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TiM GW Bulletin 2002/1-1

Jan. 17, 2002

“Free press exists if you own one” (A.J. Liebling, New York Times)

Enronizing Pretzelitis:” New Alzheimer Strain Strikes Potus Potatus Primus

French Paper Reveals Recent Osama-CIA Link



Washington                         1. “Enronizing Pretzelitis:” New Alzheimer Strain

                                                 Strikes Potus Potatus Primus

Paris                                    2. French Paper Reveals Recent Osama-CIA Link


1. “Enronizing Pretzelitis:” New Alzheimer Strain Strikes Potus Potatus Primus

WASHINGTON, Jan. 13 - It was a news story that must have struck a fear in American couch potatoes’ hearts.  Strike fear.  Make it a dagger, driven right through their spud-studded hearts.  One of their own, in fact, our Potus - a.k.a. George W. Bush, or in plain Texan a.k.a. just “Dubya” - our fearless commander-in-chief in Washington’s jihad on jihad, was felled Sunday by a pretzel.  Yes, a mere pretzel. 

The Prez was reportedly watching football on TV when disaster… (oops, pretzel) struck... (oops, stuck) in his throat.  He fainted, fell and hit his cheek as he tried to fend off the pretzel attack. 

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That’s at least the official explanation for a shiner on Potus’s left cheek that our couch Potatus Primus has been bravely sporting ever since the pretzel’s unsportsmanlike conduct on Jan. 13 (see the photo). 

Now if only our Prez had done what millions of other American couch potatoes do on NFL Sundays - munch on potato chips instead of pretzels… But I know… that’s Monday morning quarterbacking, and (Bush) brew under the bridge now.

Taking no chances after the terrorist attacks on America, the White House said the remains of the aggressive pretzel have been quarantined by the SS (Secret Service), and shipped to the Atlanta Center for Disease Control (CDC) to determine its origin and genetic makeup.  After running a pretzelful of DNA and other forensic tests, the CDC researchers are expected to find out if this was a new al Qaeda weapon of terror, made to resemble the popular American junk food.  And if it may have been planted by Osama bin Laden’s network in the Potus Potatus Primus’s pretzel bag.

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“Enronizing Pretzelitis”
Preliminary results, however, point in a different direction.  It appears that the pretzel attack has left some rather beneficial side effects on our Potus Potatus Primus. The Prez is now said to have no recall of Enron at all.  Nor of more than $2 million in Enron’s campaign contributions he has received.  Nor of any mention of Enron by VeePotus (Dick Cheney), or by his cabinet members (Paul O’Neill, Treasury and Don Evans, Commerce) whom the Enron chairman, Ken Lay, had called hoping for a Lay-away way out (a bailout) of the company’s financial troubles.

As a result, the CDC scientists have temporarily classified the latest Bush affliction as “Enronizing Pretzelitis,” a new strain of Alzheimer’s disease which wipes out only the memory cells that contain information about embarrassing campaign contributors (see the cell images above).  In an earlier mutation discovered at the Lincoln bedroom of the Clinton White House, a similar Alzheimer’s strain was also known as “Chinagate.”

Washington insiders report that the revelation of the “Enronizing Pretzelitis’s” surprising side effects has produced a run on pretzels at the Bush White House.  Insiders ignored the clear and present danger of a possible use of pretzels by al Qaeda as its new weapon of terror.  The fear of facing the Enron investigators was evidently greater than the risk of Osama bin Laden’s pretzel attacks. 

Our Potus Potatus Primus even shared a bag of pretzels with the lapdog press that covers the White House for the lamestream media.  “Chew carefully,” he said in a note.  It is not known how many reporters actually did bite into the Potus bait, nor if the Enron amnesiac side effects were discernible afterward among those who did.

Now, with that as a tongue-in-cheek preamble, stand by for future TiM Bulletin installments on the budding “Enrongate,” in which we will examine some serious ramifications it may have on the way business is done in American boardrooms.

For example, anyone still remember, the “watch my lips… no more taxes”-line? (Bush Sr., election 1988).  Which, of course, did not prevent the Bush Sr., a close pal of Enron’s chairman Lay, from agreeing to raise taxes once he was elected President. 

Well, will it be like father, like son…  “watch my lips… no more Enron's?”

Bush Jr. is now claiming that he did not know anything about Enron’s problems, and/or the Lay “mayday” calls to his government officials.  The Bush cabinet members have also confirmed that they had not discussed their Lay conversations with the President.

But why aren’t our lamestream media reporters asking them - why didn’t they?  And not just because of the large campaign contributions they knew Dubya had received from this Houston-based company.  If these Bush officials deemed the Lay calls to be improper, it was their duty to report them to the Prez.  If they did not deem them improper, and they did not heed Lay’s requests for help, as they also claim, then they still should have reported them to the Prez.  They should have done it to avoid an appearance of impropriety, and to keep the Prez apprised of what is going on in his own (Texan oil) backyard.  Which is starting to reek to high heaven.

It’s one of those “catch 22” situations.  You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.  If the government officials did not tell the Prez anything about the Lay calls, they have failed him.  If they did tell him, they, as well as our pretzel-bruised Potus Potatus Primus - have failed the American people.  Which is why being stricken by the galloping “Enronizing Pretzelitis” is such a handy affliction.


2. French Paper Reveals New Osama-CIA Links

PHOENIX, Jan. 17, 2002 - This article was originally slated for publication on the eve of the TiM editor’s departure on his trip ‘round-the-world (Nov. 1), but was delayed due to some travel-related hassles.  So here it is now… it is still very much current news, as the U.S. lamestream media have not yet reported anything about it, as far as we are aware.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 1 - A respected French newspaper, Le Figaro, revealed yesterday new ties between the “most wanted man” in the world, Osama bin Laden, and the American government that is supposedly hunting him down, while killing hundreds of innocent Afghan civilians in the process.  Even more stunning was Le Figaro’s disclosure that the French intelligence officials tipped off the CIA on September 7 about the possible attacks on America that took place four days later. 

The French revelations dovetail a Chicago attorney’s allegations that he had also tried to forewarn the Justice Department about the looming danger.  David Schippers, who presided over the President Clinton impeachment hearings, claimed in a radio interview to have spent months before 9/11 trying to get information to Attorney General John Ashcroft supplied by some FBI agents (for a transcript of Schippers' interview check out 

Why did U.S. government not act upon such tip-offs to prevent the terrorist actions, or at the very least to warn the American public? (as Ashcroft and the FBI have done twice in October alone - luckily to no avail, as it turned out).  Why has the U.S. establishment media ignored the stunning French story, which was even picked up in Britain, Washington’s closest ally in the supposed bin Laden hunt? (see This Is London). 

Why did the U.S. president say he was satisfied with the performance of the $30 billion American intelligence agencies in the face of their greatest failure in the history of the Republic?  Why is no one on Capitol Hill asking these questions?

“Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark,” to paraphrase Shakespeare. But little Denmark is okay these days.  It is in Washington that the Big Brother seems to have taken up residence.

Here’s a translation of the article published by Le Figaro on Oct. 31:


By Alexandra Richard (translated by Angie Carlson)

31 October 2001, page 2

The CIA met bin Laden in July

Enemy number one was being treated at the American Hospital of Dubai, at the beginning of Summer, for an acute kidney disease.  During his sojourn of 15 days, the Saudi millionaire received a visit from a local representative of the CIA.  This agent was himself informed of the eventual attacks [on WTC etc. ac]


Dubai, of the seven emirates of the united federation of Arab Emirates, is in the northwest of Abu Dhabi. 

This city of 350,000 habitants, was the discreet theatre of a secret meeting between Oussama ben Laden and a representative of the CIA, in July.  A man, a professional of the administrative director of the American hospital of Dubai, affirmed that the public enemy  number one, had stayed at that medical establishment between 4 and 14 July. 

From the Quetta airport in Pakistan, Oussama ben Laden was transferred upon his arrival at Dubai airport. He was accompanied by his personal medical team and trusted lieutenant, who might have been the Egyptian, Ayman al-Zawahari--at this point the witnesses are not definite--by four guards of the corps, also by one Algerian doctor.  bin Laden was admitted at the American Hospital.  The American Hospital is a glass and marble building, situated between Al-Garhoud Bridge and Al-Maktoum Bridge.

Each floor comprises two suites, VIP, and about fifteen rooms.  The Saudi millionaire was admitted to the highly reputed department of urology of doctor Terry Callaway, a specialist of kidney stones and masculine infertility.  After many repeated telephone calls, Doctor Callaway did not respond to our questions.

As early as March 2000, the weekly, Asia Week, published in Hong Kong, inquired about the health of bin Laden who had an acute medical problem and whose days were rumored to be in danger, because of a spreading kidney infection, which required him specialist care.  According to reliable sources, mobile dialysis equipment was delivered to his residence in Kandahar, in Afghanistan, during the first quarter of 2000.  According to our sources, it wasn't the first time bin Laden was moved, due to his health problems.  Between 1996 and 1998, Oussama ben Laden was taken to Dubai several times to take care of his problems. 

On 27 September, fifteen days after the World Trade Center attacks, upon American demands, the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, announced the freeze on the bank accounts of 26 persons or organizations, who had contacts with bin Laden's organization, notably, the Dubai Islamic Bank.

The connections between the Emirate and Saudi Arabia, haven't always been too clear, explained our sources.  The princes of the reigning families who recognized the Taliban regime went often to Afghanistan.  One of the princes of the reigning families participated regularly at hunting outings at bin Ladens territory.  He knew bin Laden and returned for a number of years.  Daily flights between Dubai and Quetta are moreover assured by Pakistan Airlines and Emirates.  As regards private emirate or Saudi flights which flew frequently to Quetta, they on the most part did not announce or register at the airports. 

During his hospitalization, Oussama ben Laden received several visitors: members of his family, Saudi and Emirate personalities.  In those same days, the local representative of the CIA, who was known by many in Dubai, was seen awkwardly taking the main elevator of the hospital on his way to Oussama ben Laden's room.

Several days later, the man of the CIA boasted to certain friends that he had visited the Saudi millionaire.  Reliable sources informed us that the man of the CIA was called back by his central command, [CIA] the day after bin Laden's departure for Quetta, [Pakistan].

At the end of July, the border police of the Emirate arrested one Franco-Algerian Islamic activist, Kjamel Beghal, at the airport of Dubai. Before August, the French and American authorities were alerted. Interrogated by the local authorities at Abu Dhabi, Beghal said he was summoned to Afghanistan at the end of 2000 by Abou Zoubeida - a high ranking militia member of the bin Laden organization, Al Quaida.

Beghal's mission: to blow up the United States embassy on the avenue Gabriel, close to la place de la Concorde, on his return to France.  

In accordance with different diplomatic Arab sources and the French intelligence services themselves, very precise information was communicated to the CIA concerning terrorist attacks regarding American interests in the world, and in the territory of the United States.  One report of the DST dated 7 September, assembled the totality of the facts, to make clear the action that will come out of Afghanistan.            

In August, at the embassy of the United States in Paris, an urgent meeting was held with the DGSE and the most senior authorities responsible for the American intelligence services. The latest and extremely disturbing intelligence was given by the French to their American counterparts, of very precise and particular information concerning the activities of Algerians, without however, explaining the general sense of the processes [of the Algerians].  With the question, "what do you fear in the coming days," the Americans resisted with a silence difficult to comprehend.

The contacts between the CIA and bin Laden were strengthened in 1979, when a representative in the familiar society in Istanbul, the CIA began to enroll volunteers of the Islamic-Arab world, for the Afghan resistance against the Red Army [of the Soviets].  The investigation of the August 1998 bomb attacks in Nairobi (Kenya) and Dares-Salaam (Tanzania) exposed the providential traces uncovered by an explosive American military exercise.  And that explosion was delivered over three years before the Afghan Arabs, those famous international brigades of volunteers, engaged alongside Osama bin Laden, during the Afghan war against the Soviet Army.    

Pursuant to its investigations, the FBI discovered the "connection" that the CIA had developed with its Islamic friends, over the span of years. The encounter in Dubai is then the logic of a certain American body politic.”             

To read the original article in French, click here .


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