uninitiated readers may have shrugged at this news story, and said, "so what?" But not the truthmongers who tracked this war day-by-day...

Before NATO started its bombing of Serbia on Mar. 24, the Yugoslav Air Force had a total of 16 MiG-29s, two of which were not operational, according to expert defense sources. For the 11 out of the 14 operational Yugoslav MiG-29s to take off from the Pristina airport on June 12 was nothing short of a miracle. For, the Yugoslav Air Force should have had only three of them left after the 78-day bombing campaign, according to the NATO spokesmen.

Unlike the F-117A "stealth" fighter which showed its vulnerability in a muddy Srem farmer's field on the fourth day of the war (see Day 4, Update 2, Item 1, Mar. 27), the 11 Yugoslav MiG-29s proved themselves to be the real "stealth" fighters. And we suspect a tremendous shock to the Washington-Brussels "lie and deny" news spinners.

Furthermore, NATO officials have also claimed that only four Yugoslav Air Force MiG-21s remained in Kosovo. On June 12, 29 MiG-21s also took off from Pristina's Slatina airport for Serbia, according to eyewitness reports. So 25 of them also proved to be "stealth" fighters as far as NATO is concerned.

For a play-by-play accounting of NATO's "lie and deny" statements, check out the "Venik" Web site. "Venik" has meticulously traced all NATO news conferences at which Jamie Shea and his partner-in-crime, the German Major General Walter Jertz, claimed the various NATO phantom shoot-downs of the Yugoslav MiG-29s and other "stealth" Yugoslav planes (


TiM Ed.: Perhaps now you can also see why the 200 Russian troops moved so swiftly to take the Slatina airport whose elaborate underground facilities were built to withstand a nuclear strike (see S99-107, "Peace" 1, Item 1, June 11). It was to secure the departure of the Yugoslav MiGs, and deprive NATO of some of its war booty, at least temporarily. In the process, they also helped serve the cause of truth.


3. Yugoslav Army Also "Unscathed by NATO"

BELGRADE, June 21 - Not only did the Yugoslav Air Force get off lightly, so did the Yugoslav Army, according to today's report by the London-based daily, The Independent. Here are some excerpts form it:

"NATO killed far more Serb civilians than soldiers during its 11-week bombardment of the country, and most of the Yugoslav Third Army emerged unscathed from the massive air attacks on its forces in Kosovo. NATO officers have been astonished that thousands of Yugoslav tanks, missile launchers, artillery batteries, personnel carriers and trucks have been withdrawn from the province with barely a scratch on them. At least 60,000 Yugoslav troops - rather than the 40,000 estimated - were waiting to fight the Western armies in Kosovo.

Yugoslav military sources said that more than half the 600 or so soldiers who died in Serbia were killed in guerrilla fighting with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) rather than by NATO bombing. They added that preparations for war began a year ago when military intelligence in Belgrade learned that the United States was building a secret satellite targeting navigation station in Bulgaria. [...]

Wartime statistics are notoriously unreliable, but investigations by western correspondents and humanitarian agencies of NATO bombing incidents appear to confirm the official civilian casualty toll of around 1,500. At least 450 of these died in NATO's repeated 'mistakes'."


TiM Ed.: We've said all along that NATO was waging a cowardly war on innocent civilians, not on Slobodan Milosevic. And now, you can judge that for yourself, based on the above statistics.


4. A Conclusive Indictment of Society, Science and Technology (by Steffan Bertsch)

WASHINGTON (state), June 21 - We received the following letter from a TiM reader in Washington state who reacted to the TiM GW Bulletin S99-111, "Peace" 5, Item 4, June 18. Commenting about a statement by the Serb Gen Dragoljub Ojdanic, we said that, "the morale and unity of the Serb people certainly did remain high, until Milosevic and his stooges caved in to NATO. So spare us the violins, Gen. Ojdanic." To which Steffan Bertsch responds:

"I agree. If Milosevic and Clinton weren't on the same team, they were certainly driven by the same essence. They both appealed to their sheeple to fight the other 'villain.' Clinton called Milosevic a Hitler for 'ethnic cleansing.' Milosevic told his sheeple to stoically resist the onslaught by the new Nazis. In both countries, the people were lied to, the people lost, and the NWO won.

Milosevic's work reminds me a great deal of what Mikhail Gorbachev did to dismantle the Soviet Union, all to the benefit of the USA, which is the overt power of the NWO. Yugoslavs apparently weren't stupid enough to break their country up by choice as did the Soviets under Gorbachev's 'persuasion,' so all of Yugoslavia was kicked by the NWO jackboots. Same pattern, however, shows through for those with eyes. The Soviet Union was broken up by deception and bribes; Yugoslavia was separated by threats, force, bribes and deception. It just took a few more tools in the NWO arsenal to break Yugoslavia.

Sick, sick, sick. Perhaps the sheeple should dump all their leaders, who are almost all power-hungry hypocritical flunkies for the NWO's sophistry and domination. As little as I relish the thought of anarchy, it can't be any worse than being governed by double-dealing, ruthless tyrants. Thomas Jefferson came to that same conclusion late in his life.

Perhaps the best explanation of what is occurring is summed up in Jefferson's January 12, 1812 letter to John Adams, where he said:


'. . . And I do believe we shall continue to growl, to multiply and prosper until we exhibit an association, powerful, wise and happy, beyond what has yet been seen by men. As for France and England, with all their preeminence in science, the one is a den of robbers, and the other of pirates. And if science produces no better fruits than tyranny, murder, rapine and destitution of national morality, I would rather wish our country to be ignorant, honest and estimable, as our neighboring savages are. . . '

That is a conclusive indictment of society, science and technology. With what has been wrought on Yugoslavia, we get a glimpse of why Jefferson so condemned the 'progress' of man. It seems to me that the only solution at this time is Divine Intervention, which will be very disquieting to those who covet war, rape, murder, oppression, and will do anything to maintain the status quo . . . that is to maintain nations that Jefferson pointed out to be but robbers and pirates."

Steffan Bertsch, Washington (state)


TiM Ed.: Which is why, so as to cover up their miserable failures, Bill Clinton and the New World Order's lapdog media (e.g., New York Times) are now extolling the virtues of the science and technology with claims of omnipotence, such as the zero combat casualty figure for the U.S. troops. They are doing it so that the "sheeple," as Mr. Bertsch put it, could keep on believing the fairy tale that science and technology won the war against Serbia. So that the government could keep reaching into the taxpayers pockets to pay for future techno-wars on civilians, to the "death merchants'" delight.

As the first three stories of this TiM GW Bulletins have proven, the truth is quite different. The Yugoslav armed forces have emerged from the 79-day NATO bombing campaign practically unscathed, while inflicting significant losses on NATO "omnipotent" technology and manpower. And they could have gone on doing it for months, despite a huge disparity in their absolute military power vis-a-vis NATO.

In the end, the war ended because Slobodan Milosevic and the Russian government betrayed the Serbian people. Period. NATO's technological superiority over Yugoslavia military failed to deliver a military victory. The 11 MiG-29s and 29 MiG-21s which took off from the Pristina's airport on June 12 were the living proof of NATO's impotence. So were the 60,000 Serb troops which withdrew from Kosovo, along with "thousands of Yugoslav tanks, missile launchers, artillery batteries, personnel carriers and trucks... with barely a scratch on them."

Meanwhile, thousands of innocent civilians who paid the heavy price in this cowardly war, are also proof that NATO's expensive science and technology is merely and instrument of terror; and a blunt one at that. Which is why not only must the NATO leaders be brought to justice as mass murderers; but the American taxpayer must also demand an immediate end to the Pentagon's funding of such tools of mass terror.


5. Clinton Has Made American People Accomplices to Murder (by Capt. Richard Davidson)

PHOENIX, June 17 - We received a copy of the following letter from the former US Navy Capt. Richard Davidson, addressed to "General Fox." It seems as an apt ending to this TiM GW Bulletin:

"Dear General Fox,

Thank you for your response. I was in Europe last month for maybe the 25th time. I served in the Mediterranean for many years flying off aircraft carriers as a naval aviator. I have always admired the people- especially the people of Spain, Italy and Greece. They liked Americans and I liked them.

On my recent trip, I noticed the beginning of anti-American sentiment in all three countries. There were posters showing a death head wearing a military helmet with a US flag on the side. Underneath was the word, 'Assassin.' I saw USSA painted on walls and buildings. The U.S. Embassy in Athens had been pelted with red paint. On a crowded bus in Athens, a man tapped me on the shoulder and said in halting English, 'Clinton no good.' I stood up, shook his hand and said, 'Clinton no damn good.'

The mood in Europe, from what I saw, is one of anger and fear. For the first time, I felt unwelcome. I was ashamed of my country and my beloved Navy.

Killing defenseless men, women and children is murder. I do not believe anything Clinton says anymore, much less, his excuse for the war. I do not believe mass murder is a solution for isolated murder committed by both sides in Kosovo. It was none of our business to start with.

Standing by and doing nothing while murder is being committed makes the observer an accomplice to murder. Clinton has made the American people accomplices to murder.

The pilot, who was ordered to kill defenseless civilians, will have to live with it on his conscience for the rest of his life. I'm glad I wasn't placed in that position. I'm glad my sons are not in our sensitized, sodomized, homogenized, homosexualized, lesbianized and politically-correct military of today.

There will be an accounting. There will be justice from a just God. At least I can say, 'I protested the killing and spoke out'."

Richard Davidson, Capt. USN (Ret.)

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