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April 2, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-23, Day 10, Update 2

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 2, 1999; 11:30PM EST - DAY 10, UPDATE 2


London                      1. The (London) Telegraph: KLA Near Collapse

Albania                      2. KLA Commander NATO Betrayed Us!

Toronto                      3. Bilderbergers Planned, Financed, and Started Kosovo War?

Phoenix                      4. A "KLA Commander" Writes to TiM "We Needed Money and

                                      Work; We Received Bombs

Phoenix                      5. SUMMARY Belgrade - New Capital of Free World;

                                      Washington - New Seat of Evil Empire


1. The (London) Telegraph: KLA Near Collapse

LONDON, Apr. 2 - The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) is on the verge of collapse, Western diplomats and military analysts yesterday told the London Telegraph reporter, Julius Strauss. Despite initial successes in holding back the advance of the Yugoslav army, which launched a blistering attack against ethnic Albanian strongholds two weeks ago, the guerrillas are running out of guns, ammunition, soldiers, food and communications equipment.

Experts say that a last-ditch attempt by the KLA to unleash a counter-offensive in the main cities has failed and urban guerrilla units, though still holding out in a district of Pristina, have been largely isolated, the Telegraph said.

With the KLA now set to collapse for a second time in six months, the West will have lost a de facto ally on the ground. Military experts have suggested that only a vigorous last effort by the allies to arm the KLA with effective anti-tank weapons can prevent that happening. But the toughest KLA fighters are likely to survive as the Serbs do not have the manpower to comb the mountains, hills and forests looking for them.

For the full story, check out the Telegraph Web site, April 2 issue.


2. KLA Commander NATO Betrayed Us!

ALBANIA, Apr. 2 - Here is an excerpt from a report by the London-based Institute of War & Peace, filed today from Kukes on the Kosovo-Albanian border by its staffer, Fron Nazi:

"The Kosovars call it the 'Besa' -- the sworn vow on which an Albanian stakes his life. Kosovo Liberation Army soldier Shkem Dragobia says NATO made such a pledge to his people. And broke it.

"When we signed the Rambouillet agreement, we were led to believe that NATO and the US will help the Albanians. So we stopped arming and mobilizing ourselves," he says.

The KLA was strongly pressured to reduce its military activities. The talk in France was of decommissioning, and plans to convert the KLA into a force to peacefully police its own communities. At all costs, they were told, the KLA was not to take advantage of any NATO action to embark on an offensive of their own.

The Albanians say they kept their word -- on the expectation that NATO would do its part to prevent the kind of humanitarian catastrophe that is now unfolding.

"NATO has failed to keep its part of the besa," he adds.

He is speaking in a tight room, packed with rifles, machine guns, helmets and other basic military hardware, on the outskirts of the town of Kukes, Albania. Outside, around a hundred wagons and carts pass the Albanian-Kosovo border, each one packed with ten, 15 desperate, despairing people, an entire extended family for each miserable transport.

It is a devastating spectacle, and for Albanians the most bitter illustration of the failure of the West's strategy. But while the international refugee agencies and journalists count the numbers, at Dragobia's base in a small warehouse, others are counting potential recruits.

According to Dragobia, all agreements are now off. If NATO refuses to enter Kosovo with ground forces, the KLA is calling on the West to provide heavy arms, artillery and other materiel so that it can take up the fight itself."

For a full report, check out the Institute for War & Peace.


3. Bilderbergers Planned, Financed, and Started Kosovo War?

TORONTO, Mar. 31 - Speaking on Mar. 31 at the popular Jeff Rense talk show, John Whitley, publisher of the Toronto-based New World Order Intelligence Update, said that the Kosovo war was no accident. Nor was it caused by Slobodan Milosevic or the Serbs. It was carefully planned and set into motion at the Bilderbergers' secret meeting near Toronto in late May 1996.kla.jpg (34067 bytes)

(Except that the secrecy of this "secret society" was busted when the Toronto Star ran a contemporaneous story on the meeting - - over 100 other prominent figures in the world of business and politics are all).

Whitley says that Bilderbergers "have actually brought about this (Kosovo) crisis." The task to create and finance the KLA was supposedly given to Germany. But Whitley said the CIA has also been instrumental in training and equipping the KLA terrorists in Albania. They used German uniforms, East German weapons and were financed, in part, with drug money, before being sent across the border to Kosovo to stir up trouble which has eventually resulted in today's situation.

(Is that why the KLA political leader Hashim Thaci doesn't speak Serbian? See the TiM GW Bulletin 99/3-2, Mar. 8, 1999, which asked the question, "Who Is Really Hashim Thaci?" - available at our Web site).

Then, in a typical Orwellian fashion, the New World Order politicians and the media kept calling their "naked aggression" against Serbia a "humanitarian mission," Whitely said. Kosovo is the first case, but if these would-be rulers of the world have their way, the globally tyranny will eventually come home to roost in the U.S., too. Already the U.S. military is being used as a pawn of the globalists, such as in Kosovo, rather than a defense force of the United States.

You can listen to the full interview at Jeff's RealAudio archives

http// (2nd hour of the Mar. 31 show).


TiM Ed. Of course, Bilderbergers are not the only no-longer-so-secret "secret society." The Council for Foreign Relations (U.S.) and the Trilateral Commission are also forums at which the NWO elite discuss their plans for a supra-national government of the world. But after Mar. 24, and especially after NATO's bombing of downtown Belgrade tonight, these people may be guilty of more than just talk. Certainly, no one will ever refer to them as "elite" anymore. Not unless you were also using the same term for the "Kremlin elite."

For more on the topic of who really rules the world, and what the New World Order is, and how it lead to the torching of civilian buildings in Belgrade, search the TiM Web site by appropriate keywords. You will be able to see a list of "who's who" in the Chinese Wing of the New World Order, for example.


4. A "KLA Commander" Writes to TiM "We Needed Money and Work; We Received Bombs

PHOENIX, Apr. 2 - This morning we found an unusual e-mail letter in the TiM's mailbox. It came from someone calling himself a KLA field commander, and was signed only as "Ibrahim." Since it came from a HOTMAIL.COM e-mail address, there was no way that we could verify the authenticity of the message. Therefore we urge the TiM readers to take this letter with a large grain of salt. Nevertheless, since this "KLA Commander" echoes similar feelings as those reported earlier in this Bulletin by actual KLA figures, plus offers additional details which match up with John Whitley's and our earlier strategic analyses of the Kosovo conflict, here it is, for what it's worth. You can take it, or leave it - your choice. We've left all the typos, formatting and English grammar in it just exactly as we got it:


The Truth

I am Kosovo Albanian. Up today I was field commander from KLA. I joined

KLA because I believed in the propaganda and because of my temporarily

emotions. I was trained in guerilla and diversion tactics and techniques

by German, Turkish and Afghan instructors. Under the commandment of our

instructors we were accomplishing operations for destabilization of

Kosovo. In fact we are playing the role of NATO' ground troops. After we

destabilized the province by attacking Serbs as well Albanians, the Serb

units entered Kosovo. I still believed that we are on the side of the

justice. I was justifying the attacks of KLA against the local Albanians

because we were told that only in this way they will rise against the

Serbs. Now, when NATO' strikes began, the foreign instructors made us

create more diversions against the Serb military installations. We were

dressing Serb uniforms and attacking villages and refugees. The

instructors told us that by doing so, we will receive western

assistance. We were receiving quantities of weapons from Albania and

NATO' troops in Macedonia. Two days ago we assaulted a column of

refugees. We killed them all. Some of our people took everything that

could be taken from them. At daybreak I found out that we have killed

the family of my brother.

Yet, I was silent. I didn't want to see the truth. Actually KLA wasn't

defending the Albanians but the bosses of the Albanian mafia. Now they

are hiding in Italy, Macedonia, Czech Republic, and we are dying. I

heard from western radio stations that Rugova is killed or wounded.

Yesterday I understood that they have lied us. NATO lied us. They

destroyed our homes and our families. They made us fratricides. Our

bosses select the most beautiful women among the refugees and take them

away and we are mobilizing by violence there husbands and brothers. NATO

used us in order to cheat us, and to cheat the world. In fact the bombs,

the missiles and we were cleansing Kosovo.

I go off. I have a bone to pick with our leaders. The last night I

killed the assassins of my brother. The instructors are in operation

with our people, and some commandos of NATO.

We needed money and work, we received bombs.

Open the borders of the EU for the refugees, and you live in Albania and



Good Bye Kosovo!



5. SUMMARY Belgrade - New Capital of Free World; Washington - New Seat of Evil Empire

Now, let's recap... After 10 consecutive days, NATO's bombing has failed to produce the desired result, - to force Milosevic and the Serbian nation to their knees, bowing to the new would-be NWO masters of the world. Furthermore, Washington's and NATO's silence about its casualties suggests that, whatever the numbers, they have been probably VERY HEAVY. Their surrogate Kosovo "army," the KLA, has been virtually wiped out by the Serbian ground forces. Their bombing of Kosovo has driven out tens of thousands of both Albanian and Serb civilians, making NATO the biggest "ethnic cleanser" of all.

To try used the NATO ground forces to occupy Kosovo at this stage is probably closing the barn door after the horse is gone. Military experts estimate that it would take more than 10 times as many troops as NATO currently has in Macedonia (10,000 to 15,000), and about six months to get them there and ready. Plus, Greece, although a NATO country, has ruled out participating in any NATO ground options in Kosovo, according to government spokesman Dimitris Reppas. And Reppas said on Apr. 2 that Greece would not allow any NATO troops heading for Yugoslavia to pass through Greek territory.

As if all of the above weren't bad enough, Russia is upping the ante by sending a part of its fleet and increasing its political and military support for Serbia, and threatening to escalate the Kosovo conflict into WW III.

Adding insult to injury, defiant Serbs have been singing and dancing in the streets, mocking NATO, and offering themselves as "human shield" against its bombs. (This evening, for example, hundreds of young people lined up on a Belgrade bridge, joined hands and yelled anti-NATO and anti-Clinton slogans, while wearing the now world-famous TARGET signs on their chests).

In short, Clinton's arrogant use of power against a small, sovereign country has been a MONUMENTAL FAILURE. The tail had just bitten the dog.

So what does Clinton do? In a fit of rage over his impotence, this Vietnam draftdodger orders NATO's bombing of downtown Belgrade! On Easter. Despite appeals by the Pope and all Orthodox Christian Patriarchs for him to stop the carnage. But in time for prime time TV coverage in the U.S.

Sadly, many on Capitol Hill, not just in the administration, have cheered Clinton on, including the Republicans, like Senator John McCain, forgetting that the day of reckoning awaits us all.

From this day forward, Belgrade is the capital of the Free World. And Washington is seat of the Evil Empire.

Let us pray for America's salvation, and for her to find the strength to rid herself of such evil. Before it consumes her, too.


P.S. (00:10AM EST, Apr. 3): We've now received one report from Belgrade that, the Gynecological and Maternity Hospital with the 59 preemies, about which we wrote last night, may have been also damaged in tonight's NATO strike (see Day 9, Update 2, Item 2, Apr. 1). The extent of the damage and the fate of the babies and the medical staff is unknown at this point. TiM editor's e-mail to the doctor who wrote to us about the situation has not been answered. But several other adjacent buildings within the Belgrade Medical Center, including the Emergency Clinic, have been hit, according to our Belgrade sources.

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