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June 27, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-116, "Peace" 10

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)     Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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June 27, 1999; 11:30PM EDT - "Peace" 10


Pristina                   1. KFOR British Troops Refuse Help to Serbs:

                                   "Come Back Tomorrow" (if you live that long)

Pristina                   2. An Assassination Attempt on Italian Foreign Minister?

Toronto                  3. Kosovo War Enters Canadian Classrooms

Washington            4. Clinton: "Not a Red Cent for (Serbia's) Reconstruction"

London                   5. Serb "Bounty" on Clinton, Blair Cheaper

Belgrade                6. Serb Church Leaders Call for Repentance

Australia                7. Scotch McConnell's Amendment: Senator, You Clearly

                                  Have a Criminal Agenda!


1. KFOR British Troops Refuse Help to Serbs: "Come Back Tomorrow" (if you live that long)

PRISTINA, June 26 - When the NATO troops entered Kosovo on June 11, we were told by the likes of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair that they were their to ensure security of all civilians - Serb and Albanian alike. It must have been a delayed reaction April Fools Day joke. In the last 24 hours alone, 14 Serb civilians and one Italian soldier were killed, allegedly by the KLA terrorists, the Macedonian News Agency has reported.

Want to know what it is like to be an unarmed and harmless Serb in Kosovo there days? Here's is an excerpt from a report filed by Olivia Ward, a Toronto Star reporter in Pristina, which we received today:

"Help me, help me," cried the neatly groomed man in the crisp white shirt. "They're after me. They told me I had to leave my flat."

Standing on the dimly lit steps of my 10th-floor walk-up apartment overlooking the ruined storefronts of Pristina, I hardly knew what to reply. The frightened man, a Serb in his 30s, followed me to my door, glancing over his shoulder.

Milan described his afternoon of fear, as unknown Albanian-speaking marauders battered on his door, smashing the lock and brandishing metal bars. Then they left, telling him they would return later.

In our own rented flat, my driver, a Macedonian, was cowering on the couch staring wildly at the door as we entered. "?Somebody tried to break in while you were away," he said. "They were looking for Serbs. They broke one of the locks. We must get help right away."

My American colleague Marcia and I looked at each other. In the chaotic neither-peace-nor-war state that is Kosovo today, help is in short supply, and knowing where to find it is next to impossible. "Let's go to NATO,'' we decided vaguely, hurrying off to the giant sports complex where the Kosovo peacekeeping mission has its press headquarters.

There, an indifferent British soldier answered the door with a clear message: "You want the military police, but their hours end at 5:30 p.m.,'' he said. "Come back tomorrow."


TiM Ed.: "If you live that long...?"


Tracking down one of the many NATO troops patrolling Pristina, we received an equally disconcerting reply. "You really need the Irish Guards,'' said a pleasant young soldier parked outside a bombed-out Serbian police building. "They're in there. Just knock on the door."

Ten minutes later, a cluster of armor-clad troops clambered out on to the roof, rifles at the ready. "What's the problem?" they asked, none too cordially.

Our reply failed to impress.

"If that's all, there's nothing we can do for you," said one. "We really aren't set up for policing action. We're just trying to secure this building."


TiM Ed.: Funny how Clinton and Blair failed to mention to us that the Kosovo "peace agreement" was about saving buildings, not lives. But then, what else could one have expected from such mass murderers.


And what if our Serb neighbor was the next assassination target? After all, we pointed out, bodies of Serbs who had remained in Kosovo have been piling up.

The trooper on the roof shrugged."


TiM Ed.: Which is why we said on Day 1 of the Kosovo "peace process" that it would turn into a "piss process" (see S99-108, "Peace" 2, Item 1, June 13 . Guess the Irish Guards should feel right at home in Kosovo...


2. An Assassination Attempt on Italian Foreign Minister?

PRISTINA, June 23 - The Italian foreign minister, Lamberto Dini, reportedly also came under KLA fire in Pristina on June 23, as he was preparing to visit the Italian troops stationed in and around the devastated Kosovo town of Pec. The Serb TV showed a video of the alleged attack which had the CNN logo as source.

The Tanjug (Yugoslav news agency) correspondent from Rome confirmed that the Italian electronic media initially also reported that there had been an assassination attempt on Dini, but subsequently suppressed that information, with an explanation that there was no gun shot, only the sound of breaking glass.

Dini was one of the few NATO leaders to speak out against the NATO bombing, especially of the civilian targets, such as that of Serb TV in Belgrade (see S99-56, Day 34, Update 1, Apr. 26).


TiM Ed.: Well, one sad conclusion which one can draw from the above Dini story is that the western CNN viewers had better tune in to Belgrade's (pirated?) CNN broadcasts if they are to see the part of the truth withheld from us by the "Clinton News Network." Is that why the four anti-Serbia "C's" - Clinton-Clark-Cohen-Chirac - bombed the Serb TV? Because the Serbs could see the CNN pictures which the CNN-NATO warmongers would not show to their western viewers?


3. Kosovo War Enters Canadian Classrooms

TORONTO, June 24 - If there are still some TiM readers who think that the 79-days of the anti-Serbian war propaganda by the NATO "lie and deny" news spinners left most of us unscathed, they should read the June 24 story by the Toronto Star, "Serbian children stung by schoolyard taunting. Sharp words in a Toronto schoolyard did what bombs in Belgrade couldn't: They made Mira cry."

It is an article about how NATO managed to force itself into Canadian classrooms. And into the minds of the Canadian innocents - the children. Here's an excerpt:

"It's tough being the new kid (on the block), especially when you move halfway around the world to a new country.

When you're nine years old and Serbian, the pressure is even worse. It's hard to imagine a little girl being forced to feel responsible for the atrocities of a brutal regime. It's enough to break a child's spirit - and a mother's heart.

"We came here to forget and to start a new life,'' says Mira's mother, Vesna, who came to Canada with her husband and two daughters from Belgrade just two months ago. "We came to live here because this is a good country with good people."

But Mira's first day at an Etobicoke elementary school burns in Vesna's memory because of a few thoughtless words. "I don't want to be friends with you because you are a Serb and Serbs are killing Albanians,'' one of Mira's classmates said.

The words caught the youngster off-guard in the noisy playground. "She doesn't understand why the other children would say such things," Mira's Mom explained. "We spent two weeks in Belgrade after the bombing started and she didn't cry when the bombs fell. But there are things here that make her afraid."

Vesna says she doesn't want her children stigmatized. "An image of Serbians has been created in the media that they are butchers, that they kill people around them. But people must understand that children are innocent, that they did none of these things."


TiM Ed.: Tell it to Chelsea Clinton, who helped promote her Dad's Kosovo "peace," while touring Macedonia with her Mom last week.


"It's just these things that prompted Ray Cunningham, principal of Chester Public School in east-end Toronto, to begin programs to ensure Serbian children aren't vilified. "They could easily become victims here," Cunningham says. "What we tried to do from the outset was have open-ended discussion groups at all the grade levels. [...]

The school's approach has produced unexpected results. "Some students wanted to be honorary Serbs - not based on anything philosophical, but based strictly on feelings for fellow students who had relatives in danger," Cunningham says.

A young girl approached Cunningham one day at recess and read him a poem about what it was like being a Serb in Canada. "It was very moving," he says. "But we try to encourage them to be very open to their feelings. We want them to know that Chester is a very safe place to be and it's okay to talk about being frightened." [...]


TiM Ed. If only the Canadian (Liberal!) government were as open-minded and compassionate as ordinary Canadians are about the "liberal" ideas which Ottawa preaches, versus the totalitarian ways which it uses to implement them. Such as bombing the little Mira's.

Little did this little Mira know that she was lucky only to be insulted by an NWO-stupefied Canadian classmate, rather than to be incinerated by a NWO-NATO "smart" bomb. As several hundred of her fellow Serb children were - by the "liberal" governments in Ottawa, Washington, London, Bonn... (just check out the photo section at our Web site).


4. Clinton: "Not a Red Cent for (Serbia's) Reconstruction"

WASHINGTON, June 25 - The Serbs should be grateful to Bill Clinton for finally showing his true colors. Red! God knows, the Serbs have had enough trouble with the color "red," from Josip Broz Tito on down the globalist-communist hierarchy...

Speaking at an unusually lengthy (75-minute) June 25 news conference in Washington, Clinton admitted, for the first time, that he had underestimated the Serbs' determination to fight for Kosovo. And that he would not give Serbia "one red cent for reconstruction."


TiM Ed.: The Serb and the world's patriots should be relieved to hear that this sorry American "president" has recanted on his promise, offered at a moment of weakness and desperation, in the midst of the NATO air campaign, while this writer was in Belgrade (see "Clinton Pleads to Serbian-Americans to Help").

The Serbs have seen what the "red cents" delivered by the closet "reds," like Bill Klinton, can buy them - death and destruction. And betrayal. Such as that by their vassal NATO neighbors - Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia... And, of course, the more distant ones - Czech Republic and Slovakia - each of whose governments have sold their country's souls to the NWO for a few "red cents." Literally. (Just check out our Web site for how little these once independent European nations have sold their sovereignty).


Clinton also emphatically rejected a suggestion from a reporter that the United States and NATO were guilty of war crimes for killing Yugoslav civilians and for destroying electric stations and waterworks, causing Serbian suffering, according to a New York Times June 26 report.

"NATO did not commit war crimes," Clinton said. "NATO stopped war crimes. NATO stopped deliberate, systematic efforts at ethnic cleansing and genocide. And we did it in a way to minimize civilian casualties."

Clinton said that the allied bombardment had been the most accurate in the history of warfare, and that civilian deaths had been minimal.


TiM Ed.: Right. Clinton should check it out with the relatives of the 2,000 or so Serb civilians killed, 30% of them children. Such as Bojana Tosovic, killed by NATO's bombs on Apr. 11 at her home near Podujevo, along with her father. Or the 4-year old Dejana Pavlovic, and her 7-year old brother, Stefan, killed by NATO's bombs at their home in the Belgrade suburb of Ralja on May 27. Or Father Milivoj Ceric, a brave and unselfish Serb priest, whose head was literally blown off by a NATO bomb on Sunday, May 30 on the Varvarin bridge, as he was trying to help his parishioners after an earlier NATO raid.

For some (not so strange) reason, TiM has a feeling that the relatives of all these Serb victims of "the most accurate in the history of warfare," may wish to see such "accurate" bombers hang.

Lest, of course, the murderers first repent. As Christian sinners are supposed to do.

No such remorse, however, is forthcoming from any of the NATO governments. Nor from their murderous proteges - the KLA. Which only goes to PROVE that they are all ANTI-CHRISTIAN, as NATO's war on Serbia has shown.


5. Serb "Bounty" on Clinton, Blair Cheaper

LONDON, June 27 - Reacting to the $5 million bounty which the New World Order-NATO leaders put on the heads of the rival criminals in Belgrade - Slobodan Milosevic and his cohorts - a TiM reader from Britain sent us the following comment:

"I think it is high time to have an analysis of Clinton's 'bounty' money on the head of Milosevic. This is to my thinking quite unprecedented. Where does it stand in international law?

It is very frightening to me indeed."

Samuel James McBride, United Kingdom


TiM Ed.: No need for one set of criminals to put the bounty on the heads of other criminals. Much better to have honest and uncompromised citizens do it.

Two days ago, for example, TiM got a word about a case of civic action taken by some such citizens of Serbia. It was in response to Clinton's "bounty" on Milosevic. Not that there was any love lost for Milosevic among these Serb citizens of Sremska Mitrovica, a mid-size town 40 miles west of Belgrade They said they had passed the hat around, and collected $5 per head of Clinton, Blair, Albright, Cohen, Clark, etc...

"We're a poor country," the SM citizens explained to TiM. "Besides, that's all these two-bit NATO criminals' heads are worth, anyway."


6. Serb Church Leaders Call for Repentance

BELGRADE, June 26 - By contrast to such a non-Christian, "might is right" attitudes exhibited by the NATO leaders, the Patriarch and the bishops of the Serbian Orthodox church condemned any and all atrocities carried out by the "Milosevic Serbs," i.e., this former "red commie's" paramilitary murderers. Here's an excerpt from a London Guardian's report (June 25, 1999):

"Serbia's wall of denial surrounding war crimes in Kosovo is about to be smashed by the Serbian Orthodox church, which plans to tell its flock that the nation's soul is stained with the blood of ethnic Albanians.

Church leaders will return from the province to Belgrade and defy the Yugoslav president, Slobodan Milosevic, by publicly admitting that Serb forces committed widespread atrocities. [...]

Since arriving in Kosovo last week, the head of the church, Patriarch Pavle, has been shocked by evidence of murders, tortures and expulsions. He and his bishops have decided to break the silence by declaring some of their countrymen guilty of horrific crimes.

Luka Novakovic, deacon at the church's library in Belgrade, said the church hierarchy would make an announcement at a press conference in the Yugoslav capital next week, regardless of government threats.

"At our services on Sunday [July 4] our priests will be able to tell the people about what happened in Kosovo," the deacon said. "We have learned that some Serbs did terrible things in Kosovo, and admitting that is the first step in changing things for the better. It will not be possible to keep it a secret, not any more. Society will know about it... It is our duty. It is important for a country to know the truth. It has to know, otherwise it will just continue on without confessing. Denying it is not going to save souls."


TiM Ed.: Statements, such as the above one, by the Serbian Orthodox Christian officials can only come as a surprise to the ignorant or the malicious people. Here is, for example, what the Serb Patriarch Pavle, told this writer on Oct. 23, 1998, asking the TiM editor to pass the message to the Serb-American Orthodox Christian faithful):

"We should all be aware, as were our ancestors, that it is better to lose one's life than one's honor. And that we must also treat our enemies as decent people. As Marko Miljanov said, 'bravery is defending oneself from the enemy; gallantry is defending the enemy from oneself.'

We must behave according to the teachings of Saint Sava and all our saints. Which means recognizing that the heavenly kingdom is more important than the one on earth. And that God sees and knows everything. Including when malicious people make false accusations against us.

We must behave so that at least the future generations who follow us would have a chance to right the wrongs done to us, if God thinks we deserve it."


7. Scotch McConnell's Amendment: Senator, You Clearly Have a Criminal Agenda!

QUEENSLAND, Australia, June 26 - We received the following reaction from Russell Mathews, Member of the Standing Committee of Convocation of The University of Queensland in Australia, to our S99-113, "Peace" 7, Item 3, June 22, Special TiM GW Bulletin, who wrote the following letter to Senator McConnell:

"Dear Sir, I wish to express my outrage at your Bill amendment in the US Senate to also declare Serbia a "terrorist state," and impose new sanctions in effect continuing NATO's relentless war on the Serbian people. I cannot believe the outrageous effect of McConnell's amendment to arm and subsidize the KLA.

I may not be a US taxpayer, but I live in this world too, as do all members of my government and the government of our ANZAC partner, New Zealand.

For many years, the problem has been the lawlessness of Albania, not of Kosovo. You should be looking at improving the lot of Albanians IN ALBANIA and so leave the peace loving people of Kosovo and Serbia in peace. They have not attacked anyone. Rather they have been attempting to protect themselves from invading and infiltrating criminal Albanians. They have been attempting to protect their own property.

You clearly have a criminal agenda."

Russell Mathews, accountant, mathematician, computer logician, taxpayer's advocate and counsel before administrative appeals tribunal, Australian Securities and Investment Commission Agent.

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