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July 27, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-128, "Peace" 22

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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July 27, 1999 - "Peace" 22


London                      1. A Kosovo Gypsy: "We Cannot Live with Albanians

                                     Any More. They are animals."

Rijeka                      2. Plight of the Kosovo Romany (Gypsies) Detailed

Belgrade                  3. Kosovo Heroin Mafia Thriving Under KFOR

Serbia                      4. A Letter from a Hungarian in Serbia: "Zivela Srbija!"

                                    ("Long Live Serbia!"


1. A Kosovo Gypsy: "We Cannot Live with Albanians Any More. They are animals."

LONDON, July 24 - Although more than 100,000 Serbs have fled the KLA terror and the KFOR "peace" since the end of the NATO air campaign, the Serbs are not the only Kosovo mprist7-17.jpg (36577 bytes)inority suffering from the "ethnic cleansing" being carried out by the Albanians. The Romany (Gypsies), ethnic Turks, and even local Albanians who refused to support the KLA terrorists, have been brutally evicted from their homes, some beaten or murdered, too.

John Laughland, who reported to the London Express from Kosovo, described the current humanitarian tragedy as follows in his July 20 OpEd piece: "Within a month of the end of the bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, NATO governments and Belgrade have struck up a curious alliance. They are united in a conspiracy of silence about the tens of thousands of Serb and Gypsy refugees from Kosovo, driven from their homes by Albanians."

So Laughland took it upon himself to tour some of the refugee camps. And what he saw were tens of thousands of "poor terrified people are an ideological threat to Tony Blair as much as they are to Slobodan Milosevic." From which the London Times correspondent concludes:

"For Nato, the flood of refugees destroys the fiction that the war was fought for moral principles. Time and again during the war Mr. Blair said, ‘This is not a war for territory but for values’. Ethnic cleansing was unacceptable and had to be stopped. However, if this were the real reason for the war, NATO should logically be now bombing the Albanian capital, Tirana, or attacking the KLA headquarters all over the province.

Instead, NATO is turning a blind eye to Albanian atrocities. Far from exerting pressure on the KLA, Mr. Blair was photographed recently enjoying a convivial joke with its leader, Hashim Thaci. And while the International Criminal Tribunal prosecutor, Louise Arbour, is travelling in Kosovo to draw attention to Serb atrocities against Albanians months ago, she is ignoring atrocities now being committed by Albanians under her very nose."

The West even looks the other way, despite its huge military presence in the province, as the Albanian Mafia charges Albanian refugees ransom money before allowing them to leave the camps and return home.

Serb and Gypsy refugees, pouring across the border in their hundreds every day, told me how they were chased from homes which were then burned before their eyes; how women had been raped; how neighbors had been shot or had their throats slit. They also said Albanians were killing ‘loyal Albanians’ - Kosovars who had worked for the Yugoslav state, for instance as postmen or in factories. […]

The Gypsies' fate is particularly tragic. All over Eastern Europe they are a persecuted minority. Only in Serbia, it appears, did they live free from discrimination. But Albanians seem to have a particular hatred for them. I was taken to a former Gypsy quarter in the town of Kosovska Mitrovica: all the houses stood empty, torched and smashed up by Albanians.

‘We cannot live with the Albanians any more,’ cried one desperate Gypsy woman waiting by the roadside with her family and a few suitcases. ‘They are animals’."

For the full London Express story, check out -


2. Plight of the Kosovo Romany (Gypsies) Detailed

RIJEKA, July 26 - With the foregoing Laughland piece about the Kosovo "peace" as an introduction, here are now some firsthand testimonies by the Kosovo Gypsies who have managed to escape to Croatia. The Association of the Romany of Croatia, which has published the original testimonies, has asked Slobodan Drenovac of Rijeka to translate them into English, before presenting them to the NATO embassies and at the press conference in Zagreb.

Here are some excerpts, for example, from a testimony by Dzemail Zeinulah, a former resident of Kosovska Mitrovica:

"I guess you’ve heard of the Mahala in Kosovska Mitrovica. That’s our community. That was our community. If only I could return... But what’s there to return to, burnt-out ruins? They set fire to my house. And... what a beautiful house it was. I’d been building it all my life. Worked for a company, but in the afternoons – brick by brick... And the flowers around the house... a garden... everything to one’s heart’s content.

Okay, not only mine... There were much nicer houses in the Mahala. Many with two floors. We (the Romany) had our own stores, a barbershop, a hairdresser, and even two bakeries. Just imagine how all that has been plundered and burnt.

There we stood on the other side of the Ibar River and saw it all with our own eyes; clouds of smoke rising, all our sweat burning up in flames... more than one thousand five hundred homes... We stood there silent and still, more than six thousand of us Romanies watching our lives expire. The smell of freshly baked bread was replaced with the stench of scorched ruins. We kept on looking... tears streaming down our cheeks, sounds of bawling babies here and there...

We’re a funny people, a damned people: we don’t want war, but war wants us. And it’s always been that way. And how nicely the Albanians are repaying us: We sent our children to their schools, we spoke Albanian... and many Romanies registered themselves as Albanians, since many don’t know how to speak Romany. That was convenient for them because they could show the world how many Albanians there are and how Kosovo is theirs. How nicely we’ve been repaid: Now Kosovo is theirs, and only theirs.

NATO came and then came KLA. They all have guns, machine guns, pistols... and knives in their hands. They know: the Romanies have no arms. They bust into our Mahala, from house to house. They tell us: Get out or be slaughtered. […]

What will I (now) live from? I lost my pension, my house, and after hundreds and hundreds of years I’m to search for a homeland. They didn’t even let us take the smallest little things with us, just the clothes we were wearing. Who fled, fled. Only our dervish headman Aziz Azemi stayed. He’s a cripple, so how could he flee? And he’s a religious person and as they say, one of the same faith as theirs. So Aziz stayed on in his ‘tekkes’ (religious shrine) and they set fire to the tekkes and our Aziz was inside. We heard that everybody who didn’t flee was killed...

As for us, we scattered anywhere we could... A couple thousand ended up at Zvecara in Kosovo where they were placed in a camp together with the Serbs… We went on foot in the direction of Novi Pazar (a town in southwest Serbia). Nothing to carry, but the voyage is tedious. My wife, two sons, a daughter-in-law and me…

In Novi Pazar… they placed us in some kind of a camp. There are Romanies here from everywhere in Kosovo - from Pristina, Kosovo Polje, Tavnik, Podujevo... even from Djakova.. There are thousands of us in the camp. There are very many Serbs and Montenegrins, and then there are Turks, Croats. We got acquainted with a woman. She was Slovenian. All alone. She just stares hard at nothing and keeps on repeating: ‘Oh God, is there justice on this Earth? What wrong have we done? What wrong have we done?’

In the camp there is no food, no medications... The Serbs are starving together with all of us. There are no clothes. There’s no place to wash, and all that we have is what is on us.

I see: evil is spreading! The world doesn’t want to know about us. Yet I know how it was before. We all had satellite antennas. We saw how the world welcomed the Albanian refugees in Macedonia and in Albania. The world cried over them. Those same tears don’t exist for us... for us, who didn’t flee on command to get the world to have pity and to be on our side...

We don’t exist... That I see. There is no returning to Kosovo, because the Kosovars are none the Montenegrins, Serbs, Turks... they (Albanians) are the only Kosovars... And that’s that!

Foreign politicians say NATO will form a militia made up of Albanians, the KLA members. The very same ones who plundered us, burned our homes and drove us away will protect us. From whom? I see, evil is spreading and so we decide on Sarajevo. We stayed there with some kinfolk for a short time. We see things are pretty tough here, too. Our kinfolk paid our way to Croatia, which we crossed over into illegally."

 "That was Dzemail Zeinulah’s story," sums up Redjep Redjepi, of the Associaton of the Romany of Croatia. "His narrative quite frequently broke off with longer pauses, deep sighs, abrupt departures from the room to which he would soon come back with red eyes. As he himself put it - it’s obvious that his tears are not for the mass media, TV cameras, or for the world.


TiM Ed.: And where was CNN’s "hate minstrel," Christiana Amanpour, wife of our Secretary of Hate’s official spokesperson (James Rubin), when tens of thousands of Serbs, Gypsies… and now we also see some Croats and Slovenians - were driven out of Kosovo by Madam Halfbright’s new pal, Kosovo’s Thug-in-Chief, Hashim Thaci? (see "Thugs of the World Unite," S99-117, "Peace" 11, Item 1, July 1).

Where were the MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, SKY… and other network alphabet soup cameras when all these refugees were starving in decrepit camps across Serbia? Where was the emergency humanitarian airlift for these New World Order "miserables?"

The western media’s collective contribution to NATO’s "lie and deny" PR charade over, the camera lights were turned off, just as in Bosnia after the Dayton "peace," and the TV crews moved on to cover other "more important" stories, such as Princess Di’s or John Kennedy, Jr.’s deaths.

Wonder if anyone will ever mistake anything that the likes of NATO or CNN say or do as anything but a humanitarian mission?


Mr. Redjepi continues…

"A great number of the Romany people lived together with the Albanians, Serbs, Turks and Montenegrins, and in light of the schools and Albanian majority, they were subjected to Albanization. This process was particularly accentuated during the last 40 years because of the demographic boom of the Albanians. Therefore the Albanian majority pressured us to declare ourselves the same as they did, yet they never gave us the same rights that they were entitled to. […]

Pressures on the Romany community particularly escalated during the past two years, especially since the Albanian extremists established the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), and initiated armed incidents."


TiM Ed.: Note an important point here, which we have been stressing for months: "Pressures… escalated during the past two years," especially since the KLA was established.

In other words, this Kosovo Romany’s testimony confirms our and the Toronto NWO analyst’s (John Whitley) assessments during the early days of the NATO’s war on Serbia, that KLA was entirely a RECENT western creation (cooked up at the Bilderbergers’ 1996 Toronto conference, according to Whitley - see S99-23, Day 10, Update 2, Items 3 and 4, Apr. 2). And that the entire NATO’s Kosovo War was a segment of the NWO "Wag the Dog" scenarios, carefully stage-managed by the Washington, London and Brussels producers of real life war crimes and human tragedies.


"In these incidents the casualties were all persons who refused to take side in behalf of "their cause". The Turks and Romanies (of Muslim religious persuasion) were exposed to blackmail and extortion of money under threat, maltreatment, rapes of Romany women, and even murder. […]

During the NATO bombing, the situation suddenly worsened. For example, Albanian extremists raided the Romany Mahala, and with the use of force, filled four buses with Romanies, so as to transport them to the border with Macedonia…

During the bombing the Romany people were forced to join units of the KLA. They were also subjected to extortion of money and were robbed.

Example: Safet Azemi (21) from Kosovska Mitrovica, during a pause in the bombing, went to a bakery to buy bread. After buying the bread a group of armed Albanians attacked him with the butts of their guns until Safet fell to the ground, unconscious. Seeing what was happening the baker (an Albanian!) ran up to the group with the intention to protect the youngster, but these extremists killed the baker on the spot. After that, the Albanian nationalists asked for a ransom of 1,000 German Marks to free her son. When the mother paid the demanded ransom, the extremists did not free her son and his fate is unknown. […]

For the love of the truth, we must also point out that the targets of the Albanian extremists were also those Albanians who refused to flee across the border during the air strikes, but they do not dare to admit this publicly for fear of further revenge. […]

In addition to this, we bear witness to the fact that in most situations the Romany people are simply ignored. Thus the head of the U.N. administration in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner (a French Jew), mentions some kind of provisional government which would be made up of Albanians and Serbs. And who will represent 100 to 150 thousand Romany? We hereby demand that the representatives of the Romany people be included in these negotiations…"


TiM Ed.: Our heart goes out to the thousands of the Romanies driven from their Kosovo homes, as it does to a far greater number of innocent Serb civilians who have suffered the same, or worse, fate. Perhaps now the Romanies may better appreciate Winston Churchill’s warning to the European appeasers of the 1930s: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last."

Why didn’t Mr. Redjepi and his kin speak up when the Serbs were being persecuted against in Kosovo (during the last 50+ years), instead of trying to cooperate with the Albanians’ "Albanization" of his race, as he put it? Why is the despicable expulsion from Kosovo of some 6,000 to 8,000 Gypsies more newsworthy than the plight of the 100,000+ Serb refugees, abandoned by everyone in the world, but God?


3. Kosovo Heroin Mafia Thriving Under KFOR

LONDON, July 24 - The Kosovo conflict has turned this Serb province into a magnet for many of the world's notorious drug barons, the London Times said on July 24. More than 40 per cent of the heroin reaching Western Europe comes through the Serb province because of a lack of border controls, said Marko Nicovic, former Belgrade police chief and drug squad detective who worked for years in co-operation with police in Britain and the US.

"Kosovo is now the Colombia of Europe. There is no border between Kosovo and Albania or between Macedonia and Kosovo. For the Turkish, Russian, Italian and Albanian mafias, Kosovo really had become a paradise," Nicovic told the Times.

Nicovic said he began to notice Albanian gangs dealing in drugs in the mid-1980s. Heroin trafficking increased, he says, after Yugoslavia lost its membership in Interpol (an international, mostly non-political police association) with the imposition of international sanctions in 1993.

"Our police had great expertise and experience with this," Mr. Nicovic says. "The Kosovo conflict has left the province without police or customs controls, and KFOR soldiers are not criminal investigators."

Nicovic said drugs were being brought into Kosovo from Asia and Turkey, then taken on to Western Europe by road and sea by drug barons from Italy and Albania. Many Kosovo Albanians have bought harbor-side sites in Albania in the past few years. Much of the heroin shipped from there to small ports in southeastern Italy are run by Italian Mafiosi. Other favorite routes are by road, north through Serbia to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany, he says.

The former Yugoslav drugs squad chief says the Albanian drugs and arms mafia is particularly hard to penetrate. Albanians have strong family ties and it is hard to find informers. "They have a brotherhood which gives them a far greater ability to form a mafia than even the Sicilians."


TiM Ed.: Maybe they are hard to penetrate by the normal above-board law-enforcement officers. But evidently not by their brethren in Washington, who also cooked up the drugs-for-arms, Iran-Contra deal in the 1980s. And guess who was the governor of a U.S. state which was allegedly the take-off point for such illicit CIA shipments? None other than today’s President of the United States, serving out his second term in office (see the video "Clinton Chronicles" for more details).

Does that tell us anything about what kinds of people are running our country today?


Nicovic also told the London Times that hundreds of pounds of heroin are being stored in the village of Veliki Trnovac, near Gnjiliane, which happens to be the headquarters chosen for the American sector in Kosovo. There are also some heroin stashes in Djakovica, where a Serb church has just been blown up this weekend (see the photos at our Web site).

"This is a cancer area for Europe, as Western Europe will very soon discover," Nicovic said. "As each day passes the Albanian Mafia becomes richer and more powerful."


TiM Ed.: Guess what? A "cancer" for Christian Europe may be exactly what the NWO doctor had ordered for those who are not members of the "NWO Mafia." Check out this writer’s Dec/98 Chronicles column, "A Bear in Sheep’s Clothing," available at our Web site.


4. A Letter from a Hungarian in Serbia: "Zivela Srbija!" ("Long Live Serbia!"

SERBIA, July 24 - The following is a letter which we received last week from, Paul Csurka, a Hungarian refugee from communist Romania, now living in Serbia (see S99-52, Day 31, Update 2, Item 4, Apr. 23):

"As you know I am a Hungarian. But this situation from Vojvodina makes my stomach turn. And these so called ‘Hungarians’ living there make me sick. These are the same people that were content with being part of Yugoslavia while the living was good. I mean when life in Yugoslavia was much better than in Hungary proper, under the Kadar communist regime.

But now when the chips are down, and due to NATO's ‘humanitarian’ destruction (of Serbia), there is hardship. And when their poor dislocated (from Kosovo) Serb countrymen need help and shelter, these same Hungarians want to secede from Yugoslavia and be a part of Hungary.

These lepers have no honor, no dignity nor loyalty - either to their brethren, or to their country - be it Hungary or Yugoslavia. Their only concern is their material well-being. They are the leaches, the same people that were ready to sell out their own, and the country to the commies, as long as they got something out of it.

They reassemble very much the dumbed-down and diluted American populace of today. Keep up the good work, Bob, and keep on telling the truth !!!!


Paul Csurka, Serbia

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