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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/2-4

Feb. 14, 2000

The European Union Stands Divided...

Haiderbash Is On! Democracy Is Off! Austria - Leftist Europe's Newest "Pariah State?"

Not a Jews vs. Gentiles Issue, But a Left vs. Right Clash



Phoenix                        1. Haiderbash Is On! Democracy Is Off!

                                         Austria - Leftist Europe’s Newest “Pariah State?”

Jerusalem                    2. Jews for Haider I (by Barry Chamish)

Israel                           3. Jews for Haider II (by Yehuda Poch)

Amsterdam                  4. Euros against Haider (by Herman de Tollenaere)

Virginia                        5. Buchanan on Haider: Nothing to Fear Feb. 16, 2000


1. Haiderbash Is On! Democracy Is Off! Austria - Leftist Europe’s Newest “Pariah State?”

PHOENIX, Feb. 14 – Haiderbash is on, democracy is off, and Austria has replaced Serbia as Europe’s “pariah state,” according to the “liberal” governments and media.  And just think… all that is happening on Valentine’s Day! J

European governments are in a hysterical frenzy over the Austrian populist Joerg Haider’s ascension to power.  By trying to punish the Austrian voters for having given Haider’s Freedom Party 27% of the popular vote last October, the European Union (EU) is proving that democracy comes a distant second to the dictatorship of its “liberal” (read left wing) values (also see “European Union Capital Exports”).

Nor is the EU alone in its contempt for voters’ freedom of choice.  The U.S. government has recalled its ambassador from Austria for “consultations” at the State Department, immediately after Israel had done the same.  And the “liberal” New York Times published an editorial on Feb. 4 whose headline said it all about how un-liberal its editors really are.  “An Unwelcome Austrian Government,” the Times declared, as if it had the right to decide what’s best for Austrians.

The New York daily followed its editorial which could have been written by one of the Soviet-era writers with another piece today (Feb. 14), headlined, “As the Pariah of Europe, Austria Seems Unbowed.”  It noted that France, Belgium and tiny Andorra boycotted a speech in Vienna last Thursday by the new Austrian foreign minister.  

The next day, Austria's new social affairs minister was allowed to attend a meeting on  unemployment in Lisbon (are you getting the Times and the EU arrogance, they “allowed” one of their members to attend an EU meeting?). “But only the Portuguese host would shake her hand, and the others refused to pose for the usual ministerial family photo,” the Times said.  “Later, the German minister seemed to regret his rudeness, while the Belgian and French ministers, who also walked out during her speech, reveled in theirs.”

Meanwhile, Bavaria broke with Berlin over isolating its Alpine neighbor, Italy's provinces around Trieste, abutting Austria, criticized Rome, and Greece and Denmark are already skeptical, the Times said.

And even the royalty and glamorous stars got into the act. Prince Charles postponed a planned summer visit to Austria, and the Italian actress Claudia Cardinale said she would not attend the Opera Ball, the height of the Vienna social season. But Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands took her annual Austrian skiing vacation as she has for 30 years.

So a fine mess Europe got itself into.

Amid all the madness, however, some saner voices can be heard.  Jacob Heilbrunn, a Washington-based writer, noted in an OpEd piece published by the Wall Street Journal on Feb. 4 that, “The EU, Not Haider, Threatens Austrian Democracy.”

And in Israel, two writers also displayed attitudes which are more level-headed that those of their government.  We don’t necessarily agree with everything they say, but we bring you their pieces in full because we think that the TiM readers will always benefit from a diversity of viewpoints.  Unlike the attitudes of the EU, U.S. or Israeli governments, or the “liberal” American media, who always seem to think that they know what’s best for their voters and readers.

2. Jews for Haider I (by Barry Chamish)

JERUSALEM, Feb. 9 - To the TiM readers, the Israeli journalist, Barry Chamish, needs no introduction.  So we’ll just let you go right to his opinion piece:

“Once again the mostly gentile powers that be of the New World Order have set up Jews for a fall in Europe. The last time, they placed Jews like Rubin, Cohen, Berger and Albright (whether she recalls it or not) in the visible front line of the atrocities committed against Serbs during the Kosovo War. This time they have us leading the unpopular international protest against the legitimately elected Austrian Freedom Party leader Joerge Haider.  

Haider's real "crimes" are that he is anti-EU, anti-NATO, anti-Euro and anti-immigration, a fine package that makes him anti-New World Order. So the Jewish sympathy card has been pulled out to bring him down. Some naive Jews have been sucked in by the organized media barrage against Haider and are playing along. The vast majority are entirely apathetic to Austrian politics, Haider notwithstanding. But the latter will face the same resentment for interfering with a sovereign nation's political choice as the former. The process is called, creating anti-Semitism. The methods are well known and all are being applied to this issue.

Let me state early on that the Austrians are my least favorite people in the world. They were the most vehement of all Nazis and I will never forget the images of Jews being forced to clean the streets of Vienna with their tongues. My good friend, the Orthodox rabbi Mitchell Herczeg, tells me that the only country in the world today where he has felt an overall hatred towards him is Austria and others who enter the place in Orthodox garb say the same thing. There isn't nearly enough regret in Austria for its crimes against my people.

That said, the campaign against Haider has nothing to do with me as a Jew. The fact that a proud Jew is a Freedom Party parliamentary member makes a mockery of Haider's alleged anti-Semitism in the first place. I am satisfied with his apology for past remarks that could have been construed as pro-nazi... He didn't have to apologize, he did It's enough for me... as I am with his public request to visit Israel to set matters straight. He's welcome in my country, as far as I'm concerned.

He does not represent Europe's real threat to Israel, which comes from the very people attacking him. It has been Europe's socialists and Left which have been Israel's most dedicated enemies for over a generation. It was the Jewish leader of the Socialist International, the longtime Austrian President Bruno Kreisky, who led the campaign against Israel worldwide during the 1970s and 80s. It was he who constantly demeaned the honorable Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, calling him such memorable epitaphs as, "a village shopkeeper."

The real anti-Semites in Europe are Robin Cooke, who let his true feelings out during recent visits to Israel and Gaza; the French Foreign Ministry, led by the notorious Roland Dumas, which has been secretly colluding with Syria for the past decade to remove Israel from the Golan Heights, Israeli security be damned; it is the Italian Communist Party, which has excused and applauded Arab terrorism against Jews for the past thirty years; and so on. Those who despise Haider despise Israel and that is no coincidence. That they are using Israel and the Jews to spearhead their plan to undermine, then overthrow him, is no less a coincidence.

So far, I have not come across one pro-PLO or pro-Syrian comment by Haider. But the few concerned Austrians roused to protest him, are of the style and type who would justify any Arab bloodshed against my country. If, God forbid, I had to make such a choice, I would trust my country's future more in Haider's hands than those of his most vocal opponents.

So why must my people be so cynically used, and why must the weakling leader of Israel, Ehud Barak, be placed at the forefront of the anti-Haider movement by his superiors in Europe and America? It all comes down to immigration.

My friend Joel Bainerman has made two trips to Holland in the past year, and he is visiting there right now. He told me that the same incident occurred over and over again to him. He would be walking with his Dutch business associates, they would pass groups of East Asian or African immigrants and they would say, "In twenty years there won't be a Dutch people anymore. Two thousand years of nation-building will be gone in a generation."

If one's goal is to destroy nations in order to build a one continent, then a one world government, attacking the very genetic foundations of the nations' peoples is the best way to go about things. What will follow will be the inevitable loss of harmony, patriotism, language and culture. To assure that the plan goes through unobstructed, those who express fear of the situation, of the loss of their national integrity, are branded racist. An organized media will wreck the reputation of any person honest enough to express his misgivings about over-immigration, and Haider will remain a lesson for any future public figure, no matter how unbigoted and sincere; if he dares question immigration policy, he will be equated with Hitler in every nation on the planet.

Haider is no ignorant skinhead; 27% of a well-educated nation voted for him and the more Israel and the Jews fight him, the more his popularity will rise...and the more Europeans will resent my people for butting in where they don't belong.”

Barry Chamish, e-mail: 

3. Jews for Haider II (by Yehuda Poch)

ISRAEL, Feb. 7 - Yehuda Poch is another Israeli journalist who does not seem to fall for the general hysteria about Joerg Haider and Austria.  Here is his opinion piece, which was forwarded to us by a Jewish TiM reader from Houston:

“I have to hand it to Aharon Dov Halperin.  Whenever thinking Jews need a reality check he is on hand to provide it.  Take this week for instance.

Israel is justly slapping itself on the back in congratulation for leading the world in its condemnation of Austria's new political kingmaker, Joerg Haider.  When the results of the Austrian elections last October gave Haider's party the balance of power, Israel's reaction was quick and firm: Participation by Haider in any form in the Austrian government would mean the cessation of diplomatic relations between Israel and Austria.  And when Haider signed the coalition agreement last week, Israel's Ambassador was home within 3 hours.

All this, just because Haider uttered a few words in admiration of Hitler more than ten years ago, and because his party is anti-immigrant, and therefore, racist.

Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy and, to a certain extent, Prime Minister Ehud Barak, can take immense pride in this position and in its swift and decisive execution.  After all, as we have seen repeatedly throughout history, racist attitudes and words can lead to racist actions, and Israel must be the country that leads in anti-racist policies given the history of the Jewish nation.  This is especially true in Austria, which produced Hitler, which gave birth to the Nazi movement, and which has had former Nazi Kurt Waldheim serve as its President.

Indeed, Israel's lead has been followed by the rest of the world, with both the United States and the European Union re-examining their ties to Austria with an eye toward downgrading those ties to the extent that Haider takes part in the government.  For though his party is a coalition partner, he himself remains outside the cabinet due to the Israeli-initiated pressure.

What puzzles me though, and what I credit Mr. Halperin for pointing out, is that rather than leadership and resolve, Israel's actions lay bare the fundamental hypocrisy of the attitudes upon which this government is based.

Notice which politicians took the lead in demanding Israel's response to Haider:  David Levy, and Meretz Cabinet Minister Ran Cohen.  Neither is exactly the ideological guardian of Jewish national pride or tenacity in the face of adversity. The sources one would expect to demand such a feisty response from Israel -- the political right and the Zionist grass roots -- have taken a back seat in this issue, and it is little wonder.

Haider is not the problem.  A few words uttered a decade ago, for which he has apologized, and which he has recently recanted in a written pledge, are not going to do damage to Jews, and certainly not the Jewish population in Israel.

Anti-Semitism is not what drives Joerg Haider.  Haider's problem is immigration, regardless who the immigrants are.  Jews in the Diaspora are perpetual immigrants, and they feel threatened by an anti-immigration party in the State that produced Nazism.  This is legitimate.

But Israel, which was supposed to spell the end of the Wandering Jew, should not be reacting so forcefully to what is actually the internal decision of a democratic electorate.  Indeed, Austria does not attract that many Jewish immigrants.  Far more numerous are the Arab immigrants attracted to Austria by a healthy and vibrant economy and proximity to the Arab world.  Indeed, Arabs are more threatened by Haider's racism than are Jews.

What we see, though, is the Israeli left, where the mindset of the Wandering Jew has never really been ejected, reacting from the gut when the Wandering Jew is threatened.  Zionists, for whom Israel is home, and for whom the Wandering Jew is no more than an important history lesson, should not react at all.

Rather than react so forcefully to a threat that is perceived through words uttered long ago, and which may or may not materialize into actual racist policy which may or may not lead to actual ethnic cleansing in Austria, Israel should be more concerned with showing its national pride and steadfastness against the real anti-Semites of the world.  Rather than pay so much attention to Haider the Nazi sympathizer, Israel should be leading the world in isolating and eliminating the real murderers of Jewish children next to whom Haider is a relative angel of mercy.

But instead, the very same David Levy, Ehud Barak, and Ran Cohen rush with glee to bestow gifts of righteousness at the feet of Yasser Arafat, the man with more Jewish blood on his hands than anyone since Hitler.  And they rush even faster to bestow gifts of honor at the feet of Syrian dictator Hafez Assad, who is capable of killing 20,000 of his own people while drinking his morning coffee, and who for 30 years has employed a defense minister who works on the side translating The Protocols of the Elders of Zion into Arabic.  The Syrian media is daily rife with anti-Semitic diatribe and vitriol, and Arafat's henchmen have now taken the audacious attitude that if Israel doesn't abandon exactly the land tracts they want, they will return to killing Jewish children and blowing up commuter busses.

Israel's response to Austria is not as righteous as it seems.  The Israeli media is shouting from the rooftops that Israel has issued the correct response to anti-Semitism.  But where are the real anti-Semites, and how is Israel responding to them?”

Yehuda Poch is a journalist in Israel.  This article is protected by copyright.  You can send your comments to:  

4. A Counterpoint: Euros against Haider (by Herman de Tollenaere)

AMSTERDAM, Feb. 12 - While some Jewish writers in Israel, such as Chamish and Poch, analyze the Haider phenomenon coolly and rationally, the TiM reader from Netherlands, Herman de Tollenaere, sends us this report about the protests in Amsterdam, which seem to be guided by a lot more passion than reason:

“The demonstration had been organized at very short notice. Yet, on Friday 11 February, hundreds of people gathered on the Dam, the main square in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to protest against racism, especially that of Jörg Haider's extreme Right FPÖ government party in Austria.

First, a member of the movement against the Balkan war spoke. "There already was an anti-racist and anti-Haider movement when the big media and official politicians were still silent." When Haider and his co-government coalitionist Schüssel, were the Number One cheerleaders in Austria for NATO's war against Yugoslavia, wanting to betray Austria's official neutrality, not one of the Western big media and official politicians complained. We will not trust Mrs Albright-Halfbright on Austria; as we can see her Balkans policy of war.

Haider's foreign affairs NATO militarism has a link to his home affairs racism. For Yugoslavs are the biggest group of foreigners in Austria. Haider banned Slowenian children in Carinthia from learning their own language at school [though the Slowenian language has a longer history in Carinthia than German has].  Haider opposes Serbo-Croatian in Austria. Is NATO occupied Kosovo his inspiration here? There, it is extremely dangerous for people to speak Serbo-Croatian, Slowenian, or Bulgarian now. All Jews were driven out of Kosovo after NATO/KFOR came. Haider might like that in Austria too.

Dutch neo-Nazis, encouraged by Haider's party joining the Austrian government, now put up pro-Haider  posters. These are the same people who in 1999 tried (unsuccessfully) to break up anti-Balkan war meetings in The Netherlands. And whose predecessors in 1940-1945, when Hitler occupied The Netherlands, joined his SS against the Soviet Union, and against Balkans partisans.

If the Dutch government really wants to help our anti-Haider action, they may, for a start, stop to put refugees into jails, as if they were criminals. They may stop the Dutch military in Orahovac, Kosovo, now violating the human rights of Serbian and Roma civilians, driven into a ghetto, every day.

Also, a co-organizer of the Amsterdam demonstration said that it had "absolutely nothing to do with the hypocrisy of the European Union and US government politicians" on Austria.

Lisa, an Austrian university student, also spoke. She told of the daily big anti-government demonstrations in Vienna and elsewhere. The big applause she got from the audience confirmed that, as the organizers said, this demonstration opposed not by any means the Austrian people; but Haider and his racism, his militarism, wanting Austria to join NATO, and his antisocial economics. It was about helping the people in Austria to get rid of this government.

Then, the demonstrators marched to the Austrian consulate, with banners and shouting slogans. Both participants and passersby eagerly accepted the leaflets, containing information on Haider and on the anti-Balkan war movement. An elderly Asian lady, and elderly Asian gentleman, came rushing enthusiastically from the sidewalk to get more leaflets. The demonstrators had a discussion with the Austrian ambassador to The Netherlands outside the consulate's front door. Again, they emphasized: "We are NOT against the Austrian people; however, we ARE against Haider's party's racism." Then, they marched back to the city centre.

The next demonstration will be Friday 18 February, 3 o'clock, also on Dam Square in Amsterdam.”

Herman de Tollenaere, Netherlands


TiM Ed.: If the diversity of views expressed above illustrates anything at all, besides revealing the farce of a European “unity,” it is that Haider has not unleashed the Jews. vs. Gentiles feelings.  He has polarized the left vs. right in Europe and around the world. 

As Jacob Heilbrunn points out in his Wall Street Journal piece, “for decades, the (European) right was artificially suppressed” during the Cold War era.  “Now a new generation of populists is shaking up the Continent… The spectacle of corrupt European governments lecturing Austria is risible… They need do make Europe more, not less, democratic. However bad it may be for Mr. Haider to gain power, keeping him out undemocratically would be worse.”  Indeed. 

5. Buchanan on Haider: Nothing to Fear Feb. 16, 2000

VIRGINIA, Feb. 8 ­­ Neither the United States nor Europe has reason to fear Joerg Haider, the new member of Austria's government, Reform Party presidential candidate Pat Buchanan told supporters Tuesday night (Feb. 8).

During a campaign stop in Richmond, VA, Buchanan accused members of the European Union of hypocrisy and arrogance for freezing diplomatic relations with Austria after Jeorg Haider's nationalist Freedom Party was sworn in last week. He said the EU had "willingly climbed into bed with genuine fascists and people who are Stalinists and Communists," according to an Associated Press report.

"I do not see any threat to Europe or the world or anywhere from Mr. Haider or that coalition government sitting in Vienna," Buchanan said. "But it is an indication, I think, that any candidate of the right can expect universal hostilities."

"He is an opponent of their whole global new world order," Buchanan said of Haider.


TiM Ed.: The Buchanan segment of the above TiM Bulletin was added on Feb. 16 from Sydney, Australia.

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