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May 18, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-82, Day 56

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May 18, 1999; 0:15AM EDT - DAY 56


Washington             1. Ground War Option All But Abandoned

Buenos Aires           2. Menem Urges Ground Invasion of Yugoslavia

Ankara                    3. Turkey to Join NATO's Bombing of Kosovo

Phoenix                   4. German, Swiss Airlines Booking Flights to Belgrade

Phoenix                   5. Irony of Nikola Tesla's Inventions: Being Used

                                   Against His Fellow-Serbs

Kitchener                6. I'm a Slovak, and I Protest!

Phoenix                   7. Anti-NATO Protests Continue: In Rome, Perth, New York...


1. Ground War Option All But Abandoned

WASHINGTON, May 17 - NATO has all but abandoned the idea of mounting a ground invasion to expel Serb troops from Kosovo, the Associated Press reported this evening. The allies are still discussing the role of ground troops in Kosovo, but only as peacekeepers, officials said Monday.


TiM Ed.: This AP dispatch highlights deep divisions within NATO's ranks (see S99-70, Day 46, Update 1, Item 2, May 8), and proves that its cowardly armchair bombardiers do not have the stomach for hand-to-hand combat. Except for Tony Blair and the gaggle of "ducks" masquerading as "hawks" in his chicken coop (cabinet), no other NATO leader is even mentioning the ground option anymore.

Yet, trying to put a positive spin on this news story, the "lie and deny" NATO "spinsters" said the ground option is practically dead because they are convinced that air power alone will break the Serbs' will to fight, and will enable hordes of displaced ethnic Albanians to return to their villages before winter sets in.

Guess the NATO spokesman Jamie Shea and his bosses must have inhaled some pretty potent stuff to be still suffering from such self-delusions, 55 days into both an intensifying and faltering air campaign. However bizarre this is, it is good news for a NATO grunt. For, who'd want to be canon fodder for the sake of the baby killer-"warriors," such as Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Tony Blair or Wesley Clark?


Retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen., Bernard Trainor, said to the AP in an interview today (May 17) that to send in ground forces, Washington and its allies must make the decision by June to have sufficient time assemble troops for a land invasion that could finish off Yugoslav forces in Kosovo before the onset of the Balkan winter.

"The ground option -- unless something extraordinary happens - does not seem to be on the table at all," Trainor said.


2. Menem Urges Ground Invasion

BUENOS AIRES, May 16 - While on the subject of a possible NATO ground attack on Serbia, guess someone forgot to clue in one of Bill Clinton's and Madeleine Albright's lapdogs, Argentina's lame-duck president, Carlos Menem. According to a May 16 Reuters report, Menem urged NATO to launch a ground invasion of Yugoslavia to avoid incurring more civilian casualties by mistake.

Menem also displayed similar callousness about human life to that of the NATO officials (see S99-80, Day 54, Update 1, Item 2, May 16). Referring to recent air attacks by NATO that mistakenly killed dozens of civilians, Menem warned that "this will continue if there is no decision to occupy part of the territory... This way air attacks and errors will continue."


TiM Ed.: In other words, such "errors" which kill hundreds of innocent civilians are justified? Lucky for Menem that Argentina is not involved in this war on civilians. If it were, the above statement alone might have landed Menem on the list of accused war criminals.

For examples of social devastation which this New World Order's international aparachik (Menem) helped facilitate in his country while selling it out to foreigners, check out "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina," TiM's 1998 Valentine's Day "card",  and "Two Faces of Globalism").


3. Turkey to Join NATO's Bombing of Kosovo

ANKARA, May 16 - Turkish planes will soon join NATO strikes against Yugoslavia in the coming week, Turkish television NTV said Sunday (May 16), quoting western military sources. NTV said the Turkish planes would fly missions against the Yugoslav military targets in Kosovo. There was no immediate confirmation from Turkish military authorities, the Agence France Presse said.

Turkey has made 18 F-16 fighter jets available to the NATO operation, but they have been so far assigned only air patrol missions, protecting other units. NATO also said on May 14 that it had received Ankara's green light to use two bases in western Turkey for raids against Yugoslavia.


TiM Ed.: And so, another former imperial power is about to return to a place of its glory. And of its eventual defeat. Only now Turkey will "return to Kosovo" in a cowardly way, at 15,000 feet up or higher, along with the rest of the NATO mass murderers.

Considering that Turkey's 18 F-16s represent a miniscule share of NATO's 700 and growing air armada being used against Yugoslavia, its return to Kosovo is more symbolic than menacing. Nevertheless, just knowing that they might be shooting at a descendant of Sultan Murat, whom the Serb hero Milos Obilic killed in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, before being hacked down himself by the Ottoman guards, is bound to get the adrenalin going among the Yugoslav Air Defense crews.

As for NATO, the decision to use the Turkish pilots in the Kosovo combat missions is like pouring oil on a fire. And that's something NATO is evidently getting very good at lately, as it stumbles like a drunkard from pillar to post; from a stupid to a more stupid decision or a proclamation.


4. German, Swiss Airlines Booking Flights to Belgrade

PHOENIX, May 17 - At least two European airlines have resumed taking reservations for their flights to Belgrade, TiM has learned after trying to book some today. Lufthansa, the German airline, said it was accepting reservations for its flights from Frankfurt starting May 31. Swissair, on the other hand, Switzerland's national airline, said bookings for a Zurich-Belgrade route were available as of June 1.


TiM Ed.: Now, please don't jump for joy. And certainly don't leap to any premature conclusions. We are not sure if this means that Lufthansa and Swissair know something Washington and Brussels leaders aren't telling us. Or that some programmers at their computer centers decided that the war was to end by the end of May. Pending further updates, of course. Either way, we thought it was an interesting news break.


5. Irony of Nikola Tesla's Inventions: Being Used Against His Fellow-Serbs

PHOENIX, May 17 - Most Americans we know don't realize that today is the Day of Telecommunications. Wonder how many people around the world know that? But the Serbs do. One of their greatest sons in the field of science, Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer whose inventions powered many of the 20th century's industrial developments, was hailed today in a "Tesla Planetary Town Hall Meeting" on Radio Belgrade, which celebrated Tesla's many contributions to mankind.

Yet, even such normally happy occasions bring disconsolate notes these days. As fate would have it, we received today the following letter from a Canadian TiM reader, Dennis Shaw, which displayed an above-average knowledge of what Tesla has done for mankind. And how some of his creativity is now being used against his people:

"The high-tech weapons NATO is using against Serbia (heat bombs, graphite bombs, laser guidance, etc) were developed in the U.S. research labs. Yet, around the turn of the century, the genius of Nikola Tesla was stolen and used in the U.S. electrical industry.

For instance, one of his inventions was the transmission of electricity without wires (through the air - which gave birth to the term 'wireless'). And this is probably the system they are using today in America to fire billions of watts into the atmosphere for weather control (and other objectives).[...]

So this high tech destruction of Serbia today almost certainly owes a great deal to the inventions and stolen notes from Serbia's most famous son."

Dennis Shaw, Canada


TiM Ed.: As it turned out, TiM also received a call today from Radio Belgrade, asking us to provide a comment to "Tesla Planetary Town Hall Meeting." The following is what the TiM editor said, paraphrasing, of course:

"On this Day of Telecommunications, May 17, we pay tribute to one of the most prolific inventors in the world, and certainly to one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century - Nikola Tesla.

Unfortunately, not only have many of Tesla's inventions ended up being credited to other people (e.g., Thomas Edison), but even posthumously some people are trying to rob Serbia a part of its cultural and scientific heritage. Of which Tesla is certainly an important part.

For example, here's what the second college edition of Webster's 'American Heritage Dictionary' says about Tesla. On page 1459, under 'Biographical Entries,' you will find an example of another plunder of the Serb heritage:

'Tesla, Nikola. 1856-1943. Croatian-born Amer. electrical engineer, physicist and inventor'."


TiM Ed. In other words, both Croatia and America took credit for this Serbs' genius, and for his lifelong work and inventions. But the most stunning to this commentator (TiM editor) was the discovery of the date this Webster's edition. It was 1982.

Which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the assault on; the theft of; and the rape of the Serb intellectual heritage - take you pick - had preceded the 'western' New World Order's physical destruction of Serbia by 17 years!

Anyone still doubting the NWO "conspiracy theory?"

The new twist, even to us at TiM, is Mr. Shaw's theory that some of it was made possible, in part, due to the stolen Tesla inventions. 7

Which only adds insult to Clinton's injury of the Americans of Serbian heritage.


6. I'm a Slovak and I Protest!

KITCHENER, May 17 - Kitchener, Ontario, is to Canada what Heartland America is to the U.S. It is a highly-educated community of mostly European immigrants who have been trying to become "good Canadians," while preserving their Germanic, Czech, Serb, Croat, Slovak... heritage.

Your TiM editor can attest to that firsthand. It was in Kitchener, Ontario, that he and his Canadian-born wife tasted the best "palatschinkas" (thin crepes) west of Belgrade, (and definitely west of Toronto!) - in the early 1970s. Not to mention the gossip about the best local watering holes, parties or picnics.

With that as an introduction about Kitchener, here's a letter which we have just received from a Slovak TiM reader who makes his home in this Ontario, Canada, university town, some 50 miles west of Toronto. Addressing an anti-NATO war rally attended by 400, Ondrej Recnik, said:

"I am a Slovak from Yugoslavia. The Slovaks are just one of the 26 nationalities that make up Yugoslavia.

I am here because the NATO bombing is killing innocent people of all these nationalities, not just Serbs.

I am here because NATO bombing is polluting and destroying the natural environment of Yugoslavia and all the neighbouring countries.

I am here because NATO is destroying the entire economy of Yugoslavia.

I am here to protest against the illegal NATO aggression against a sovereign state.

But mostly I am here because I am sick and tired at the manner in which the Serbian people have been portrayed in the Western Media.

The NATO aggressors, who had long been planning to dismember Yugoslavia, had started a vicious campaign of lies and slander against the Serbian people. The Western Media picked up on this, and did not even think that there could be another side to the story. So much for free critical thinking by the Western Press.

This has led to the Serbian people being hated by people in all Western countries. In this way any injustice or attack on Serbs would be justified because NATO was protecting the good people from the vicious Serbs. [...]

This I cannot allow to happen.

I am a Slovak.

I was born in Yugoslavia.

The Slovaks are a minority in Yugoslavia.

We have never had a problem with the Serbian people.

We Slovaks were refugees from Slovakia.

We came because of the Inquisiton.

We came to Serbia for religious freedom.

We settled on empty Serbian lands in Vojvodina in the 1740's

We have been in Yugoslavia for over 250 years.

We NEVER had any problems with our Serb neighbours.

We had and still have religious freedom.

We are not Orthodox, but the Serbs don't mind.

We have our own Slovak schools where all subjects

are taught in Slovak, but the Serbs don't mind.

We have Slovak radio, television, newspapers, but the Serbs don't mind.

Our customs, dress, and way of life is different, but the Serbs don't mind.

When Western European countries were forcefully assimilating all

their minorities, the Serbs didn't even think of performing

this type of brutality on any of their minorities.

When Slovaks moved to Vojvodina, they also moved to various

parts of Hungary.

In Hungary the Slovaks were forcefully assimilated into the Hungarian culture.

The Slovaks schools were closed. Slovaks had to go to Hungarian schools.

Slovaks in Hungary even had to change their names into Hungarian.

The Serbs never even thought of doing this to us or any other minority.

Now the press says that the Serbs are intolerant people and that

they have to be taught how to get along with minorities.

The press is LYING.

I am a Slovak from Yugoslavia.

I am a minority from Yugoslavia.

And I know the truth.

There isn't a more tolerant group of people in all of Europe

than are the Serbian people.

Long live Yugoslavia! Long live Serbia!"

Ondrej Recnik, Ontario, Canada


TiM Ed. Was this an emotional speech? You bet. Was it "overly" emotional by the western standards? Probably. But was it genuine? You bet. For, that's how the Eastern Europeans think and speak. Like the Irish, they wear their hearts on their shirt sleeves.

So before you accept the claims by the likes Clinton, Albright Clark... - that they are protecting "multiculturalism" by killing Yugoslav citizens - think about what Mr. Ondrej Recnik had said above. "There isn't a more tolerant group of people in all of Europe than are the Serbian people."

And then decide about who the real enemy of Heartland America is, not just of the Serbs.


7. Anti-NATO Protests Continue: In Rome, Perth, New York...

ROME, PERTH, NEW YORK, May 16 - As the NATO brass keep on spewing out their anti-Serb racist propaganda, thousands of anti-war protests are being held around the world every weekend, despite an obvious tiring effect.

For example, tens of thousands of people took part in a silent march in central Italy on Sunday (May 16) to express their opposition to NATO's air strikes against Yugoslavia.

According to the organisers, 80,000 people took part in the 24-kilometer (15-mile) march from Perugia to Assisi. Police put the turnout at between 40,000 and 45,000.

The march was punctuated from time to time by the sound of an air-raid siren to mark NATO's bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. Some participants wore a T-shirt bearing the slogan, "Italy is at war, not me."

The protest was organized by the local pacifist organizations. Italy's fragile left-of-center coalition has been strained by the Kosovo war, to put it mildly. Last Monday, the outgoing president, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, called for a halt to the NATO air strikes.

Another demonstration against the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia took place in the Western Australia capital, Perth, this weekend. A broad ethnic representation by Serb, Chinese, Ukrainian, Greek, El Salvadorian and indigenous aboriginal Australians took part, a TiM correspondent said (see the photos at our Web site).

Meanwhile, more than 5,000 demonstrators marched through lower Manhattan on May 15, 1999, to protest the U.S./NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. The anti-war demonstration was called by the Emergency Mobilization to Stop the War, a newly formed coalition that is planning a massive March on June 5, 1999, from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, to the Pentagon.

"Thousands of people marched today onto the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City as a symbolic gesture of solidarity and friendship with the people in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and other cities in Yugoslavia who are voluntarily acting as human shields by rallying on bridges that are targeted for bombing by NATO war planes," said Brian Becker of the International Action Center, one of the sponsoring groups in the Emergency Mobilization to Stop the War.

This weekend, there were also anti-NATO demonstrations held in Perth, Western Australia (see some photos from that and other rallies -  Photos from Anti-NATO Rallies - DC, Perth, PHX,, NY).

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