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July 1, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-117, "Peacefarce" 11

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)     Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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July 1, 1999 - "Peace" 11


Phoenix                  1. Thugs of the World United - in Pristina: What's

                                  Sauce for the Goose, Isn't Sauce for the Gander

Pristina                  2. American Troops in Firefight with the KLA

Phoenix                  3. Thank You for Your Support! (re. Declaration of

                                   Independence 1999)

Toronto                 4. Of Toronto Maple Leafs and Other Sports Fans

                                  (for your smile or frown)


1. Thugs of the World United - in Pristina: What's Sauce for the Goose, Isn't Sauce for the Gander

PHOENIX, June 30 - The New World Order "justice" has just shown her ugly face again. As the Hague-based International War Crimes Tribunal's legal farce, this judicial face also looks awfully similar to a kangaroo court case (with our apologies to these beautiful animals which have never sued anyone, and only had to defend themselves from man).

The chief justice of this Tribunal, so security conscious that all its proceedings took place on a secure prison island, pronounced yesterday a death sentence on an alleged terrorist. In doing so, the judge said the rebels whose leader was on trial had "murdered thousands of innocent people, among them babies, children, women and the elderly." And he added that the defendant and "the organization he ruled carried out terrorist actions aimed at dividing the state. His activities constitute a serious, immediate and great danger to the country."

So off to the gallows with him, the Court ruled, to the applause of much of the western liberal media. And even some allegedly "conservative" papers said that, "Europe should not chastise (this country) for refusing to legitimate a terrorist" (see the Wall Street Journal editorial, June 30).

Now, let us introduce the cast of characters in the above kangaroo dance. Unlike the kangaroo court at the Hague, this Tribunal was not international. It was very much a national court in session on the Turkish prison island of Imrali. The accused, now a convicted terrorist, was a Kurd, Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the PKK rebels. Ocalan and his fellow-rebels have been fighting for Kurdistan's secession from Turkey. The judge who pronounced the death sentence was Turgut Okyay, a Turk. You already know who the appreciative and applauding audience were.

Ocalan was captured on Feb. 16 in Kenya by the Turkish government agents, who had been tipped off about his hideout at the Greek embassy in Nairobi by the U.S. intelligence. Israel's alleged complicity in the Ocalan case also led to violent demonstrations on Feb. 16 at the Israeli consulate in Berlin, where Israeli guards shot and killed three Kurdish protesters. Israel denied its involvement in the Ocalan's capture, but American intelligence sources told the New York Times (Feb. 17) that Israel's Mossad did help monitor Ocalan's departure from his exile in Syria on Oct. 9, 1998.

Now, let us switch from the real to a hypothetical court, with only the names of places and characters changed:

The chief of this Tribunal, so security conscious that all its proceedings took place on a secure prison island, pronounced yesterday a death sentence on an alleged terrorist. In doing so, the judge said the rebels whose leader was on trial had "murdered thousands of innocent people, among them babies, children, women and the elderly." And he added that the defendant and "the organization he ruled carried out terrorist actions aimed at dividing the state. His activities constitute a serious, immediate and great danger to the country."

So off to the gallows with him, the Court ruled, to the chagrin of much of the western liberal media. And even some allegedly "conservative" papers lectured that, "Europe should chastise (this outlaw country) for punishing a martyr" (see a mock Wall Street Journal editorial).

Now, let us introduce the cast of characters in the above (so far regrettably merely a) fictitious trial. Just like the Turkish Tribunal, this one was very much a national court, in session on the War Island in the Danube, just outside of Belgrade. The accused, yet still a free and roaming terrorist, was an Albanian, Hashim Thaci, a leader of the Albanian KLA rebels, who have been fighting for Kosovo's secession from Serbia. The judge who pronounced the death sentence was Milos Obilic, a Serb who killed the Turkish Sultan Murat at the Battle of Kosovo on June 28, 1389. You already know who the outraged protesting western audiences were.

thacrubi.jpg (60956 bytes) In a show of support and solidarity with the victim of the of such "Serb kangaroo justice," the State Department spokesman, James Rubin, a close confidant of the U.S. Secretary of Hate, Madeleine Halfbright, held a joint press conference in Pristina on June 21 with Hashim Thaci - to demonstrate Washington's support for yet another Albanian victim of the Serb oppression.

Now, let us switch back again from the hypothetical to a real world.

First, the preceding paragraph was (also regrettably) NOT about a hypothetical press conference. In the latest demonstration of the "Thugs of the World Unite" solidarity, Thaci and Rubin did appear together in Pristina on June 21, just as noted above. And they did assert the KLA rebels' implicit right to a self-government - secession from Serbia - just as the now convicted terrorist Ocalan's PKK have been seeking from Turkey.

So what's sauce for the goose isn't sauce for the gander. At least not in the NWO kangaroo courts of public opinion. It gets worse, however...

Kosovo has been Serbian territory for at least a thousand years. To this day, there has never been a legal dispute about the Serbs' ownership of this Holy Land, where 610 years ago, some three hundred thousand Serbian knights and fighters were martyred, defending Europe's Christendom against the invading Ottoman hordes. Even the bells of Notre Dame in Paris tolled back then in 1389, (erroneously) saluting, what the French Christians had then thought, was a "Serb victory" over the Asian Islamic marauders.

By contrast to the Albanians who also physically and demographically invaded the Serb Holy Land of Kosovo during the 20th century (see "Kosovo: Bosnia II and Serbia's Aztlan," TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-1, Mar. 6, 1998), the Kurds were promised a homeland in the 1920 Treaty of Sevres, which carved up Turkey, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of "modern Turkey," meaning a murderous western vassal, fought to regain the land. And succeeded, thanks to the West's treachery.

Later, the West also cast their other WW I allies, the Greek Christians, down the river in 1922. As the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Pavlos of Astoria, New York, presciently put it in his Mar. 23, 1999-letter to President Clinton, written one day before NATO's bombing of Serbia started (see TiM GW Bulletin 99/3-7, 3/23/99):

"As I write this letter I am listening to your speech on CNN. You are claiming Turkey is a 'moderate Muslim state'... The modern and 'moderate' Turkish State was founded by Mustapha Kemal, the man who in 1922 burnt the cosmopolitan city of Smyrna to the ground, and roasted alive her two-hundred thousand Christian occupants. Smyrna was once the jewel of the Mediterranean. The American Consul Mr. George Horton, who witnessed the carnage, said at the time that not since the Romans razed Carthage had the world seen such destruction. Smyrna had had a Christian presence since the time the Book of the Revelation was given to Saint John where the great city is mentioned. In 1922, the moderate State of Turkey put an end to that.

The modern and 'moderate' State of Turkey also killed millions of Greek Orthodox Christians in Anatolia and Pontus earlier this century. In 1955, a year in which you and I both lived, the 'moderate' State of Turkey aided and abetted a pogrom against the Greek Orthodox population of Constantinople. In that year the Greek Orthodox of Constantinople numbered over 500,000. Today there a less than 2,000 there.

Is this the type of 'moderate' Muslim future state that the KLA envisions for Kosovo?"

Evidently so, as the Thaci-Rubin joint Pristina press conference showed. And as the U.S. Senate also confirmed, as it voted yesterday (June 30) $20 million to fund the KLA terrorists' conversion to a standing army, while declaring Yugoslavia a terrorist state.

Talk about role reversals! And examples of Big Brother's Washington reincarnates. The Senate vote was 97-2, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that our federal government is now in the business of state terrorism while declaring to be fighting it! George Orwell would be having a ball. The Senate move was a part of the $12.7 billion foreign aid bill (also see S99-113, "Peace" 7, Item 2, June 22).

No word yet as to in what decade of the new millennium the Senate vote on declaring Turkey or Israel as terrorist states might be scheduled.

Who Is Hashim Thaci?

Less than five months ago, this KLA terrorist was a virtual unknown. Prior to that, Hashim Thaci's notoriety had been only known to the Yugoslav police, who had a warrant our for his arrest for murder of a Serb policeman.

Then came Rambouillet, where Thaci emerged as a chief negotiator for the KLA. And where he gained additional notoriety by snubbing the U.S. Secretary of State, and planting a Rambouillet egg on her face (see TiM GW Bulletin 99/3-2, Mar. 8, 1999).

Now, this KLA terrorist has suddenly become the Clinton administration's main partner in Kosovo crimes. Even in the mob world, promotions are usually handed out on the basis of seniority and long-term loyalty. So how does one explain such a meteoric rise to prominence by a mere 30-year old among the world's leading mobsters?

Well, being well connected to the gangster bosses helps. Proving one's ruthlessness by leaving a bloody trail of murders, yet no "personal fingerprints," can also enhance one's chances for promotion. But the clincher in Thaci's case may have been his Stalinist-Marxist background, laced by the friendship Thaci had struck with the Godmother's confidant, and the husband of CNN's notorious Serbophobe, Christiana Amanpour James Rubin, 39 (see "Will It Be a Rabbi or a Mullah?" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/1-7, Jan. 12, 1998). Besides the hatred of the Serbs, Rubin and Thaci also share a penchant for stylish clothes.

"Throughout the Kosovo crisis, Mr. Rubin personally wooed Hashim Thaci, the ambitious leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army," the Wall Street Journal reported from Washington on June 29. Rubin went even as far as to "jokingly promise that he would speak to Hollywood friends about getting Mr. Thaci a movie role."

The two met for the first time in February during the unsuccessful Rambouillet negotiations. "They got to know each other over a lunch of lamb chops and red wine at the ornate residence of the U.S. ambassador," the Journal said. And have been chums ever since, notwithstanding Thaci's criminal past:

"For the Clinton administration, public backing of the KLA reflects a shift. Last year, U.S. officials, still hopeful for a negotiated settlement in Kosovo, were describing it as a 'terrorist' organization. Mr. Rubin said at one point that the KLA was responsible for terrorist activities'," the Journal reported.

And with good reason. In a front page June 25 article titled, "Kosovo's Rebels Accused of Executions in the Ranks," the New York Times described in gory details some of Thaci's bloody trails. Here are a few excerpts:

"The senior commanders of the Kosovo Liberation Army... carried out assassinations, arrests and purges within their ranks to thwart potential rivals, say current and former commanders in the rebel army and some Western diplomats. The campaign, in which as many as half a dozen top rebel commanders were shot dead, was directed by Hashim Thaci and two of his lieutenants, Azem Syla and Xhavit Haliti, these officials said. Thaci denied through a spokesman that he had been responsible for any killings." [...]

"Violence has long swirled around Thaci, whose nom de guerre was Snake. In June 1997, in an incident that many in the underground guerrilla movement found ominous, a Kosovar Albanian reporter who had close links with the movement was found dead in his apartment in Tirana, his face disfigured by repeated stabbings with a screwdriver and the butt end of a broken bottle.

The reporter, Ali Uka, was supportive of the rebel movement, but he was also independent enough to criticize it. At the time of his death, he was sharing his apartment with Thaci. [...]

The close relationship between Thaci and the Tirana government, which has a reputation for corruption and has been linked by Western diplomats to drug trafficking, is one of the factors that disillusioned many former fighters who were interviewed in Germany, Switzerland and Albania. The fighters said they had fought to create a more Western, democratic state, free from Albanian influence and control.

Two former rebel leaders and a former Albanian police official, interviewed in Tirana, said that Haliti, who is officially Thaci's ambassador to Albania, was working in Kosovo with 10 secret police agents from Albania to form an internal security network that would be used to silence dissenters in Kosovo. [...]

Thaci's group was financed and backed by the Stalinist dictator of Albania, Enver Hoxha, until his death in 1985. Its members, including Syla, whom Thaci appointed his defense minister, and Haliti have become the core of the leadership that dominates the Kosovo Liberation Army.

There were persistent reports at the time (March 1998) that he personally carried out executions of Kosovar Albanians whom he had branded as traitors or collaborators, but no witnesses have surfaced. Thaci was involved, along with Haliti, in arms smuggling from Switzerland in the years before the 1998 uprising, say current and former senior rebel commanders." (For the full New York Times article, check out

And now, this former Stalinist-Marxist, drug and weapons trafficker, and the accused murderer - has the full support the U.S. government. Need we point out that "birds of a feather flock together?"

Here's how the Journal's June 29 story summed it up:

"The Clinton administration has taken a risk by tying itself to the KLA, amid questions about its commitment to democracy and links to drug traffickers. In coming years, the risk is that the guerrillas will turn against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization if their demands for an independent Kosovo remain unfulfilled. But U.S. officials say the courting of Mr. Thaci is one guarantee against that danger."

Isn't that what Washington officials also said about Saddam Hussein when it supported him against Iran in the 1980s?  And just as Saddam, Thaci has also come to power by using violence and deceipt.  Marshall Freeman Harris, an advisor to Kosovo Albanians at the Rambouillet peace talks, said the following about Thaci in a July 1 letter to the Wall Street Journal:

"Hashim Thaci and other KLA representatives violated the letter and spirit of that agreement by unilaterally forming a 'government'... (and carrying out) a de facto coup."

And now, the Clinton administration hopes to control this "Albanian Saddam" by kissing up to him?  They never learn do they?  Or is it, perhaps, that they don't want to?  Because a ruthless, murderous, Marxist thug in Pristina is exactly the kind of a person with whom the ruthless, murderous, Marxist thugs in Washington can do business?  Until the thugs turn on each other, as it happened in Iraq.

And so Ocalan to the gallows, Thaci to the toast of the town, as thugs of the world unite - in Pristina. 


2. American Troops in Firefight with the KLA

PRISTINA, June 28 - U.S. troops fought an intense firefight with two suspected ethnic Albanian guerrillas after Americans spotted them setting four Serb homes set on fire, the Agence France Press reported on June 28.

The firefight late Sunday lasted around one minute, but involved hundreds of rounds of automatic weapons fire, grenades and heavy machine gun fire, the U.S. troops said early Monday after returning from a patrol. At one point four helicopters -- Apaches and Blackhawks -- hovered at the scene outside the town of Vitina in southern Kosovo.

The event followed a wave of arson attacks in the US sector on Saturday night that destroyed at least 14 houses, including one in the same neighborhood outside Vitina. Army Lieutenant Chris Kushmaul, who led the patrol, said he suspected Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas (KLA) were burning the homes and engaging in firefights when caught by US troops.

A similar but less intense incident occurred last Monday when US troops captured one KLA guerrilla, he said. "They're outnumbered and outgunned. They fire and run. They just want to fire and slow us down," Kushmaul said.


TiM Ed.: And now, a story behind the story... We could not find a word about these Vitina U.S.-KLA firefights in any of the major U.S. establishment media reports. We've searched for this story, for example, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and CNN. Nothing.

Which suggests that the American "lie and deny" news spinners are continuing their dirty work in "peacetime," as they had been doing during the 79 days of NATO's war on Serbia. And that, if you want to find the truth about the U.S. troops' deployment in Kosovo, you'd better check out the European sources, if you can't find anything in your "morning fix" - the TiM GW Bulletins..


3. Thank You for Your Support! (re. Declaration of Independence 1999)

PHOENIX, July 1 - Since we cannot possibly individually acknowledge all of the many responses which we have received from the TiM readers, here is a big collective "Thank You!" for your overwhelming support of our proposed "Declaration of Independence 1999," which we published in the TiM GW Bulletin 99-115, "Peace" 9, Item 1, June 26.

Here is just one example of the kind of replies which we have received:

CALIFORNIA, June 27 - This "Declaration of Independence 1999" you wrote is absolutely excellent. This is exactly the right idea. We need total independence from what has become a truly EVIL federal government. All states that are not hopelessly corrupt whores to the federal government should declare their independence. Every good citizen should, too.

I hereby publicly declare that I no longer recognize the federal government of the United States of America to have any authority over me in any form whatsoever. I will not pay taxes to this evil, demonic U.S. government, and I will resist with any and all means necessary any attempt of representatives of the evil U.S. government to steal my freedom in any way.


DAVE THOMAS, June 27, 1999



4. Of Toronto Maple Leafs and Other Sports Fans (for your smile or frown)

TORONTO, July 1 - To all our Canadian readers, first of all - Happy Canada Day! Second, here is a story which may put a smile or a frown on your face. Or both, as comedy is so often a twin of tragedy:

Two young boys were playing street hockey in Toronto. A rabid pit bull came out of nowhere and began to attack one of the boys. Without hesitation, his friend grabbed his hockey stick, hooked it into the dog's collar and twisted with all his might breaking the pit bull's neck instantly.

A reporter showed up and interviewed the hero and began to write his headline: "Maple Leaf fan saves his friend by heroically killing rabid pit bull". The boy seeing this says, "It's OK but I'm not a Toronto Maple Leaf fan".

The reporter thinks this is strange but rewrites his headline: "Blue Jay fan saves best buddy from the jaws of a mad dog". The boy again pipes up and says, "It's OK but I'm not a Blue Jays fan either". The reporter is confused now and says to the boy, "Well, if you aren't a Leaf fan, and you're not a Blue Jays fan, what are ya?!"

The boy replies "I'm a 'Belgrade Sports Club' fan".

The reporter's headline appears in the paper the next day: "Serbian bastard slays loving family pet."

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