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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/7-1

July 5, 2000

First Victim of U.S. Immigration Act of 1965...

A Demographic Earthquake Strikes California

Immigration and Language Anarchy May Fracture National Bonds; Privileged by Pigmentation; Violent Crimes Rises in LA as Police Force Ebbs



Paris                        1. A Demographic Earthquake Strikes California

Washington            2. Immigration and Language Anarchy

                                     May Fracture National Bonds (By Sam Francis)

Boston                    3. Privileged by Pigmentation, the Province of

                                    Caucasians (By Don Feder)

Los Angeles           4. Violent Crime Rises in Los Angeles as Police Force Ebbs


1. A Demographic Earthquake Strikes California!

Non-Hispanic Whites No Longer a Majority

PARIS, France, July 5 - The U.S. Immigration Act of 1965 has just claimed its first American state victim as a demographic earthquake has struck California. Some time this year, the non-Hispanic whites will be no longer a majority in America's most populous state, the New York Times reported on July 4.  Some experts say this has already happened, since available statistics always trail actual events. 

This makes California the first of the 50 states to succumb to waves of legal and illegal immigration during the last 35 years, especially from Latin America and Asia.  Yet as recently as 1970, non-Hispanic whites represented an 80% majority in California. Today, however, they account for three quarters of all deaths, and for barely a third of all births, in the Golden State.

That was some Independence Day present to the majority of Americans, the folks who bore the brunt of the American Revolution and the subsequent nation-building! No wonder the "liberal," globalist, and at its core ultimately un-American, New York daily chose to run this "in your face white America"-piece on its front page on the Fourth of July.  No coincidence there.

Yet what is happening in California, and to a lesser extent elsewhere around the country, was as predictable and night and day. Four years ago today, a group of white Americans was attacked by a Hispanic mob in a Los Angeles suburb for carrying the U.S. flag during the Independence Day celebrations. Neither the New York Times, nor any of its "liberal" media brethren, carried this news story.

That Fourth of July 1996 assault on the "stars and stripes" was a precursor of things to come, as the TiM editor said in his August 1996 Washington Times column, "When Cultures Collide...".  It was a part of the intimidation tactics to make the non-Hispanic whites move out of certain neighborhoods. 

And it’s obviously working.  Outflow of migration from California into the neighboring states has been also growing.  The Midwest used to be the biggest source of newcomers to Arizona, for example.  No longer.  Since the late 1980s, such a dubious distinction has belonged to California.

Furthermore, our January 1999 TiM Bulletin, "Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts", cited Peter Brimelow's bestselling book, "Alien Nation," in which the author also warned that the 1965 Immigration Act had unleashed "a demographic event of seismic proportions."

And we updated the status of this deliberate destruction of traditional America by its demonstrably un-American "demo farcical" Washington government in the TiM editor's Reform Party speech, "Aztlan: America's Kosovo".

Who is to blame?

Well, certainly not the Hispanic- or Asian-Americans.  Nor the Hispanic or Asian illegal immigrants.  Or for that matter, any immigrants no matter where they are from.  The indigenous non-Hispanic white Americans are to blame, of course.  In other words, stand in front of the mirror and look the enemy in the eye.

        We are the ones first and foremost who allowed an alien Washington controlled by alien un-American interests to alienate the people from their government; to take over our country and to shred our Constitution.

        We are the ones who allowed anti-white racists to label any non-Hispanic white American a racist for merely pointing out the FACTS about the destruction of his culture (see “Silence of Plight of Persecuted Christians”).  Ever heard of any Black, Hispanic or Asian racist?  They don’t exist, according to the “liberal” media, such as the CNN or the New York Times. 

        We are the ones who allowed that a dictatorship of the minorities be imposed on us, the white “silent majority.” 

        We are the ones who sat silently in front of their TV sets, watching CNN and other alien networks tell us how great our economy is, while the gap between the rich and the poor in America widened in 48 of the 50 states (see "Wiping Out the Middle Class").

        We are the ones who uncritically allowed the New World Order aliens to dumb-down the nation into accepting the rampant immigration as supposedly a “good thing for America” (see "Dancing 'round the Golden Calf"). 

        We are the ones who uncritically hailed the virtues of "democracy" (read the New World Order "demo farce"), until such time that aliens started to use such "democracy" as a way of taking the country from indigenous Americans.  Or at least some states so far.  Just wait till some Mexican secessionists in California call for a referendum, and lo and behold, such “democracy” may turn the American Southwest into our own Kosovo or Bosnia.

        We are the ones who allowed the laws legalizing unrestricted abortion to be passed, and the birth control methods to be practiced, that practically ensured a long-term extinction of the "well to do," "sophisticated," but slowly diminishing non-Hispanic white American race.

        We are the ones who allowed "them" even to try to take away our Christmas, and to turn it into a "shop-till-you-drop" fleece-the-Christians fest (see "NWO 'Liberals' Cancel Christmas").

Allowing all these things for the sake of one’s real or imagined material gains is equivalent of a national suicide.  Only a devil could have devised such a scheme, as the California death and birth rate statistics for non-Hispanic whites are now showing, not to mention migrations out of the state.

If we continue to do nothing, we will become nothing in the long run.  Just ask the Native Americans, the original victims of a demographic war waged on them by the White Man in America.  Also in the name of “progress,” of course.  Unlike Mexico, they never even got paid for the loss of their land.  Other than by bullets, of course, fired in the name of “progress.”

Kosovo anyone?  What goes around, comes around…

When things like that happen in foreign countries, the Washington “liberals,” of course, cry foul, call it “ethnic cleansing,” and send in the Marines.  When demographic wars occur in our country with the White Man as the victim, both Democrats and the Republicans look the other way, cheer the so-called multiculturalism in the hope of wooing the Hispanic vote. Or the Chinese vote.  Or any other immigrants who are likely to support their assault on the non-Hispanic white majority in America.  And such Washingtonians stand ready to send in the Marines should the victims object to being victimized.

What's to be done?

Atoning for our sin of silence and acquiescence may be a good start.  All non-Hispanic white Americans who allowed such travesties to be perpetrated upon ourselves and our future generations by the New World Order aliens will probably have to spend the next four to five decades, if not longer, righting all these wrongs.  If we start yesterday...

If we do not, all we need to do is look at what happened to the Roman Empire, or the Native Americans, to see our future, too.  If we don’t like what we see, all we need to do is send to Washington some (also) native Americans who are dedicated to protecting America’s borders from demographic as well as military assaults.  Such as Pat Buchanan, for example. 

But do we have the courage to do it?  Do we have the courage to “just say no” to an evil, materialistic, parasitic, Machiavellian New World Order which is trying to enslave them?

Time will tell.  The latest California demographic earthquake may be just an early warning.  Or it may be the rumble of the doomsday clock while we moan and groan.  Or worse, stay silent.


2. Immigration and Language Anarchy May Fracture National Bonds (By Sam Francis)

WASHINGTON, July 5 - Former Washington Times columnist, Sam Francis, probably needs no introduction to TiM readers.  Those who may not be familiar with his excellent writing, however, can check out his web site at the end of this piece. 

In his latest column, which we bring you here with the author’s permission, Francis also expounds about some additional harmful effects of the rampant immigration in the U.S.  Before arriving at the same conclusion - that current immigration trends may cause a fracture in our national bonds:

“One reason there's not much of a debate about the mass immigration that has swept into the country during the last 30 years is that most of the eggheads who expound on immigration harbor the fond illusion that the immigrants will assimilate -- that is, learn the English language, adopt Western and American values and live, work and conduct themselves like everybody else in the country. That, of course, is pretty much what earlier generations of immigrants did, and the result has been satisfactory for everyone.

But that's not what present-day immigrants are doing, which means that they're not behaving the way the eggheads -- and the lawmakers who listened to them -- anticipated. Not only does the United States now sport such quaint Third World customs as child marriage, female genital mutilation and alien religions that are little more than voodoo and black magic but also we enjoy the rising babble of more than 300 different languages.

Language is one of the major bonds that holds a nation together and distinguishes it from other nations, and it's also one of the easiest things for immigrants to adopt in the process of assimilation. And if immigrants don't adopt the language of their new country, it's very likely they haven't assimilated and don't intend to assimilate. In the case of recent immigrants to this country, it's now pretty clear they're not assimilating and have no plans to get on with it.

This week the Washington Times published a story about the language enclaves developing in the United States precisely because of unassimilated immigrants. It turns out that there are some 300 different languages now spoken in this country, and as of 1990 some 31.6 million people who speak them. That's one seventh of the entire population, and that was 10 years ago. Today there are a lot more.

"The changes," the story tells us, "are reducing the prevalence and primacy of English in American life and culture. More than ever, modern America is multilingual." You don't really need newspapers to tell you that. Go to the bank in most metropolitan areas, and the teller machine asks you which language you want to do business in. Churches, shopping centers and many stores and restaurants sport signs and ads in languages other than the mother tongue.

Immigration is the overwhelming reason for the sprouting of the linguistic jungle in America, but there are also other forces at work. For one thing, as the article also notes, "Immigrant communities in some states have become so large and insular that greater numbers of people find no need to learn English." Little Havana in Miami is the example the story offers, but it's not alone.

Indeed, this points to the whole problem with mass immigration that brings in too many people too fast. When immigrants can have their own languages -- and their customs and values -- reinforced by large numbers of people like themselves from the same places, they don't need to assimilate. Instead, they form their own communities and enclaves, and the surrounding society has to assimilate to them.

Add to that the general weakening of the social disciplines in American culture over the last 30 years and what you have is not assimilation of immigrants but what may be the impending disintegration of the cultural -- and maybe eventually the political -- bonds of the nation. Affirmative action, laws that outlaw discrimination, bilingual education and similar pea-brained notions have made it almost impossible for native or assimilated Americans to enforce their culture and language on newcomers.

The Times article also points out that the immigrants themselves often don't much care about adapting to their new homeland and its language and folkways. "There has been a widely reported surge in the growth of special ethnic language schools teaching Persian, Hindi, Mandarin, Korean, Farsi, Czech and other languages to immigrant youth.... They offer a way for immigrant parents to instill in their youngsters the parents' native culture and traditions while keeping their offspring from total assimilation into U.S. culture."

That's swell, of course. Everyone should grow up learning the traditions and culture their parents teach them. An even better way to learn it is for the immigrants to go back to their own countries and teach their kids there.

But what the linguistic anarchy now descending on the local schools, governments, economies and culture of the nation means is that there is less and less pressure on new immigrants to assimilate at all and more and more pressure on Americans already here to adapt themselves to what the immigrants prefer. And, as that occurs, there are fewer and fewer American leaders -- eggheads or lawmakers -- interested in trying to halt the flow of immigration or the massive injection of alien tongues and folkways the immigrants inject into the disintegrating American civilization.”

To sign up for Sam Francis columns for just $20 per year, go to:


3. Privileged by Pigmentation, the Province of Caucasians (By Don Feder)

BOSTON, July 4 - The following editorial comment by Don Feder uses satire to express similar sentiments to those in our own lead editorial.  The Feder piece was published by The Union Leader - New Hampshire Sunday Times on July 4:

“I WISH TO PUBLICLY apologize for my whiteness. I realize my pigmentation is a serious transgression, and I am profoundly sorry for it.

  This confession is prompted by a story in The Boston Globe (multiculturalism’s in-house newsletter) concerning a conference on “whiteness” that took place at Simmons College.  The gathering of “100 liberal activists, religious leaders and academics” explored ways of “dismantling racism by focusing on white culture and the privileges that come with it.” For the left, racism is always unicultural, the exclusive province of Caucasians.

  The idea seems to be that if whites can be shown how privileged their pigmentation has made them, they will repent and get behind racial quotas, multicultural brainwashing and reparations for slavery.

  The problem, says conference organizer Paul Marcus, is that many whites don’t see themselves primarily as such. He’s right. Days, even weeks will go by when I don’t think about my whiteness, which really should be foremost in my consciousness.

  Still, all that I’ve accomplished I owe to my racial identity. I coasted through high school, college and law school. Teachers took one look at my pale face and said this man deserves a B-plus average — forget homework, tests and final exams.

  And when it came time for my wife and I to buy our first house, we didn’t have to scrimp and save for a down payment. I didn’t have to pay bills on time to establish a good credit rating. The mortgage loan officer based his decision exclusively on our coloration.

  Truth be told, that’s how I got a job in journalism. I can still recall the words of the editor who hired me: “Fellow white man, welcome aboard. Would you like your own column?”

  Besides my own ill-gotten gains, I wish to apologize for the collective wrongdoings of my race — for all of which I am personally responsible. This loathsome catalog of Caucasian crimes, includes:

  1) Democracy — The Magna Carta, English common law, Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution weren’t the work of Eskimos.

  2) Industrialism — It started in Anglo-Saxon England and reached its full flowering in America, courtesy of crackers like Alexander Graham Bell, Cyrus McCormick (inventor of the reaping machine), Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford and radio/TV pioneer Lee De Forest.

  How much better the world was when we were all living in huts and wearing animal skins? Who needs a lifespan of more than 30 years, anyway? And wasn’t looking at cave drawings a lot more fun than watching 98-channel cable TV?

  3) Science and Medicine — Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk, Sir Alexander Fleming and Louis Pasteur. The modern world was shaped by the melanin deficient.

  The racial crime wave continues. In 1962, Francis Crick and James D. Watson shared a Nobel Prize for modeling the molecular structure of DNA. Francis Collins and J. Craig Venter may share the next for their work on the human genome. Regrettably, there has been no affirmative action in the distribution of Nobel Prizes in chemistry, biology and physics.

  4) Western Religion (also that of not a few Africans and Asians) — Moses, Jesus and Mohammad? Could be a Caucasian conspiracy. If that weren’t enough, my racial associates monopolized the philosophy market, from Aristotle to Wittgenstein.

  5) Culture — Yet another way albinos arrogantly foisted their ideals on humanity. Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Mozart, Beethoven, Michelangelo and Rembrandt, collectively they might be mistaken for a meeting of the membership committee of the Gross Pointe Country Club.

  6) America — Europeans discovered and explored our hemisphere. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, et. al secured our independence. How insensitive of the Founding Fathers not to have sought greater racial representation in their deliberations.

  Let’s face it, over the last 1,000 years, most progress — material and cultural — has come from the domains of those who Afrocentrist Leonard Jeffries calls the “ice people.”

  In light of all we’ve inflicted on humanity over the course of history (another Caucasian invention), we’ll be lucky if they let us sweep the floors in the next millennium.”

Don Feder is a Boston-based political writer.  This column can be also seen at the Union Leader web site -


4. Violent Crime Rises in Los Angeles as Police Force Ebbs

LOS ANGELES, July 5 - Faced with the first surge of violent crime in a decade, the number of officers on Los Angeles streets has fallen sharply and response time for emergency calls has risen, according to an ABC news broadcast report.

Stretched thin by a 4.7 percent decline in patrol officers citywide, the average response time was 7.3 minutes, up from 7 minutes in 1999, police statistics show. That compares with an average of 8.2 minutes in the San Fernando Valley where officer deployment was down by 5.3 percent.

At the same time, violent crime has surged by 7.1 percent across the city as of June 14, and 7.3 percent in the Valley over last year.  The Foothill Division reported a 16.7 percent rise, the largest jump in the Valley.

"The No. 1 problem is deployment because of the lack of resources," said Los Angeles police Capt. Ron Seban of the Foothill Division, which lost 36 of its patrol officers since last year.

With the Democratic National Convention in August, and memories of the Lakers riots still fresh, police said they are down 700 officers, with 9,300 currently on the force, compared with the 10,000 department goal.

Arrests were down throughout the city this year over last, with Foothill and North Hollywood divisions seeing the steepest declines at 29 percent apiece. Per-officer arrests declined by 19.1 percent citywide, as compared with per-officer arrests last year during the same period.

The LAPD's Police Protective League's president told the ABC news the department is in a "crisis mode."  "You have a totally demoralized Police Department," said League President Ted Hunt. "If the LAPD was a human being, it's in the first stages of a heart attack."

Happy Fourth, America!  From the country that gave us the Lady Liberty... 

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