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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/8-7

Aug. 22, 2000

Australia: A Democracy or a Tin-pot Dictatorship?

"They Shoot Roos, Don't They?" 

But Now, They Can Also Shoot People of Oz… Legally!



Phoenix                       1. “They Shoot Roos, Don’t They?” But Now,

                                          They Can Also Shoot People of Oz… Legally!

Sydney                        2. Australia: Democracy, or Tin-Pot

                                         Dictatorship? (By Antonia Fetz)  

TiM Readers' FeedbackAug. 23, 2000

W. Australia               3. Shooting Roos Is Okay; They Are a Pest

USA                            4. Shooting Roos Is Not Okay; Roo-Shooters Are a Pest

Queensland                5. Why Not Club Them Rather Than Shoot Them?  

Washington                6. Freedom's Erosion Aug. 24, 2000

Queensland                7. Aussie Police Officer Joins Protest against Police StateAug. 25, 2000


1. “They Shoot Roos, Don’t They?” 

But Now, They Can Also Shoot People of Oz… Legally!

PHOENIX, Aug. 21 - Remember the 1970s movie, “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”  Well, it’s showing again.  In Australia.  Not as a flick, though.  And they don’t shoot horses, either. 

So “They Shoot Roos, Don’t They?”

Regrettably, they do.  As they did it a few weeks ago, in a Western Australian neighborhood that this writer knows very well. 

As they kill these beautiful animals, these New World Order types call it “culling.”  Or “population control.”  It’s all “for the better,” patsies among the Oz citizens are told.

 Just like a deliberate burning of beautiful forests (by “CALM” - Conservation and Land Management) can you believe the perfidious, “New World Order” name they use in WA for an outfit whose job is to burn things down? 

Maybe Klinton can import some of these officials into the U.S.?  Provided their faces are first blackened by their CALM actions, of course.  So as to get them passed our racist immigration laws.

No chance in Montana, though.  They’ve seen too liberal many faces blackened by fraud, and too many forests worth saving - just blackened.

One has to wonder… How can killing God’s creatures, like the roos, or burning his forests, be “for the better?” Because it’s all done very “humanely,” by “professional sharpshooters,” the gullible Aussie public are told by their government officials. “It’s a shot to the head.  A 'clean shot.' Instant death.”  

Now, that’s an idea… Why don’t the Aussie public suggest in return that a public demonstration of such “humane” deaths be staged?  Maybe on the grassy knolls in front of the Canberra parliament building, that proudly displays an image of a kangaroo as a national symbol?

All Aussie MPs (members of parliament), for example, could be lined up, with the members of the Senate waiting obediently their turn next.  

Canberra firefighters could also set fires at appropriate spots around the parliament buildings to illustrate how “controlled fires” can help CALM the Oz citizens’ emotions.

Meanwhile, upfront, on the grassy knolls, these professional Aussie kangaroo sharpshooters could demonstrate to the nation, and to the world, how “humanely” they go about their business.  “By a shot to the head; a' clean' shot; instant death.” Easy.  Humanely. All Canberra politicians could for once show to the nation what leadership by example means.  And how much fun that is. 

After all, they never asked, either, what the little Joey would think about his Mom getting a "clean shot" to the head fired by a professional government-licensed sharpshooter.  

As one of this writer’s Aussie friends pointed out a long time ago, “we’re possibly the only nation (besides the French) who eat our national symbols.”  So why not boast to the world, how good Australian sharpshooters are.  There could be plenty of “MP pies” served afterward, in lieu of the emu pies (another Australian national symbol), at the Olympics receptions? 

Bet the New World Order crowd, showing up mostly for the chow and gore, would not know the difference between a John Howard and a Kim Beasley pie.  

No big loss.  Howard or Beasley wouldn't, either.

But we’re kidding.  Partly.  And digressing... Definitely.  So meanwhile, back on the ranch... (or the paddock, as Aussies would say)...

This story is not about the roos.  It’s about the Aussie Homo Sapiens - the ones who may be on the menu at that Olympics reception.  The Australian parliament (yes that same group of smug New World Order posterior kissers Down Under) has just passed a law under which the Australian police can shoot their citizens on sight. 

What on earth for?  For "culling?"  Or for the sake of “population control?” 

No.  That’s coming.  After the Sydney Olympics.  Maybe just in time for the Melbourne Cup? 

For now, the Australian “House of Representatives has passed a bill (on Aug. 11), giving its Army power to shoot citizens during times of civil unrest," according to an ABC (Australian) news report.  The law would give the Commonwealth (federal government of Australia) powers to call out the military in civilian emergencies.

Australian State premiers supposedly opposed the plan.  

No dice.  The Canberra government went ahead anyway.  It wants the bill enacted in time for the Sydney Olympics and the World Economic Forum in Melbourne.  Not to mention the Melbourne Cup.  Lest the Aussie storm troopers miss a chance of shooting at all those fancy ladies' hats?

Klinton in Howard’s clothing?

Nah... Beasley in Gore's hide.

Who the hell are Howard and Beasley?

Good question. Why don't you ask Rocky? 

No, not the boxer.  The banker.  David Rockefeller funds and runs the NWO kennel, along with his Rothschilds European "competitors."  Klinton, Howard, Beasley, Gore, Dubya... are the names of some of his their current lapdogs (see "Stitching the New World Order Flag," and  "Rocky Rockettes" of the New Word Order).

A P.S. for our American readers...

The preceding is a bumper sticker from the 1996 election campaign.  We got Klinton anyway.  

"Anybody but Klinton" in 2000?  Right.  So we're offered Gore instead, whose Dad, the Senator, from whom the Jr. learned all he knows about politics, wasn't even a closet sympathizer of the Soviets.  He went about his business with them openly - through his close pal, the late Occidental Petroleum chief, Armand Hammer, a great friend of the Soviets. 

It was Hammer who "introduced Gore Jr. around (the Soviet) Russia" when the two attended a meeting in Moscow shortly after the Jr. was elected to the Senate, the Wall Street Journal's editor, Robert Bartley, noted in his Aug. 21 OpEd piece. No wonder Klinton picked the Jr. to "run Russia" during Yeltsin's reign, with the help of his old commie pal, Viktor Chernomyrdin, then Russia's prime minister.

Gore Jr.'s daughter also married into the New York Schiff banking family, whose erstwhile "patriarch," Jacob Schiff, funded Lenin's Red Revolution in 1917 (through Lev Trotsky, a.k.a. Leiba Bronstein, who sailed from New York to join Lenin).  That papa-Schiff has been described as "Rothschilds' errand boy in America" (see "Stitching the New World Order Flag", and "What Glazyev Didn't See...").  

Which goes to show us how tightly the Gore family is connected with the NWO bosses.  And how "red" they all are.  Especially the bankers.

And now, a man with such a "red" pedigree is the frontrunner for the presidency of the United States of America!  What's this country coming to?  Ask Joe McCarthy.

(For our answer, read "Kremlin and Wall Street - Two Rival Gangs - Russian Trilogy, Part II," written in 1997).

Now, if you were to discern any similarities between the Gore pedigree and the Chinese baby murderers, we’re sure the Gore and the Schiff families would react in utter horror. After all, isn’t Algore being portrayed to the American public as a "family man," in contrast to the promiscuous "Slick Willy?"

Right. And just how many Russian babies do you suppose were killed by the Schiff protégés (Lenin and Trotsky)?  Or by the Gore-Chernomyrdin "reforms?"

Oh, you’re not sure about the number? So try this instead…

How many American babies have been killed by the legalized abortionists in the last three decades?

Can’t count to a number that big?

It figures. That was the only way the New World Order "democide" (a genocide by demographic means) architects, such as Lyndon Johnson and his 1965 Immigration Act, could have gotten away with this kind of "mass murder" back home. By numbing and dumbing down the nation first.

Looks like the Chinese "reds" are ahead of them. But not by much…


2. Australia: Democracy, or Tin-Pot Dictatorship? (By Antonia Fetz)

SYDNEY, Aug. 21 - Refreshingly, some Australians are not taking it like the roos, lying down in the rain.  Here’s a comment by the Sydney-based Antonia Fetz, a senior writer for Enter Stage Right, titled “Australia: Democracy, or Tin-Pot Dictatorship?” 

In some countries, especially Third World countries, governments use the army as a police force. On TV we see pictures of soldiers from various African, Asian and South American countries functioning as police: cordoning off areas, entering buildings and stopping transport to search, seize and detain people. These government troops frequently have no qualms about using force, even lethal force, against civilians to quell civil unrest.

Well believe it or not, but on the pretence of ensuring security for the Olympic Games, and a meeting of the World  Economic Forum in September this year, the Australian government is trying to obtain such powers.

Yep, on the 28th of June 2000, the Australian government - with the support of a lame-duck so-called Opposition - passed a bill which will give the government the power to use the army to suppress "domestic violence" - and they're not talking about spousal battery.

As the phrase, "domestic violence", isn't defined in the Defence Legislation Amendment (Aid to the Civilian Authorities) Bill, many people have pointed out it could mean anything from real terrorism to legitimate political demonstrations, or  maybe even strikes.

That's not idle speculation either: Australia's current government is on record for encouraging a determined union-busting company to send in goons in balaclavas with savage dogs on leashes against striking wharfies (stevedores). It disgusted the nation.

The timing of the introduction of this bill was duplicitous in the extreme and cannot have been unplanned. A GST (goods and services tax) was introduced on July 1. So while people were totally distracted by the GST, the traitors who occupy our Parliament House quietly slipped the bill through on June the 28th. There was little if any media coverage.

Significantly, though the bill was introduced supposedly to cope with the extra security required for the September shenanigans of the Games and the Forum, there's no sunset clause. If it gets through the Senate, a triumvirate of the Prime Minister, the Defence Minister and the Attorney-General will have the power to "advise" - ie, order - the Governor-General to call out the army to quell any "domestic violence" that exists, or even is "likely to occur" and which will affect "Commonwealth interests". That's government interests.

Ding, ding, ding! Let's start ringing warning bells loud and clear. Why should any genuinely democratic government have "interests" that are so at odds with the people that they need military backing?

The answer is simple: all over the world governments govern for the benefit of multinational corporations, not their own people. Will the ever increasing objection to THAT constitute "domestic violence"?

You betcha. Just think of Seattle.

Though demonized as turtle-loving nutters, the protesters' main objection was that unelected corporations with no social responsibilities are running the world, to the detriment of the majority of the world's people. You can't dismiss that as a conspiracy theory any more.

In an address in Sydney last year, Jerry Jordan, who heads the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, said that national governments are now subservient to markets and corporations and that consequently things would become unpleasant for many people. He has cried.

Formerly in Australia, as in any decent country, the police policed, and the army fought against foreign troops in wars. But lately there seems to be a worldwide trend to blur the distinction between the police and the military, and it's not boding well for the people of the world.

The UN started it, using troops in policing roles as its 'peacekeepers'. Now in Australia, the other half is being introduced: using soldiers as police. It's not looking good.

Our state governments are not happy with this latest federal power grab. Under the Australian Constitution, THEY may call upon the federal government to call out the army to quell civil disturbance if their police can't. But under this new bill the federal government can unilaterally send in the troops, and their powers are formidable.

The first level is seizing and searching premises, seizing means of transport and detaining people. But if the triumvirate declare a "general security area" the soldiers will be empowered to conduct personal searches, erect barriers and stop transport. If the triumvirate declare a 'designated area', the soldiers may stop and control movement and issue directions to people.

But what has alarmed Australians the most is the soldiers right to shoot to kill - "on reasonable grounds". Of course.

In an article with the amazing title, "Why the ADF [Australian Defence Force] must have a license to kill", Paul Barratt, a former Defence Secretary justified the bill as "a long overdue measure which is required both to protect the members of the ADF by spelling out what authority they have, and to enable the private citizen to know what are the limits of authority of ADF members under emergency situations such as a hostage crisis or a chemical attack." (Sydney Morning Herald, 15/8/00).

"[H]ostage crisis or a chemical attack " - what rubbish! Existing police forces have trained personnel and special squads to deal with such things.

Proponents of the bill also claim with a straight face that under the bill the army may not "stop or restrict any lawful protest or dissent ..."

What an insult to people's intelligence. A mere stroke of the pen can render any strike, sit-in or protest "unlawful", can't it. The authorities can simply refuse to give permission for a demonstration, no matter how passionate the people are.

The politicians can rationalize the bill till the cows come home but the truth is very simple: if this bill gets through the Senate, the so-called Australian government will have the power to use the army against the Australian people, even to the point of shooting to kill.

That's a recipe for tyranny in any man's language."

Antonia Feitz is a senior writer for Enter Stage Right - see


TiM Ed.: For additional TiM stories on the subject of the Sydney Olympics, or about the Down Under version of the NWO, click on - Australia/NZ Index -

As for going to the Sydney Olympics, do you want to find out what it is like to be a roo in Australia?  Just ask the Abbos.  If you can find any... 


TiM Readers' Feedback Aug. 23, 2000

3. Shooting Roos Is Okay; They Are a Pest

WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Aug. 22 - We received the following feedback from a TiM reader in Western Australia about the above TiM Bulletin:

"Three weekends ago, I was hunting Kangaroos. I will be doing it again this weekend. Kangaroos (Roos) are a pest on the increase. 

Certainly they are beautiful animals and they do not pull grass up by the roots as do sheep and other European animals. However with the availability of water in farming areas and the wide expanses of open grassland that European farmers have created, the Roo has never had it so good. As an animal it is designed to breed every few years, today they breed yearly, the days of drought and hardship are gone.

Kangaroos, while very good eating and low in fat, do not market as well as lamb and sheep, yet they eat the same food. They wreck fences, have no respect for an electric fence and they flatten crops almost as well as Emu's; the other national emblem that we shoot.

If every Aussie was to shoot a two Roos a year they would not become endangered.

In many areas Roos are a real problem and if one travels a hundred miles on country roads you will see at least eight dead on the side of the road. That translates as eight badly damaged vehicles and maybe even dead drivers and passengers. Such is their population.

There is no 'gift' in seeing Roos in the wild, they are everywhere. On most Golf courses there is a rule that if you hit a Roo with your ball or if a Roo interferes with the ball or steals the ball that you can repeat the shot with out counting the lost ball or the swing. As a boy I worked as a Caddy and one of the functions I had was to scout out the area for Roos before major events and drive them off by banging a fuel drum with a stick.

Thirty years later and the Roo numbers have increased.

When a Roo is shot, it is a high powered round, fired by a government approved shot. Owning firearms is difficult in Australia, especially high powered weapons.  With this as an understanding we can see that in the vast majority of cases, Roos are shot and killed cleanly. This is an area that even the Greens do not complain about." 


TiM Ed.: Now, isn't that a "happy ending?"  How would the author of this letter to the TiM editor like to experience the "joy of instant death?" The thrill of being "killed cleanly?" 


"Now, as to CALM... (TiM Ed.: the WA government folks who burn forests for the sake of "saving" them), no one likes them.  The Greens say they are on the side of the Timber Industry, and the Timber Industry thinks that they are the Greens. In truth, they are just walking the middle line, trying to make everyone happy so that their masters can be voted in again.

I do not agree with much of the tree harvesting that is underway at this time, but I do agree with putting the bush to the torch. Without controlled and light fire we would have explosive fires that ravaged the tree crowns, we need to remove the dead limbs that Australian treed drop from the scrub line, for if this dropped hard wood becomes fuel the heat given off can melt a fire truck at 50 metres.

I have fought bush fires, they are terrifying, powerful, suck you towards them as they breath and they roar like a jet plane taking off. A Hot fire kills the soil, kills the trees and all the animals, a Cold fire (less fierce) does not kill the soil, it just burns the sticks under the trees, it kills few animals and it does not kill trees.

The great Australian hard woods, Karri and Jarrah, cannot drop their seeds until they are exposed to smoke, this way they know that their seedlings will grow in soil that is devoid of weeds and sticks, the young tree gets a good start and when a tree plans to live for hundreds of years, a good place to put down roots is vital.

Please, understand why Roos are shot, they are not rare, they are not Bald Eagles, they are only pests, but one which we have enough of to be able to use them as an example of what is Australian.

Burning the bush every few years is vital.  Culling the Roo population is also vital.  Please, research the positive side to all of this, not just the negative.  Sorry to be a pain."

Chris Bartle, Western Australia


TiM Ed.: No need to be sorry, Mr. Bartle.  Pain is good.  Hasn't your doctor told you about the "no pain, no gain" idea before reaching into your wallet?  :-)

Seriously, it is only through criticisms, such as Mr. Bartle's, that we all stand to learn.  And hopefully improve our habitat a little bit as a result.  Which is why we are grateful to him for his feedback.

For our money, however, this Aussie has not convinced us that it is a good idea for man to "play God" and kill either the roos or the trees.  

But Mr. Bartle now has has his day under the sun.  The TiM sun, anyway. For, he may not always be able to see the Western Australians sun, thanks to the CALM "calming things down" by starting deliberate forest fires in the WA bush.  So as to save it, we are told...

And where do the Aussie PEOPLE figure in all of this shoot and burn? Aren't they the folks who have to breathe in all this foul air and put up with smoky sceneries cause by the CALM? 

Yes they are.  And no they evidently don't.  Figure in it, that is.  Except as potential shooting targets, as you saw in our first story (above)

You see, it's not all about the Greens and the Browns.  It's about a lot of smoke, masquerading as CALM BS, being blown into the Aussie peoples' faces.

BS?  What's that?

Ask John Howard. Or Kim Beasley.  They are full of it.  :-)


4. Shooting Roos Is Not Okay; Roo Shooters Are a Pest

PHOENIX, Aug. 22 - We received the following "contrarian" comment about the kangaroo shoot from a TiM reader in the U.S.:

"Bob, thanks for the article, I think. It makes me so incensed, I would like to start a riot myself.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Australians would simply demonstrate their sling-shot skills against the roo shooters as the roo shooters were displaying their shooting skills against the roos? It only took one stone to drop Goliath. 

This is not a joke. A friend of mine visited her Australian homeland, only to have them relieve her son of his sling shot in the airport.

Our own government is covering up some military activities in southern Utah--perhaps with the smoke of fires? 

It's a great world--and there's nothing new about all this insanity. At some point, we are going to have to draw the line. Keep your powder dry."

Althea Dixon, USA


5. Why Not Club Them Rather Than Shoot Them? Aug. 24, 2000

QUEENSLAND, Australia, Aug. 24 - We received the following feedback from a TiM reader in Queensland, Australia:

While I would like to avoid the Roo-culling discussion, I would like to comment on your initial idea of 'politician-culling'.

Due to the bad management of resources in most western countries, and the gathering of populations in small areas, a specific breed of humans called "politicians" has reproduced in alarming numbers, and has gathered in self sustaining fortresses in most countries.

These fortresses are called various names such as "parliaments".

These "parliaments" seem to gather a great proportion of a nations resources to the "politicians" and their close allies the "public servants". The resources then seem to dissapear altogether disproving once and for all the first and second laws of thermodynamics.

The "politicians" are difficult to do battle with, as they seem to have no feelings whatsoever. And their intelligence must be fairly low because attempts at training them have proved futile and even toilet training seems impossible as it is common to see evidence of them spreading a great deal of "s…" all around.

Therefore, I think that a law should be passed for a significant culling of these politicians and also of the public servants with whom they feed and socialize. Around 85% to 90% would probably be necessary initially with a maintenance culling conducted yearly.

As to the idea of a "clean kill", I think that it is unnecessary because science has yet to prove that "politicians" can feel anything at all. They are usually completely impervious to all attempts at communication, and the only indication that they give as to their health is when they drop dead.

Given past experiences with politicians and their obvious lack of sentience, I suggest that the high cost of bullets be conserved in favor of the 'clubbing' method.  Thanks.”

David Bundall, Queensland, Australia


6. Freedom's Erosion Aug. 24, 2000

WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 - We received the following note from, Tanya Metaksa, a TiM reader who is a well known activist and columnist at the popular Internet WorldNetDaily web site: 

"I am on your mailing list and got the original "they shoot Roos" piece and used it as a starting point for this week's column on Thanks for the info, and you might want to let your users know about it. The URL is..."

The column's title is "Freedom's Erosion."  

TiM Ed.: For those TiM readers who are not familiar with our above correspondent, Tanya K. Metaksa is the former executive director of the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action. She is the author of "Safe, Not Sorry," a self-protection manual, published in 1997. She has appeared on numerous talk and interview shows such as "Crossfire," the "Today" show, "Nightline," "This Week with David Brinkley" and the "McNeil-Lehrer Hour," among others.


7. Aussie Police Officer Joins Protest against Police State Aug. 25, 2000

PHOENIX, Aug. 25 - We received the following reaction to our story from an Australian police officer, who has evidently joined the worldwide protests against the New World Order police state into which the Australian politicians are trying to convert this fledgling democracy, just in time for the Sydney Olympics.

"As a young policeman, I was on duty during the Vietnam and Springbok demonstrations of the late 60’s and early 70’s.  The main memory I have is that most of the demonstrators I encountered at those demonstrations were students who believed in their cause and were peaceful.

I remember being outside the American Embassy in Toorak Road, when Superintendent Frank Holland led a baton charge against these mostly peaceful demonstrators to rout the few militant demonstrators who were armed with firecrackers and marbles, with the aim to impede the police horses.

Today’s generation of students are again preparing to demonstrate against what they know are government moves that are detrimental to our democracy.  I must applaud them for this, and support them against the vitriolic attacks that have been made against them.

I mean urine bombs for example.  How utterly infantile.  Would the demonstrators be able to collect the necessary amount of that substance, when and where would they package it into their rubber balloons, and then transport it to the fray. 

It has been noted that the Police, which our governments have been reducing for years are now stated to be unlikely to have sufficient numbers to contain a demonstration and so we now have the federal government legislating for Marshall Law.  This means that the students have already won the first battle.  You don’t have troops against society in any democracy.

Then lastly consider this.  The police bodies involved in such actions are the SOG, the Special Operations Group.  They are trained under a group called SAC-PAV, the Standing Advisory Committee (Commonwealth/States) for Prevention against Violence, which is one thing they will endeavor to use against the students. 

However, SAC-PAV is controlled by the PSCC, the Protective Security Co-ordination Centre, which is an Intelligence Agency operating from under both the Federal Attorney General’s Department and the Federal Justice Department, the same body that is instigating the push for Marshall Law in Australia.

The PSCC came to prominence during the Port Arthur Massacre, and from that massacre won the right to control the security for the Sydney Olympic games, and apparently total control for the ‘security’ of Australia, regardless of our constitutions".

Andrew S. MacGregor, Queensland, Australia


TiM Ed.: The author of the above lines, preceded his letter to the TiM as follows:

"You had me going for a while there, Bob... I hope you enjoy your T-bone steak for tea (dinner - for our American readers) tonight."

Andrew S. MacGregor, Victoria, Australia


To which the TiM editor replied:

"Forgot to mention it, Andrew, apropos your T-bone steak comment...

I was in Dallas, Texas a couple of days ago. Business trip. Steak country. Big time! And as big as it comes, if you know anything about Texas.

So I ordered a take-out chicken salad at the "Saltgrass Steakhouse" - "Texas to the bone!" - as their slogan says. 

Big mistake!  It took about 40 minutes to fill this take-out order.

"Maybe I should have ordered a sit-down steak?" I quipped to the head waitress. "Perhaps I would have gotten it sooner?"

The next day, back in Phoenix, I am seeing my knee doctor (the guy who cut and shaved off the bits and pieces of my left knee as if they were bacon bits).

He looks at me. "That T-shirt. "Saltgrass Steakhouse." What's that about?"

"I ordered a T-bone and I got a T-shirt instead," I lied.

He laughed. "Must have been a pretty big T-bone steak," he said.

Back to your initial comment... -)

Cheers! Have a VB or a XXXX for me, will you?"


TiM Ed.: Now, we may be tempted to bet some serious money (which we don't have; just as Clinton-Gore couple don't, who nevertheless help themselves to our pocketbooks) against our U.S. readers' figuring out what this "VB" and "XXXX" stuff is all about? 

So how about it, our fellow-Americans?  If any of you think you know what these symbols stand for - have at it!  Let us know. 

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