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TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-9

March 26, 1998

A Book Review: "False Dawn"

by John Gray, an Oxford University Professor

Globalism: Dictatorship of  Capital

Free Markets and Free Trade Will Lead Wars and Impoverishment of Millions





PHOENIX - Democracy and free trade are rivals, not allies, says John Gray, an Oxford University professor, in his new book, "False Dawn," which has just been published in Great Britain by Granta Publications. Ergo, "democratic capitalism," the globalists' rallying cry, is an oxymoron designed to fool the designated victim - the world's taxpayer and patriot. So exporting "democratic capitalism" around the world is like claiming to be a "benevolent terrorist" (our analogy, not that of the author).

The preceding is one of the myths which this refreshingly candid book seeks to debunk. Another is that there is something really new in the so-called New World Order (NWO) of the 1990s. A scholar who has read history as well as politics, Gray explains how the world's first and the only experiment with free markets, free trade and laissez-faire economics in mid-19th century Great Britain ended up in defeat and led to World War I.

The free market that existed in England from the 1840s to the 1870s was one of boom in the strictly economic terms of rising productivity and national wealth. But it was a boom whose social costs were politically insupportable… "Today's regime of global laissez-faire will be briefer than even the belle époque of 1870 to 1914, which ended in the trenches of the Great War," Gray predicts confidently.

Why then can't today's global "social engineers," the Wall Street financial elite, learn from history and thus avoid making the old mistakes?

One reason is that they don't view themselves as "social engineers." Social consequences of the free markets and globalism are ignored by today's policies of the materialistic NWO plutocrats. The second reason is that they are driven by the same lust for money and power as the British bankers and businessmen were in Victorian time. The third reason is that people like that rarely pay attention to lessons of history. Which is why they are doomed to repeat it, often at their peril.

"Those who imagine that great errors of policy are not repeated in history have not learnt is chief lesson - that nothing is ever learnt for long," Gray dishes out an ominous summation. "We are at present in the midst of an experiment in utopian social engineering whose outcome we can know in advance." Ethnic conflicts. Mass poverty. World war!

Dictatorship of Capital

Which is why Gray warns that the attempt to impose on the world the Anglo-American style free market philosophy will create a disaster on the scale of Soviet Communism. It will cause wars, worsen ethnic conflicts, and impoverish millions. Not everything can be traded, nor should be, he says.

Such as a kaleidoscope of world cultures, for example. America, the supposed flagship of the new civilization, is doomed to moral and social disintegration, Gray predicts. For, "the U.S. will lose ground to other cultures which have never forgotten that the market works best when it is embedded in society." And he notes that the free market philosophy is impoverishing the American bourgeois civilization [i.e., the middle class - TiM Ed.] just we had reported earlier this year - see "The Great American Divide" - TiM GW Bulletins 98/1-1, 1/01/98 and 98/1-2, 1/02/98].

Okay, so free markets and free trade have already caused many problems around the world. But "a disaster on the scale of Soviet Communism?" Surely that must be an exaggeration? Only to those brainwashed by the NWO establishment media. This is where another lesson of history comes to the aid of the open-minded.

"In an almost inevitable irony this Smithian theory of economic modernization had much in common with the Marxian theories on which Soviet institutions had been based. 'Karl Marx' theory of historical inevitability has been taken up by a new breed of social engineers, ensconced in the International Monetary Fund, the USState Department, Western European governments and the editorial offices of most western newspapers."

In other words, today's free market globalism is merely another mutation of Marxism. It's a "red" sheep in a wolf's clothing. Communism was a dictatorship of the proletariat. Globalism is a dictatorship of the capital. But both are dictatorships! And both ideologies have been hatched and crafted in the same mints - the boardrooms of the world's top bankers.

At the start of the century, it was Lenin and his Bolsheviks who destroyed an ancient culture and millions of human lives ostensibly in the name of communism. Today, it is the transnational corporations (TNCs) that are the ruthless soldiers of globalism.

Deadly Western "Experiments" in Russia

Russia has been the site of two experiments in western utopianism during this century. The first was Bolshevism... the second was shock therapy, Gray observes. Both Utopian experiments had enormous human costs. Both were failed modernizations guided by western theories or models that had little relevance to Russia's history and circumstances.

Shock therapy aimed to construct a free market in post-communist Russia. "It produced instead a species of mafia-dominated anarcho-capitalism," the author says. "Only an extraordinary blindness to history permitted western advisers such as (Jeffrey) Sachs to imagine that the question of Russia's European or Asiatic identity, unresolved since Peter the Great, could be settled by a few years of market reform," Gray argues.

It is possible, in fact probable, that Sachs was indeed merely a blind soldier of the NWO globalists. But there is no question that those who picked him for the job; those who financed the "Destruction of Russia II"-project, carried out by the "reformers" who tried to suck the lifeblood out of this vast country, had a 20/20 vision. The same greed and hatred of the predominantly Orthodox Christian Russia motivated the western bankers who financed Lenin and his communist revolution in 1917.

Which is why, what Professor Gray benevolently calls "two experiments in western utopianism," seems to us more like two deliberate acts of malice against the predominantly Orthodox Christian Russia. Now, why would the western bankers do a fool thing like that?

"False Dawn" provides a partial answer. Ironically for a book which is attacking the blind materialism and defending cultural diversity, its answer is in the economic (i.e., materialistic) sphere.

"In the late 19th century, Russia entered a period of racing economic growth comparable to that of early 19th century Britain, 1870s America, or China today. In 1880-1917 Russia laid more miles of railway track than any country in the world at that time; its industrial production grew at an annual rate of 5.7 % over the whole period, accelerating in the four years before World War I to 8%. Late Tsarism was an era not of stagnation but of swiftly advancing modernization."

So the West Side Gang inflicted Russia with its own invention - the communist virus - to eliminate a tough competitor, seems to be an implication. Okay, but why would these supposedly civilized Westerners be accomplices to murder of so many millions of Russians, especially the bourgeois (the middle class), the "kulaks" (wealthy peasants), and the Orthodox Christian clergy? Gray provides a hint, though not a full answer:

"Russian traits, such as the hostility to commercial self-enrichment and the sense of country's messianic role that have always been a feature of Russian Orthodox Christianity."

It is because of that role - as a leader of the Eastern Orthodox Christianity which rejects the supremacy of the things materials over matters spiritual - that Russia, "the third Rome," has been under attack by the West for the last two centuries. In the 19th century, the "High Cabal's" (read the British Crown's and its affiliated European aristocracy's) backers were the powerful bankers from the "Empire of the City (of London)," operating as the Merchant Bankers of the Bank of England. They included the Warburgs, Rothschilds, Barings, Brown-Shipley, Schroeders, Morgan-Grenfels, Lazard Frères, etc. with outposts in New York, Paris, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Switzerland, etc., according to a March 1995 report by the A-albionic Research Weekly. Today, the 19th century New York "outposts" have become Wall Street's global head offices.

This second reason for continued repression of Russia is one of the areas in which the "False Dawn's" candor is less than resplendent. Yet, the preceding could offer a clue as to why Boris Yeltsin has just fired his entire cabinet. Himself a loyal servant of the NWO elite's interests until recently, perhaps Russia's ailing president has had some second thoughts about the kind of legacy he will be leaving behind when he is gone? His upcoming meeting with President Chirac of France and Chancellor Kohl of Germany is being built in Moscow as a budding anti-Anglo-American tripartite European alliance, according to today's (Mar. 26) Daily Telegraph, a London paper.

There was one other time in European history when Britain (and the U.S.) were left out in the cold, just as the above summit implies. It was also at a moment of a supreme triumph of the British Crown. In 1815, as Napoleon escaped from Elba, raised an army, just to be defeated for a final time at Waterloo, a "Holy (Christian) Alliance" was formed. It included the Vatican, Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Spain. Years later, France also joined it.

The French-German-Russian 1998 summit may not amount to much more than the Holy Alliance did in stopping the Perfidious Albion and its Wall Street successor. That's because all western leaders' loyalty seems to lie first with the with the Almighty Dollar, rather than with the interests of their people. But the tripartite summit is an example of saber-rattling by the NWO serfs.

Speaking of which, Gray's "False Dawn" reminds the reader that, Russia abolished serfdom in 1861, a year before slavery was abolished in the United States. And that by 20th century standards, "the late Tsarist Russia was not especially repressive." In 1895, for example, the Okhrana, the Tsarist secret police, had only 161 full-time employees, supported by a Corp of Gendarmes of less than 10,000 men. By 1921, the Bolshevik secret police, the Cheka, accounted for over a quarter of a million men, not counting Red Army, NKVD, and militiamen."

Author's Anti-Americanism Detracts from Real Issues

Yet, Gray never mentioned the enormous numbers of law-enforcement people on western government payrolls today, ramming the New World Order medicines down our collective throats. Except when he pointed out the U.S. world leadership in one infamous category - incarcerations of its citizens.

"In the United States free markets have contributed to social breakdown on a scale unknown in any other developed country," he writes. "Families are weaker in America than in any other country. At the same time, social order has been propped up by a policy of mass incarceration."

"All estimates of America's employment record must take into account America's incarceration rates: Over a million people who would be seeking work if American penal policies resembled those of any other western country are behind bars in the US..."

By contrast, in Great Britain, fewer than one in a thousand people are incarcerated, the author say, while the comparable figure in America is approaching one in a hundred. "Once this larger context is taken into consideration the American superiority in job-creation looks slight, perhaps even illusory," he concludes.

Fair enough, so far. But the author's anti-American attitude begins to show in his subsequent arguments.

For example, Gray claims that the "US productivity has been low-around half that of most European countries." And that that was the reason the U.S. unemployment figures looked better than the European ones.

Wonder what productivity measurements the author considered before making such a vague declaration? According to CIA's "The World Factbook 1997," the U.S. was No. 1 in terms of GDP per employed person, followed by France, Germany, the U.K. and Japan, among the developed countries. The U.S. was also No. 1 in the world in terms of GDP per capita, according to CIA's "The World Factbook 1995."

So it would appear that the "False Dawn's" author was FLAT WRONG in this assertion. Which is too bad, because it cheapens his other arguments and distracts from some really important issues. Such as how "un-American" the NWO-sponsored U.S. government really is.

Whenever Gray used the term the "United States government" in a derogatory sense, he might have considered referring to a variant of the NWO, Wall Street or Washington elite. Just as is today's British, or any other western government - alienated from the people which "elected" it.

After all, Gray did recognize that, "America today is a society in which an affluent majority looks on with complacent disdain at an underclass mired hopelessly in poverty and exclusion." And that, "America is no longer a bourgeois society. It has become a divided society, in which an anxious majority is wedged between an underclass that has no hope and an overclass that denies any civic obligations."

So why then burden all Americans with the sins of NWO-corrupted Washington, given that our "middle classes are rediscovering the condition of assetless economic insecurity that afflicted the nineteenth-century proletariat?" And considering that the TNCs, the NWO "Princes of the 20th Century," as we have dubbed them, carry no nation's passports.

Also, Prof. Gray, please spare us the British pity: "Most Americans now live in conditions of chronic acute insecurity," the author laments.

This may seem like news to this British scholar, but America was built on "acute insecurity!" "Necessity is a mother of invention," is one of our proverbs. What sort of security did the early immigrants to America enjoy? We don't need more security; we need MORE FREEDOM which the early American immigrants had. And which the Wall Street NWO crowd has been trying to take away from us.

Another one of Gray's fallacies about America is that, in his words, "the ascendancy of the free market… has made liberalism [in today's modern context. TiM Ed.] illegitimate in American public culture. To be perceived as a liberal is a political liability. Liberal opinion in the United States today is the voice of a besieged minority…"

Really? What about the Democratic "liberals" stacked up top-to-bottom in the Clinton administration's White House, Treasury, Commerce, State, and Defense departments? Not to mention the (un-American) liberals in the National Security Agency, the CIA, the USIA and a bunch of other less prominent Washington initials?

Yet, Gray CORRECTLY argues that "genuine conservative philosophy no longer exists... conservatives have become ranting evangelists for global capitalism." So is it possible that he used the term "liberal" in its original, positive 18th century sense, rather than in the current, corrupted "neo-liberal," materialistic and nihilistic meaning?

For, as the TiM readers worldwide know, there is no such thing as Left and Right in the American politics anymore. Only Top and Bottom. Both the "liberals" and the "conservatives" have become the "ranting evangelists for global capitalism," to borrow the "False Dawn" author's own words. Just consider how the Republican leaders (Gingrich, Trent) sided with Clinton on the matter of the (now defeated) "fast track" legislation last fall. Or how Gingrich and Dole did the same in 1995 regarding the Wall Street bailout in Mexico using the U.S. taxpayers' money.


Despite its (few) warts, Professor Gray's "False Dawn" signals a new dawn in discovery of the enormous crime which the global bankers and their political accomplices have perpetrated upon the peoples of the world. Such awareness may help eradicate future crimes against humanity before the "High Cabal" destroy more humanity than they already have in the 20th century - nearly 200 million people and counting, according to R.J. Rummel, a University of Hawaii professor.

But don't take our word for it. If you don't believe us - buy the "False Dawn" book! (£17.99, Granta Publications, ISBN 1-86207-023-7). And then judge it for yourself.

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