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Sept. 1, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-144, KFOR "Peacefarce" 38

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Sept. 1, 1999 - KFOR "Peacefarce" 38


Phoenix                     1. How Milosevic Sold Out Kosovo: Moscow, Belgrade Links

                                      With Mysterious Swedish, Kosovo-Albanian Businessmen


1. How Milosevic Sold Out Kosovo" Moscow, Belgrade Links with Mysterious Swedish, Kosovo-Albanian Businessmen


PHOENIX, Sept. 1 - In the good old days when gentlemen and gentle women ruled the world from dignified royal palaces or ornate parliaments, there was a saying that behind every powerful politician there was a powerful woman. While that adage still may apply today in some cases (e.g., Bill Clinton, Slobodan Milosevic), those are now largely exceptions which merely confirm a different rule.

What's then the new rule about the men who rule the world in the New World Order? Behind every powerful politician there is a skillful money launderer. The latter are the modern day éminence grise (gray eminence), powerful advisors who pull the strings from backstage, and do the dirty work on behalf of their masters, sometimes getting things done through unsavory characters, variously known as the "Mob" or "Mafia."

In short, such éminence grise are indispensable assets of a thoroughly corrupt NWO "high society" who help NWO political leaders try to project images of honesty and integrity while wallowing in dirt and crime. A key element to success of such deceptions is that the "eminences" must remain gray, meaning invisible to the public. The moment they become known, they also become dispensable. And expendable. Like the former Treasurer of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Krushina), who in 1991 took a deadly dive from his Kremlin office window.

Moscow, Belgrade Links with Eminence Grise

The ink was barely dry on Milosevic's Kosovo "surrender" document, when recriminations started to pour in from all sides. This is how we reported on it contemporaneously (see "Milosevic Is No Prince Lazar; More Like Vuk Brankovic," S99-99, Day 72, Update 2, Item 1, June 3):

PHOENIX, June 3 - "Capitulation!" With this single word, a Belgrade resident summed up the "peace agreement" reached today, after the discussions between the Russian envoy, Viktor Chernomyrdin, and the Finnish president, Martti Ahtisaari, with the Yugoslav president, Slobodan Milosevic.

Yugoslav parliament approved the agreement by a 136-74 vote in a special closed session this morning, as the Radical Party pulled out of the coalition government with Milosevic's Socialist Party. "We shall not sit in the government and await the arrival of NATO troops in Kosovo," said Vojislav Seselj, the Radical Party's leader.

"Chernomyrdin stabbed us in the back," the above Belgrade resident added. Predictably... as he had done to Russia in Chechnya. As we have said several times before, "no friend of Al Gore can be a friend of the Serbs" (see S99-69, Day 45, Update 1, Item 1, May 7S99-73, Day 49, Update 1, Item 1, May 11, and S99-79, Day 53, Update 1, Item 3, May 15).

"You were right all the time about 'Chernobill'," was the reaction of a Serbian-American theology professor from Indiana. "Weep Serbdom!"

"Why did it take him so long to betray us?", another Serb resident told us, referring to Milosevic. "We could have had the same result with far fewer lives lost." […]

At the time, neither we nor many others knew exactly HOW the West and Russia combined to twist Milosevic'ssm5-27.jpg (7942 bytes) wrists sufficiently to make him wince and drop to his knees, surrendering Kosovo along with its 200,000 Serbs to the mercy of the KLA and NATO. Now, thanks to some outstanding research by Anne Williamson of New York, a former Moscow correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and other American media, whose work TiM has published before (see "Russia's Privatization: A Financial Crime of the Century?"), we can provide some additional details.

Ever heard of Peter Castenfelt? No? No wonder. A Web search turns up less than half a dozen pages with references to him. All innocuous. As is appropriate, we suppose, for an éminence grise. Yet more than the public figures credited in the western media stories with bringing about a Milosevic "surrender" - Viktor Chernomyrdin, Martti Ahtisaari, Strobe Talbott, etc. - it was this allegedly Swedish-born investment banker with offices in London and connections in NWO high places worldwide, that seems to have done most of the grunt work, according to a June 5 New York Times story.

The man whom the Hamburg-based paper, "Welt am Sonntag" (World on Sunday) describes as a "trustworthy contact" of the German government, was secretly dispatched to Belgrade on May 29 via Bulgaria, equipped with a bag full of sticks and carrots. Castenfelt stayed at the Belgrade Intercontinental Hotel through June 4, the day after Milosevic's knees buckled.

Since the western governments at that time - the height of NATO's bombing of Serbia - kept up the public farce that there can be no negotiations with Milosevic while desperately trying to get an entrée to the Serb leader, they sent an éminence grise through the "back channels" to negotiate on their behalf.

That is why Chernomyrdin and Ahtisaari kept cooling their heals in Moscow, postponing one planned trip to Belgrade after another, without any plausible explanations except for their supposed "additional consultations" with each other and the American negotiator, Strobe Talbott, as we were told at the time.

Meanwhile, officials told the New York Times (June 5) that Castenfelt's visit was arranged by senior Russian military officials, who made contact with Milosevic's military and security entourage in Belgrade. Milosevic met the financier in a Belgrade garden. Their first meeting lasted about two hours.


TiM Ed.: Which seems to be Milosevic's norm for first-time visitors. His first meeting (in January 1990) with the TiM editor also lasted about two hours.


"It was extraordinary how little Milosevic seemed to know before the memorandum and the talks clarified things," a western official told the Times. "He really seemed in the dark about NATO's thinking."


TiM Ed.: Which is a lot of BS, by the way. But don't expect us to elaborate…


Castenfelt was then taken to a bunker in the city (of Belgrade) where he presented a memorandum that laid out the positions on which the West would not shift to Milosevic's chief of security. Who, in turn, supposedly took it to his boss.

Karl Kaiser, who was the foreign affairs adviser to the German chancellor Gerhard Schröder during his election campaign, said, "Castenfelt played a central role in showing Milosevic how the accord could be made to look better than what was offered at the Rambouillet peace talks." Kaiser and Castenfelt first met and discussed the Kosovo war at a meeting of the East-West Institute, a research organization, in Berlin on April 9 and 10, just over two weeks after the bombing began. John Kornblum, the American Ambassador to Germany, was also present.

Castenfelt, who once worked for the Dillon Reed investment banking firm, and now owns a London financial company, Archipelago Enterprises, is close to Chernomyrdin and is trusted by the Russian President, Boris Yeltsin, according to the Times.

How close and how trusted? Enter Anne Williamson, the Journal's former Moscow correspondent. "Castenfelt's 'first sighting' in Moscow occurred in March 1994, when he acted as an intermediary between Camdessus (the IMF chairman) and Chernomyrdin during Russia's negotiations for an IMF load," she said.

A private Swedish businessman with offices in London interceding between some of the most powerful governments in the world and their proxies (IMF)? Hm…? However he got to rise up to his éminence grise status, Castenfelt is obviously a heavy hitter when it comes to high stakes international wheeling and dealing.

So how did a person like that get entangled with a small time thug like Milosevic? Because bigger stakes were at risk during NATO's bombing of Serbia. No, we're not talking about the WW III. Stuff like that tends to delight bankers. We're talking about Russia. Not the Russia which had already defaulted on its international loans in August 1998. But the Russia which still had some of the world's richest mineral resources, yet to be exploited by its quislings and the salivating western bankers.

As you have seen in the subsequent TiM reports, Russia got its $4.5 billion IMF loan, plus the western bankers' reprieve for some $8.1 billion of the old Soviet debt (see "Yeltsin Completes Serb Betrayal, Clinton Glows" - S99-113, "Peacefarce" 7, Item 4, June 22, and "Russia, China Get Some Kosovo Payoffs" - S99-132, "Peacefarce" 26, Item 6, Aug. 5). Protecting interests like that was certainly worth a secret trip to Belgrade by an éminence grise even under NATO's bombardment.

So if those were some of Russia's "carrots" which Castenfelt pulled out of his bag of tricks, what about Milosevic? All we ever heard about Milosevic, according to the western media, was that the big "stick" with which he was supposedly hit. Well, it looks like the éminence grise may have also greased some Serb palms while he was in Belgrade, as he seems to have done on his previous trips to Moscow.

According to a June 28, 1999 issue of the Spotlight (by the way, also provided to TiM by our outstanding voluntary researcher, Anne Williamson), the Serb dictator was promised that should his Belgrade throne become too hot at some future date, he would be allowed to move to Russia. Maybe even become an executive in the merger between Yukos and Sibneft, two of Russia's leading oil companies.

It's not exactly the same as the presidential palace in Belgrade, of course, but it beats the War Crimes Tribunal cell at the Hague, or the Ceausescu couple's fate.

Furthermore, Milosevic and the substantial funds which this former Belgrade banker had accumulated (i.e., stolen from the Serbian people, just as Yeltsin, Chernomyrdin, Clinton and Gore had done from the Russian and the American people), and which the Yugoslav president had stashed away in Cyprus (Greece) and other places, would be not pursued or seized, according to the Spotlight.

Which is a 180-reversal from the public stance of the Clinton administration (see How do we know this is true? Check out the following excerpt from the Special TiM GW Bulletin S99-92, Day 66, Item 2, May 28:

"…This Clinton move (to raid Milosevic's bank accounts) alone showed the world that, 'NATO's war on Serbia was a battle between the two 'Mafia' gangs. One big-time criminal operation - in Washington; one small-time dictatorship - in Belgrade. With the drug-dealing KLA terrorists as the sideshow in Albania, pitching in as fall guys for the Big Boss from Washington.'

Here's another excerpt:

'By showing the same, if not worse, disrespect for the law as the Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic had displayed, the American president ordered a U.S. government agency to commit the kinds of crimes for which any other citizen in this country would end up in jail. If not in a coffin. Clinton ordered our civil servants to rob the banks in which the Belgrade officials supposedly keep their cash."

So while threatening Milosevic with a stick (draining his money - never mind Kosovo or the NATO bombs!), the western Mafiosi got him to accept their carrots - a safe haven in Russia, courtesy of Chernomyrdin and Yeltsin.  And access to his stolen money.


TiM Ed.: Frankly, if we were in Milosevic's shoes, we would have chosen the protection of the KFOR troops in Pristina. At least he would have a better chance of having some oaf being put in charge of his protection, than depending on "protection" of the criminals like Clinton, Chernomyrdin, Yeltsin, or Gore…


"Criminals?" Isn’t that a bit too harsh? Well, you be the judge…

"In another indication of reluctance to face the corruption problems, Vice President Al Gore was shown evidence by the CIA in 1995 of what it considered the personal corruption of Prime Minister Viktor S. Chernomyrdin, with whom Gore led a joint American-Russian commission," the New York Times reported today (Sept. 1).

So what did our sorry Veep, now the would-be Y2K Democratic Party president, already immersed well over his neck in the fund-raising and Chinese quagmires, do? He rejected the CIA report!

In other words, he condoned his pal's, Chernomyrdin's corruption! So what else is new in the Clinton administration…

Meanwhile, if anyone is still left out there thinking that Chernomyrdin's selection as the NWO West's "front man" negotiator to Milosevic was accidental, then they have another think coming to them.

The day before the peace deal was agreed upon in Belgrade on Thursday, June 3, Borislav Milosevic, the Yugoslav ambassador to Moscow, and Slobodan Milosevic's brother, told a Russian radio station that Belgrade would never accept the NATO troops in Kosovo, according to a London Guardian's June 8 report.

So "Slobo's" brother was out of the loop? Not much of a news story, is it? Unless you consider the "squeeze play" which Castenfelt seems to have made on behalf of the West at the time, with no time for "Slobo" to brief his brother about his 180-degree turn-about-face which was taking place in Belgrade.

So add a brother betrayal to many other Slobo sins?

Ze Plot Thickens

But "Ze plot thickens"…, as they say.

Milosevic's brother, the Yugoslav ambassador to Russia, was once a "mere Moscow businessman." As such, Borislav was linked closely to the Yugoslav government's owned and controlled company, Genex, was a partial owner of the (gold and other minerals) mines in Trepca, Kosovo, according to a French Le Monde report.

But even before that, in a deal signed by Russia's Chernomyrdin in January 1998, Milosevic's government reportedly received a $150 million credit to buy Russian goods.

Meanwhile, Genex, now reportedly bankrupt, due to seven years of western sanctions against Serbia, was listed as apacolli.gif (16833 bytes) subcontractor to the Swiss company Mabetex, run by a Kosovo Albanian Bahgjet Pacolli (whose first name is sometimes also spelled as "Bexhet"). Who just happens to be in the thick of things these days when it comes to the latest allegations of fraud and corruption involving Boris Yeltsin and his cronies. Including the $30 million renovation of the Kremlin Senate building, housing Yeltsin's office, carried out by this Kosovo Albanian.

But that's not the least of the Moscow-Belgrade-London-Washington dirt. According to the records seized by the Swiss authorities at the Mabetex offices on Jan. 22, 1999, this Kosovo Albanian was funding several credit cards belonging to some Yeltsin insiders. Including his two daughters, Elena Okulova (42) and Tatyana Dyachenko (39). The latter lady reportedly ran up about a £7,000-bill ($11,000) in a single day, according to an Aug. 26 report by the London Guardian.

wpe17.jpg (20719 bytes)Naturally, Pacolli, about whom the London Economist said he "may well be the richest ethnic Albanian anywhere" (see The Economist, June 12, 1999), denied the charges of corruption.

But, what may be of special interest to the lovers of truth and liberty around the world is that the person who had ordered the raid on this Kosovo-Albanian "businessman's" offices in Switzerland, was none other than Carla Del Ponte, the Swiss attorney general, who has just been named to succeed at the Hague, "Madam Kangaroo," Louise Arbour of Canada, soon to become a member of Canada's Supreme Court (see S99-141, "Peacefarce" 35, Item 1, Aug. 26).

Now, "they" wouldn't be trying to get the tough Swisss prosecutor out of Yeltsin's, Gore's, Chernomyrdin's and Pacolli's hair, would "they?"  And instead use her dogged determination in pursuit of the lesser Balkan criminals?

If that "kick upstairs" for the Swiss attorney general (and out of the way of the big time NWO Moscow-London-Washington-Belgrade corruption) doesn't smell like a foul stew to you, probably nothing will. For, to us it reeks of a mixture of kangaroo, Wall Street/City dung beetle, Russian borsht, Swiss fondue, laced with Swedish and Serb meatballs and Albanian shish-kebab, all stirred in one big NWO pot which even the mutts may not touch. 

And what about Kosovo?  Kosovo? What's the yield on that bond?

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