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April 1, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-20, Day 9, Update 1

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 1, 1999; 11:00AM EST - DAY 9, UPDATE 1


Pristina                      1. "Deadmen" Walking, Talking Rugova Calls for NATO to Stop, Meets Milosevic

Washington               2. NATO's Killers Request More Killing Machines

Mexico City                3. Mexico Condemns NATO's Bombing

Phoenix                      4. Serbs Outnumbered 97-1 by NATO Countries!

Pristina                       5. Illegal Immigration: Flip Side of "Ethnic Cleansing"


1. "Deadmen" Walking, Talking Rugova Calls for NATO to Stop, Meets Milosevic

PRISTINA, Apr. 1 - Remember those three "dead" Albanian leaders whom the Serbs were supposed to have summarily executed, according to Bill Clinton's "Lie and Deny" PR factory? Guess what? They are still walking and talking, Reuters and the London Times have just reported (Mar. 31).

Fehmi Agani, a veteran politician who played a key role in the Rambouillet peace talks, and Baton Haxhiu, the Koha Ditore newspaper editor-in-chief who voiced the aspirations of his people, had not been executed as reported by NATO on Monday (Mar. 29), Reuters said.

And Rugova, the only elected "president" of the Kosovo Albanians whom Washington has been referring to all along as a "moderate," before alleging that he had been killed and that Serbian forces had burned down his home, told the London Times that the NATO strikes "must stop."

And today, Rugova was seen on Serb TV not only walking, but talking - with none other than the Yugoslav president, Slobodan Milosevic, with whom he met in Belgrade. By joining hands in their call for cessation of NATO's air strikes, the two leaders have removed even the last shred of legitimacy from Washington's claim that they are somehow helping the Kosovo Albanians.

NATO bombing has been, is and continues to be a barbarous assault on HUMANITY and on SOVEREIGNTY of a country which did us no harm.

Nevertheless, Bill Clinton vowed yesterday that there would be no Easter break in the NATO bombing raid on Serb targets despite a plea by Pope John Paul II. "I hate the idea of having to continue this campaign during this period, but I hate more the idea that we would walk away from this campaign while (Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic) continues to clean out house after house and village after village after village and kill a lot of innocent people," Clinton said in a CBS television interview.

Well, now that the Albanian leader has "risen from the dead" to join worldwide calls for an end to this madness, wonder what Clinton's response will be? Send a Special Forces squad to Pristina to assassinate Rugova? For, surely, he can no longer kill the truth about himself - that "Adolf Clinton" is not only a confessed liar and adulterer, but also a murderer of innocent people - Serb and Albanian alike.

(See the new photos of burning Pristina apartment buildings and a scene from a hospital, which we've just added to our Web site).


2. NATO's Killers Request More Killing Machines

WASHINGTON - Apr. 1 - Washington and Brussels are starting to waiver in their convictions that the air strikes alone will install NATO in Kosovo before the Serb forces totally defeat the KLA terrorists. So what's NATO's answer? Increase the bombing intensity to include civilian targets in Belgrade in Pristina. In other words, kill, kill, kill... That's not policy, that's lunacy. And murder.

Unperturbed, the NATO killers have requested more killing machines from the member countries. Gen. Wesley Clark has asked the U.S. to send five B-1 bombers five B-1 bombers capable of laying a carpet of 500-pound gravity bombs on military bases and large troop concentrations, the Washington Times reported today. Britain is sending eight Tornado ground-attack planes, Canada is transferring six CF-18 dual-role fighters, and France is adding six Mirage 2000 fighters.

Gen. Clark also wants the US Navy to divert the carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt to the Adriatic Sea. It is scheduled to relieve the USS Enterprise now in the Persian Gulf watching Iraq. The Pentagon is debating whether to use the Army Apache, an attack helicopter that specializes in nighttime tank killing.

Do you get the sense that we are dealing here with people who should be locked up for life in some loony bin? We do.


3. Mexico Condemns NATO's Bombing

MEXICO CITY, Mar. 31 - Mexico's state-run news agency, Notimex, published an editorial yesterday (Mar. 31) accusing NATO of violating international law with its air strikes on Yugoslavia.

The attacks by NATO, which had a predominant contingent of U.S. forces, lacked the approval of the United Nations Security Council, and were unequivocal interventionism and inadmissible, Notimex said.

The US Air Force pilots have flown 84% of the combat sorties, an Air Force source told the Washington Times today. Other NATO countries accounted for 10% of the flights, while the US Navy contributed 6% of the total air power used against Serbia.


4. Serbs Outnumbered 97-1 by NATO Countries!

PHOENIX, Apr. 1 - Here is some information for the trivia buffs which a TiM supporter from Franklin, West Virginia, has just worked out. There are a total of 780 million people in the 19 NATO countries versus eight million Serbs and two million other nationalities living in Yugoslavia. That's a 97-1 ratio in favor of NATO.

And, when it comes to material and military power, NATO probably enjoys a much higher advantage over the Serbs. But the Washington and NATO "supermen" should have studied the Serb culture before attacking them. Because they are evidently unaware of an old Serbian proverb "Bitku ne bije svijetlo oruzje no srce u junaka." ("Battle is not fought by shiny weapons but by the hearts of heroes.").


5. Illegal Immigration: Flip Side of "Ethnic Cleansing"

PRISTINA, Apr. 1 - As the Clinton administration officials continue to drone on about the Serbs' in Kosovo engaging in "ethnic cleansing," media reports by their propaganda arms, like CNN and others, may have inadvertently showed us the flip side of "ethnic cleansing," the "illegal immigration" by ethnic Albanians which has been going on in Kosovo for decades, and which has helped tip the balance of population in favor of Albanians.

CNN reported yesterday that the Yugoslav officials were supposedly removing the personal identification documents from the Kosovo Albanian refugees who were streaming into Albania, fleeing the NATO bombardment. But some of our Serbian sources report that many of these people NEVER HAD ANY DOCUMENTS, because they were among hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Albania who came to Kosovo in pursuit of a better life (Albania is Europe's poorest country). Just like millions of illegal immigrants in the American southwest, for example.

kos-dem.gif (19698 bytes) You see, in 1929, the Serbs constituted a 61% majority in Kosovo. They had remained a majority all the way up to WW II, during which many Serbs were killed or driven from their homes by the Nazi allies - the Kosovo and Bosnian Muslims. After 1945, Tito's communist government passed a law prohibiting the Serb refugees from returning to their homes in Kosovo. Over the next five decades, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants poured in across a porous border. That is how the Albanians got to be a majority in Kosovo (check out the demographic charts and related stories at our Web site, by doing a search for appropriate keywords, e.g., "Kosovo: 'Bosnia II', Serbia's Aztlan").

In a bizarre way, therefore, NATO's bombing and the fighting between the Serbian forces and the KLA terrorists - both of which the Albanian civilians are fleeing, may be inadvertently righting some of the wrongs caused by 54 years of illegal immigration, the flip side of "ethnic cleansing." For, many Albanian refugees are actually returning home.

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