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June 13, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-108, "Peace" 2

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA natologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)       Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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June 13, 1999; 11:30PM EDT - PostScript 2


Kosovo                     1. "Piss Process" Predictably Turns Bloody;  Germans, Brits

                                     Draw First Serb Blood; A Serb Left to Bleed to Death by

                                     German Medics

Kosovo                     2. Serbs Now Cleansed by NATO, Led by Germans

Kosovo                     3. "Mission Creep:" Russians Say "Nyet" to Creepy Mission


1. "Piss Process" Predictably Turns Bloody;  Germans, Brits Draw First Serb Blood; A Serb Left to Bleed to Death by German Medics

KOSOVO, June 13 - ABC News, led by Ted Koppel, entered Kosovo this weekend in an armored Land-Rover (eat your hearts out GM and Ford!). Security for this phase of the "Wag the Dog" production, dubbed "The Taking of Pristina" for this evening's ABC TV 20/20 program, was provided by NATO.

No wonder blood and new refugees have begun to flow. Serb blood; Serb refugees... NATO's bullets; NATO's "piss process"...

Unfortunately, the brutality was all too predictable. Including the on-the-ground savagery which some German and British troops showed today, killing at least three Serbs.

ABC TV cameras were filming as a beige passenger car (Lada) was literally being raked over by the German "pisskeepers" automatic weapons' fire. WHILE DRIVING IN REVERSE!.

When the shooting stopped, the driver of the car was dead, slumped over the steering wheel, just as in similar Hollywood-produced turkey shoots, reminiscent of Al Capone's South Chicago gangland murders of the 1920s..

The Serb passenger, bleeding profusely from multiple wounds, pleaded in Serbian for help. And what did the German NATO-NAZI's do? They turned their backs on the dying man. They loaded a slightly wounded German soldier into an ambulance, and drove off, leaving the Serb civilian to bleed to death on the Prizren sidewalk.


TiM Ed.: And just in case the TiM readers needed another reminder of how our media "lie and deny" most news stories, as the Washington PR spinners do, here's a quote from today's Associated Press report about the same incident in Prizren:

"German troops responded, blasting one car with two occupants. One

slumped dead over the steering wheel and the other was badly wounded

and screaming for help before he was evacuated by the German troops."

Bull! Anyone watching the ABC 20/20 broadcast this evening could have seen the badly wounded Serb twitch and die - in front of the TV cameras - after the Germans had refused to give him medical help.

So the AP LIED!

Which is why, the TiM slogan is: "If there were always the truth in media, there would be no need for the Truth in Media!"


2. Serbs Now Cleansed by NATO, Led by Germans

KOSOVO, June 13 - Meanwhile, the NATO Kosovo "humanitarian mission" is busy trying to "cleanse" the ethnic Serbs from Kosovo. Earlier in the day (June 13), some British soldiers shot to death the Serb policemen, Veselin Jovovic, who hadwpe3.jpg (24097 bytes) reportedly fired his pistol in the air (see the photo).

How many Americans would be dead on July 4 by the same standard of the NATO-style "pisskeeping?"

Northern Ireland's Catholics, objects of the Ulster/British turkey shoots similar to that in Prizren today, following that region's NWO-sponsored "peace agreement," may be able to understand what is happening in Kosovo better than most. As they bury their dead, and swear revenge. Just as some Serbs of Kosovo will do.

For, beyond the cameras of the major western networks, about 8,000 Serb civilians arrived in the neighboring Montenegro by early Sunday (June 13), leaving Kosovo ahead of the arrival of the NATO peacekeeping troops, according to the Dow Jones newswires.

And once again, German army's NATO forces were in the forefront of the Serb "ethnic cleansing" - "at times literally pushing the Yugoslav army before them as Serb civilians in packed cars squeezed in between light and armored vehicles from both sides," according to an Agence France Presse report filed today (June 13).

As the Serbs pulled back, the German deployment of 1,200 soldiers and 260 vehicles was the first into Kosovo from Albania, where the majority of refugees driven out by Serb forces had sought refuge.

The Germans are in charge of a sensitive southern sector which stretches from the border to around Prizren, a city of more than 100,000 inhabitants.


TiM Ed.: Further to the 8,000 Serbs who have already escaped the NATO "pisskeeping mission," more than 2,000 of them were expected to arrive in Montenegro later in the day.


3. "Mission Creep:" Russians Say "Nyet" to Creepy Mission

KOSOVO, June 13 - Bill Clinton and the NATO leaders have been evidently figuring on a "mission creep" scenario in Kosovo. Sign a deal with the Serbs, any deal, and then repudiate it in the field, where the rubber meets the road.

And why not? After all, the subservience and acquiescence of the Russian government and its military New World Order quislings following the Dayton "piss agreement" of 1995, would have only encouraged such a line of reasoning.

Well, looks like all these Washington and London former draft-dodgers and armchair bombardiers have just met a new Russia.

The 200 Russian soldiers were evidently more than a match to two-thirds of the world's military power - NATO, according to Comrade Gorbachev. Having taken the Pristina airport the day before (see S99-107, PostScript 1, Item 1, June 11), these Russians proved that possession is 90% of the law. And have sent the British and Canadian troops, hopeful of claiming the Pristina airport, back for another fish and chips meal.

No wonder Strobe Talbot, Clinton's chief Russia Backstabber, started to make noises this evening about giving Russia's "pisskeepers" a piece of Kosovo.

Strobe made the right choice, of course. Lest the Russian military were to give us a piece of New York. In flames and on a platter, as a Fourth of July barbecue...

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