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June 10, 1999

An Epilogue to the Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

S99-106, Day 79, Update 2

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June 10, 1999; 11:30PM EDT - Day 79, Update 2


The Hague              1. Group of International Lawyers Meet with Arbour

Phoenix                   2. War of the Hooligans: Thugs of the World Unite!

                                   (Clinton and Milosevic Both Claim Victory)


1. Group of International Lawyers Meet with Arbour

THE HAGUE, June 9 - A group of lawyers from the United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, and Norway met on June 9 for two and a half hours with the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Louise Arbour, and the three senior members of her legal staff in The Hague.

The lawyers presented what they believe to be compelling evidence of war crimes committed by NATO in its bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. Arbour welcomed the submissions and characterized the discussion as useful. The lawyers said they were "extremely encouraged" by the meeting.

Appearing before the tribunal were Alexander Lykouzeros of Greece, André Savik of Norway, Glen Rangwala of the United Kingdom, Alejandro Teitelbaum of the American Association of Jurists, and Professor Michael Mandel of Canada.

"We told the Prosecutor that the tribunal's credibility was on the line," said Rangwala, who is an international lawyer from Trinity College, Cambridge University. "This is a historic opportunity to demonstrate the even-handedness of international justice. A failure to indict NATO leaders would be a severe blow to international law."


TiM Ed.: Of course, TiM wishes Godspeed to these lawyers' noble efforts to convert the U.N. kangaroo court into a "normal" legal zoo. God knows TiM supported them all during the 79 days of NATO's crimes against humanity (see S99-71, Day 47, Update 1, May 9; S99-73, Day 49, Update 1, May 11; S99-75, Day 50, Update 1, May 12; S99-87, Day 61, May 23; S99-91, Day 65, May 27 - among some of the past Special TiM GW Bulletins).

But we are not holding our breath, however, as long as Madam Kangaroos, like Louise Arbour of the Hague, are chief prosecutors in international courts financed by the governments of the Madam Halfbrights, our Secretary of Hate.


2. War of the Hooligans: Thugs of the World Unite! (Clinton and Milosevic Both Claim Victory)

PHOENIX, June 10 - The guns of war fell silent today. For now. NATO's bombs are no longer killing the Yugoslav people and the alliance's credibility. For now.

So why is the heart heavy? Why does the soul not feel like rejoicing?

Because this has been a war of the hooligans; a war on innocent civilians - Serbs, Albanians, Gypsies, even on farm and zoo animals. Which is why we say, "for now." Such wars never end unless the hooligans are gone.

Take a look around... Is Slobodan Milosevic still in power? Is Bill Clinton still in the White House? Is Tony Blair still the British prime minister? Is Wesley Kanne Clark still the supreme commander of NATO? Is Jamie Shea still the NATO mouthpiece? Is Madam Halfbright suddenly a "full Monty?"

Yes, yes, yes, yes and no. So those are five reasons the heart is heavy and the soul isn't rejoicing. But there are more...

Take a look at Northern Ireland's "peace process." It has evolved into a "piss process," as Prof. J.P. Maher rightly puts it. Since the much celebrated Good Friday agreement last year, there have been 143 bombing incidents in Ulster, one of our Dublin sources reports.

This week alone, there have been eight bomb attacks on Catholic houses, families or schools, one of them on an elementary school in Ballymena (kids of age 6 to 11!). In Portadown, one 59-year old lady was killed while watching TV at home - just because she was a Protestant married to a Catholic!

And that's "peace?" That is why we called the Ulster "peace" also a "War of the Hooligans" in a TiM GW Bulletin filed from Belfast last July. The same thugs who had signed their names to a truce are continuing to kill, only now under a "peace" banner.

Count on that in Kosovo's "piss process," too. Which is why we said that the killings in Serbia have stopped. "For now."

Meanwhile, in the wake of NATO's "humanitarian mission" in Serbia, more than 2,000 civilians have been killed; 30% of them children; and thousands have been maimed. As for the survivors, over 500,000 of them are out of work, having had their places of work destroyed by NATO. More than 800,000 Kosovo refugees (by western accounts) have been forced from their homes - both by the NATO bombs and by the ground warfare between the Yugoslav police and the KLA insurgents.

In the 16 Belgrade municipalities alone, 1,134 facilities had been destroyed or damaged as of June 9, according to the City Secretariat for Utilities and Housing Affairs. Of that number, 970 were housing facilities, 59 were schools, 48 kindergartens and 13 state-owned enterprises.

NATO bombs have also damaged eight cultural centers, five local medical centers and hospitals, six private companies, four sports facilities, four shopping centers, two religious objects and two hotels in and around Belgrade.

Among some other cities hit by NATO, Pristina had been bombed 280 times, Prizren 156 times and Novi Sad more than 100 times during NATO's 78-day air campaign.

Altogether, NATO has flown over 45,000 sorties dropping bombs and missiles whose aggregate destructive power "by far surpasses the combined force of the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II," said the Yugoslav Ambassador to Hungary, Balsa Spadijer, opening an exhibition of photographs, "A Trail of Inhumanity," at the Yugoslav Embassy in Budapest.

The Yugoslav ambassador said that the total damage to Serbia and Montenegro caused by NATO's bombing exceeds $100 billion.

Yet despite all this carnage which he had helped bring about before caving in and selling out Kosovo, Milosevic claimed "victory" today in his speech on Serb TV. "We demonstrated our army cannot be defeated," he said. "The territorial integrity of our country can never be questioned again."

For now. Until the Vojvodina separatists get going, egged on and financed by the same Hegelian Dialecticians reincarnated as globalists who had created the KLA out of thin air, and have manufactured the "Kosovo Crisis," claiming it to be a "humanitarian mission."

Diabolical? Yes. Perfidious? Yes. Machiavellian? Yes. Hegelian? Yes. Does it sell? Yes. But only to the dumbed-down masses which have never heard of Machiavelli or Hegel. On both sides...

Milosevic, the New World Order's "designated bogey," who was indispensable for such devious schemes to work, has already turned over to the New World Order hooligans all of Serb ancestral lands in Croatia, and most of those in Bosnia. Over the backs of tens of thousands of dead Serbs and over 600,000 refugees.

And now he has given them the entire Kosovo, too, while claiming to have "defended" it. Stand by for Vojvodina next, if this Serb Traitor-in-Chief lives to deliver another piece of Serbia to the enemy...

Meanwhile, back in Washington, Clinton also claimed victory this evening. For now. Before some of the new "KFOR" peacekeepers become year-round body bag stuffers, just as had been the case with a number of NATO pilots and the "stealth" rescue and ground troops during the 79 days of war.

Yet, in a televised speech which contained all the cliches of the "lie and deny" PR spinners, Clinton claimed that NATO had suffered no (!) combat casualties during the 79-day campaign. Wonder if even his Buddy (Clinton's dog) would lap up such BS without throwing up? Guess anything is possible in the Clinton household...

By contrast, in a 35-minute interview which aired on Nis TV5 at 7yugarmydeploy.JPG (39787 bytes)PM last night, Gen, Nebojsa Pavkovic, commander of the Yugoslav Third Army (which includes Kosovo - see the map at our Web site), said that the Third Army alone had downed 33 NATO planes, 25 pilotless aircraft, five helicopters, and 50 cruise missiles (see

Of course, generals lie, as presidents do. Just look at Gen. Clark as an example. But if there is a single American who believed Clinton this evening when he said that we had suffered zero combat casualties after 11 weeks of war - he/she ought to be locked up in some loony bin. So as not to ruin the nation's IQ averages, or further wreck our already frail legal system by being selected for jury duty.

Meanwhile, Milosevic was a perfect match for our Liar-in-Chief in his own "victory speech," just as diabolical as Clinton's. The Serb leader claimed that the Yugoslav Army and the special police had lost only 576 men during the fighting. That number is about a tenth of the estimates NATO released last week, and a third of what Gen. Pavkovic had implied in his earlier public comments.

So the birds of a feather flock together. What's a few hundred good men here, a few hundred there...? What's a few thousand dead civilians here, a few thousand there...? Sacrificing human lives as if they were wooden pawns in a game of chess is obviously the game at which both neo-Marxist hooligans excel - Komrade Hooligan Milosevic for the East Side Gang, and Komrade Hooligan Klinton for the West Side Gang.

For, notably absent from Clinton's 13-minute speech was any concern for, or remorse over, the thousands of innocent Serb civilians whom NATO had killed. Instead, he promised them more hardships. Clinton also said there would be no reconstruction aid for Serbia as long as Milosevic is in power, just as the EU had said earlier (see S99-98, Day 72, Update 2, Item 4, June 3).

So are there any silver linings to the Kosovo "peace" clouds? Yes, there are. It is you - the millions of TiM readers in over 100 countries around the world.

Before the NATO bombings started on Mar. 24, only a few hundred thousand of the world's most zealous truth- and liberty-fans were reading the TiM GW Bulletins. These TiM reports had been warning of impending threats to our birthrights, such as truth, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

We said that Clinton, Albright, Blair or Chirac... were merely fronting for the real NWO slave-drivers - the "gray eminencies" of the Evil Empire - the "death merchants" and other industrialists which profit from the "perpetual commerce through perpetual war" philosophy. For a few extra cents per share, these monsters did not hesitate to have their Washington proxies kill a few thousand extra human beings.  

Some income statements... Some balance sheets... So many hooligans...

Meanwhile, the TiM trenches of truth and liberty defenders are now filled with millions of additional patriots from all over these United States and the world. That's hardly a "victory" on a par with that which the NWO comrades are claiming. But it just may be "one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind's" opposition to hooliganism.

Stay tuned.  And stay active. Until we put all hooligans behind bars...


Also see "Who Won and Who Lost?" (S99-99, Day 72, Update 2, Item 4, June 3).

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