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September 09, 2010

Two Cities, Four Lectures - October 21-31, 1999

TiM's "Tour de Oz" - Index

Kosovo War: A Gang Rape of a Small Nation; Plus Kosovo vs. East Timor: Similarities and Differences

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"Tour de Oz" - Part I (Oct. 21)

"Tour de Oz" - Part II (Oct. 29)

"Tour de Oz" - Part III (Oct. 31)


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WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Nov. 3 - October 1999 was supposed to be a quiet respite Down Under for the TiM editor and his wife after their whirlwind "Tour de Serbia," a visit to Russia, and seven months of 16-18 hour workdays, dedicated to fighting a media war against NATO's "lie & deny" news spinners.  All of which took place, of course, in addition to running our own global IT consulting business (Annex Research). 

It didn't turn out that way.  As soon as we arrived in Australia in late September, "the native drums started beating," as the TiM editor's wife put it.  And invitations for lectures began pouring in from all over this country.  Naturally, we were gratified that the Truth in Media had so many followers and supporters Down Under.

And so, in the end, the TiM editor agreed to give four lectures in two Australian cities on the opposite ends of this vast continent - Perth and Sydney.  "Tour de Oz" is a pictorial story about this "impromptu" lecture series.

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                             TiM's "TOUR DE OZ" INDEX

Stage 1                 Perth Photo Album         Oct. 21, 1999 (10 images)

Stage 2                 Sydney Photo Album    Oct. 29-31, 1999 (16 images)

                             Posters and Announcements

                             Text of the Lectures, along with Some Slides

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                             aus-flag.gif (2180 bytes) SOME AUSTRALIAN VIGNETTES

                             Republic Referendum: Another Chapter of the Australian "Demo Farce" (1999) new-feat.gif (906 bytes)

                             Sydney Olympics: A Five-ring Circus (1999) new-feat.gif (906 bytes)

                             Which One of You Is the Admiral? (1999) new-feat.gif (906 bytes)

                             A Deadly Mistake (1999) new-feat.gif (906 bytes)

                             Once in a Blue Moon, at Meelup (1999)

                             Helmets Are In, Bikes Are Out (1999)

                             No Contest: Dung Beetles Versus Bush Flies (1999)

                             Murder by Media: Death of Democracy in Australia (1999)

                             Murder of the Book "Murder by Media" (1999)

                             Dymocks: Truth Alone Isn't Enough (1999)

                             Sleepless in Perth (1997)

                             Great Australian Salute and Mother-in-Law Fish (1986)

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