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TiM GW Bulletin 2002/5-2

May 29, 2002

Rampant Third World Immigration Is Nothing Short of Demographic Warfare

Repressing White Americans

Census 2000 Data Shows Whites Will Be a Minority by 2050



Phoenix                  1. Repressing White Americans Through Rampant Immigration

Rampant Third World Immigration Is Nothing Short of Demographic Warfare

1. Repressing White Americans

Census 2000 Data Shows Whites Will Be a Minority by 2050

PHOENIX, May 29 - Forget George Bush’s “war on terrorism.”  Forget the perpetual Middle East wars.  Forget the Balkans, Afghanistan or Iraq conflicts.  These are all foreign distractions. 

There is a war going on right here in America.  And it is not Osama bin Laden’s war.  It is a demographic war being waged by the globalist Washington against the white Americans.  Mercilessly.  Systematically.  Relentlessly.  For over three-and-a-half decades now, our government has been practicing reverse racism while preaching tolerance.

As Peter Brimelow put it in his best-selling book “Alien Nation,” the process of "browning of America" is a "a demographic event of seismic proportions" (see Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts, Jan. 1999). 

The results are disastrous.  And glorious.  Disastrous for the white Americans; glorious for the ruling American plutocrats, and their cheap imported labor, especially the millions of illegal immigrants who do not even show up in the official statistics.

California has already become the first U.S. state in which the non-Hispanic whites are a minority (A Demographic Earthquake Strikes California, July 2001).  If the current trends continue, such a fate awaits the entire nation by about 2050. 

If there is a nation by then, that is.  As our longtime readers may recall from this writer’s August 1996 Washington Times column, we said that what was then happening in Bosnia could happen to America.  The country may fall apart, torn by racial strife (see When Cultures Collide..., Aug. 1996). 

After over 200 years of being in the 80% to 90% majority position in the U.S., the whites may end up on reservations by the end of the 21st century, if the current trends continue.  The ones who survive the racial strife, that is, if not outright civil wars, such as those the Balkans or the Middle East during the last decade.

And what are the “democratically elected” American presidents doing to protect the white Americans who still happen to represent a vast majority of this country’s population?  Protect? On the contrary. They are leading the globalist New World Order assault.  Starting with Lyndon Johnson, during whose administration the infamous 1965 Immigration Act was passed which opened the flood gates to immigration from third world countries, each and every U.S. President, no matter what establishment party had fielded him, has contributed to the demise of white Americans. 

These are not opinions.  These are facts.  They are available for all to see at the Census web site.  Except for the American ostriches who can’t read because their heads are buried in the sand.  Except for the cowards who can’t hear because they have covered their ears in fear.  Except for the politician-appeasers who are betraying their electorate, because they are hoping the NWO crocodile would eat them last (paraphrasing a Winston Churchill quote from the 1930s Nazi era). 

As for the rest of Americans, we invite you to read this article and look at all the charts carefully.  You may see why we think the white Americans belong on the world’s endangered species list, and who the predators are. 

This report is a product of several months of our periodic studies of the Census 2000 statistics, as they were being released on a state-by-state basis.  The new data did not change our previous forecasts about the consequences of the NWO “demographic engineering” in America.  On the contrary, it confirmed them.  

The Census 2000 proved that the NWO Speak, such as “multiculturalism” or “ethnic diversity,” the ideas that are presented to the American people as axiomatic goodness, are in fact euphemisms for a physical, economic and political repression of most white Americans.  Except for the plutocrats among the ruling elite, of course, who devised the scheme to lower labor rates..

As for the immigrants or non-white Americans among our readers, we urge you to refrain from engaging an auto-pilot response to non-PC (politically correct) articles - and accuse the author of racism.  First, because this article has been written by an immigrant.  As was Peter Brimelow’s bestseller, by the way.  Second, because racism is what our government is practicing, and to which this writer is objecting.  Third, because racism is what the countries sending the greatest number of immigrants to America are actually practicing. 

Ever tried emigrating to a place like China?  Or Mexico?  Or India?  Or an African country?  Or Israel, for that matter (assuming you’re not Jewish, of course).  Or Saudi Arabia?  If not, try it.  See what happens.  When Peter Brimelow tried it in China, the Beijing officials laughed at him:

“China's immigration policy is very clear. Foreign factories and labs are welcome; foreign workers are not. Foreign capital is welcome, but not foreign ownership (control).”

(from Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts, Jan. 1999).

Sounds like a sensible immigration policy, doesn’t it, for a country that protects its people’s interests?  No wonder, the Chinese officials thought Brimelow’s attempt to emigrate to their country was a practical joke.  What’s happening to America, however, is no joke.  It is war.  It is a demographic war on America’s traditional middle and lower classes. 

Under the “free trade” mantra, American jobs are being exported to third world countries, while cheap labor is being imported from those regions.  The traditional source of American immigrants - Europe - is being choked off. 

Meanwhile, the globalist plutocrats are forcing the European Union countries to practice similar self-destructive immigration policies (see A Bear in Sheep’s Clothing, Dec. 1998), and  Haiderbash Is On! Democracy Is Off! Austria - Leftist Europe's Newest "Pariah State", Feb. 2000).  But that’s another story… We bring it up only to show that the NWO’s reverse racism is pervasive and global in nature.

Constant Immigration: A Bogus “Axiom”

“America is a nation of immigrants,” is a line imbued into most of our youngsters’ brains, from elementary schools onward.  It is.  But that doesn’t mean that immigration has been constant during the last 226 years of our nation’s history.  On the contrary.  Immigration has ebbed and flowed with changes in the country’s economic fortunes and needs.  Except in the last 35 years… 

A good way to track the rate of immigration is to follow the ratios of foreign-born to native Americans.  During the 1965-2000 period, such ratios have doubled! (from 6% to 12%).  Not since the pre-Great Depression era has the U.S. seen such high percentages of foreign-born citizens.

Yet the 12% to 15% rates were fairly typical in America during the 1850-1930 period, when the growth of the industrial economic engine demanded an ever-increasing supply of labor.  But even then, the rates of immigration were far from constant, varying from 10% to 15% of the total U.S. population, depending on the economic cycles (see the above chart).

One thing that was pretty constant was the source of immigrants - Europe.  One reason that America’s “melting pot” worked so well back then was that an overwhelming majority of immigrants came from Europe.  Now, an overwhelming majority of newcomers to America are from the third world countries, with immigration from Europe being throttled down to less than 10% by the late 1980s, according to Brimelow.

And where are the new immigrants coming from?  More than half are from Latin America.  The biggest share of those comes from our southern neighbor, Mexico.  These numbers, of course, do not include the millions of illegal immigrants.  If they were to be taken into account, the proportion of Latin American/Mexican-born American residents would be even greater.

About 27% of the foreign-born Americans are Asian, 3% come from Africa, and 1% from Oceania (Pacific islands).

By contrast, only 3% of foreign-born Americans come from our northern neighbor (Canada), while only 16% are European-born.  With 81% of foreign-born Americans coming from the third world countries, no wonder Peter Brimelow called this process a “browning of America.” 

One reason that America’s “melting pot” isn’t working so well anymore is that the third world immigrants aren’t assimilating so well into the American culture as the Europeans once were.  There are now at least 50 million Americans who do not speak English at home, and about 20 million who speak it “less than very well,” according to the Census figures.

Of course, some may argue sarcastically that the same (poor command of English) can be also said of some Americans born in this country, thanks to the “dumbing down of America”-process, another “panem et circenses” NWO project (see Dancing ‘Round the Golden Calf, Aug. 1997).

Demographic results of the rampant immigration were predictable and are evident in the latest Census figures as they are on America’s streets.  The whites lose, the Hispanics and Asians win, the blacks stay about the same. 

After having accounted for close to 90% of the U.S. population for nearly two centuries, the non-Hispanic whites’ share of the total had dropped to only 71% by 2000.  Projecting the current figures into the future, the Census Bureau estimates that by 2025, the whites will account for only 59% of the total. 

Meanwhile, the Hispanics’ share of the total, now at about 12% (as of 2000), will surge to 21% in 2025, and to 27% in 2050 (the latter is our estimate).  The blacks’ share will also grow slightly during the same period, from 13% to 14%.  But the Asian population in America will more than double - from 4% to 10% during the first half of the 21st century.

This will leave the non-Hispanics whites as a 48% minority by 2050.  Surprised?  Don’t be.  That’s already the case in California, and may soon happen in some other states, too (see the charts of “top 10” and “bottom 10” states in population growth):

Perplexing Ancestry Statistics

Given that over 80% of foreign-born Americans come from third world countries, the Census 2000 statistics about the Americans' ancestry are downright perplexing.  They read as if nothing had changed; as if the 90% of immigrants to this country still come from Europe.  Take a look at the following chart:

There is no mention of Mexico, for example, nor of any other Latin American country, even though that region of the world accounts for over half of the foreign-born Americans.  Nor are there any Chinese- or other Asian-born Americans shown!?  In fact, only 3% of Americans claim the non-European ancestry, according to the Census 2000 data, while about 19% only say they are of “American” descent.

Hm… Maybe some of you can explain this dichotomy in the Census data.  We sure can’t. 

Meanwhile, Americans of German descent are the single largest group at 23% of the total.  They are followed by the Irish (16%), English (14%), Italian (8%), French (6%), Scottish (5%) and Scandinavian (5%)… in that order.  Of course, if one were to take all Americans claiming their ancestry from the British Isles, then they would be the largest group at 35% of the total population.


As we said in the introduction, there are no new trends discernible in the latest Census 2000 figures; only a confirmation of the ones we had identified before.  That is why the remedy we offered over three years ago, is still appropriate today.  Here it is, excerpted from our Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts (Jan. 1999), article:

"In preparation for such an ultimate enslaving of the free human spirit, a new, ugly, primitive, obedient America is being crafted by the NWO architects," this writer's WASHINGTON TIMES Aug. 31, 1997 column noted. "America used to be a country in which most people worshipped Jesus Christ, the son of God, who died on the Holy Cross. Now most Americans worship the Almighty Dollar, the son of Usury, the enslaver of Free Man, in shrines like Wall Street."

Canada and Australia are following the same path, as are many European countries, that are also being swamped by hordes of non-European immigrants, especially from Islamic countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Mr. Goldfinger was right. This is hardly a coincidence or happenstance. It's the enemy action.

What’s to be done?

         Well, if you've gotten this far in this article, you've already taken the first step - enlightenment. A global demographic war is being waged against the homogeneous, predominantly Christian-European cultures by way of immigration, among other globalist weapons of mass cultural destruction. If you're a European, or someone of traditional European heritage, then you now also know that YOU are on the endangered species list, if our government's current policies are allowed to continue. As Prof. MacDonald put it, "ethnic groups unable to influence immigration policy in their own interests will eventually be displaced or reduced in relative numbers by groups able to accomplish this goal."

         Step two is to close the floodgates. The Immigration Act of 1965, for example, must be repealed immediately. No more anti-European racial or country quotas. Zero immigration may be a nice ultimate goal, but in the meantime, immigration should be allowed strictly on a case by case basis, using proven economic needs of specific indigenous business sectors as guideposts. Only highly-skilled immigrants who can either support themselves, or entrepreneurs who can create additional jobs, should be allowed in.

         Step three is to start to reverse the tide. Repatriate all immigrants who are living on the dole, i.e., whom the domestic taxpayers and businesses are supporting. But first, we should give the globalist liberals a chance to put their money where their mouths are. They should put up or shut up. We should allow the establishment elite to "save" any such would-be-deportees by hiring them into their PRIVATE businesses. Don't be surprised to see that their words were much louder than their deeds.

         Step four is to formulate a sensible immigration policy for the future. For every factory or other production facility the Big Business brings back home from places like China, Mexico or other foreign countries, for example, a company could earn a proportional quota of SKILLED immigrants which it may also import. No new domestic jobs; no cheap immigrant labor. Conversely, for every domestic position cut, the company's immigrant quota would be proportionately reduced. Of course, the preceding would not stop the export of indigenous jobs overseas, but it would certainly raise the cost of doing it.

But that's protectionism, do we hear the globalist liberals scream? Of course, it is. Isn't that what governments are supposed to do - protect their citizens' interests?

And now, in the post-911 world, our government’s “protection” of its citizens has taken on a new tragic and farcical dimension.  The farcical part was accentuated with the revelation this spring that the Immigration and Naturalization Service had posthumously issued immigration visas to two of the WTC attackers.

With “protection” like that, why is no one screaming bloody murder and throwing the pro-immigration rascals right out of their plush Washington offices?


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