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April 16, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-43, Day 24


Apr. 16, 1999; 11:30PM GMT - DAY 24


Belgrade                 1. Clinton Pleads to Serbian-Americans for Help

Belgrade                 2. Facing Air Raids with a Patriarch


1. Clinton Pleads to Serbian-Americans for Help

BELGRADE, Apr. 16 - While your editor was traveling to Serbia, an extraordinary turn of events was taking place in Washington, DC. At the initiative of the NSC (National Security Council), a group of Serbian-Americans, mostly Democratic party supporters, was invited to meet with some Clinton administration officials at the White House. The meeting was convened at 1:00PM EDT on Apr. 14.

Taken at its face value, the reason for the meeting was that NSC officials wanted to solicit the Serbian-Americans' help with respect to feeding and taking care of Albanian refugees, displaced by NATO's war on Serbia. But when the Serb participants demanded some reciprocity, given the 600,000+ Serbian refugees which the Clinton administration's policies had helped drive from their ancestral homes in Croatia and Bosnia, the NSC hosts and their guests started to lock horns.

It is at this point that an "unexpected" guest "dropped in" on the meeting - the U.S. president, Bill Clinton. The surprise, of course, was all on the Serbian side of the table. Clinton's entry was evidently highly PREMEDITATED by the losing side in NATO's war against Serbia.

Right off the bat, in his usual, inimitable ,"I feel your pain"-style, this murderer of innocent civilians, both Serb and Albanians, not to mention the commander-in-chief of American soldiers whom he had sent to their needless deaths, proceeded to try to charm the members of the Serb delegation. Never mind that this was the same American president who used extreme profanities regarding the Serbs, according to his erstwhile trusted aide, George Stephanopolous. On Wednesday, Apr. 14, Clinton was all sugar and spice and everything nice when it came to Serbs.

For example, Clinton lamented the expulsions, i.e., "ethnic cleansing," of all those hundreds of thousands of Serbs from Bosnia and Croatia, claiming he had not heard about that before (implying that Sam Berger, the NSC head, and Madeleine Albright, the secretary of state) were the "bad guys" who had kept the president in the dark. And ignoring the fact that he was the one who appointed these two, along with scores of other incompetent U.S. foreign policy officials. And forgetting the key motto of a Democratic President, Harry Truman was: "The buck stops here."

Clinton also lamented that the Rambouillet agreement, which his secretary of state tried to shove down the Serbs' throats, was flawed. In particular, Clinton said that the part about the referendum should not have been included (meaning that the Kosovo Albanian could secede from Serbia eventually because of their current demographic plurality in the province).

Clinton also pledged that America would help rebuild Serbia once the war ended. (Any of TiM's long-time readers recall the "perpetual war for perpetual commerce"-motto of the New World Order? That you first knock them down; then you rebuilt them? If not, search our Web site for appropriate keywords, as there are a number of articles which elaborate on this).

Clinton also said that he would like to see Serbia a part of the European Union, after a transitional phase in which all former Yugoslavia's entities were treated as a "mini-EU."

Finally, he said that the peacekeeping troops which may be needed in Kosovo after the current war ends do not need to be NATO, but rather an international peacekeeping troops.

As a result of this new-found Washington "flexibility" toward the Serbs, the Clinton administration proposed to send to Belgrade Jesse Jackson, on condition he would be allowed to see the three captured American soldiers.

But when the Serb delegation suggested that he must first stop the bombing, Clinton replied that he could not do that, as the very existence of NATO was at stake.


TiM Ed.: In other words, the American president had painted himself into a corner, and was hoping that the Serbian-Americans, whose relatives and friends he was bombing, would bail him out. Maybe that's the way the likes of Lewinsky, Albright or Berger would react to threats and bombs. But Clinton's got another think  coming if he thinks he can get the Serbs to kow-tow by promising reparations or membership in the new "socialist states of Europe" (the EU). Especially coming on the heels of NWO's betrayal of its favorite Balkan terrorists - the KLA, a group invented and financed by the West (see Day 10, Update 2, Items 2 and 3, Apr. 2).

"Well, it sure sounds as if the new Adolf has shit his pants," we summed our reaction from Belgrade to our Washington source, a participant in this Clinton/NSC meeting (with apologies to our lady-readers; but for the sake of authenticity, we bring you the quote exactly as spoken). We also reminded our source of another "Trojan Horse" which Clinton had sent to the Bosnian Serbs - Jimmy Carter in December 1994 - when the Serbs were on the verge of victory in western Bosnia (see "Jimmy Carter: The Trojan Horse," written contemporaneously and available at our Web site).

It suffices to say that, as of the time of this writing, Belgrade and Moscow are probably also aware of the above meeting having taken place, and of its general contents. So we can only pray to God that reason and justice do prevail in the end, given that the alternative to NATO's continued wanton bombing of Serbia may be WW III. It is time for Clinton to sue for peace. Meaning stop the bombs. Period. And then start apologizing to the Serbian people.

This is Bob Djurdjevic reporting from the bombed-out, but un-kowed, Belgrade, still the capital of the free world.


2. Facing Air Raids with a Patriarch

BELGRADE, Apr. 16 - The heavens and the earth usually only come together occasionally during the frightening crescendos of summertime desert storms, often laced with loud thunderbolts and high winds. This afternoon, however, they also connected in a most unusual setting…

Imagine yourself waiting for an audience with the Pope, at the Vatican. Suddenly, as you're making small talk with the Holy See's staff and bishops, the heavens open up and a shrill sound of air raid sirens pierces the serenity of the court of St. Peter's. As you sit on a couch bewildered with what all the fuss is about, the staff scamper around the office, opening the windows, and pulling down the blinds.

"They say it's good to leave the windows open, and pull down the blinds," the chief of staff explains to his guest, while calling home to make sure his family were already in an air raid shelter.

Meanwhile, back in Belgrade this afternoon, waiting to meet His Holinesss, Patriarch Pavle, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, this writer thought without saying it out loud, "actually, the best air raid shelter I can think of is God's protection. Come to think of it, I cannot imagine a better shelter from the godless NATO-Antichrist's bombs than being with the 'living saint,' as the Serbian Patriarch is often referred to."

By the time the Patriarch and I started our meeting, a few minutes later, the "all clear" had already sounded. Unperturbed by a sense of imminent danger, Patriarch Pavle talked about the time he was ambushed by some KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) "soldiers," the day after he had served the holy liturgy at the old Pec Patriarchate in Kosovo, on the Old Calendar new year, Jan. 14, 1999.

Right after the New Year's service, the Patriarch said he wanted to visit the Devic Monastery, an ancient Serbian all female nun place of worship in the heart of Albanian-controlled territory in Kosovo. The Patriarch was traveling in a small Fiat 600 ("Fica," in Serb lingo), driven by a nun, and accompanied by two other nuns. Since that was the extent of his "secret service" protection, it was evident that he was counting on God's help, as they all entered the Kosovo Albanian territory.

Just outside of the village of Lausa, a former KLA stronghold destroyed by the Serbian police in 1998, a white Mercedes pulled up in front of the nuns' Fiat, blocking the narrow road. Three men clad in black stepped out, one holding a machine gun. After interrogating the Patriarch as to where he was going and why, they asked him to wait while they talked to someone on a "walkie-talkie."

After about 15-20 minutes, another car pulled up alongside. Three men in (KLA) uniforms stepped out. They continued to interrogate the Patriarch, blaming the Serb police for the destruction of Lausa, and ranting about why a Serbian priest was passing by when there was no Musim cleric at Lausa anymore.

"Well, who is stopping you from bringing one in?" the 85-year old Serbian Patriarch said. "As you can see, the mosque has not been destroyed." But, the Patriarch said that he had not come here for a political debate with the KLA, and wanted to know if they would let him proceed to the Devic Monstery or not. After some grumbling, the KLA let him through.

The seas did not part when the diminutive 85-year old Serbian Patriarch eventually made his way to a desolate convent, having parted the KLA roadblock with his words alone. But God's will was served once again (see the "Orthodox Patriarch Leads by Example," Washington Times column, Feb. 9, 1997). As it was today, when no bombs fell anywhere near the place where this writer and the Serbian Patriarch swapped the tales of life, death and God's justice.

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