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TiM GW Bulletin 99/11-2

Nov. 6, 1999

The Republic Referendum

Another Chapter of the Australian "Demo Farce"

Also, Kosovo vs. East Timor: Similarities and Differences

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W. Australia                        1. Republic Referendum: Another Chapter of the Australian "Demo Farce"

W. Australia                        2. Kosovo vs. East Timor: Similarities and Differences

W. Australia                        3. Toward New World Order's "Ménage à Trois"


1. Republic Referendum: Another Chapter of the Australian "Demo Farce"

WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Nov. 6 - Today, Australians voted in a national referendum in which the country was supposed to decide whether to dumpAusref99.gif (84481 bytes) the (British) Queen and become a constitutional Republic. That's what we were told anyway, upon arrival in Australia.

Now that we've had a chance to consider the kind of a question being posed to the Australian voters, we are not so sure that that's the case. To us, the referendum sounds like the establishment trying to con the public into prolonging the "status quo" by offering ambiguous choices. Namely, the voters were asked if they would approve a "proposed law to alter the Constitution to establish the Commonwealth of Australia as a republic, with the Queen and Governor-General being replaced by a President, appointed by two-thirds majority of the members of the Commonwealth Parliament?"

In other words, by posing two questions in one, government asked Australians to choose between the "demo farce" they already have, and a new one. Either way, it's a vote AGAINST democracy and FOR the "status quo." In other words, another chapter of the Australian "demo farce."

Early returns after the polls closed this evening indicate that the "no" votes are leading the "yes" ones by a 60-40 margin. The pro-republic campaigners are hailing the result as a rejection of such a non-democratic constitutional system. And are vowing to come back with another referendum asking for direct elections of the President.

But the Australian establishment architects of the current "demo farce" must be chuckling quietly and contentedly. Not only have they successfully dodged yet another pro-democracy bullet, but they've bought themselves a lot of time till the next round. And they've gotten the whole country to focus on relatively a benign issue, thus diverting the peoples' attention from a much more inflammatory one - their neo-colonial intervention in East Timor, in which they put 4,500 Australian lives at risk, and are sure to suck out of the taxpayers' wallets several billion dollars. Per year!

No referendums are contemplated on that, of course. In "demo farces," governments don't ask. They take.

It is all reminiscent of a sign painted on a Wall in Prague, Czechoslovakia, during its so-called "Velvet Revolution" in 1989. It read: "Those who deformed us cannot reform us!" Yet here we have governments which have deformed democratic systems in America and Australia, among some countries, trying to preach to others what they don't practice at home.

aus-101.jpg (33831 bytes)Take a look at the democracy in America. It has evolved into an "American Demo Farce," as I said in my November 1996 Washington Times column. Take a look at the two presidential candidates the 1996 elections:

Both frontrunners, the "Ayatollah Klintonmeini" and the "Kosovar Dole," were horses racing for the same stable owner - the "Princes." That's why the Washington politicians, the high priests of the New World Order, wear turbans, fezzes or yarmulkas. Whatever suits their Big Business bosses' interests at any given moment

Which is why both Republicans and Democrats sound exactly alike when it comes to foreign policy. And they always unite against political challengers who espouse patriotism, home spun values, America first-type issues. Such as Pat Buchanan, for example, whom they cheated out of electoral victory in 1996.

At both of my Washington anti-war speeches - at the White House on May 1 and at the Vietnam Memorial on June 5, I told the crowds:

"This is no longer a government 'OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people.' This is a government OF and FOR a group of bankers, 'death merchants' and other industrialists, run BY corrupt politicians, like Bill Clinton. And it is a government AGAINST the interests of the American people."

Nor is the "Demo Farce" some sort of a quirky, isolated American phenomenon.

Take a look at the two NWO "frontrunners" in the land Down Under - John Howard and Kim Beazley. I happened to be also here last October, during the Australian federal elections. About the only thing different from the goring of Buchanan in the States was the sex of the piece of patriot meat which the Aussie NWO high priests threw on the national electoral "barbie."

Down Under, they made minced meat out of Hanson. And just as in the U.S., supposed political adversaries - Liberals and Labor - UNITED inaus-102.jpg (32045 bytes) skewering Hanson.

And again just as in Washington, they don't differ much when it comes to crucial foreign policy issues.

When last month Boy Clinton called on Boy Howard to pay his dues to the NWO Princes, and asked him to put 4,500 Australian lives at risk in East Timor, did Boy Beazley object?

No Sirree… Not that I've heard. Beazley backed Howard on East Timor. Just as Boy Dole, Boy McCain and other Republican leaders supported Clinton on Bosnia and Kosovo.

And what Australian national interests does the East Timor neo-colonial intervention serve?

  • Is it in the Australian national interest to challenge one of its most powerful neighbors and put its own security at risk?
  • Is it in the Australian national interest to jeopardize its exports to one of its biggest trading partners?
  • Is it in the Australian national interest to alienate the most populous Muslim nation in the world?
  • Is it in the Australian national interest to put its citizens at risk as potential hostage targets of militant Islamic groups worldwide?
  • Is it in the Australian national interest to burden its taxpayers with costs of the East Timor deployment? Just last week, the Australian prime minister said he was considering a "special levy" to pay for at least A$2.5 billion which this foreign invasion will cost. At least.

Of course, the answers are no, no, no, no and no!

And it is certainly NOT in the Australian national interest to have its soldiers killed while defending the pocketbooks of the NWO Princes, rather than the security of their own country!

Especially not after Washington had been training for years the worst of the Indonesian death squads in the "art" of butchering people, according to a Sept. 19 London Observer story. And after Britain had pitched in with £1 million to help the Indonesian army.

So what does that tell us about Boy Beazley and Boy Howard? That they attended the same NWO boy scout camp, as did Boy Clinton, Boy Dole, Madam Halfbright, Boy Blair, Garson Chretien, Schroederkind, Lady Thatchpatch, Garson Chirac, etc.?  Most likely at some posh Bilderbergers, CFR or Trilateralist resort.

It seems to us, therefore, that Australia has the same type of an un-Australian plutocratic parasitic clique riding herd on the country's taxpayers, as we do in the States. Only worse… For, Australia's "Demo Farce" is not even a domestic product.

2. Kosovo vs. East Timor: Similarities and Differences

Which brings us to the question of similarities and differences between Kosovo and East Timor: "Why did the Princes, go to war over Kosovo but not East Timor?"

One answer is, because they didn't have to. Washington sent Australians and other vassals to do its bidding.

But to me, an even more important question is: "Why did the Princes bomb Serbia and not Indonesia?" After all, both regimes were accused of committing atrocities.

The simple answer is, because Serbia is expendable; Indonesia is not aus-103.jpg (51685 bytes)

Serbia is a small, predominantly Christian country, isolated in the heart of Europe and surrounded by enemies and NWO vassals.

Indonesia is a vast, oil-rich country, whose 17,000 islands are home to the world's biggest Muslim population.

Killing and alienating Serbs would not jeopardize strategic U.S. interests elsewhere in the world, as the Kosovo War has proven.

Bombing Indonesia could provoke backlash throughout the world, putting at risk strategic interests of the Princes not only in Indonesia, but elsewhere in the Muslim countries, such as in the Middle East.

In Kosovo, atrocities were staged or invented and blamed on the Serbs in real life "Wag the Dog" scenarios. That became clear lately by an absence of alleged "mass graves" after the KFOR takeover.

In East Timor, atrocities were real and were carried out over a period of 14 years by U.S. trained butchers.

The Princes had no leverage in Serbia, the only non-vassal country in Europe whose economy had already been devastated before NATO's bombing by years of genocidal sanctions. Which means the NWO multinationals had zero capital at risk. But they also had zero leverage in pulling the political strings in Belgrade. Which is why they resorted to bombs, rather than loans.

In Indonesia, a country in which they have invested tens of billions of dollars in the 1990s alone, the Princes had plenty of leverage. Especially after the $69 billion IMF bailout package - another example of New World Order's "Socialism International." Why "Socialism International?" Because global taxpayers' money - the IMF - is being used to bail out Wall Street Princes out of bad investments they had made in Indonesia. And elsewhere around the world…

In short, occupying East Timor without having to bomb Indonesia only goes to prove that "free trade" and "globalism" means that nations can be colonized by dollars as effectively as with bombs.

In the Washington Times column "An Ugly Double Standard in Kosovo Conflict," published on Oct. 25, 1998, the TiM editor wrote:

"The U.S./NATO never bombed Turkey over its atrocities against the Kurds; or China over Tibet; or Indonesia over East Timor; or Israel over its various even extra-territorial military assaults on neighboring countries; or Russia over Chechnya; or Great Britain over Northern Ireland; or Spain over its treatment of the Basques."

But it did bomb Iraq when Washington lost its leverage in Baghdad, despite having supported Saddam Hussein, both militarily and financially during Iraq's war with Iran.

And it did bomb Libya, when the U.S. lost its leverage with Mouamar Qaddafi, one of the sponsors of Islamic terrorism.

And it did bomb Afghanistan and Sudan, also expendable countries by the Princes' standards.

So the essence of the NWO globalists' neo-colonial strategy is: "Bomb obstinate weak nations, buy off obstinate big ones. Then rule the world."

aus-104.jpg (37210 bytes)

Maybe. For, as Niccolo Machiavelli warned in his book, "Prince", written in 1513: "There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage, than a creation of a new order of things."

3. Toward New World Order's "Ménage à Trois"

But power-hungry, would-be rulers of the world - from Genghis Khan, to Attila the Hun, to Napoleon, to the British Empire, to Hitler's Third Reich… rarely pay attention to the words of the wise, or bother to learn from history. Which is why they tend to repeat it. Usually at their own peril.

The same will be eventually the case with the latest edition of the New World Order. As we have seen in Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Sudan, East Timor…, the West Side Gang delivers same kind of "gun diplomacy" which the East Side Gang had used, only using bigger guns and more perfidy to mask the western Prince's grab for power.

And what are the Princes' ultimate objectives? Not unlike those of communists. Both love faceless uniformity and blind loyalty. Both loathe any living creature which is proud of its unique looks, language, religion or culture.

So if God were to (re)create the world by the designs of the NWO Princes, there would be only three kinds of creatures around:

  • All two legged-creatures would be ostriches;
  • All four legged-ones would be sheep;
  • All sea-living creatures would be sardines, anxiously waiting in long lines at the nearest Princes' canning factory docks to jump into cans, and be exported to some distant low-cal, low-brow; low-IQ, but immensely happy NWO society. aus-105.jpg (39539 bytes)

Now, I can see how this New World Order "ménage à trois" could seem appealing to some Australian sheep farmers. But only if they behaved like their livestock.

Meanwhile, citizens of the world who do not wish to stoop to the sheep level, may wonder, for example, why it is unlawful in some "civilized" countries (e.g., Australia) to kill a poisonous snake, but it was okay for the Australian government to support NATO's murder of 2,000 Serb humans?

And even if some people don't care about a bunch of distant Serbs being killed, where were the famed Australian animal lovers when NATO decapitated a German shepherd, or disemboweled a white horse? (see the slide below left).  Or when it terrorized the wild animals at the Belgrade zoo?

Guess ostriches, sheep or sardines wouldn't get too exercised over dichotomies like that, either. Nor about the fact the Australian government generously hosted Kosovo Albanians, but turned its back on over 180,000 Serb refugees from Kosovo, "ethnically cleansed" after the KFOR "peace farce" commenced. Not to mention over 600,000 Serb refugees who had been driven from their homes during the NWO "humanitarian missions" in Bosnia and Croatia.

aus-107.jpg (35509 bytes)Of course, things could get worse, too…

The next UN Security Council resolution might authorize a new "peacekeeping" force - let's call it the United Nations Save the Ostrich Sheep and Sardines force - or UNSOSS. Or UN-SAUCE, if you prefer. Its job - to "ethnically cleanse" or physically eliminate all other creatures.

Of course, the designated victims would be first sedated with ample quantities of "panem et circenses" ("bread and games"). Just as the crumbling Rome offered its doomed citizens. Except that the UNSOSS would feed them McDonald's hamburgers and Coke instead of gladiator patties.

Naturally, the Princes and the high priests of the globalist ideology, would be exempt from such a low-cal, high-hype, low-IQ, high-brow diet. Just as the rulers of the decaying Rome were.

Finally, a separate UN Security Council resolution would compact all world religions into one. Its creed: "I believe in nothing!" Its symbol: The Almighty Dollar. Its object of worship: The Golden Calf. Its holy shrine: Wall Street.

Yes, there is. In fact, the arrogant, yet short-sighted, global industrialists may have invented the tools of their own destruction; a sword upon which they may fall.

The self-proclaimed Cold War winners should beware of premature victory parades. For, we are living in the midst of a revolution - an information technology revolution, a revolution no less dramatic than the invention of gun powder.

In an article, "Move over Einstein, Signor Da Vinci Is Back," published in July 1997 in the FORBES magazine's on-line edition, I said:

"The Internet and the PC - two post-industrial era technological revolutions - are returning Homo Sapiens back to nature. It's the beginning of 'Renaissance II'. The ubiquitous PC and the Internet have empowered individuals and small companies to compete with giant enterprises on a level playing field. They've become equalizers. Kind of like the invention of gun powder enabled a little old lady to overpower a big hooligan."

The result is a massive transfer of wealth from industrial incumbents to information technology challengers.

Bill Gates, by far the richest man in America, is today much wealthier than the IBM CEO. Yet 20 years ago, he was a nobody. Similar opportunities exist today for small nations with talented people engaged in the field of information technology.

The industrial era automated the simplest (physical) forms of life; called them SCIENCES; held them in high esteem; and rewarded handsomely its apostles, such as Albert Einstein. It also put down the more complex forms of life - the ARTS.

Now, with the advent of PC's and the Internet, a (re)fusion of arts and sciences is taking place…

Leonardo da Vinci would have been pleased…

Picture a CNN reporter sticking a microphone in front of Signor da Vinci, and asking him: "Sir, do you consider yourself an artist or a scientist?"

What do you think the great Renaissance man's answer would have been?

"Son, I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about. What is the difference between artists and scientists?," would be my guess.

So, as you can see, there's hope for graduates of liberal arts colleges and university after all.

During just-concluded "Tour de Oz" (tour of Australia), the TiM editors told the audience at the University of Western Australia in Perth that he was "especially pleased to be able to make that proclamation in an Arts Department of a renowned university." And that one of the greatest tributes for him personally was when he, an engineer by academic degree, was elected an honorary member of the Serbian Writers Guild on Sept. 16 in Belgrade, and presented the membership card No. 3, after his lecture at Francuska 7 (see ).

Fancy that… an engineer turned a scribe and public speaker! Surprised? This writer was. Yet we have a feeling that Signor da Vinci would have found that perfectly logical.

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