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March 25, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-04, Day 2, Update 2

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Mar. 25, 1999; 9:30PM EST - DAY 2, UPDATE 2



A TiM Commentary...

Playing Possum?

Toronto: "Hey, hey, U.S.A., how many Serbs have you killed today?"

PHOENIX, Mar. 25 - Time after time today, retired generals and active-duty high brass of the "world's most powerfully military," which the trigger-happy Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Sam Berger, William Cohen and other Washington warmongers began to use yesterday against a small European predominantly Christian country, expressed their bewilderment as to why the Serbs have not so far used their sophisticated air defense systems.

Instead, for the second day in a row, the Serb military lay low, pretending to be taking it on the chin, as the NATO cruise and tomahawk missiles pounded the country, destroying its surface military targets and killing mostly Serb civilians, but leaving the country's underground military structure largely intact. They used only the traditional AAA (anti-aircraft artillery). And even that, it appears, was sufficient to hit some NATO planes, as you saw from our earlier reports.

Guess someone forgot to punch in the "playing possum" scenario into the Pentagon war games computer models? That Serbs won't waste their missiles against unmanned NATO missiles, and will instead wait for the NATO pilots to come calling before sending them home in body bags, or taking the survivors prisoner.

Meanwhile, the Belgrade TV kept broadcasting to the nation the images of the wanton and needless destruction of civilian structures which the NATO "smart bombs" had caused. In the Belgrade suburb of Rakovica, for example, two elementary schools and one junior high school were damaged by the NATO bombing, our Belgrade sources report.

A Novi Sad-based correspondent reported to the Truth in Media today that, NATO had "also bombed Vrdnik in Fruska Gora, which is not very far from where I live." The target was close "right next to the Ravanica Monastery, where the nuns still keep the collar bone of Prince Lazar" (the Serb leader in the battle of Kosovo against the Turkish invaders in 1389).

Earlier on, we had also reported to you that "several civilian areas have already been hit by cruise missiles, including the village of Gracanica, where one of the most sacred Serbian Orthodox monasteries is situated," according to a report by Father Sava Janice of the Decani Monastery.

Meanwhile, anti-NATO and anti-American protests are erupting around the world, including in the NATO countries. If you have any doubts that this is Vietnam all over again, only worse (because it may lead to WW III), read on...

In Toronto, Canada, America's neighbor and closest NATO ally, more than 1,000 people - many of them Serbs with young children in tow - gathered in front of the U.S. Consulate, shutting down University Ave, according to today's Toronto Star report. When police finally managed to clear protesters and reopen the major city artery, 3 1/2 hours later, many of the U.S. Consulate windows were broken, and debris, broken eggs and rocks littered the street.

"Hey, hey U.S.A., how many Serbs have you killed today?'', chanted the crowd, refreshing a Vietnam war protesters slogan ("Hey, hey LBJ, how many have you killed today?'').

Truth in Media's (non-Serbian!) Toronto sources report that many Canadians joined in the protest, outraged by the fact that four Canadian CF-18 fighter jets were among the planes that dropped the bombs on Serbia. "I can't believe Canada is standing for this. I'm so ashamed,'' a 27-year-old Toronto woman, holding small baby in her arms, told the Toronto Star.

In Prague, the capital of one of the three new countries admitted to NATO membership, about one hundred Serbs, some of them wrapped in Yugoslav flags and waving banners condemning NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia, staged a protest march past the embassies of the USA and Germany today. The march ended outside the Yugoslav Embassy. That's where about one thousand people, most the newly-minted "NATO citizens" (the Czechs), signed a petition against NATO attacks in an hour.

In Moscow, thousands of protesters pelted the American Embassy with eggs, paint and stones throughout the day. Thousands of volunteers signed up to fight with the Serbs against NATO.

In Skopje, as we had reported earlier, several thousand Macedonians attacked first the western journalists' equipment, and then the American Embassy in that Balkan country.

In Canberra, the capital of Australia, demonstrators expressed their anger at, what they called, the "West's Mafia Tactics," according to the Australian, a national daily newspaper.

We could go on, but we'll stop here with reports of the world's outrage at the NATO bombing of the Serbs.

Meanwhile, amid all these examples of the world's common citizens' protests against NATO's  terrorizing of a sovereign country, signs of cracks within the NATO alliance have begun to show.

First, the Greek prime minister, Konstantinos Simitis, announced today in Berlin that Greece, a Balkan country, and one of the key components of the NATO alliance, opposes the NATO air strikes. Then, the Italian prime minister said roughly the same thing. And even the French Chirac-cum-Vichy government has started to waiver, perhaps remembering what happened to the Nazi vassals, like Vichy?

All of which makes Madeleine Albright, the U.S. secretary of state, who claimed today at a State Department press conference, that she had been in constant communications with the NATO allies, who were unified and 100% behind the bombing campaign against the Serbs - a LIAR!  Surprise, surprise... considering who her boss is.

In light of the above PUBLIC statements by the leaders of Greece and Italy, could it be that Madam Halbright may have been consulting with her alter-egos, perhaps even less bright than the Albright herself?

Finally, unlike Iraq during the Gulf War, Serbia today reportedly expelled all foreign journalists from its territory. So no longer will the American Joe-Six-Packs be able to snack on their beer and chips while entertaining themselves with scenes of the almighty Pentagon "smart bombs" destroying the designated targets without any "collateral damage."

But that's the least of the problems which this move will pose for the warmongers in Washington. As a retired American general (Neal) freely admitted today in a live CNN broadcast, he and Gen. Schwartzkopf, the top U.S. commander during the Gulf War, had relied heavily on such CNN and other reports from the western reporters within Iraq while waging that war.

K94-2 (Bosnia-Kosovo).gif (29133 bytes) In other words, by showing the likes of CNN's Christiana Amanpour (Albright's spokesman James Rubin's Iranian-born wife) the way to the door, the Serbs have now deprived the NATO bombers of their establishment media eyes and ears on the ground. From now on, all the news the Joe-Six-Packs will get, will come from the Belgrade brewery (a far better brew than the Budweiser or Coors, by the way. You should try it... for what it's worth.)

And so, tisk, tisk... The Pentagon thought they could play a "TV war" with the Serbs? How stupid! How did Clinton think the Serbs had kicked out the Turks from their lands after a 500-year occupation (no kidding - 500 years!)? Or the Austrian imperialists? Or Hitler's 20 divisions, supplemented with the local collaborators, including the Kosovo Albanians? By kissing up to the invaders? Especially the Vietnam draft-dodging kind?

So, c'mon Komrade Klinton and Madame Halfbright. Get real. Do you really think you can intimidate the Serbs by killing their women and children with your "smart bombs?" Do you really think you can scare the people who had lost one-third of their male population in WW I, fighting  the foreign imperialists like yourself? (then Austrians and Germans).

Maybe the Klinton-Halfbright duet should return to the Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, from which they had (miraculously?) graduated, and do a remedial course on the Balkans history? Maybe then, they would learn that "playing possum" is a favorite Serbian pastime.  And that kicking the foreign invaders' asses is the Serbs' most favorite sport, perhaps only after kicking the soccer ball, or shooting a basketball three-point shot.

Which means that pitting our brave (American) fighting men in the role of foreign invaders of the sovereign state of Serbia, our ally in two world wars and the world power in basketball, is an act of treason against everything we, Americans, stand for: liberty, valor and justice for all.  And the three-point shot.

As a triple U.S. veteran (China-Korea-Vietnam) recently put it in his recent letter to me, "I never would have believed I would say the following we need to get our asses kicked for being in Kosovo. You would think we would have learned in the above mentioned conflicts." (see the Wall Street Journal, Mar. 16, available at our Web site).

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