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Nov. 3, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-157, KFOR "Peacefarce" 51

FROM WESTERN AUSTRALIA natologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)            Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Nov. 3, 1999 - KFOR "Peacefarce" 51


Sydney                             1. A Sydney Photo Album - Click here for Sydney photosnsw-flag.gif (2691 bytes)

Washington                     2. Clinton's Serbia Policy Immoral and Inhumane, Charges Pat Buchanan, a Presidential Candidate

Pristina                            3. Bonnie Prince Charlie, "Prince of Pristina," Praises NATO, KFOR "For Wonderful Work"

London                            4. Where Have All the Bodies Gone?


1. A Sydney Photo Album - Click here for Sydney photosnsw-flag.gif (2691 bytes)

WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Nov. 3 - We invite you to joins us in our "Tour de Oz," and check out the TiM Sydney Photo Album, which is now posted at our Web site: .

(for a full text of the TiM editor's "Gang Rape of a Small Country" lectures, delivered during his "Tour de Oz," click here ).


2. Clinton's Serbia Policy Immoral and Inhumane, Charges Pat Buchanan, a Presidential Candidate

WASHINGTON, Nov. 1 - Presidential candidate, Patrick J. Buchanan, released a statement on Nov. 1 in which he accuses the Clinton administration of continuing the war on Serb civilians after the bombing had stopped, only using other means:

"Bill Clinton has stopped bombing Serbia, but his policies continue to kill innocent Serbs. The administration, reports the New York Times, is now obstructing a European Union plan to build a new bridge over the Danube and clear from the river's bed the debris of bridges wrecked by NATO bombs. The wreckage and unexploded ordinance have made the river -- a vital artery of commerce in Europe's poorest region -- impossible to navigate. The assistance Clinton refuses to give is considered crucial for the safe clearing of the unexploded bombs.

Clinton also objects to a European program to ship heating oil to two Serbian cities controlled by the Yugoslav opposition. Washington frets that Yugoslav dictator Slobodan Milosevic will somehow benefit.

These anti-Serb policies -elements of a cruel campaign to starve and freeze the people of Serbia until they overthrow Milosevic-are unjust, immoral, and have no proven record of political success. But the weight of sanctions, as always, will fall most heavily on the old and sick and on Serb children.

France and Germany are now leading the effort to aid Yugoslavia's beleaguered population and reconstruct the Balkan economies shattered by the war. In the spirit of reconciliation, the United States should join with them and lift all other purely economic sanctions against Serbia. As the dust settles after Clinton's War, it grows more and more apparent that NATO's justifications for the war don't hold up. By continuing to sicken and starve innocent Serbs, Clinton is compounding a grievous wrong. His policies can only engender an enduring hatred towards the United States."


TiM Ed.: A vast majority of the TiM readers who wrote to us have applauded our support for Pat Buchanan, as he switched from the Republican to the Reform Party (see "Buchanan Jumps the GOP Ship" - ). But a small number of readers, most Jews, questioned our wisdom in doing so.

To some them, we replied:

"Did it ever occur to you that you may be also subjected to the NWO 'Jewish' propaganda? Things are never 'black and white' when it comes to politics. Pat Buchanan is certainly not without fault. I don't agree with him on everything.

But any man who wants to restore the U.S. Constitution, as Buchanan has declared that he would do if elected President, deserves the support of any and all truth and liberty loving Americans. To me, that's a higher issue than any other.

As to how Buchanan feels about the Serbs... He was THE ONLY presidential candidate to publicly condemn NATO's Kosovo war on Serbia - before, during, and after."

One such a Jewish TiM reader subsequently replied that he agreed we (TiM) were not anti-Semites "just because you support Buchanan." Implying that some Jews or "Jews" were making us out to be "anti-Semites?"

Well, after the Nov. 1 Buchanan statement, we hope that all other TiM Jewish readers who are not yet sedated or corrupted by the NWO "Jews," will join us in supporting the one man who wants to restore the U.S. Constitution. Which, just as the Declaration of Independence, guarantees that all Americans are treated equally. Including the Serbian- and Jewish-Americans. Only people who think that they are perhaps above the law would object to that. N'est ce pas?"


3. Bonnie Prince Charlie, "Prince of Pristina," Praises NATO, KFOR "For Wonderful Work"

PRISTINA, Oct. 99 - The "Bonnie Prince Charlie" of the crumbling British Empire made a flying visit to Pristina last month amid tight security andwpe26.jpg (85686 bytes) reports of gunfire. Prince Charles, wearing combat fatigues, mounted one of the NATO/KFOR tanks, a Canadian edition as it turned out (see the photo), looking as if he were ready to hunt down any of the remaining Kosovo Serbs.

"We are lucky to have such marvelous people here from Britain and other countries to do such wonderful work," Prince Charles said.


TiM Ed.: Sure thing. A British Crown Prince should know all about such "wonderful work." After all, didn't the British Empire ethnically cleanse much of the African, Australian and Asian continents, before it joined the Washington NWO's "Evil Empire" leaders in mopping up the 180,000 or so Kosovo Serbs from their centuries-old homesteads? Not to mention the killing of more than 400 Serbs during the NATO-led KFOR "peace farce."

So "jolly good work," Bonnie Prince Charlie, the "Prince of Pristina," as the British press have dubbed it. Sitting atop that Canadian tank, maybe he should have contemplated the fate which had befallen all other would-be colonialists of the Serbs. Such as the Ottoman Empire. Or the Austrian-Hungarian empire. Or Hitler's Third Reich.

Welcome to the Graveyard of the Empires, "Bonnie Prince Charlie." Serbia. You're following right in the footsteps of all other foolhardy would-be Serb conquerors. Perhaps you'd want to dismount, and get a burger and a Coke at Pristina's McDonald's restaurant, while the going is still good?


4. Where Have All the Bodies Gone?

LONDON, Oct. 31 - Robin Cook, the British foreign secretary, is under pressure to answer claims that ministers misled the public over the scale of deaths among civilians in Kosovo to justify the NATO bombing of Belgrade, the London Times has reported this Sunday.

At the height of the war, western officials spoke of a death toll as high as 100,000. President Bill Clinton said the NATO campaign had prevented "deliberate, systematic efforts at ethnic cleansing and genocide".

Geoff Hoon, then a Foreign Office minister and now the defense secretary, later scaled down the estimates. "It appears that about 10,000 people have been killed in more than 100 massacres," he said.

The most outspoken challenge to these figures has come from Emilio Perez Pujol, a pathologist who led the Spanish team looking for bodies in the aftermath of the fighting. He said: "I calculate that the final figure of dead in Kosovo will be 2,500 at the most. This includes lots of strange deaths that can't be blamed on anyone in particular."

Perez Pujol said the numbers of dead were far lower than the 44,000 he had been warned of, and few were in mass graves. He said his team had arrived in Kosovo expecting to perform 2,000 post-mortem examinations and to work to the end of November. "On September 12 I called my people together and said: 'We have finished here.' I informed my government and told them of the real situation. We had found a total of 187 bodies. Four or five had died from natural causes."

Alice Mahon, the Labor MP who chairs the Balkans committee, said yesterday that the deaths were tragic but did not justify the military action taken by NATO. "When you consider that 1,500 civilians or more were killed during NATO bombing, you have to ask whether the intervention was justified," she said.

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