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TiM GW Bulletin 2003/6-1

June 11, 2003

"U.S. Foreign Policy:" An Oxymoron?

Rumsfeld Backs Albania's Bid to Join NATO

Osama bin Laden Was Once Welcome in Albania, Bosnia; Author: Hillary Convinced Bill to Bomb Serbia



Tirana                              1. Rumsfeld Backs Albania's Bid to Join NATO

Phoenix                            2. Osama bin Laden Was Once Welcome in Albania, Bosnia

Phoenix                            3. Author: Hillary Convinced Bill to Bomb SerbiaJune 13, 2003

"U.S. Foreign Policy:" An Oxymoron?

1. Rumsfeld Backs Albania's Bid for NATO Membership

No Mention of Albania's Playing Host to Osama bin Laden and His Al Qaeda Terrorists

TIRANA, Albania, June 11 — Saying the emerging democracies of the former communist bloc are shifting the European center of gravity eastward, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Tuesday voiced strong support for the bid of predominantly Muslim Albania to gain membership in NATO, according to a story in today's Los Angeles Times story filed from Tirana by Esther Schrader, a Times staff writer.

Visiting the capital of this small, rugged country on the Adriatic Sea, Rumsfeld thanked Albania's leaders for supporting the U.S.-led war in Iraq and the campaign to unseat the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Rumsfeld, who is on a four-day visit to Europe, voiced support for Albania's efforts to "proceed along the path toward full membership over the years ahead" in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Last month, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell visited Albania to sign an agreement to support its entry, along with Croatia and Macedonia, into the alliance.

Albania, whose population of 3.5 million is more than 70% Muslim, has been a vocal supporter of the war to oust Saddam Hussein's government in Iraq, in stark contrast to much of the rest of the Islamic world.

The country offered the United States the use of its airspace, territorial waters and land routes during the war, and American refueling tanker craft flew out of some Albanian air bases. A small Albanian force of about 70 light infantry soldiers is now stationed with the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division in Mosul, in northern Iraq.

Neither the LA Times nor Rumsfeld made any mention of the fact that America's "Enemy No. 1" - Osama bin Laden - was once hosted by Albania and Bosnia, both predominantly Muslim Balkan countries (see Item 2 below).  Which makes the term "U.S. foreign policy" seem like an oxymoron.  Because Washington seems to be on self-destructive path in Europe.

Given that the most powerful European nations - France and Germany, also NATO members - along with Russia, vehemently opposed the U.S./British war against Iraq, while some small Eastern European countries were falling over each other trying to appease Washington, it appears certain that NATO might become increasingly irrelevant.  This once mighty alliance may end up as a U.S. led military club of European have-nots, shunned by "old Europe," as Rumsfeld insultingly referred to the strongest European countries back in March, just prior to the Iraq war.

If that were to come to pass, this writer's 1998 prediction about new alliances being formed in Europe may come true (see "A Bear in Sheep's Clothing, Chronicles, Dec 1998).

To read the full LA TIMES article, click here


(a reprint of a TiM December 1999 article

2. Osama bin Laden Was Once Welcome in Albania, Bosnia

Bin Laden Aided by Albanian, Bosnian Muslims, Was Even Issued a Bosnian Passport by Washington-backed Muslim Government in 1993

LONDON, Nov. 17 (1999) - Remember the Arab "super-terrorist" billionaire, according to the NWO media - Osama Bin Laden? Well word is out that several leading politicians in Albania are believed to be helping him find a new place of refuge, Arab sources told the World .

The sources said western intelligence agencies believe Bin Laden is in contact with supporters in Albania and Kosovo in an attempt to find a new refuge amid heavy United States pressure on the Taliban ruling faction in Afghanistan to surrender Bin Laden.

For the United States, the sources said, the problem is compounded by links Bin Laden has formed with Albanian politicians. They said Bin Laden has bought several key politicians who have looked away from the activities of his supporters in Albania.

On Monday (Nov. 15), the London-based Al Quds Al Arabi daily reported that the CIA is investigating the connection between Albania and Bin Laden.

Earlier, Albanian police working and the CIA arrested a Jordanian national suspected of being an associate of Bin Laden in Albania. The Tirana-based Koha Jone daily said on Sunday (Nov. 14) that the 42-year-old suspect was a Jordanian businessman who had been living in Albania since 1992 and had been granted Albanian citizenship. "Escorted by the CIA agents, he was taken by special plane to an unknown destination," the paper said.


TiM Ed. Another "slice of life" (and death?) in the "democratic" world of the New World Order.


Meanwhile, bin Laden was granted a Bosnian passport in 1993 by that "country's" embassy in Vienna, according to an Agence France Presse report of Sept. 24. The AFP cited an independent Bosnian weekly, "Dani"

"Bosnian embassy in Vienna granted a passport to bin Laden in 1993," the Dani magazine said, quoting anonymous sources and emphasizing that files and traces linked to his case have been recently destroyed by the Bosnian Muslim government.


TiM Ed. So here we have the NWO mobsters - from Washington to Kabul to Tel Aviv to Tirana to Sarajevo… carrying on with their gangland wars over the backs of innocent people - in Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo.



Bin Laden in the Balkans

From the 'The Washington Times'

June 22, 2001

"The rebels would have their big brothers in America - the same heroes who led the NATO mission against their enemies, the Serbs - believe that the violence they are now perpetrating in Macedonia is merely about protecting minority rights. But the National Liberation Army (NLA), a splinter of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), also has another motive.  It is fighting to keep control over the region's drug trafficking, which has grown into a large, lucrative enterprise since the Kosovo war. 

In addition to drug money, the NLA also has another prominent venture capitalist Osama bin Laden. The Muslim terrorist leader, according to a document obtained by The Washington Times and written by the chief commander of the Macedonian Security Forces, puts out the front money for the rebel group through a representative in Macedonia.

'This person is representative of Osama Ben laden [sic] , who is the main financial supporter of the National Liberation Army, where up to date he has paid $6 million to $7 million for the needs of the National Liberation Army.'"


From 'The Canberra Times' (Australia )

April 28, 2000 - Page 8


BELGRADE - Islamic Saudi millionaire Osama bin Laden, wanted for terrorism by the United States, is in Kosovo. The official Yugoslav news agency Tanjug said bin Laden, whom it described as a " terrorist and Islamic fanatic" , arrived from Albania after having formed a group of 500 Islamic fighters in the eastern region around Korce and Pogradec to carry out " terrorist acts" in Kosovo.

"He planned similar acts in the southern region of Serbia bordering on Kosovo, including Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac, the agency said."


'The Charleston Gazette.'

November 30, 1998 - Page 2A


LONDON - The man accused of orchestrating the U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa operates a terrorist network out of Albania, The Sunday Times reported.

"The newspaper quoted Fatos Klosi, the head of the Albanian intelligence service, as saying a network run by Saudi exile Osama Bin Laden sent units to fight in the Serbian province of Kosovo.

"Bin Laden is believed to have established an Albanian operation in 1994 after telling the government he headed a wealthy Saudi humanitarian agency wanting to help Albania, the newspaper reported.

"Klosi said he believed terrorists had already infiltrated other parts of Europe from bases in Albania. Apparent confirmation of Bin Laden's activities came earlier this month during the murder trial of Claude Kader, 27, a French national who said he was a member of Bin Laden's Albanian network, the newspaper said.

"Kader claimed during the trial he had visited Albania to recruit and arm fighters for Kosovo.



May 28, 1999

"...As U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe long has predicted, American troops go into Kosovo against the Serbs, they'll be fighting alongside a terrorist organization known to finance its operations with drug sales - including some to the United States.

"By joining hands with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which intelligence sources say bankrolls itself by selling heroin and cocaine, the United States also would become partners of a sort with Osama bin Laden, the international terrorist behind last year's bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the Washington Times reports. According to the newspaper's sources, the KLA is linked to an extensive organized crime network headquartered in Albania. In 1998 the State Department listed the KLA as an international terrorist organization that supported itself with drug profits and through loans from known terrorists like bin Laden.

"Such an ally is the result of Bill Clinton choosing sides in a centuries-old civil war. "They were terrorists in 1998 and now, because of politics, they're freedom fighters," a top drug official told the Times.

"In Bill Clinton's war, where bombing has been turned into a humanitarian application, such a paradox fits right in.



Agence France Presse

September 24, 1999

SARAJEVO - "Osama bin Laden, the Saudi billionaire wanted by the United States for organising bloody terrorist attacks, was granted a Bosnian passport in 1993 by the country's [i.e., Bosnia]embassy in Vienna, an independent weekly reported Friday.

"'The Bosnian embassy in Vienna granted a passport to bin Laden in 1993,' Dani magazine said, quoting anonymous sources, emphasizing that files and traces linked to his case have recently been destroyed by the [Bosnian] government.

"However, Bin Laden 'did not personally collect his Bosnian passport,' Dani said, without elaborating or explicitly stating that his passport was ever collected.

"'High Muslim officials of the Bosnian foreign ministry agreed that it [the destruction of files linked to bin Laden] was the top priority. It was even more important than investigating a person responsible for granting a passport to the most wanted terrorist in the world,' Dani reported.

"According to the article, Muslim political circles claim that six years ago officials at the Bosnian embassy in Vienna could not have known who bin Laden was.

"During the 1992-1995 Bosnia's war, the Vienna embassy has been 'making contacts with many Arab-world people seeking aid' for the mainly Muslim Bosnian army, the article said.

"The foreign ministry issued no comments on the article. Bin Laden, believed to be in Afghanistan, is accused by the United States of masterminding bloody bomb attacks against its embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in August of last year. Over 200 people were killed in these attacks. Washington has offered a reward of five million dollars for information leading to his arrest.

"Earlier this week the Bosnian government confirmed it had granted citizenship and passport to a Tunisian-born senior aide of bin-Laden in 1997. The government said citizenship was given to Mahrez Amduni, known in Sarajevo as Mehrez Amdouni, on the basis of his Bosnian army membership, stressing that there was no Interpol arrest warrant against him at that time.

"Amduni was arrested by Turkish police at Istanbul airport on September 13, in an operation in which Interpol also took part.

"During the Bosnia 1992-95 war some Islamic fighters battled alongside Muslim soldiers in central Bosnia against Bosnian Serbs and Croats. Most of them left the country after a US-brokered peace deal was signed in 1995. Some of them gained Bosnian citizenship as members of the Bosnian army or by marrying Bosnian women.

"The government has never revealed how many foreign fighters were granted Bosnian citizenship."


3. Author: Hillary Convinced Bill to Bomb Serbia

Radio Host Michael Savage Savages the Author of a Flattering Hillary Clinton Biography

PHOENIX, June 12 - Remember the cover story "Madeleine's War" from a May 1999 TIME magazine edition? (see S99-81, Day 55, Update 1 - Special TiM GW Bulletins (May 17, 1999).  As you may recall, a popular opinion at the time was Madeleine Albright was the person the most responsible for the bombing of Serbia four years ago. 

Well, think again.  Without trying to exonerate or excuse Clinton's war-mongering secretary of state whose Serbo-phobia has been well documented and demonstrated [see "Da Bull" (1997), for example], we want you to know that there may have been another woman who deserves at least part of the credit - Hillary Clinton. 

The avalanche of publicity brought on by Hillary Clinton's new book, released this week, also washed up in our e-mail tray a message from a reader referencing an old interview that has suddenly become very topical.  Michael Savage, a national radio host, interviewed Gail Sheehy, author of a flattering Hillary biography, on December 18, 1999.  Sheehy claimed in her book that it was Hillary, not "Madam Halfbright," who convinced Bill to bomb Serbia.  So Savage took the author to task over that and the bogus "intelligence" upon which this bombing was "justified" to the American public.  

[If this also brings to mind the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) "intelligence" that George W. Bush used to justify his devastation of yet another country, we won't be surprised].

Meanwhile, back to Kosovo and Serbia, check out the following excerpt from the Savage interview if you want to see how Savage savaged this Hillary fan...

Excerpts from a Michael Savage December 18, 1999 radio interview with Gail Sheehy, author of the (flattering) book about Hillary Clinton, "Hillary's Choice:"


G. Sheehy: Hillary did persuade Bill Clinton to bomb in Kosovo, and what she said to him in phone calls over 48 hours from North Africa in March of ‘99: "You can’t let this ethnic cleansing go on at the end of the century that has seen the Holocaust."

M. Savage: But it turns out that was false because the original estimates of 100,000 were now reduced to 10,000 by the State Department, and yet the UN inspection team has only found 2,200 bodies. So this could turn out to be the greatest disaster of her, of her entire life.

G. Sheehy: Well, I don’t know about that. But we’re getting way, way far away from any...

M. Savage: Well, wait a minute, we’re not far away from the UN, which went to the ground, looked for the bodies, and found 2,200 dead bodies. This was one of the greatest war crimes of our age according to many international people who know that, including liberal democrats.

G. Sheehy: Well, I really don’t know what, whether, the facts have all come out. And I don’t think we will know for a while. It’s one of those ongoing stories...

M. Savage: No, it’s not. Here, wait a minute, before we go on, we can’t just say the facts don’t exist. The UN spent a lot of time looking for the mass graves. They said there were only about 2,200 bodies that were found. They don’t even know how many of those are Serbian bodies. And then just last week the State Department revised downward their 100,000 figure of dead Kosovar Albanians to 10,000 even though the UN only said 2,200. This is turning out... and I don’t think you, I don’t think you want to defend Hillary on this.

G. Sheehy: [Unintelligible] ... a small number. In any case,...

M. Savage: But does that, wait, does that justify bombing an entire nation into the stone age?

G. Sheehy: Wait, wait. We, they didn’t, they didn’t bomb it into the stone age...

M. Savage: There are no bridges left on the Danube River. The people have no heating oil; they have no food.

G. Sheehy: I’m not going to sit here and debate with you the rightness and the wrongness of the bombing in Kosovo. All I’m telling you is what I know. That’s all I can tell you.

M. Savage: But what you don’t know is that there is more to it than what you do know.

G. Sheehy: Well, Hillary and you and the American public did not know any of this at that time...

M. Savage: Yes, we did. I beg... Excuse, excuse me, Gail Sheehy, many Jewish people who had been sheltered by the Serbian people were on this program and were outraged that we were killing our allies who rescued our airmen in World War II. We got people on who were former prosecutors at Nuernberg against Hitler, on this program, liberal Democrats, going back to FDR, who were outraged at what the Clintons had done with our airplanes, giving them to NATO. So don’t say that we didn’t know. We knew it even then.

G. Sheehy: No, we didn’t know. They...

M. Savage: How can you tell us we didn’t know, when we debated it here?

G. Sheehy: Well, they didn’t have observers; they didn’t even have UN observers at that point...

M. Savage: So how did they make up a hundred thousand?

G. Sheehy: Conditions were so severe they couldn’t even keep... they pulled out the UN observers -- if you remember.

M. Savage: So how did they raise it to a hundred thousand if they didn’t know?

G. Sheehy: I don’t know. That’s the reporting that we had at that time.

M. Savage: In other words, it was propaganda that Hillary Clinton used. It was propaganda that Hillary Clinton used in order to justify the unjustifiable.

G. Sheehy: They didn’t know any better than you knew.

M. Savage: Oh, they didn’t know any better than I did, and they’re the president and his wife. So what does that say about them?

G. Sheehy: Well, what did they know about the Los Alamos spying?

M. Savage: What did they know about it? Aren’t they supposed to know about it? What the hell are they doing there?

G. Sheehy: There’s a lot of agencies, and they often don’t do their job, do they? Whether it’s the FBI or the CIA, they often don’t do their job very well.

M. Savage: Well, it sounds like you’re apologizing for every one of their mistakes.

G. Sheehy: I’m not apologizing for any of their mistakes. I’m saying to you that at the time, in March ‘99, this whole country was in a dilemna about what to do about what appeared to be a massive, minor holocaust in Kosovo.

M. Savage: Wait a minute. What do you mean "it appeared to be"? It was a complete fabrication of the KLA. It was propaganda pure and simple.

G. Sheehy: It wasn’t a complete fabrication. 10,000 people...

M. Savage: No, Mam. It was not 10,000. I just told you they only found 2,200 bodies...

G. Sheehy: But you said 10,000...

M. Savage: No, I said the State Department revised their figure from 100,000 down to 10,000, when the UN says there were only 2,200. The State Department is notorious for lying.

G. Sheehy: Alright, so there are two figures there, the 2,200 and the 10,000. That’s why the... I don’t know that the...

M. Savage: So wait a minute. Again, I don’t want to turn the whole show into that...

G. Sheehy: This is not about Hillary’s Choice. This is about your problem with Kosovo. So you can argue about...

M. Savage: No, No, but you’re...

G. Sheehy: I don’t know anything about Kosovo. Let me just put that right out there.

M. Savage: Alright, I know a lot about Kosovo...

G. Sheehy: ...Hillary convinced the president to bomb, and that’s my contribution.

M. Savage: OK.

G. Sheehy: Don’t you want to talk about the book?

M. Savage: Before we go on, I want to say this. In your book you say it was Hillary who pushed the president into bombing Kosovo, correct?

G. Sheehy: I said she convinced him to do it.

M. Savage: OK, but if it turns out that she was doing it based upon wrong information, what would that make of her in your mind?

G. Sheehy: Well, I don’t have any... I’m not going to speculate. I don’t know that you’ll ever find out what information she or the president had. Nobody ever comes up with those things. I’m not going to speculate on that.

M. Savage: But you’re speculating on the fact that Hillary did it based on good information.

G. Sheehy: I’m going to tell you this: Hillary Clinton, for her many flaws and foibles, which every human being has, is a person who, who is honest and who acts on her convictions. In this case, I believe that her conviction was that this was a massive ethnic-cleansing campaign that was killing innocent...

M. Savage: But what if it turns out it was all propaganda?

G. Sheehy: She, I don’t believe that she would have done it. Why would she want to risk the presidency doing something based on propaganda?

M. Savage: Well, yeah, let me ask you this. Have there been no other people in history who have done things, either mistakenly or on purpose, for other reasons than they appear to be doing them for?

G. Sheehy: Look, I’m not going to speculate on this. It’s just lunacy. We don’t know any more, you don’t know any more and...

M. Savage: Excuse me, you keep putting words in my mouth. I know an awful lot about Kosovo. You may know nothing about Kosovo.

G. Sheehy: ...You can’t get anything out of me because I don’t know anything more...

M. Savage: Alright, so you don’t know anything about Kosovo. I know a lot about Kosovo...

G. Sheehy: That’s great. Then you should lecture on Kosovo...

M. Savage: I have done many lectures on Kosovo. But I’m asking you how it is that Hillary Clinton could take a figure like 100,000 people, push the president into bombing Kosovo, and get away with it? Isn’t there some kind of connection between that and a massive government-media-complex cover-up? Why don’t they go there and investigate it like the UN has?

G. Sheehy: Look, they thought, like many people thought at the time, that this could not go on at the end of the century that had seen the Holocaust. That...

M. Savage: But there was no holocaust.

G. Sheehy: ...the rape of women and children because they were of a certain ethnic background...

M. Savage: OK, how about the Serbs being killed now? How about the Serbs being killed now by the Kosovar Albanians?

G. Sheehy: I don’t want to talk about this any more. If you want to talk about Hillary’s Choice, we can continue the conversation...

M. Savage: But what about the holocaust against the Serbs right now?

G. Sheehy: You know, you want me to be funny? Why don’t you let me tell a funny story.

M. Savage: I think you’re being very funny right now.

G. Sheehy: Why don’t you give me a chance to show my sense of humor like Camille Paglia?

M. Savage: I don’t know if you’re capable of it.

G. Sheehy: Well, most of the people who know me think so.

M. Savage: I would love to hear your humor if you’re willing to stay on. We’ll take a quick commercial break and come back to Gail Sheehy, comedienne.



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