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How "The Princes of the 20th Century" (Some Multinational Companies) Colonize the World by Dollars Instead of Bayonets



SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, Sept. 5, 1998 - Thought you'd be interested in a speech which I delivered Sept. 5 at the Reform Party of Arizona annual convention in Scottsdale, AZ. Keep in mind that the speaker not a (Perot) Reform Party member.  He was asked by the convention organizers to give this address as a guest speaker.

That having been said, and unbeknownst even to the Reform Party organizers, I did vote for Ross Perot, the Reform Party founder, in the last two presidential elections. Not because I was enamoured of Perot. But because I thought doing it was the lesser of four alternative evils

(a) voting for Clinton

(b) voting for Bush/Dole

(c) voting for people I knew nothing about

(d) having to vote for a "write-in" candidate - my dog, Fred Bassett.


Bob Dj.

P.S. Since the time I sent out this e-mail last night to the Truth in Media readers, I've received quite a few very positive responses. Several people urged me (I suppose tongue-in-cheek) to run for office with (my) Fred Bassett as VP on the ticket. They said they'd definitely vote for us... -)

Others just liked the truth in the Truth in Media's message. Such as this correspondent from North Carolina, for example

"Hi Bob or Achara! Irish for hello -), I must admit, you have to be my favorite modern writer. I enjoy your posts and read them all. Your style is unique in that it just plain and simply covers the truth. I guess thats why it's TiM, huh? For what it's worth, you get my vote for a Pulitzer or whatever is in your category. Keep up the good work and please keep my on your list. Out of the hundreds of emails a week, yours is one of the few that I keep. Have a happy Labor Day weekend."

As for the Reform Party delegate's reaction, we've just received an excerpt from their Sept. 6 Press Release about the convention proceedings

"Bob Djurdjevic, internationally acclaimed journalist and founder of TRUTH IN MEDIA, spoke about the effects of politics and international investments on the world market. His speech was well received and enforces the (Reform) party's focus on protecting our taxpayers from the vacuum cleaner Washington has attached to our paychecks."

Have a nice Labor Day, as our Irish-American supporter said!

And now, on to the speech...

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, Sept. 5 - I plan to talk today about the issue of Globalization vs. National Sovereignt. And about how "The Princes of the 20th Century" - the Multinational Companies - Colonize the World Using the Dollars Instead of Bayonets.

Within that, as a general topic, I plan to address some specific questions:

Who is still the Bogey - the Enemy No. 1 - of the New World Order elite?

Why are the IMF bailouts examples of "Socialism International?"

What weapons, besides the dollars, does the New World Order use to colonize or enslave sovereign nations?

(I will touch on Russia, Bosnia, the NATO expansion and the Middle East within this topic)

And finally, I will try to show how this "West Side Gang" is also trying to impoverish and enslave us - Americans, and take away our money and our liberties, not just colonize some distant lands.

But I have to warn you. Unless you're a full time "New World Order Watcher," you may find some things I am about to say rather disconcerting. That's because "at a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act," according to George Orwell. Or putting it another way, "where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise," as Thomas Gray noted in the 18th century.

I'll chance it... [pause & smile]

Who Is Still the "Bogey No. 1?"

Talk is cheap, they say. Put your money where your mouth is. Money talks louder than words. If these truisms still work, the wallets of the New World Order bankers have spoken loudly and clearly: Russia is still the "Bogey No. 1!"

Don't be fooled by this week's Clinton's trip to Moscow, mostly intended for us to forget the mess he had left behind at home.

Forget the cheap talk about the "Partnership for Peace." Duplicitous, self-serving "friendships" like that are made in hell. They tend to lead to war, not peace, as the Hitler-Stalin "friendship pact" of the 1930s has proven.

Forget the cheap talk about "nation building" and "democracy" whenever our government sends money or troops abroad. Follow the money. Investment decisions of the "Princes of the 20th Century" - the multinational companies - spoke louder than their CEOs' and Clinton officials' words. They told us that protectionism pays. They told us that globalism and democracy are for suckers.

The Chinese government shot its own people in 1989 because they wanted democracy. The Russian government shot its own people in 1993 ostensibly in the name of democracy. So if "ET" dropped in on Planet Earth from outer space, he might have thought that the democratic leaders of the free world would have punished the Chinese and rewarded the Russians. Right?

Sorry, "ET." This is Planet Earth, not Planet Hollywood. This is where Greed, not Justice rules supreme. Since the Tiananmen square massacre, China has received $158 billion in foreign investments from the "Princes." That's about $40 million per head of each killed Chinese pro-democracy demonstrators.

As for Russia, about $400 billion dollars-worth of national assets had been plundered and transferred to the western banks under the guise of free market and democratic "reforms," according to some opposition leaders with whom I met last year in Moscow. By now, that's probably close to half a trillion dollars.

By contrast, during the entire post Cold War-period, Russia's aggregate "reward" for its "reforms" paid by the "Princes" was less than $6 billion.

So almost half a trillion dollars - OUT; $6 billion - IN! Is there any wonder the ruble is plummeting?

By contrast, Communist China got 27 times more money from the "Princes" than did the democratic Russia.

And that's exporting American values? Of course, not. Nor are the bailouts of the Wall Street banks. I said I'd also try to answer the question...

Why is The Great Asian Bailout yet another example of "Socialism International?"

The short answer to the above question is because the International Monetary Fund (IMF) used PUBLIC funds to bail out PRIVATE banking interests. Just as was the case on a smaller scale three-and-a-half years ago, when the Republican and Democratic leaders both joined the President in literally robbing us, the U.S. taxpayers so as to protect the Wall Street bankers in Mexico.

Yes, there was Bob Dole; and yes, there was Newt Gingrich; and yes, there was John McCain; and yes, and yes there were all other self-professed "conservatives" who BACKED that self-professed liberal, Bill Clinton, on the Mexican bailout. And what Clinton proposed, and these Republican applauded, was that the Federal Government attach a giant vacuum cleaner to your and my wallets. [pause & smile]

The "great sucking sound" you've hearing every time the IMF bailed out another country was that of "The Great American Hoover" at work, as I put it in my October 1997 WASHINGTON TIMES column. This double-barreled Wall Street vacuum cleaner has been sucking out not only jobs from America, but also the U.S. taxpayers' money.

And there they were again, all these phony "conservatives" joining Bill Clinton in the fall of 1997, when the "fast track" legislation came before the Congress. They all lined up like good, little Wall Street soldiers, finally putting their mouths where their money came from.

So what does that tell us? Well, one thing it tells us is that our Republic has become a "demo farce;" that both Republican and Democratic front runners race for the same stable owners - Big Banks and Big Business.

And it also tells us that the IMF and the World Bank are financial instruments which the New World Order elite uses to export socialism around the world. And to enslave sovereign nations with Draconian measures after the PRIVATE capital had fled. This became quite obvious recently in Asia and Russia.

The erstwhile "Asian Tigers" were reduced to mere paper tigers by methods of usury. Some of them now wish they'd never taken the foreign investors' money. Too late now, of course. Just as it is for those greedy Americans who - hook, line and sinker swallowed the Wall Street casino's "bull" [market].

Malaysia's Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, said on Nov. 24, 1997 at the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Community) conference in Vancouver, Canada:

"Two decades of growth was wiped out in two weeks... Vibrant economies have been reduced to begging for aid from the IMF." Dr. Mahathir added that the free markets were "a recipe for slavery."

True. But during the post-Cold War globalization and expansion period (1990-1996), the Asia/Pacific region attracted about $375 billion in foreign investments. That's about 74 cents of every dollar the multinational companies had invested anywhere in the developing world ($505 billion). But when the bubble burst in the fall of 1997, the recriminations followed.

"Power corrupts," Dr. Mahathir railed in Vancouver. "As much as government can become corrupt when invested with absolute power, markets can also become corrupt when equally absolutely powerful. We are seeing the effect of that absolute power today - the impoverishment and misery of millions of people and their eventual slavery."

What's been happening in Russia this year echoes Malaysia's woes. Yet, here we have China, still a relatively calm island in the midst of Asia's financial typhoon. Why? Because globalism, "free trade;" the proposed "fast track" legislation, etc. - are all for the birds. China's relative stability has proven it.

But don't take my word for it. Take it from a respected globalist magazine published by the U.S. establishment's very own Council for Foreign Affairs. Here is, for example, what Nicholas Lardy, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, wrote in the July/August 1998 edition of the FOREIGN AFFAIRS. His article was titled "China and the Asia Contagion:"

"China is unlikely to catch the Asian flu. The Chinese currency is not convertible for capital account transactions. Chinese savers... cannot legally convert their deposits and purchase foreign currency-denominated financial assets. Moreover... foreigners own only small amounts (of Chinese assets). Indeed, non-residents are legally barred from purchasing 'A' shares - bought and sold for local currency on the Shanghai ad Shenzhen markets."

In other words, what Lardy is basically telling us is that protectionism pays. What Bill Clinton's June visit to China was telling us is that protectionism pays. What the IMF Russia loans are telling us is that globalism is for suckers. And that we, the American taxpayers, are the suckers being sold down the river by our own government.

Nevertheless, the imbalances in capital investments between China and Russia as are actually bad for world peace. The fact that it is done deliberately makes a mockery out of the globalists' line - "world peace through world trade." On the contrary, a state of low-grade perpetual war seems to be what Big Business wants.

Why? For answers to that question let's move on to the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa.

Colonizing Bosnia

Bosnia is a country which I criss-crossed many times during the recent war. And what I have seen is that the U.S. government policies have stoked the ethnic fires which led to the greatest human and material carnage Europe since World War II.

NATO's bombing of the Bosnian Serbs in August-September 1995 ensured their defeat. This was done in the typical Gulf War style, including the use of depleted uranium against targets in populated areas. And with the "whole world" ganging up on the designated culprit - the 800 thousand Bosnian Serbs! To put things in perspective, that's like the population of downtown San Francisco, half of Houston's, or one-tenth of Metropolitan Chicago's.

The war was eventually halted by a U.S.-imposed "peace" agreement signed in Dayton, Ohio, in November 1995. Credit went to Richard Holbrooke, a former State Department official, who should be among the first to be prosecuted for war crimes under the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal for East Timor, according to Joe Fallon's CHRONICLES September 1998 article. "If such a court is established, one of the first people it will indict is Richard Holbrooke," he wrote.

The reason? Holbrooke's complicity in the Indonesian government's pogrom of over 200,000 East Timorese for which, Fallon said, Indonesia received a green light in 1975 from President Ford and Henry Kissinger.

If you haven't heard about this U.S. government-sponsored crime, welcome to the New World Order's "dumbing down of America." Is there any wonder the U.S. embassies are bombed abroad? Is there any wonder that we, American citizens, are all being put at risk as unwitting targets of terrorists because of our government's policies? Little do these foreigners know that American people are also the VICTIMS of their government's policies.

Take the Clinton administrations NATO expansion in Eastern Europe, for example. What do you think this was about? Which will be the first country where NATO will be actually deployed?

Answer: BOSNIA! In fact, NATO has already been deployed in Bosnia for about five years, however surreptitiously. And it is there to stay. Just as the U.S. troops have never left the Arab lands after the Gulf War.

It is interesting, isn't it, therefore, how all this invokes similarities with the U.S. policy vis--vis Iraq? Another small country, another "hot" region of the world, another gangland example of the U.S. and other western government's treachery and hypocrisy causing a massive loss of human life and property.

First, we built up Saddam Hussein's military capabilities in the 1980s. During the Iraq-Iran war, for example, it was the U.S. and British governments that supplied to Iraq most of the terrible weapons of mass destruction. The French and the Germans also pitched in. The Feb. 12 reports by Reuters and The Independent, as well as a Jan. 29 Wall Street Journal OpEd piece, provide the gory details.

Yet all these self-righteous defenders of the "free of the free world" shamefully looked the other way as Iran vainly protested at the U.N. the genocidal use such weapons by Iraq against its troops in the 1980s.

Then in July 1990, just as in Bosnia later on in March 1992, the U.S. envoy to Iraq tricked Hussein into attacking Kuwait, a country minted arbitrarily by the British colonialists in the early part of this century. Before that it was a part of Iraq, just as Bosnia was a part of Yugoslavia.

As the NWO trap door closed behind Iraq, the "whole world" ganged up on it in a most massive display of military power since World War II. Some 250,000 Iraqis perished, most innocent civilians, according to Ramsey Clark, a former U.S. Attorney General, writing in "The Fire This Time," his 1992 book. Followed by more innocent civilian casualties due to seven years of U.N. sanctions.

If peace in the Middle East were indeed the objective of the New World Order leaders, the coalition troops could have easily taken Baghdad and dislodged Saddam Hussein in 1991. But no, the victorious American President decided to save Iraq for another President to use as a punching bag.

And in February of this years, a draft-evading, leftist President, who would not qualify even for the lowest security clearance had he not been elected Chief Executive, tried to deflect the nation's attention from his zipper by threatening to bomb the Iraqis again.

What sort of monsters have we sent to Washington? Honor of the entire nation and the disgrace of the highest office in the land have sunk to a new low.

But WHY do the New World Order leaders want perpetual low grade wars?

Once again, let's follow the money...

What country, in your opinion, leads the whole world in terms of the growth of its gross domestic product (GDP)?

Correct answer: BOSNIA! Its GDP increased by 50 percent in 1996, the first post-Dayton year, according to the Jan. 17 issue of the London-based ECONOMIST.

What nation came second?

ALBANIA! Another country which just had a close brush with civil war, and where international troops and monitors are deployed as "peacekeepers."

Closer to home, we've seen similar tactics at work in Panama, El Salvador, Haiti...

In Panama, for example, a planeload of American business executives ready to start working on reconstruction projects arrived in Panama City while the street fighting was still going on, the head of OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation) told me when we met in Washington in June 1990. The ill-fated Ron Brown mission was in Bosnia and Croatia even before all the I-FOR troops had been fully deployed.

See a pattern? First destroy them, then take over and rebuild them. Which kind of puts a "black humor" spin on an old one-liner:

QUESTION: What's the difference between mechanical and civil engineers?

ANSWER: Mechanical engineers build the weapons; civil engineers build the targets.

Either way, both the destruction and the rebuilding helps keep the bankers' and multinationals' businesses humming. Either way, Big Business wins.

So what do Russia, Bosnia, and the perpetual Middle-eastern crisis have in common? Increased spending. Mostly by governments. More money for the "Princes."

The NATO expansion was also about money. Tens of billions of dollars worth of it. That's how much the three new NATO countries (Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland) will have to spend on American-made arms and equipment so as to become compatible with the NATO standards.

"Poland alone may buy up to 150 fighters at around $40 million a pop," Col. David Hackworth, America's most decorated living soldier, estimated in a May column. "And somewhere down the muddy track, 14 other former Soviet bloc countries could become NATO-ized with tanks, radios and aircraft, all, if the contractors have their way, made in the good ol' United States of America."

So when the Senate voted in May to approve the NATO expansion, I noted in a WASHINGTON TIMES column that the scoreboard read:

Death Merchants - 81; U.S. Taxpayers - 19.

And yes, both Arizona senators were in the death merchants camp.

So perpetual war for perpetual commerce - should be the real motto of the heartless, godless New World Order, not "world peace through world trade."

For proof of it, just look at the losers. The 200 million humans killed by the governments in the 20th century alone, according to the University of Hawaii professor, R.J. Rummel, certainly qualify as losers. And so could the U.S. taxpayers...

Take the income tax, for exmaple. Ever since the 16th Amendment, the Wall Street's "vulture capitalists" have been gradually tightening the noose around our collective necks. The income tax, for example, is NOT these plutocrats' God-given entitlement, as some would have us believe. It was enacted only in 1913, after much debate and treachery, 137 years after this Republic declared its independence from the British crown.

At the time, the entire U.S. income tax law was 17-pages long. Today, it has grown to over 3,000 pages. More business opportunities for the politicians, lawyers and accountants; more financial tyranny for the taxpayers.

Even as late as the 1930s, the beginning of the socialist (FDR) era in America, the individuals' income taxes accounted for only 1.4% of the U.S. GDP. The corporations, on the other hand, bore a bigger 1.6% burden. No longer. In 1990, for example, the respective individual/corporate GDP shares were 8.8% and 2.0% respectively - a six-fold increase in individuals' share; only a 25% rise for the Princes.

But perhaps the greatest income tax scam was how the FDR administration and Big Business used World War II to push through a "temporary" wartime emergency legislation. It was a law requiring employers to collect income tax at the source - thus becoming government agents without compensation.

This communist-style legislation turned on its head the American legal principle - "innocent until proven guilty." It gave the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) the rights which the U.S. Constitution accords a defendant, while putting the burden of proof on the taxpayer, the "plaintiff." Half a century later, this FDR income tax ruse has given a whole new meaning to the term "temporary."

In other words, what we are seeing is an evil, genocidal, parasitic, Machiavellian industrial-financial elite - enriching itself on the backs of other fellow-humans' pain and suffering. It's just that the weapons and the targets; the engineers and the victims; the countries and the ideologies... bear different names in various deadly cycles.

That's precisely the kind of threat against which President Dwight Eisenhower warned the nation in his farewell speech in 1961:

"In the councils of government, we must guard against acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial- (congressional)-complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of that combination endanger our liberties or democratic process."

And yet we have allowed to happen during the last 37 years. Through our lethargy; through our materialism; through our self-indulgence; through our greed; and through a deliberate process of educational and media-led "dumbing down of America," as I put it in an August 1997 column in the WASHINGTON TIMES. We did not heed President Eisenhower's warning. We did allow the New World Order elite to "endanger our liberty and democratic processes."

It is time for us to start to reverse that process before it is too late. Before we lose what little of our liberties and democratic processes we have left. It is time for Americans who still believe in our individualistic, freedom-loving culture, based on hard work and entrepreneurship, to act now. We still have the legal means at our disposal to throw off the Wall Street yoke, and to rid ourselves of our pot-bellied politicians - the Big Business's stooges.

All we need to do is apply our Constitution. Rigorously and unambiguously. But do we have the courage to do it?

[many in the audience replied, "yes, we do!"]

Thank you.

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