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TiM GW Bulletin 99/10-4

Oct. 31, 1999

The TiM Editor's "Tour de Oz" Ends in Sydney

Sydney Olympics: A Five-ringolympic.gif (1780 bytes)Circus

Olympics Scandal Exposes Cronyism, Plutocracy in Australia; Modern Olympics: A Pagan Globalist Commercial Orgy

FROM SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA              flag-aus.jpg (1627 bytes) Topic: AUSTRALIAN/BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Sydney                                1. TiM Editor's "Tour de Oz" Ends in Sydney (Photo Album nsw-flag.gif (2691 bytes))

Sydney                                2. A Foreword to TiM's Australian Vignettes

Sydney                                3. Sydney's Five-ring Circus (An Australian Vignette)


1. TiM Editor's "Tour de Oz" Ends in Sydney

SYDNEY, Australia, Oct. 31 - The TiM editor's just-completed two Sydney lectures titled, "Kosovo War: A Gang Rape of a Small Country," including a special focus on Australian involvement in East Timor, attracted rave comments from the local truth and liberty-loving people. Some even came from as far away as Melbourne and Canberra to hear them. Most said afterward that it was one of the best and most comprehensive lectures they had ever seen about what the New World Order is really up to.

Such as a German-Australian, for example, who attended the Friday night lecture at the Serbian Orthodox St. Lazarus Church, and who wrote to us afterward:

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your speech on Friday here in Sydney. I thought it was one of the best speeches I have ever heard about the NWO.

If you have any updates or know of any organisations here in Australia regarding the NWO, would it be possible to let me know. I am also interested to do some work here, so let me know what I can do.

Again, thank you."

We replied:

"Thank you for coming to my lecture. I told the St. Lazarus Serbian priest after the Friday lecture that German-Americans were among the most honorable, the most courageous and most supportive people to the fellow Serb Christians of all TiM readers around the world. And I told him that I will never forget that. And will always work to foster friendship between the German and the Serb people.

The Serb priest agreed. And added that the Serbs and the Germans should have never gone to wars with each other. Truer words have never been spoken."

But not a single Sydney establishment media reporter or editor showed up at either of the two lectures, despite several dozen fax invitations and phone calls by the lecture organizers. Which speaks volumes about a manifest lack of interest by the Australian NWO media puppets in learning the truth, especially about themselves.

Back in the U.S., even the NWO establishment media let some morsels of the truth slip through their reports and broadcasts every once in a while. But evidently not Down Under. Which suggests that the NWO Iron Curtain has descended earlier upon Australia, and has clamped down on truth and liberties even tighter than in the U.S. (also see what happened to "Murder by Media," a book by Scott Balson, an Aussie from Queensland - ).


2. A Foreword to TiM's Australian Vignettes

SYDNEY, Oct. 31 - The Truth in Media is planning to publish several Australian vignettes, some with a Balkan twist, about the just-completed TiM editor's October 1999 "Tour de Oz." At the end, we are hoping to put it all together, and post it at our Web site as a special TiM Australian vignettes section, including numerous photos from our lectures and other events (see Sydney Photo Album nsw-flag.gif (2691 bytes)).

And now, here the first of our Australian vignettes…


3. Sydney's Five-ring Circus (An Australian Vignette)

Olympics Scandal Exposes Cronyism, Plutocracy in Australia; Modern Olympics: A Pagan Globalist Commercial Orgy

SYDNEY, Australia, Oct 31 - Sydney is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth. Even when it rains, as it did most of this weekend. Nor is this a casual throw-away compliment to our Australian hosts. It's a heartfelt opinion of a world traveler who has clocked millions of globetrotting miles visiting God-only-knows how many different cities.

"If I ever retire, I may like to get a sailboat and catch a breeze in the Sydney harbor," I said to my wife upon returning from my first visit to Sydney in the mid-1980s.

"You'll never retire," she replied matter-of-factly.

I knew she was right. But it was still a nice dream - spending your life's autumn in such a leisurely way; in such a spectacular place; in such a beautiful country. Especially considering that I can't sail. Oh well…

This weekend, however, was a different story. Sydney has already become a three-ring circus, well on its way to becoming a five-ring circus less than a year from now, when the Olympics 2000 crowds move in. The only word which comes to mind after spending a couple of late October 1999 days in this great place is - "yukh!" What a mess they've made of a fine city.

The city streets are all torn up. Traffic is a nightmare. Meetings habitually start half an hour later than scheduled because of that. Once civilized Sydney residents are at each other's throats. And it's all because of the Olympics 2000, hailed as a proud win for Australia by the Down Under globalists. The millennium Olympics award which upset China's Beijing delegation so much that they accused the Olympics Committee of racism.

If I were a resident of Sydney, I'd wish Beijing had won. And even as a visitor, I second that thought. At least I could have started my Sydney lectures on time. And in front the audiences less uptight by the mere effort of getting to them.

But there is another reason why it would have been better for Red China to had been awarded the Olympics 2000. The Olympics has become an event which promotes commercialism, globalism and godlessness; a global extravaganza which has little to do with purity of heart, and enormous sacrifices which athletes have to make to get there. And, which abuses them for commercial, political and propaganda purposes.

Olympics Scandal Exposes Cronyism, Plutocracy in Australia

But few things exposed the Sydney 2000 Games for what they are - a global commercial scam, and a showcase of cronyism and plutocracy in Australiawpe26.jpg (74271 bytes) - as did the Olympic ticket story scandal which broke earlier this week. After all the hoopla, hat-tossing and cheering had subsided over Sydney's win, the NWO corruption virus moved in and spread rapidly.

Can you believe, for example, that the Australian public, the folks who had to foot the bill if the Olympics loses money, as most of the recent ones have, was offered less than 10% chance to buy the tickets?

Yet it's true. "The Australian public has been almost excluded from tickets to the Games' best events," wrote the West Australian, the state's biggest daily, in its Oct. 25 front page story. For some events, such as for the swimming finals, less than two percent of the tickets were reportedly offered to the public (see the cartoon at our Web site).

"Doubt it's even that much," quipped a Western Australian farmer, who rides herd over a 20,000 acre ranch, rather than over the Australian taxpayers, as Canberra and the Olympic Games organizers seem to be doing. "I figure most of the tickets went to all the rich folks and corporate sponsors. It's a sham. But what else is new…"

"The only good news," the farmer told TiM after pondering what he had just said, "is that the organizers seem to have set aside too many tickets for their cronies. So more are coming on the market all the time. And at lower prices."

"I figure they (the Olympic organizers) should all get a flick," a Western Australian plumber summed up his reaction to the Olympic ticket scandal.

"A flick?," the TiM editor repeated, looking perplexed over this Aussie expression.

"Yeah… you know… get fired?"

"Got it. Any chance of that really happening?"

"Don't think so. Some small heads may roll. But the big guys will protect each other."

You see… any time you want to find out the truth about which end is really up in almost any society, you should talk to the salt-of-the-earth people, such as this Western Australian plumber.

"Isn't that - cronyism - the reason the West, led by Australia, nearly went to war with Indonesia? And the IMF put together a huge ($69 billion) bailout package for Wall Street bankers who got sucked into making bad investments to Suharto and his cronies? Yet here we are, witnessing the same kind of plutocratic corruption right here, in Australia."

I thought all of that, but didn't say anything. After all, I was just making small talk with a nice local plumber.

Meanwhile, the West Australian also reported that nearly all tickets to the sought out events had been allocated to the corporate sponsors, as well as the International Olympics Committee members and officials. And the media, of course. In addition, some 350,000 of the best tickets were set aside for exclusive rich clubs and individuals.

Which suggests that the first Olympic Games of the new millennium are likely to be a wholly incestuous affair. Corporate sponsors and their NWO elite cronies, cheering the global gladiators they own or control, go at each other to the delight of the millions of stupefied TV viewers around the world. It's "panem et circenses" ("bread and games"), the NWO "millennium 2000" edition. Coupled with a visceral NWO brainwashing message. Just as in Atlanta 1996…

A Pagan Globalist Commercial Orgy

Replay the tape of the opening ceremonies of the Atlanta 1996 Olympics to see a pagan globalist orgy into which the materialistic New World Order leaders have transformed this once noble amateur sporting event. Take a look at the high priests of the New World Order, including the American President, who applauded the charade. And then think… is this the kind of an event for which ancient Greeks halted all wars and laid down arms, so as to fairly compete with each other man-on-man?

No. What we saw back in Atlanta 1996, was an IBM PC; McDonald's hamburgers, Coke and other multinationals' continuous commercial, in which the Olympic athletes were used as gladiators, and the stupefied spectators as mere Coliseum "extras." Who even had to pay for the privilege of being a backdrop to the "Princes of the 20th Century" (multinational companies) marketing propaganda.

No wonder a senior IBM executive was stunned when I refused to accept free tickets to the Atlanta Olympics, a kind and well-meaning offer he made to me over dinner at a posh Greenwich, Connecticut, restaurant in January 1996.

I told him that did not want them first because of a personal principle - not taking any gifts of substance from anyone which are not available to all other people in my line of work. Second, because I loathe globalism and all it is doing to destroy the human spirit. And Olympics have become a showcase of modern globalism.

The explanation fell on deaf ears, judging by a perplexed look on his face.

And no wonder. IBM is one of the Princes which was a title sponsor of the Atlanta 1996 Olympics. Second, this executive may have had trouble grasping such "radical" views in the world of corporate conformity.

Ironically, in the end, this NWO Prince - the Big Blue - fell on its sword in Atlanta. Just about everything went wrong with its much ballyhooed Internet-based system. IBM provided it to the Five-ring Olympic Circus Committee, in addition to paying about $80 million for the "privilege" of falling flat on its face on the world stage, with all floodlights on and hundreds of cameras recording its every failure (check out "A Five-ring Olympic Circus" - ).

A Postscript

In August 1996, one month after the Big Blue's Atlanta Olympics debacle, this writer attended an executive conference for global IT consultants run by IBM in Toronto, Canada. All senior Big Blue executives, from the chairman Lou Gerstner on down, raved about the wonderful technological milestones they had achieved in Atlanta. Millions of this, trillions of that, gazillions of yet another techno-gizmo whiz bang. They just couldn't make sense out of some countries and sports. Or get the results to the media on time. If at all…

So this writer could not help but chuckle thinking of a one-liner a Truth in Media reader had sent him: "'Noah's Ark' was designed by the amateurs. 'Titanic' was designed by the pros."


P.S. Following the Sydney 2000 Games, IBM and the IOC have agreed to go their separate ways. Has the IOC had enough of the Big Blue Titanics? Or has IBM gotten tired of the Olympic five-ring circuses? Or of paying for the opportunity to be made a fool on the world's stage?

Who knows? And who cares… Either way, the Sydney 2000 Games will be a show sensible people around the world may want to give a miss. Lest they want to contribute to the NWO pockets by being a part of the ever rising TV viewer ratings - real or imagined.

As for the sensible Sydney people, they may want to get the hell out of town while the going is still good. And then maybe come back after the Olympic madness is over. There is good money to be made in renting one's home to some NWO VIPs or other Olympic fools.

But more important than money, such Sydney residents may find somewhere else their peace of mind and a respite from the horrendous traffic jams in the next 11 months.

But where to go? Of course, you could volunteer for East Timor. But we have a better idea. Ever been to WA? Most Australians apparently haven't…  Especially not the Sydney "metros," as the rural WA residents call them.  Which is why everybody's making fun of them, Down Under...

On the other hand, maybe East Timor would be a better temporary (re)location?   Plus there is only a small chance there you'd be contributing to the NWO media's Olympics TV ratings.

Anyway, it's all up to you… residents of one of the most beautiful places on God's earth. Sydney. Ravaged by the NWO for the sake of the NWO. What say you?

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