Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

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April 11, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-37, Day 19

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 11, 1999; 4:00PM EDT - DAY 19


Pristina                    1. NATO's Easter Bombs Kill 11-month-old Baby, Father;

                                    Pregnant Mother Badly Wounded

Belgrade                  2. Kragujevac Factory Hit; I've Been Drafted (From a BG diary)

Phoenix                    3. American, Not Only Russian, Volunteers for Serbia?

Phoenix                    4. No Oath to Obey Orders! (By Jeff Elias Dorrance)

Budapest                  5. Hungary Holds Up Russian Humanitarian Convoy as

                                    Tons of Western Aid Disappear in Albania

Tucson                     6. Beginning of the End? (by Jonathan Cummings, the "Viperfox")


1. NATO's Easter Bombs Kill 11-month-old Baby, Father; Pregnant Mother Badly Wounded

PRISTINA, Apr. 11 - For some Serbs, the Orthodox Christian Eastpodujevo.jpg (206235 bytes)er Sunday was anything but happy. Three civilians, including an 11-month old baby and her father were killed in their home during NATO's nighttime bombing of the village Mirovac, near Podujevo in Kosovo, the Pristina Media Center reported today. The baby's pregnant mother, Marija Tosovic, was badly injured. Dead are Bozin Tosovic (30) and his daughter Bojana. Also killed was Dragan Dubalo (41) from Podujevo (see the map).

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2. Kragujevac Factory Hit; I've Been Drafted (From a BG diary)

BELGRADE, Apr. 9 - Last week, we've told you about, and put a link at our Web site to, a moving diary of a Belgrade 21-year old, Vojislav Stojkovic, titled "Under the Gun." On Orthodox Good Friday, Apr. 9, his diary read:

"Today I found out that NATO attacked the factory in Kragujevac, while the workers were inside. Those people decided to guard the factory with their lives, hoping that NATO wouldn't bomb it if the civilians were inside. They were wrong. For that mistake a terrible price was paid: nobody died, but 124 were severely injured. I've seen in my life people without one leg or one arm. I've seen the blind, the deformed and the victims of fire. But I can't imagine more than one hundred in the same time, in the same place.

The most revolting piece of the puzzle is the fact that NATO knew very well that the factory was full of civilians. They didn't care. NATO also knows that the Branko's bridge is crowded with people 'protecting' it (as human shields). Civilians. Ordinary people, just like me. Will NATO bomb them?

I received a draft call today. It's an ugly little post-card-like piece of paper saying that I have to report on April 15th. I assume that it's a routine check, because I didn't go through any training yet, and so they can't mobilize me yet. And they also can't send me to training yet, because I'm a student. So I'm quite safe for now. Or at least I hope so."


3. American, Not Only Russian, Volunteers for Serbia?

PHOENIX, Apr. 11 - We've all heard about the 60,000+ Russian volunteers who have signed up to fight for Serbia against NATO, including some 5,000 Cossacks, the imperial Russia's fiercest warriors.

"Here on the bridge are the Russian Cossacks, the Russian officers, the Russian generals," said one among the many Cossacks displaying a colorful array of Tsarist uniforms, traditional sheep skin hats and impressive waxed mustaches, who joined yesterday the Serbian "human shield" crowd, gathered for yet another night on the Brankov bridge across the river Sava in Belgrade.

But now, the Serbs and the Russian freedom fighters are not alone. Some proud American veterans are also coming forth, offering to fight as volunteers. Capt. Richard Davidson, a retired US Navy pilot with a distinguished military career, is one of them. He wrote to us today (and to other former U.S. military veterans, like Col. David Hackworth) urging a formation of volunteer American troops to fight NATO.

"It would be a kick in the pants to O.J. Clinton if a volunteer force of Americans could be organized for the same purpose (as the Russian volunteers)," Capt. Davidson said. "I'm sure there are many out there who feel as I do. But how many would actually put their butt on the line is, of course, unknown. What we are doing in Serbia is insane. But then again, we have a leader of the Free World who is insane. I just had my 71st birthday, and my fighting days are behind me. (But) a volunteer force is worth considering. There would be many ramifications, but maybe somewhere out there is someone who could make such a force a reality."


4. No Oath to Obey Orders! (By Jeff Elias Dorrance)

PHOENIX, Apr. 11 - We also received today the following comment from Mr. Jeff Elias Dorrance, a former US Army soldier:

"This is the very first time in American history that the United States of America has ever unleashed a major military attack against another country without there first having been something, be it however flimsy (Gulf of Tonkin incident), or major (Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor), by way of a provocation to indicate that we were being attacked or threatened. In other words, we are clearly the aggressor. We are the bad guys in this one.

According to the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, paragraphs 1 and 11, "The Congress shall have Power...To declare War...". Congress not having declared any war against Yugoslavia, U.S. forces there are acting in contradiction to the document they took an oath to defend, the Constitution. They took no oath to obey orders. They did take an oath to defend and protect the United States Constitution. I should know, as I was once a soldier in the U.S. Army. I want to see a pilot with the guts to tell his commander to take his order to bomb that bridge in Yugoslavia to and stick it in his ear until there is a formal declaration of war.

To the extent that there are now thousands of refugees suffering in miserable camps in various locales in the Balkans, NATO may be the cause of it. In any event, the NATO attacks did not prevent this catastrophe, and may very well have made it worse than it otherwise might have been. And NATO was ill prepared to deal with the refugee crisis. In short NATO has proved that its usefulness is finally at an end. It is now time for NATO to cash in its chips and disband. It won the "Cold War" and it's time now for us to bring our soldiers home before they do further damage or risk getting themselves killed."

Jeffrey Elias Dorrance


5. Hungary Holds Up Russian Humanitarian Convoy as Tons of Western Aid Disappear in Albania

BUDAPEST, Apr. 11 - The Russian aid convoy of 53 trucks remains held up at the border between the Ukraine and Hungary, our sources have reported.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Vladimir Rakhmanin, said Russia is "bewildered by the actions of the Hungarian authorities, who are creating obstacles to the passage of a humanitarian convoy to Belgrade."

Vladimir Bashkirtsev, head of the aid convoy, has said NATO may be behind the delay. Bashkirtsev said, "Hungary will do its best not to allow the transit cargo through in order to prevent Russians from helping those who have suffered from the bombing in Yugoslavia."

Meanwhile, "tons of western aid disappeared in Albania without trace," the Itat-Tass news agency reported on April 8. The humanitarian aid, which Western countries had sent for the Kosovo refugees, "are disappearing in Albania without a trace, often becoming a booty of local criminal groups," representatives from Italian charity organizations said on Wednesday after visiting the region.

Blankets, tinned food and bottles with drinking water, which have failed to reach their destination, could have made up a modern "Tower of Babel", a monument to criminal negligence and mismanagement, they told Itar-Tass.

Some batches of humanitarian aid disappear without a trace, they said. Last weekend, for example, 12,000 mattresses and 18,000 tons of street clothes from Austria, went missing. Then, almost 300 boxes with medicines also disappeared without a trace.

On the whole, the efficiency of humanitarian shipments for Kosovo Albanians are estimated by representatives of charity organizations as some 30 percent. Many cargoes, designed for a free distribution among the refugees, end up in the hands of criminal groups, which sell them to buy arms.


6. Beginning of the End? (by Jonathan Cummings, the "Viperfox")

TUCSON, Apr. 11 - Here's a comment we received today from Jonathan Cummings, a Tucson, Arizona-based writer, known to many within the Internet community as the "Viperfox:"

"Clinton's bombardiers are not pummeling the Serbian people because of what they have allegedly done, rather, it is because of who they are: Orthodox Christians. If this is not so, then try explaining why Mr. Congeniality made a big show of sustaining from hostilities during Ramadan in Iraq, but continues to drop cluster bombs during Easter in the Balkans.

Fact is, Muslems and tinhorn dictators like Saddam Hussein are less of a threat to the lords of multicultural imperialism than Christians. Even the slaughters in Rwanda mean little in comparison to seeing this "holy" war through to its conclusion.

Why? Global collectivism, like the insatiable lust of a enlarging parasite, cannot get its fill as long as there are Christians antibodies on this planet.

The Serbs, consequently, are guilty by accusation, and the standard being used to judge them is no less repugnant than the one that was used to crucify Jesus. But it must be this way in order for the high priests of the New World Order to effectively wash their hands, while their subordinates do the dirty work.

Few remember the good cop, even though he represents the majority of law enforcement officers who are just doing their jobs, but nearly everybody remembers the bad cop, although he is usually the exception to the rule.

Why then does Bill Clinton expect to go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of this century while treating Serbia like LA's "finest" did to Rodney King? I'll tell you: he's a sick puppy.

Some think the little cock from Little Rock has been involved in the illicit narcotics trade. We all know he's a serial liar. Others believe he's responsible either directly or indirectly for several dozen murders. But no one except a blurry-eyed political groupie even questions his sexual licentiousness.

Most reasonable people accept the fact that this "president" dodged the draft. Far less go along with his childish explanation about not inhaling while smoking dope or how to properly define the word "is."

Yet, even after he admitted to having a sexual relationship with Gennifer Flowers to the nation on 60 Minutes, promising never to "backslide" again, the list of liaisons has grown to well over a hundred. But don't forget that this is the same "rehabilitated" gigolo who is also accused of rape.

From $200 haircuts to $2 billion cuts in defense spending, to getting involved in senseless police actions around the globe and trading military secrets for campaign contributions, O.J. Clinton's fingerprints are on nearly everything that reflects this country's shame.

Still, the sheeple are demanding that we leave the man alone. After all, the electron economy is doing good, Russia has her nuclear warheads pointed at her head, and NATO is doing the Lord's work to postpone the Second Coming. But if you believe that, then you won't mind holding your breath while waiting for Slick Willie to walk across the water.

The truth is, hypocrisy abounds when charlatans rule. Our involvement in Serbia was not the beginning, but it could be the beginning of the end."

Jonathan Cummings, the "Viperfox," Tucson, Arizona

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