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April 3, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-25, Day 11, Update 2

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Apr. 3, 1999; 10:45PM EST - DAY 11, UPDATE 2


Phoenix                        1. Two Parallel Wars: Orwell Would Have a Blast Today (A Commentary)

Chicago                        2. A Linguist's Analysis of NWO's Propaganda

London                         3. A Ray of Truth Piercing the Blizzard of Lies: Side of War CNN Didn't Show Us

Washington (state)      4. The Blew Danube (by Steffan Bertsch)

London                        5. Going to War Over the Balkans (By David Lloyd George)


1. Two Parallel Wars: Orwell Would Have a Blast Today (A Commentary)

PHOENIX, Apr. 3 - The New World Order's war against Serbia is being waged simultaneously on two parallel fronts. While NATO is bombing the Serbs from the air, the NWO Propaganda Ministry is bombarding them "on the air," using its media lackeys, like CNN, MSNBC and others, the way NATO uses F-something killing machines.

This afternoon, for example, that self-admitted "advocacy journalist," CNN's Christiana Amanpour, reported from the Kosovo-Albanian border about alleged Serb massacres. Yet one could not help but wonder in what "Wag the Dog" studio the footage had been shot.

First, pictures of dead bodies prove nothing; those people could have killed by the NATO bombs, for example. Or by the KLA, as you saw from one of our earlier reports.

Second, these claims come from the same media which had previously reported that the Serbs had summarily executed three Kosovo Albanian leaders. Just to discover two of them giving interviews two days later, while the third showed up in Belgrade and called for NATO to stop the bombing (see "'Deadmen' Walking, Talking," Day 9, Update 1, Item 1, Apr. 1).

Third, there have been credible independent reports (by German TV) about the refugees being paid to lie (see Day 8, Update 1, Item 4).

Fourth, the bodies seem to be lying in a grass patch, while the live footage from the border shows snow all around.

So are there, in fact, two Kosovo's? One which NATO is bombing, and another in Hollywood studios, for use of the NWO media?

George Orwell would be having a blast. The NWO version of the Big Brother has outdone even the grim predictions about the global tyranny, outlined in his masterpiece, "1984." Which is understandable. There was no TV back in 1948, when he wrote the book.

The techniques, however are the same. Remember the Big Brother's slogans?

"War is peace"

"Freedom is slavery"

"Ignorance is strength"

We are living them now. Orwell was off by 15 years. Consider today's NWO reality:

"Naked aggression" is "humanitarian mission"

"Killing" innocent people is "saving lives."

"Peacekeepers" are "warmongers"

"Free press" is "war propaganda"

Plus, we've already said many times before that the true motto of the New World Order is: "Perpetual commerce through perpetual war," NOT its NWO mantra: "World peace through world trade."

For, first you knock them down, then you rebuild them.

In Jan/98, the Economist magazine reported that Bosnia was the No. 1 country in the world in terms of its GDP growth. Albania was second. We suspect that most Americans would be shocked to find that out. (see "Speech to the Reform Party" - available at our Web site).

Any American still unconvinced that the Kosovo war had been planned, financed and launched by the NWO "Bilderbergers et. al." should ask the question: Why had the gasoline prices started to rise across America several weeks BEFORE the bombing started - despite vast surpluses in supplies?

Answer: To help finance the NOW's war on Serbia. Oil companies are the "death merchants" bosom-buddies. Since NATO is running low on fuel, it has requested additional supplies, which the Pentagon is now procuring from the oil companies. Just as it had requested that some of its depleted missiles, arms and weapons be restocked. At the taxpayers' expense, of course.

The "humanitarian crisis" caused by NATO's bombing is another great business bonanza. Food companies get to sell off old food inventories which no American would have bought. Medical suppliers get rid of obsolete stocks. Transportation companies fly all of all supplies in. Again, all at the taxpayers expense, paid by Uncle Sam, of course.

Gosh, the civilized world" can't stand by at a time of such a "humanitarian catastrophe." Yet the "civilized world" has so far managed to stay quite aloof while funding the killing of innocent civilians with "civilized" killing machines.

All that's missing so far, is a Jane Fonda-show to entertain the troops. But that's probably the Phase Four of the NATO plan, followed by a Phase Five Stephen Spoofberg film.

Isn't war a great business? Especially considering the bottomless money pit used for funding it - the taxpayers' bank accounts. Beats having to sell for a living. Especially if someone else does the killing for you, as the U.S. military is now doing it for the Big Brother.

Is there a way to stop this without bloodshed, many of the TiM readers have asked.? Well, we don't know of any bloodless revolutions, but Americans can try civil disobedience first.

Military men and women of conscience should refuse to kill innocent people for money, and resign their commissions. Patriotic American entrepreneurs should stop collecting taxes for Washington (remember that law was passed during WW II only as a "temporary" measure!). Why not make Clinton go to the American people directly and ask them how much they would like to contribute for his overseas adventures. Finally, all Americans of conscience should refuse to pay income taxes.

If we all, or at least enough of us, do that and cut off the blood supply to the NWO leech, the monster parasite will shrivel up and die like a willow in the desert sand. But do we have the will and the courage to do it?


2. A Linguist's Analysis of NWO's Propaganda

CHICAGO, Apr. 3 - Dr. J.P. Maher is professor emeritus of linguistics at the Northeastern Illinois University. He sent us today his analysis of the NWO propaganda:

"TV coverage is remarkable in these regards:

1. Pictures show a lot of men of military age. Yet Slick Willy and the media tell the world that Serbs are separating men from the women, children and old men. KLA press gangs await the refugees.

2. Kosovo seems to be full of interviewees who speak English. Are these people who were sent back from America as shills? Their accents do not reflect the British norms that schools over there would have imparted.

3. The refugees seem to have been unprepared for flight. When Nazi Croatia and Nazi USA ethnically cleansed 200,000 Serbs from Krajina in August-September 1995, they were prepared to survive. HISTORIA EST MAGISTRA VITAE. Around Banja Luka (Bosnia) Serb children slept in hay wagons. Parents bunked beneath the wagons. From the Sarajevo area, 100,000 Serbs fled the jihad of Holbrooke-beg (in early 1996).

4. There are now 450,000 Serb refugees from Croatia and West Bosnia in Republika Srpska (Bosnian Serb Republic), driven out by Croats and Americans. Serbia has 1,000,000 refugees. Many are Croats, Muslim Bosnians, Albanians who do not wish to live under Nazi and Islamic dictatorship. That's why they fled to Serbia.

5. 100,000 Albanians live in Belgrade."

Prof. J.P. Maher, Chicago, Illinois


3. A Ray of Truth Piercing the Blizzard of Lies: Side of War CNN Didn't Show Us

LONDON, Apr. 2 - Every once in a while, like a burst of sunshine bursting through angry clouds, a ray of truth pierces the blizzard of lies. Even in the western media. The Apr. 2 report by The (London) Independent, filed from Belgrade by its veteran reporter, Robert Fisk, is one such example. Here is an excerpt from it:

"On the second floor of the Serbian Clinical Centre in Belgrade are victims of the Balkan war who will never be mentioned in any NATO briefing. There's a 14-year-old boy with his head crushed, lying in a coma, eyes half-closed, a fat oxygen tube down his throat. There's a middle-aged farmer hit in the head by shrapnel and expected to die within a few hours. A little further down the emergency ward is another boy - 13 this time - with his head swathed in bandages, moving in agony, his brain damaged and his right leg fractured by a falling building. They are NATO's victims.

Our victims, I suppose. Standing at their bedsides, the phrase "collateral damage" seems somehow obscene. Ivan Tanasijevic, the 14-year-old from the Drina river valley, was wounded in a NATO air raid on Loznica, and his father came to see him on Wednesday. "He asked if he could see his son," Dr Dragana Vujadinovic says. "I said, yes, but that Ivan was in a coma. The father sat by his bed here and cried. He is a farmer. Yes, I told him his son is very bad but that we wouldn't know what will happen for another few days. Yes, the boy is likely to die."


Dobrica Vukojicic is likely to join them soon. He was a farmer and appears to have been in his fields near Kraljevo when a NATO missile exploded a few meters from him. Pieces of metal smashed into his head and the blast caused what the doctors call "contralateral" damage to his brain, which started internal bleeding. He was brought to the medical centre on Wednesday night. Will he live, I ask Dr Mihaelo Mitrovic? He looks at me as if I am foolish to ask and raises his eyebrows. The man breathes noisily through his tubes, huffing and puffing as if aware of his fate. He will probably never awake.

Dr. Mitrovic, who refuses to talk politics, insists on pointing out those patients who are not war-wounded and those who - though they may not be direct victims of NATO's bombs - are victims of the war. Milan Lemajic, for example, lies unconscious in a bed at the end of the ward, his head as bloated as a football, his face a mass of bruises. "We think he tried to commit suicide after the first bombs," the doctor said. "He jumped from the fourth floor of his apartment block. Look at his X-rays." He holds out a sheet of negatives that shows just a big, dark mass. "His head is like a water-melon."


In one bed lies Dejan Lukic, 13, another victim from Loznica though this time with a birthplace of special horror. He was originally a Serb resident of the east Bosnian town of Srebrenica and was driven from his home by Muslim forces in 1992. It was those same Muslims who held Srebrenica as it filled up with Muslim refugees during the Bosnian war and it was their menfolk who were the victims of the 1995 atrocity when thousands were executed by Serb militiamen. By then, Dejan Lukic was 25 miles away in Loznica.

He was still there last week when NATO began raiding the eastern bank of the Drina. Doctors believe he was running for his life after a missile explosion when he was hit by concrete from a collapsing building. He never regained consciousness. But his eyes moved yesterday - a good sign, according to the doctors. He may live.

At least 22 war-wounded have been transferred to this Belgrade hospital alone since the start of the NATO bombardment, but others - physically untouched by shrapnel - have not survived their reaction to the bombing. Boris Grubicic was 18 and fell into depression when he heard that NATO and Serbia had gone to war. He had been "ethnically cleansed" from Croatia in 1995 with 170,000 other Serbs. Perhaps his experiences in Croatia three years ago had unbalanced his mind.

"He was brought in here with a fractured head and neck," Dr Vujadinovic said. "He had climbed to the top of the McDonald's restaurant in the center of Belgrade. That's five floors high. Then he threw himself off the top. He died here last night."

For the full article, check out The Independent's Apr. 2 issue at:


4. The Blew Danube (by Steffan Bertsch)

WASHINGTON (state), Apr. 3 - Steffan Bertsch, a TiM reader from the state of Washington and a writer in his own right, sent us the following essay today, with the comment that he was dedicating to the "valiant Serbs." Its title, "The Blew Danube," particularly apt today, that NATO has destroyed two more bridges over this European waterway:

"Bombing through Good Friday and on past Easter, the Godless forces of NATO continue their carnage. Any thinking human must wonder what would make any group of bullies so bloodthirsty as to pick on a tiny country. How can they justify bombing a tiny country into oblivion?

The answer is very simple. NATO is run by the Rothschild/Rockefeller toadies, sometimes referred to under the umbrella of the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council of Foreign Relations, but which I will hereafter refer to as the New World Order (NWO). The NWO controls the media, and controls what everyone will see and hear and think it is the news.

We see the media in full swing at this time, justifying why the lying rapist in the White House is our knight in shining armor, and the tiny Serbian country is Satan incarnate. NATO is in a hopeless situation. It has bombed and bombed, and instead of crushing the will of the Serbs, it has succeeded in fortifying Serbian resolve. NATO blew up a bridge over the Danube in an attempt to destroy Serb hope, and instead has left a blatant marker for the Serbs as loud as the Liberty Bell and as heartfelt as the Alamo. The military is failing to defeat its tiny foe, so, the NWO media has stepped up to the plate to take its hacks at the Truth.

An honest media would tell us how hopeless the situation is in Serbia, but, what do we hear about in America? The NWO media tells us that rogue Serbs are slashing throats in Kosovo, so hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing.

Of course this is mostly a lie, and, anyone with an IQ of seventeen understands that the bombing of Kosovo is the chief factor for the displacement of its people. If NATO started bombing New York City, there would certainly be thug activity within the rubble of the metropolis that would cause people to leave, but, the main cause would be the NATO bombing of the city. The media is trying to shift the cause upon the Serbs. If you have a seventeen IQ, you see through this deception. Many Americans have fallen so far in awareness that a seventeen IQ is the rung they strive for, so the media’s lies are accepted by many.

The media wants us to think about the refugees because then we feel emotional about the situation. This is a trick, a deceptive manipulation. Once man starts thinking with his emotions instead of his mind, all logic is gone. A rapist thinks with his emotions; a rapist is driven by his loins. A murderer thinks with his emotions; a murderer is driven by his passions. Clinton must have had his mind on a different type of blow job when he ordered that the bridge over the Danube be blown up. The media wants us all to think with our emotions so we can more easily be programmed to be rapists and murderers in Kosovo, albeit vicarious rapists and murderers. And, the media is adroit at switching off our minds and turning on our emotions. Watch any news broadcast and you’ll see this deft doctrine at work.

The media also wants us to put our emotions out to those three troopers who were captured by the Serbs, wants us to feel for them. We see the troops’ families, their homes, their friends, and even yellow ribbons draped about their towns, in fitting "Wag the Dog" shoes-in-the-trees style. The media wants the public to cry for the troops.

But, the Congress and the President don’t care for those three soldiers. Those troops are being used as tools to manipulate emotional support for a hopeless, senseless and Godless war. If the U.S. government cared at all about any troops, it would be assisting the Gulf War Veterans who have been stricken with the Gulf War Illnesses, which are a horribly virulent and very contagious form of AIDS that jumps species and infects even family pets. Depending on the data source used, between 100,000 and 800,000 vets have been infected with the GWI. The Congress and the President HATE them for being sick. You see, sick soldiers are useless soldiers. That is the view of our government. So the sick troops are kicked out of the military for contracting GWI serving our country in Iraq, and they are even being denied medical treatment by our government! The media doesn’t report this human interest story because the media is a NWO tool.

I don’t know much about Milosevic, but I know that he understands the media is a NWO tool. That’s why he kicked all dishonest journalists out of Serbia. He knows the media will lie and lie and lie, and he won’t give NATO that tool to use against him. He has kicked out the journalists because he knows they are destroyers of the truth. Thomas Jefferson warned us that newspapers are so contaminated with lies that the person who reads them not is more informed than the readers of the news, because the readers get confused by lies that never trouble those who shun the scandal sheets. Times haven’t changed. Milosevic has exposed the media for what it is, a lying tool of the NWO. The war correspondents must now make up their lies from outside the area of the action. For this move alone, Milosevic appears to understand his true enemy is not NATO, but the NWO. Knowing one’s enemy is much more than half the battle.

We are told that the weather has sided with Serbia throughout this conflict, giving a cloud cover that impedes the air war. All informed people know that America has HAARP and can thereby control the weather to some degree. Obviously this HAARP equipment has not been able to clear the cloud cover over Serbia. So, why would the Serbs be given such an assistance in the weather, which is normally within the province of God?

NATO had put a deadly pincher move on Serbia, after dismantling Yugoslavia piece by piece, and now, with Serbia surrounded, had thought it would be an easy kill. But, the Serbs won’t give in to the NWO bully. Such appears their resolve, they might well fight to the last man. "Give" and "Uncle" don’t seem to be in their vocabulary. All honest people must admire their courage in the face of the terrible odds; the entire Western World is against them. And, who can make war with the Beast?

Pope John-Paul II is now seeking peace in the Balkans. Why did he bolster Clinton in the middle of the Senate impeachment trial by appearing on the same podium with the president in St. Louis? Why did he not go to Columbia, and take care of earthquake victims instead of supporting Clinton? The Pope could get a lot of support in his plea for peace if he openly admitted that his visit to St. Louis was misguided because it gave the president the Church’s tacit support. Had the pontiff not supported Clinton during the trial, the lying rapist might not be in the White House. Remember, Clinton bombed Afghanistan and Sudan before the trial, Iraq during the trial, and after acquittal, he’s bombing Yugoslavia. The Pope backed an evil warmonger. That’s what the Pope should shout to everyone on earth. Such a declaration would awaken many, and quite probably stop the war. All should pray for the Pope to do the right thing this Easter and denounce the criminal in the White House.

If the Beast continues to move on it, and Serbia eventually falls to the bloodthirsty leaders of the Rothschild dream of the NWO, let every Liberty-loving man woman and child on the globe understand that it made a valiant stand against worldwide tyranny, that it made the supreme sacrifice for those of us who love Freedom. As Texans remembered the Alamo, let all who hate oppression forever remember the courage of the people of Serbia who found internal strength when NATO blew the bridge over the Blew Danube."

Steffan Bertsch, Washington (state)


5. Going to War Over the Balkans (By David Lloyd George)

PHOENIX, Apr. 3 - They say that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. At their peril The NOW/NATO warmongers certainly qualify. Here is, for example, an excerpt from a speech by David Lloyd George, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, made at the beginning of the Great War, in which Serbia was an ally of Britain, and the eventual victor in the Balkans portion of that war:

LONDON, Sept. 21, 1914 - "The history of Serbia is not unblotted. Whose history in the category of nations is unblotted? The first nation that is without sin, let her cast a stone at Serbia. Trained in a horrible school, she won her freedom with her tenacious valour and she has maintained it by her courage. If any Serbians were mixed up in the assassination of the Austrian Grand Duke they ought to be punished. Serbia admits that.

The Serbian government had nothing to do with it. Not even Austria claimed that. The Serbian prime minister is one of the most capable and honoured men in Europe. Serbia was willing to punish any one of her subjects who had been proved to have any complicity in that assassination. What more could you expect? She sympathised with her fellow countrymen in Bosnia. That was one of her crimes. She must do so no more. Her newspapers were saying nasty things about Austria. They must do so no longer. That is the German spirit.

Serbia undertook to give orders to the newspapers not to criticise Austria in future, promised not to sympathise with Bosnia, said she would have no public meetings at which anything unkind was said about Austria. But that was not enough. She must dismiss from her army officers whom Austria should subsequently name. Those officers had emerged from a war where they were adding lustre to Serbian arms, and she wondered whether it was their guilt or efficiency that prompted Austria's action. The officers were not named. Serbia was to undertake to dismiss them, and the names were to be sent on subsequently.

Can you name one country in the world that would have stood for that? It was a difficult situation for a small country. But how did Serbia behave? It is not what happens to you in life that matters; it is the way in which you face up to it. Serbia faced up to the situation with dignity.

Then came Russia's turn. Russia had a special regard for Serbia. Serbia was a member of her family, and she could not see Serbia maltreated. Austria knew that. Germany knew that. And Germany turned round to Russia and said: "Here, I insist that you shall stand by with your arms folded whilst Austria is strangling to death your little brother." What answer did the Russian Slav give? He gave the only answer that became a man. He turned to Austria and said: "You lay your hands on that little fellow, and I will tear your ramshackle empire limb from limb." And he is doing it.

That is the story of the little nations. The world owes much to little nations and to little men. This theory of bigness - you must have a big empire and a big nation and a big man - well, long legs have their advantage in a retreat. Frederick the Great chose his warriors for their height, and that tradition has become a policy in Germany.

Germany applies that ideal to nations. She will only allow six-foot-two nations to stand in the ranks; but all the world owes much to the little five-foot-five nations. The greatest art of the world was the work of the little nations. The most enduring literature of the world came from the little nations.

It is a great opportunity. It only comes once in many centuries to the children of men. For most generations sacrifice comes in drab weariness of spirit to men. It has come today to you, it has come today to us all, in the form of the glow and thrill of a great movement for liberty.

Some have already given their lives. There are some who have given more than their own lives. They have given the lives of those who are dear to them. I honour their courage. Those who have fallen have had consecrated deaths. They have taken their part in the making of a new Europe, a new world.

We have been living in a sheltered valley for generations. We have been too comfortable, too indulgent, perhaps, too selfish.

And the stern hand of fate has scourged us to an elevation where we can see the great everlasting things that matter for a nation, the great peaks of honour we had forgotten, duty and patriotism, and, clad in glittering white, the great pinnacle of sacrifice pointing like a rugged finger to heaven. We shall descend into the valleys again, but as long as the men and women of this generation last they will carry in their hearts the image of these great mountain peaks, whose foundations are unshaken, though Europe rock and sway in the convulsions of great war."

David Lloyd George, the Chancellor of the Exchequer

Sept. 21, 1914

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