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May 15, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-79, Day 53

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May 15, 1999; 0:30AM EDT - DAY 53


Korisa                    1. NATO (Again!) Hits Albanian Refugee Column

                                  Killing Almost 100

Venice                   2. "NATO Calamari" Can Blow Up in Your Face

Helsinki                 3. Chernomyrdin Looks for a Partner in Betrayal

New Delhi             4. Russia Still Working the Triangle?

Chengdu                5. Chinese Students Apologize to Clinton: Sorry We Didn't

                                 Know We Burnt U.S. Consulate Based on Old Maps

Washington           6. Clinton Ponders Cutting Off Serb Internet Access


1. NATO (Again!) Hits Albanian Refugee Column Killing Almost 100

KORISA, May 14 - At least 100 Albanian refugees were killed and many others were wounded when NATOkos-map1.jpg (187980 bytes) attacked a column of refugees near Korisa, northeast of Prizren (see the map at our Web site, as well as the photos). The Kosovo Albanians were reportedly trying to return to their homes when they were struck, the Serb media reported today.

The bombing seems like a carbon-copy of the Apr. 14 NATO attack on a column of Albanian refugees in Kosovo in which over 70 people were killed (Day 23, Update 1, Item 2, Apr. 15). Except that this attack happened at night, shifting the possible blame from the pilot to the NATO guidance systems.

NATO spokesman, Jamie Shea, said NATO was "investigating" the incident. "NATO does not target civilians," he said.


TiM Ed.: Yeah, right. Try that "lie and deny" spin on the 1,200 civilians which NATO has already killed, and over 5,000 which it has maimed.


According to a TiM Serbian source who had heard a testimony by an old Albanian on the local Radio-IN, most of the casualties were the Albanian women and children. The NATO bombs fell around midnight on the heaviest night of NATO's attack so far in its 52-day war on Serbia, according to an Agence France Presse report.


2. "NATO Calamari" Can Blow Up in Your Face

VENICE, May 14 - Fishing around Venice sure isn't what it used to be before NATO's attack on Serbia. Nowadays, the "NATO calamari" catch can sometimes explode in their face, instead of pleasing the customers' taste buds. As the three Italian fishermen found out earlier this week when a NATO bomb, entangled in their net, exploded, injuring them.

So Italy on Friday asked NATO to explain the origins of bombs that have been snagged in fishing nets in international waters in the northern Adriatic Sea, the Reuters news wire reported today.


TiM Ed.: Get this... Italy, a NATO country, having to have "NATO explain" why its people are being hurt by NATO!? Are there two NATOs? One NATO, a "superior being" based in Brussels and commanded from Washington, and another for the rest of the alliance "vassal-members," such as Italy. Whose government has to beg the "Superior Beings" (a nickname for Gen. Wesley Kanne Clark) for information about its people who are being hurt.


An Italian government statement said NATO had been asked "for information needed to shed light" on the recent episodes. The explosives were found in the nets of several boats some 25 miles southeast of Venice in international waters. The statement said the bombs were not Italian-made and not used by Italy's air force.

A subsequent Bloomberg news report quoted the NATO Maj. Gen. Walter Jertz as saying that, in order to land safely on aircraft carriers, NATO pilots jettison the bombs which had been activated but not used, so as to make sure they don't explode on landing.


TiM Ed.: And what about the Italian fishermen? Guess they are as expendable as are the Serb civilians. The NATO monsters evidently don't care if some of the "calamari" the Italians eat these days may be mixed with blood. Human blood. Italian blood. As long as the NATO pilots land safely.

That's some "humanitarian mission" - this "Kosovo Crisis" - manufactured by the "Wag the Dog" crews in Washington.


3. Chernomyrdin Looks for a Partner in Betrayal

HELSINKI, May 14 - Boris Yeltsin "special envoy" for the Balkans, Viktor Chernomyrdin, read "Serb Backstabber-in-Chief" (see S99-73, Day 49, Update 1, Item 3, May 11 and S99-69, Day 45, Update 1, Item 1, May 7), was sent by Yeltsin to Helsinki today to seek some company before his trip to Belgrade next week, the Bloomberg news wire reported today.

Chernomyrdin met this week with Martti Ahtisaari, the Finnish president, as had the U.S. deputy secretary of state, Strobe Talbott. Chernomyrdin said he was planning to meet with the Finnish prime minister again on May 18 or May 19, before one or both of them fly to Belgrade to meet with the Yugoslav president, Slobodan Milosevic.


TiM Ed.: See the sordid plot? Absolve the "Russians" (as if the Yeltsin-Chernomyrdin Washington quislings were real Russians!) from having to "stick it to Serbia." And use Finland, traditionally a neutral, and thus a credible, country in the Balkan affairs, for this dirty ploy. So let the Finns stick the knife to the Serbs, while the scum like Yeltsin and Chernomyrdin only offer their "moral support?"

The dirty fingerprints of the New World Order's duplicitous schemers are unmistakably all over this "peace scenario." Let us hope that the Serbs don't fall for this cheap NATO trick.


4. Russia Still Working the Triangle?

NEW DELHI, May 14 - Despite its duplicitous overtures vis-a-vis Serbia, Moscow still seems to be actively engaged in the process of rebuilding the old Russia-China-India triangle (see S99-74, Day 49, Update 2, Item 1, May 11). So it appears as if Moscow is pursuing a two-track foreign policy, notwithstanding its domestic turmoil.

A Russian presidential aide was headed to India today (May 14) for talks on the Kosovo crisis, apparently as part of Moscow's effort to engage other non-Western nations in negotiations with NATO and Yugoslavia, the Dow Jones news wire said. Boris Yeltsin's aide on national security issues, Sergei Prikhodko, was to meet Indian leaders to work on a diplomatic solution to the conflict around the Yugoslav province of Kosovo. Moscow gave no other details of the trip.


5. Chinese Students Apologize to Clinton: Sorry We Didn't Know We Burnt U.S. Consulate Based on Old Maps

CHENGDU, May 14 - We've just received a tongue-in-cheek letter of apology from the Chinese students who had torched the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu, during the protests against the NATO bombing a week ago of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade (see some new photos). Here's an excerpt from a Chinese students' "apology" to Clinton, mocking his own, at least thrice-repeated apology to the Chinese "red commie" government:

"We, the students in Chengdu, hereby express our deep sorrow to the U.S. government. The city map of Chengdu of 1972 shows that your consulate was a trash dump. Please trust us; it was not our intention to burn your Consulate. We are looking forward to good relationship between our two countries in the future."


TiM Ed.: Let us keep in mind that the Klinton "Marxist-American" administration, to whom these Chinese students are "apologizing," has done just as much, if not more, harm to our national security (by allowing technology leaks to the Chinese), as it did to the unfortunate Chinese citizens in Belgrade.


6. Clinton Ponders Cutting Off Serb Internet Access

WASHINGTON, May 14 - In keeping with his Marxist views, Bill Clinton is said to be weighing his options in the "Cyber War" which parallels NATO's war on Serbia. New York's Loral Space and Communications Ltd., a major U.S. government contractor, said today it may be forced to cut the Internet access to some of Yugoslavia citizens.

Clinton's "executive order," issued two weeks ago, banned any U.S. companies from selling or supplying to Yugoslavia "any goods, software, technology or services."

The National Security Council said, however, the information services are generally considered exempt from trade embargoes. But in this case, Clinton claimed, the electronic commerce is affected. Meaning that the Internet performs both functions.


TiM Ed.: As of the time of this writing, despite the MANY (panicked) e-mails and calls which we have received from the various Serbian Internet users, we are not aware of any disruptions to the Internet service as a result of this Clinton "executive order." There are, of course, many Serbian Internet subscribers being denied access to the Net because NATO's bombings had knocked off their electricity. But that's a different story.

Meanwhile, if the TiM readers from around the world wish to let President "Adolf Clinton" know what they think of such censorship of information about NATO's war on Serbia, we encourage them to write to the White House Web site, even if it may be still jammed up by all the Chinese students "apologizing" to Clinton.

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