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July 4, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-119, "Peacefarce" 13

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)     Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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July 4, 1999 - "Peace" 13


Washington               1. No Ticker Tape Parade for War Criminal General;

                                      No Tough Questions, Either

New York                 2. How Albanian PAC Money Bought the Kosovo War

Phoenix                     3. Junk Food for Thought Served by Junkyard Columnist to

                                      Unsuspecting Americans

Novi Sad                   4. NWO's Destabilization of Serbia Continues

New York                5. Damage to Yugoslav Environment Is "Immense,"

                                     Says a U.N. Report


1. No Ticker Tape Parade for War Criminal General; No Tough Questions, Either

WASHINGTON, July 2 - Remember what we've been telling you for years now: Watch what the New World Order "lie and deny" protagonists DO, not what they SAY? At war's end, Bill Clinton claimed victory in NATO's aggression on Serbia (see S99-106, Day 79, Update 2, Item 2, June 10). So you'd think that, when our glorious military leaders returned "from the front," i.e., from behind their high-tech desks at the NATO HQ in Brussels, the President would have thrown a ticker tape victory parade in their honor? Think again...

"America's triumphant general in the Kosovo war received less than a hero's welcome yesterday from US senators, who criticized the lack of readiness for a ground invasion, poor intelligence estimates, and the now open-ended mission of American peacekeepers," the Boston Globe reported July 2.

In his first extensive public assessment of NATO's 11-week air war, General Wesley Kanne Clark, the alliance's supreme allied commander in Europe, told the Senate Armed Services Committee called the battle ''a testament to political unity and the will of NATO members to stand up to the humanitarian tragedy'' inflicted on ethnic Albanians by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

But the four-star "Clinton general" appearance before Congress stood in absolutely stark contrast to the standing ovations given by Congress to the last returning American war commander, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, who delivered a stirring 20-minute tribute on May 8, 1991 to both houses of Congress. By comparison, Clark suffered through the indignity of being caught in Washington traffic and then entered a huge Senate hearing room a few minutes late to find only six of the 19 committee members at their seats. (13 eventually appeared.) And when Clark finally answered the last question more than three hours and no ovations later, only two senators were left. Spectators numbered 11.

Senator James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma said: ''I do think that we have abused and we have lied to the public as to the atrocities'' that were taking place in Kosovo.

Senator Olympia J. Snowe, a Maine Republican, questioned Clark's battlefield damage assessments. A Globe reporter, in two weeks of extensive travel throughout the province, saw only three destroyed Yugoslav military vehicles - two tanks and one armored personnel carrier. ''I stand by the figures that we released on confirmed battle damage,'' Clark said. ''That was 110 tanks, 210 armored fighting vehicles and 449 artillery and mortar tubes.'' He did say that pilots hit some ''dummies,'' or fake military equipment built by Yugoslav troops as decoys.


TiM Ed.: It is unclear if this "Clinton General" counted himself among the Serb "dummies" which he had destroyed. But more tellingly, no Senator grilled him about his and Clinton's ludicrous claims that we had suffered zero combat casualties during the 79-day war. For possible reasons why not, see our next story about the Albanian PAC contributions to various Senators and Congressmen over the years.


Clark answered his last question close to 1 p.m., and stayed for a few minutes to discuss the Pristina airport situation with Senator John Warner of Virginia and Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat. The general threw his arms in the air and had a hard time keeping his voice down, despite the presence of reporters nearby, the Globe said.

It must have rankled him. ''Oh, I don't know,'' Clark said, ducking his head into his chauffeured black sedan. ''I think some nice things were said. Maybe the difference here was that we didn't have the buildup that we had leading to Desert Storm. Maybe I need to provide greater clarification in the days ahead.''


TiM Ed.: You bet they need to "provided greater clarification in the days ahead." Such as the full truth - both about the NATO losses and the war crimes committed by its leaders. But don't hold your breath for the "lie and deny" experts suddenly to turn lily white and start volunteering information which could be used for their indictments as war criminals.

No wonder there was no ticker tape parade, or a victory speech to Congress. After all, who could be proud of killing babies? Such as the 11-month old Bojana Tosovic, killed by Wesley Kanne Clark and his partners in war crimes on April 11 at her home in Podujevo.

Or the 4- and 7-year old Dejana and Stefan Pavlovic, killed by Wesley Kanne Clark and his partners in war crimes at their home in the Belgrade suburb of Ralja on Memorial Day weekend, May 28 (see S99-92, Day 66, Item 1, May 28, and S99-104, Day 78, Item 4, June 9).

And hundreds of other children killed among the over 1,500 innocent people who perished in Clinton-Clark-Albright-Cohen's... etc. cowardly war against the Serb civilians.


2. How Albanian PAC Money Bought the Kosovo War (By Ben Works)

NEW YORK, July 3 - As with most things in Washington, congressional complicity in Bill Clinton's war crimes against the Serbs was no accident. Ben Works, a Vietnam veteran, and a New York-based political analyst and commentator for CBS Radio and Fox News, has been researching this issue for a long time. And he has concluded that the Albanians basically bought this war on Serbia with a combination of drug-tainted money, and legal and illicit campaign contributions.

Back in 1986 (yes, 13 years ago!), Works dug up a Senate Resolution proposed by the then Senator Bob Dole of Kansas, decrying Yugoslavian official oppression of the Albanian population of Kosovo. At the time, "the Albanian autonomous government (set up by the Tito's Yugoslav communists) was still fully operational," Works notes. At the same time, "Joseph DioGuardi, a New York Republican, an Albanian-American, sponsored the companion House Resolution, both of which never emerged from committee."

But the Dole and DioGuardi's actions signaled the start of what was to be their long-term campaign to "dismantle Yugoslavia and ruin the Serb people," Works says. "Their goal has been to effect the division of Yugoslavia and the cleansing of Serbian populations from their territories, while purporting that 'Greater Serbia' was the menace to European security, and not the post-fascist 'Greater Croatia' and 'Greater Albania'."

Here are some additional excerpts from the Works report.

"Most of the Congressmen speaking loudest against Serbia and Serbs are those receiving money from Joe DioGuardi's PAC. Some have simply been beguiled, others may be more disingenuous. Recipients come from both sides of the aisle but are mostly members of the House or Senate Foreign Relations Committees: Joseph Lieberman and Jesse Helms, Benjamin Gilman and Tom Lantos. These records do not reveal monster sums of money, but demonstrate the tip of the iceberg, where 'soft money,' individual declared contributions and bags full of $100 bills also find their way to select candidates. [...]

Survivors of the Croat Ustashe movement in southern Germany began their work in the 1960s, but Joseph DioGuardi must be given credit for a sustained campaign to influence Congress beginning in the mid-1970s. DioGuardi, an Albanian-American whose ancestors came from an Albanian transplant community in the heel of Italy, sat in Congress for several years in the mid-1980s as a Conservative Republican from New York's Westchester County, but creating a Greater Albania was his agenda as a map on his Web site shows ( His Political Action Committee (PAC) activities are easy to follow from 1988 on.

What makes the PAC and individual contributions to campaigns more interesting is the demonstrated connection between the Kosovo Heroin Mafia, its 'pizza connection' distribution ('inherited' from the Gambino crime family) and money-laundering networks, and the number of pizzaria owner-contributors listed in DioGuardi's filings. The Croats and Albanians came up with big pots of laundered money, then spread it around selectively, with American politicians helping to persuade other members in Congress.

I have indications of a political alliance between DioGuardi and Dole going as far back as the early 1970s, but have not yet got all the evidence in hand. What I do have is sufficient to reach tentative conclusions about how foreign policy, in a democracy, can be 'bought' --that is precisely what happened in the case of the Kosovo Air War.

In early 1987, kicking off his 1988 bid to wrest the GOP nomination from then-vice president George Bush, Dole received $1.2 million from Albanian American supporters in New York City, while DioGuardi received $50,000 at the same dinner. I expect the funding trail goes back further, at least to Dole's 1976 campaign. It certainly continued from 1987 through to the present.

As the collapse of Yugoslavia loomed, the Croatian and Albanian lobbies continued their campaign: Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy, Mar 31, 1993 issue, reported as much as $50 million was larded around Capitol Hill in a two-year period which saw the defeat of George Bush and led to Bob Dole's control of the Republican party:

The United States Congress, still reeling from a series of financial scandals involving representatives and senators, is now bracing for a new problem: the massive financial 'contributions' which have been made to election funds of politicians by Croatian sources over the past two to three years. One Congressional investigator told Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy that the donations and expenditures on Washington lobbying by the Croatians over the past two years 'could well exceed $50-million.' Much of this came directly from Croatian lobbyists, and some from Croatian-American businessmen…

'Many of the campaign contributions have been recorded legally,' the investigator said, 'but many are questionable. But what is more important is that there has been a pervasive attempt to push the United States along a line defined by foreign powers-Croatia and Germany-and it has not been subtle. Elected officials are being told to either support the Croatian line or face either a removal of funding or are told that funding will be given to their opponents. Or they are literally bribed into supporting the Croatian line. This was going on long before Croatia even made its open bid for recognition as an independent state.'

Now, as to individual contributions, there are campaign contribution limits on individuals, then there are Political Action Committees (PACs), 'Soft Money' contributed to the parties and fed back to candidates, and there is the time-honored custom of passing bundles of hundred dollar bills in brown paper bags to favored candidates. Federal Election Commission (FEC) records are on-line ( and I have been able retrieve records for Joseph DioGuardi's PACs going back to the 1988 election cycle, and have also tested Bob Dole's 1996 Campaign and Liddy Dole's Campaign-2000. It is all there in the lists of candidates and contributors."

Summing it up, Works concludes that Dole's and DioGuardi's backers "have succeeded admirably (in breaking up Yugoslavia) because they were organized and persistent, while their opponents were disorganized and, ultimately, outnumbered by the overwhelming flood of media propaganda. Now, the US taxpayer is on the hook for billions of dollars, while our service personnel will be tied down for years in Bosnia and Kosovo, again attempting the kind of nation building that (had) failed so spectacularly in Somalia and Haiti."

For those wishing to inspect the details of these fundraising, Works has loaded the summary lists compiled thus far at the Sirius Web site, along with a companion reading file on the KLA and Heroin: and


3. Junk Food for Thought Served by Junkyard Columnist to Unsuspecting Americans

PHOENIX, July 3 - See our letter to the New York Times at the TiM Web site in response to Thomas Friedman's OpEd column "Was Kosovo World War III?"


4. NWO's Destabilization of Serbia Continues

NOVI SAD, July 2 - The bombing may have stopped, but the West is continuing its work on destabilization and disintegration of Serbia, as evidenced by the Vojvodina secessionist demonstrations in Novi Sad on Friday (July 2).

Nenad Canak, president of the League of Social Democrats, a Vojvodina-based party, told the crowd that his "greatest wish is for Vojvodina to be a republic, but this is not the moment for that to happen," according to a New York Times July 3 report. The article said the crowd was furious to be a part of "Milosevic's Yugoslavia."

Asked by the NYT reporter (Blaine Harden) if she blamed the Americans for bombing her city, Jelena Radovanov, a 27-year half-Serbian, half-Hungarian biologist, replied: "Not even a tiny bit. I am sorry for the bridges. I cried when they went down. But if that was the price we had to pay to stop the killing in Kosovo, then I am willing to pay it."

So she cried for the bridges but not for the babies which the NATO bombs have killed? And she is a biologist? Even the engineers who built the bridges might have been more sensitive about the loss of human life. Either way, such "loyal" and "patriotic" citizens are just what the NWO doctors prescribed for the next phase of destabilization and destruction of Serbia. Just as we predicted back in 1996.

After a visit to Bosnia and a meeting with the Serb Generrsd-rm.jpg (115829 bytes)al Ratko Mladic, we said in a TiM editorial titled, "The End Game Is Near," that Kosovo and Montenegro may be the next Serb dominos to fall.

"'What did the tiny Montenegro (500,000 people) do to deserve all this attention?' (of the western powers), we asked, and then answered the rhetorical question. 'Well, it is strategically located between Croatia, Bosnia and Albania. And it provides Yugoslavia’s only access to the Adriatic Sea. If the current U.S. 'carrot' policy bears fruit, it will create an economic gap between Serbia and Montenegro. Sooner or later, the wealthier Montenegrins may start to wonder why they need Belgrade in the first place. If Montenegro were to leave the Yugoslav federation, Serbia would become a land-locked country, starved of capital, yet full of refugees and ethnic minorities (Albanians, Hungarians, Rumanians, etc.) - a cesspool of internal trouble. If Milosevic/Serbia resisted the Montenegrin secession, a civil war among the Serbs would not be out of the question.

Either way, such an outcome would be the fulfillment of the 'How to Defeat Serbia' scenario written by David Gompert and published in the July/August 1994 issue of FOREIGN AFFAIRS, the voice of the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR globalists’ recipe which usually becomes U.S. policy, advocated the 'conduct of a cold war against Serbia - one of indefinite duration but certain outcome.' Gompert, the former director for Europe and Eurasia in George Bush’s National Security Council, also urged an 'economic war in perpetuity' and 'unforgiving punishment' against 'an unrepentant Serbia.'

Today’s Serbia is anything but unrepentant, but the globalists’ punishment is nonetheless still unforgiving. Why?

Because the genocidal idea inherent in 'How to Defeat Serbia' is still not complete. For, there are still some 10 million Serbs living and breathing..."

And now, add Vojvodina to the list of NWO's Serbia destabilization targets. This region in northern Serbia (see the map) is one of the most ethnically mixed parts of Yugoslavia, with Serbs constituting about half of its population of two million, but with large numbers of ethnic Hungarians (about 300,000), Croats, Slovaks and Romanians. And all of them have lived in peaceful harmony ever since the end of WW II. Until the NWO agitators arrived, found a few local quislings, and encouraged them to stir up trouble. Just as they had done in Kosovo. And are now doing in Montenegro, too.


TiM Ed.: Remember Randall Major, the compassionate American English language teacher, originally from San Antonio, Texas, now in Novi Sad? (see S99-46, Day 27, Item 2, Apr. 19, and S99-21, Day 9, Update 2, Item 1, Apr. 1). And the comment by one of his students - Milena Vrbaski, also of Novi Sad, written as if she were a native-English speaker? (S99-52, Day 31, Update 2, Apr. 23). And the piece "I am a Slovak from Vojvodina and I protest!" (S99-82, Day 56, Item 6, May 18). To understand how the residents of Vojvodina really feel about the NATO's war on Serbia, you may wish to reread some the preceding wartime reports, written without the editorial spin of the "lie and deny" media, such as the New York Times.


5. Damage to Yugoslav Environment Is "Immense," Says a U.N. Report

NEW YORK, July 1 - While some Vojvodina and Montenegrin quislings are continuing to provide aid and comfort to Serb enemies, the United Nations' team of experts has just released a devastating report about the "immense" damage to the Yugoslav environment which the U.S./NATO bombing has caused. Here's an excerpt:

Throughout the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the 11 weeks of NATO air strikes that ended June 10 have had 'a devastating impact' on the environment, industry, employment, essential services and agriculture, a newly released United Nations report says. Land, air, rivers, lakes and underground waters as well as the food chain and public health are affected.

The report of the Inter-Agency Needs Assessment Mission, which UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan sent to Kosovo and other areas of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia between May 16 and 27, was released publicly today (July 1). It was originally submitted to the UN Security Council June 9.

The Mission was led by Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Sergio Vieira de Mello. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) was represented by Bakary Kante of Senegal, until recently, chair of an implementing panel for the UN climate change treaty.

The Mission team's report repeatedly calls for "urgent" specialized environmental assessment and remedial action focused on the environment. The UN team reported that the destruction of public water supply systems in major urban areas has increased the risk of waterborne diseases. It also has had an impact on the overall hygiene conditions in health institutions, particularly in maternity departments.

A large number of industrial facilities - allegedly more than 80 at the time the Mission took place - have been attacked and destroyed in the NATO air campaign.

"Damage to oil refineries, fuel dumps and chemical and fertilizer factories, as well as the toxic smoke from huge fires and the leakage of harmful chemicals into the soil and the water table have contributed to as yet unassessed levels of environmental pollution in some urban areas, which may in turn have a negative impact on health and ecological systems," the Mission team reported.

The Mission visited Pancevo, 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) northeast of Belgrade, where the destruction of a petrochemical plant has resulted in the release of various chemical fluids - such as vinyl-chloride, chlorine, ethylene-dichloride, propylene - into the atmosphere, water and soil (also see S99-45, Day 26, Item 2, Apr. 18 - a TiM GW Bulletin written while this writer was in Belgrade, at the time of this Pancevo strike).

"This may pose a serious threat to health in the region, as well as to ecological systems in the broader Balkans and European region," the team said. "Many of the compounds released in these chemical accidents can cause cancer, miscarriages and birth defects. Others are associated with fatal nerve and liver diseases. A proper scientific and technical fact-finding mission under UNEP's lead is urgently called for."

The pollutants which have been released could also have a negative effect in the short and long term on the nutrition chain. The lack of protective substances, as well as fertilizer, could also endanger the survival of certain plants. Land, rivers, lakes and underground waters may be polluted due to the spillage of petrochemicals, oil spills and other chemicals, the Mission team said.

The United Nations and its specialized agencies should seek strategic partnerships with the European Union, the Bretton Woods institutions, and other major actors, including non-governmental organizations and bilateral donors, to prepare reconstruction plans for Kosovo, as soon as possible, the Mission team recommended. "Reconstruction should ultimately extend to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia as a whole: economic, social and environmental programs will have to be carried out to repair the damage caused by the conflict," the team said.


TiM Ed.: To which the NATO leaders have already said "nyet!", as they continue to carry out their genocidal anti-Serbian policies.

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