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March 24, 2000

Remembering and Honoring All Serb Victims of NATO Bombing


March 24, 1999 - The New Day of Infamy


Updated Mar. 24, 2002 in PHOENIX, ARIZONA

Truth in Media's "Kosovo War Memorial"

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Kosovo Memorial Day: March 24, 1999 - The  New Day of Infamy 


For other photos taken by Bob Petrovich at the wreath-laying ceremony in Toronto, Canada, click here.

A March 24, 2000 Commemoration Address

By Bob Djurdjevic, founder of "Truth in Media"

Western Sunset, Eastern Dawn

Click here for Serbian language version

 Exactly one year ago today, on March 24, 1999, even before the first bombs fell on Serbia, we had put up at the Truth in Media Web site what turned out to be the first of 106 special wartime Truth in Media Bulletins.  Its headline was “The New Day of Infamy.”  And here is what it said…

The New Day of Infamy

“Mark this day - March 24, 1999! It may be remembered in history as a new Day of Infamy. Just as was December 7, 1941, the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Except that this time, it is the NATO American-made missiles and pilots that are delivering hell to Serbia on behalf of the forces of Evil.

By the order to launch air strikes against Serbia, NATO and President Clinton have entered uncharted territory in mankind's history. Not even Hitler's grab of the Sudetenland in the 1930s, which eventually led to WW II, ranks as a comparable travesty. For, there are no American interests whatsoever that the NATO bombing will either help, or protect; only needless risks to which it exposes the American soldiers and assets, not to mention the victims on the ground in Serbia.

Bombing Serbia is an act of raw, wanton aggression and violence by a power-hungry Clinton administration. No wonder most Americans who write to us say they are ashamed of it. But shame may quickly turn to blame (of Clinton), if the flames of war in Serbia engulf other nations, possibly even Russia.

May God help all innocent people whom Clinton and his neo-colonial NATO allies have put in mortal danger!”

Bob Djurdjevic, Founder and editor of the Truth in Media

Phoenix, Arizona, March 24, 1999

 Drop Clinton, Not Bombs!

A military alliance of 19 nations and 780 million people; with over half of the world's gross economic product, possessing two-thirds of the global military power, ganged up on a tiny nation of 10 million.  For 79 days, NATO terrorized the people of Serbia, dropping 23,000 bombs and missiles on them in 36,000 sorties. 

In such savage attacks, 576 Serb soldiers and more than 2,000 Serb civilians have been killed, 79 of them children. 

Yet the citizens and the army of Serbia remained unbowed and unkowed!  This is not hearsay.  I saw their defiance with my own eyes during the six days I had spent under NATO's bombardment, including night duty on Belgrade's Brankov Bridge. 

For that reason, at every stop of my September 1999 "Tour de Serbia", I told the Serb people that it was my privilege to bow my head before them in admiration of their courage and love of freedom. 

And then I did it. [bow]   

Their exemplary resistance to a foreign aggression against such overwhelming odds has inspired millions of patriots across America and around the world into staging thousands of protests of their own.  Your presence here on this March 24, 2000, the first anniversary of The New Day of Infamy, also attests to it.

And now, I would like to ask you to join me in honoring all NATO victims with a silent prayer or a minute of silence, as befits an ancient nation which has learned to mourn as well as honor its dead.  Let us pray… [pray]  

Amen! May God let them and their families in Serbia know that we have not forgotten them. 

As Christians, we can forgive the sinners who genuinely repent; even the NATO war criminals.  BUT WE MUST NEVER FORGET!  We must never forget the crimes which the perfidious former Serb allies have committed against a small nation that never meant them any harm.  

We must never forget the 200,000 Serbs, more than 90% of the prewar population, who were driven out of Kosovo between June 12, 1999 and January 13 of this year.  

We must never forget the 772 civilians, 684 of them Serbs, who were murdered during the seven months of NATO's "peace farce," under the noses of the KFOR occupying forces. 

We must never forget the 559 Serbs abducted during the same period, and now presumed dead.

We must never forget more than 500 Serb prisoners of war, rotting in the New World Order POW camps - in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.   

The New World Order may try to cover up the truth about its Serb prisoner camps. The Belgrade regime may pretend as if it has never heard of them. But we, the descendants of Prince Lazar, Karadjordje, Generals Putnik and Misic - we MUST NEVER forget these Serbian prisoners of war! Sooner or later, Serbia must free them and bring them home to their families.

Before leaving for Australia in February, I had sent a message to His Holiness, the Serb Patriarch Pavle, with whom I spent one of the first daytime air raids at the Belgrade Patriarchate.  I suggested to His Holiness that he send a message to the Serbian priests around the world, instructing them that exactly at noon on March 24, all church bells of all Serb churches around the world should toll for five minutes straight.  One minute each for the souls of 500+ of innocent civilian NATO victims.  And one minute for the 576 honorable Serbian soldiers who have given their lives defending their country.

We must honor the Serb victims and stand up to NATO’s aggression, not because I said so, but because sooner or later, we will all meet our Maker.  And He may ask us the same questions He posed to Prince Lazar 611 years ago: 

"Prince Lazar of noble ancestry!

Which kingdom will you choose?

Will you choose the earthly kingdom?

Or you will choose the heavenly kingdom?

If you choose the heavenly kingdom…

All your army will perish,

And you, Oh Prince, will die with them…"

You know Prince Lazar's answer:

"Dear God, the earthly kingdom lasts only a brief time,

But the heavenly kingdom always and forever."

Such a noble and defiant spirit is something the materialistic western leaders and their domestic quislings may never understand!  For, that is a God-given power that only God-fearing people can muster.   

Prince Lazar perished in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389.  But his soul still lives in the bodies of all Serb patriots.  And it will - forever!

Sooner or later the NATO war criminals will also meet their Maker.  Even if Bill Clinton somehow dodges a war crimes trial, as he had dodged the military service to his country, he and all other NATO leaders will eventually face a trial in a higher court.

"Don't be afraid of anything except of sin," the Patriarch Pavle once told me, asking me to pass this message to the faithful ones among the Serbian-Americans.  For, in the end, His Holiness said, God "will weigh everything precisely and fairly." 

Including the sins of the NATO leaders, such as our Draftdoger-in-Chief!  And those of his assistant mass murderers, Madeleine Albright, Wesley Clark, Tony Blair, William Cohen, Sam Berger, and others.  Their sunset will be Serbia’s sunrise. It will be and free mankind’s sunrise.

The Serb Army was never defeated by NATO.  That became evident to the whole world as its soldiers and armor pulled out of Kosovo after June 11.  Kosovo is today merely under a TEMPORARY occupation by foreign troops and terrorists.  As are the ancient Serb lands in Croatia and Bosnia.

The Balkans is known in history as the graveyard of empires.  The Ottoman and the Austrian empires broke their backs there. The Third Reich was also buried there.  God willing, that's where the New World Order’s Evil Empire will bite the dust.

As a former Russian naval officer put it recently, quoting a famous Russian author, Valentin Pikul, "(in battle) the Serbs stand like a rock, and fall like a cliff."  The “tsunami” which the fall of Kosovo has unleashed is yet to reach the western shores.  But there is no doubt that it’s on its way.

The end of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, also known as NATO, started as its bombing of Serbia ended.  The Serbs and the 250 Russian troops changed the course of history on June 11, 1999, when they snatched the sophisticated underground Slatina (Pristina, Kosovo) military airport right under the noses of their gleeful but klutzy NATO “Uebermenschen” (see S99-107, "Peacefarce" 1, Item 1, June 11).

From that day forward, the Russian quisling, Boris Yeltsin, became merely a model for a future wax figure in a New World Order museum.  On that day, the epitaphs for Clinton, Blair, Clark or Albright were written.

After June 11, it was just a matter of time before the official foreign policy began to reflect the new anti-western political climate in Russia.  Yeltsin’s appointment of Vladimir Putin, a total unknown in the West, to the post of the prime minister on Aug. 9, was the first step.  Yeltsin’s stepping down as Russia’s president on Dec. 31, completed his transition from a president to a wax figure. 

It was an apt New World Order anti-climax to be played out on the last day of the 20th century.  It was also a prelude to a western sunset.  

For, the first day of the new century also gave mankind its first glimpse of the new dawn rising in the East.  Russia’s new acting president and a born-again Christian, flew out of Moscow with his wife at the crack of dawn to be with his troops in Chechnya on the first day of the first year of the new century. 

At the same time, the western leaders partied in the comfort of their palaces.  Just as the Austro-Hungarian royals happily toasted the new century one hundred years ago, oblivious of their impending sunset. 

And so, God’s World Order is once again unfolding as it has been for millions of years.  The sun is rising in the east, and it is setting in the west.  Sooner or later, a new dawn will rise and shine on Kosovo, too.

But even if it is God's will that it should take the Serbs another 500 years to liberate the cradle of their civilization from the shackles of Evil Empire, with or without Russia's help, as they did from the Ottoman Empire, so be it!  One day, sooner or later, Kosovo will once again be free. And Serbian.

Because "Kosovo Is Serbia!"  Always has been, always will be. 

So say the souls of thousands of Serbs NATO has killed over Kosovo. So say ruins of the 80+ destroyed Serbian churches in Kosovo under the NATO noses.  So say the souls of 80,000 Serb heroes who died in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. So say the eternal Kosovo Field blackbirds that have seen it all.  And so say we, too... [altogether]

"Kosovo Is Serbia!"  Always has been, always will be. 

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