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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/5-7

May 25, 2000

House Passes China Trade Bill by 237-197 Votes

"Rocky's Rockettes" Are Rocking Again

China Getting Ready for War with Taiwan?



Washington             1. “Rocky’s Rockettes” Are Rocking Again

Phoenix                   2. Vote “No” on “Fast Track” - a Flashback to 1997

Beijing                     3. China Readies for War with Taiwan


1. “Rocky’s Rockettes” Are Rocking Again

GOP, Dems Unite in Selling Out America’s Main Street to Big Business

WASHINGTON, May 24 – By voting in favor of the China trade bill this evening, 237 Representatives - 73 Democrats and 164 Republicans - proved once again that the American political system has become a plutocratic “Demo Farce.” 

No surprise there.  As the TiM editor put it this weekend in his May 20 speech at the Reform Party of Arizona convention in Scottsdale:

“He (Buchanan) is the only real patriot running for the highest office in the land.  His presidential crest will be shaped in the form of an “A” for America, not an “I” for the IMF; or “C” for Clinton’s service to Communist China; or “G” for Great Algore’s sellout of America; or “Dubya” for a Texas stooge of Wall Street bankers.

Do I need to explain who this “Dubya” character is?  His initials are GWB.  Which in plain English translates to another Gee Whiz Bush-league candidate for the White House.  He is another captain of the Rockefeller Rockettes “blue” team, playing the “Rocky” Rockettes “red” team - in an intra-squad skirmish for the world championship of “Demo Farce.”

American people know that.  That’s why 62% of them voted with their feet - by staying away from the 1998 congressional elections.”

Undaunted by the American people’s rejection of their “Demo Farce,” “Rocky’s Rockettes” in Congress are rocking again, after a brief respite from their usual prostrate position when it comes to Big Business interests when they Congress showed some backbone in November 1997, handing Bill Clinton and the GOP leaders a defeat with proposed “fast track” legislation (see a flashback story in Item 2 of this Bulletin).. 

Who is this “Rocky?” David Rockefeller, the owner of the “Rockettes,” and the New World Order’s “Piranha-in-Chief,” as we put it in our analysis of the 1998 election results - “Much Ado about Nothing”.  And as today’s vote has shown, “Rocky” is not the kind of a man to whom our corrupt Congress dares say “no” too many times.

By acquiescing to “Rocky” and the likes of him among the Big Business executives, Congress has shown that it serves the interests of the highest bidders among the New World Order “Princes” (large multinational companies) at the expense of the lowly American voter.

Highest bidders?  Yes.  Not even Big Labor could come close to the “soft money” that Big Business threw at Congress in the hopes of turning the brains of our Representatives to mush. 

Big Business spent more than an order of magnitude more money than Big Labor in the 1998 election cycle buying congressional votes in the 1998 election cycle - $666.6 million vs. $60.8 million, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.

Of those totals, nearly two-thirds of the Big Business’ “soft money” went to Republicans, while more than 90% of the Big Labor contributions went to Democrats.  Considering that 73 Democrats voted for the Big Business interests in China, the GOP political whores in Congress at least seem to be better at staying bought.

This did not prevent the Democratic political whores in our congressional brothel from sounding jubilant after the vote.  "The Democratic Party is alive and well," boasted Rep. Robert Matsui, D-CA, following the vote, according to a UPI May 24 report. "(Regardless of our position), we all pledged at the beginning of this debate that at the end of the day we would come together."

"Judging from the (atmosphere on the) floor, I don't think this vote will have any long-lasting effect on relations (between lawmakers)," said Rep. Julian Dixon, D-CA. "I noticed many people who were against it came up and congratulated (the bill's supporters). But I imagine some outside groups are disappointed…and will take a while to recover from this."

Get this… “some outside groups are disappointed,” according to this Congressman.  “Outside groups?”  That comment epitomizes how estranged Congress has become from the American people.  Two hundred and thirty seven Representatives are the evident “insiders,” while the rest of the people are outsiders!  

Thank you, Rep. Dixon, for making it so plain for Americans to see how we’ve been sold out to the New World Order Princes, and by whom.

By passing the China trade bill, the House agreed to permanently cede its power to raise tariffs imposed on Chinese imports above those leveled against other U.S. trading partners. In other words, the American Congress voted to give up America’s sovereignty. 

Labor-intensive industries, such as garment manufacturing, would be among those hardest hit by expanded trade with China.  The American Textile Manufacturers Association estimated the trade deal would cost roughly 150,000 U.S. jobs, according to the UPI report.  But that figure is in addition to the hundreds of thousands of American jobs that had already crossed the Pacific and went into China as a result of a cumulative trade deficit in the 1990s of about $300 billion.

Last year alone, the value of goods imported from China topped $82 billion. In the same period, the U.S. exports to this communist country were only $13 billion.  That’s a $69 billion deficit in just one year!  And now, Congress has voted to widen it even further.

"Over the weekend I watched commercial after commercial in favor of this deal," said Rep. Brad Sherman, D-CA. "They were trying to convince us that Motorola was going to make electronic gadgets here and ship them to China. (But) do you really think they are going to pay American's $20 an hour to make these phones when they can pay someone in China 20 cents an hour to do the same thing?"

Actually, try three cents an hour for some low-tech Chinese jobs.  Several lawmakers opposing the bill distributed Chinese-made handbags to each of the 20 or so undecided member of Congress. Inside each bag were three pennies, the hourly wage of the Chinese worker that produced it, according to Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-OH.

Of course, there are some NWO patsies among both the “blue” and the “red” Rockettes who are arguing that all this is being done for the sake of inducing China to improve its “human rights” record.  But none were more boisterous than a couple of GOP wags.

"This is an incredible day," said the House Majority Whip Tom DeLay, R-TX, a strong supporter of the bill, according to that May 24 UPI report. "It is a day we continue to export American values to the world. Freedom will grow in China."

"I'm so proud that Congress kept us moving into the new millennium in a way that is not isolationist," said House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer, R-TX. "Freedom will (now) seep into China."

Yeah, right.  The way that red blood of the pro-democracy Chinese citizens seeped into the Tiananmen Square pavement 11 years ago.  Or the way $247 billion of the Princes investments seeped into the pockets of Beijing butchers during the 1990-1998 period (see “A Cleaner, Neater World? Hardly. Deadlier, for Sure…”).  

Not only is Archer displaying his ignorance about the year 2000 NOT being yet the “new millennium” (see “The Bug That Didn’t Bite”), but aren’t our Representatives supposed to read, if not TiM’s, then at least the State Department warnings about China?  Guess not; not when they are busy protecting the quarter of a trillion dollars of the Princes’ money that has insipidly “seeped” into Red China.  Yet, here’s an excerpt from the latest State Department missive:

“In its most recent report, the U.S. State Department said human rights conditions inside China "deteriorated markedly throughout (1999), as the government intensified efforts to suppress dissent, particularly organized dissent. Police and other elements of the security apparatus employed torture and degrading treatment in dealing with detainees and prisoners."

No wonder opponents of the trade deal consistently argued that voting for expanded trade with China was endorsing China's (dismal) human rights record.  But that did not sway the bought-and-paid-for phony “conservatives,” such as Mary Matalin, for trying to pawn off the China human rights hogwash as “Evian” water.  To the na´ve, of course (try spelling “Evian” backward). 

Here’s an excerpt from a lively debate that Pat Buchanan had with Matalin on CNN’s Crossfire on Monday night (May 22):

“MATALIN: Well, let's go to another central issue: human rights, religious rights, all -- all that panoply of issues. You referenced are -- that why should we let the China -- I mean, WTO break us into China. It's not the WTO, Pat. There's been a technology explosion in the last half-dozen years. It has embraced the entire globe. Woe be it for me to use President Clinton as an example of a point I want to make, but here is the one that he makes, I think, is actually quite profound. 

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) CLINTON: By letting our high-tech companies in to bring the Internet and the information revolution to China, we will be unleashing forces that no totalitarian operation rooted in the last century's industrial society can control. (END VIDEO CLIP) 

MATALIN: Democracy, freedom, rule of law: You can't control those who have information. Information is power, and you cannot control information in the Internet era, in the technology era. 

BUCHANAN: All right. You're saying that if they let our exports into China, it will undermine communism in China. Right? 


BUCHANAN: Why are the communists for it then?

MATALIN: What do you mean why?

BUCHANAN: The Chinese communists are wild about it. They're desperate for it. They want it badly. You're telling me that they want to bring something into their country that's going to torpedo their regime.


MATALIN: Maybe they don't understand that you have access to information. Look at all -- what people can get. Dissidents are saying this. Dissidents are saying this. We can't -- we can deal with the labor issues, the human rights issues, all those other issues, but not -- internal to China later. Now, let's break open a state monopoly. 

BUCHANAN: I stood up on a platform with Harry Wu, who spent 19 years being beaten by these people and finally got out, and he says, don't give away the store. 

We've already given them 46 supercomputers under Bill Clinton. The Republican Party has compared Clinton's China policy with appeasement bordering on treason. 

Now, we've got your boy, Tom DeLay is out there whipping the Congress as hard as he can. He's working harder than Clinton in order to do what: to give Clinton what he wants and Beijing what they want. Let me tell you something, Mary, if the U.S. Chamber of Commerce tomorrow said, you know, we've decided that the imports are hurting us more than we're getting from the exports, we don't want PNTR, the Republican Party would spin on a dime, because it is bought and paid for with soft money.” 



2. Vote “No” on “Fast Track” - a Flashback to 1997

PHOENIX, May 24 - “Giving Bill Clinton more power is like condemning a sex offender to serve his sentence in a harem,” we wrote in the lead to a November 1997 TiM Bulletins about the then proposed “fast track” legislation.  Since back in 1997 we had only started publishing on the Net, only a small percentage of TiM Bulletins was being posted on the Web.  So we thought you may like to see this particular issue again.  Here it is:

Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 97/11-4   7-Nov-97




PHOENIX, Nov. 7, 1997 - Giving Bill Clinton more power is like condemning a sex offender to serve his sentence in a harem.  Or locking up a child molester in a school.  Yet, that's precisely what the "fast track" legislation would do, if the House were to pass it today. 

Sensing his bid for more power may be in trouble, given that even the House Minority Leader, Richard Gephardt (D-MO) opposes it, Clinton cut short his trip to Houston on Nov. 5 to lobby the wavering Dems. 

Meanwhile, one of Wall Street's dons, David Rockefeller, the scion of "fathers of globalism," made an unusual move for a man who prefers to pull the strings from behind the scene.  He went to lobby for Clinton openly and publicly.  A sign of eleventh hour desperation?

In a letter to the New York Times, written and published today (Nov. 7 - did he hand-deliver it after midnight right to the printing presses?!), Rockefeller hailed the export opportunities which free trade offers for Americans.  Thanks to agreements like NAFTA, exports have gone from 4% in 1975, to "8.2% of a much larger gross domestic product," he said.

But it's what your mother didn't tell you that can hurt you the most. 

What Rockefeller didn't tell us is how many jobs America has also exported thanks to "free trade" deals like NAFTA.  Remember Ross Perot's warning about "the great sucking sound" of jobs leaving America?  Well, it's happened.  And it's happening.  From the citrus industry in Florida, to the textile workers in Kentucky, to the auto industry in Michigan, to the flower growers in California... the "great sucking sounds" are becoming ever louder.

Which is why even Democrats, like Gephardt, have turned against the globalist puppet-President, like Clinton.

Another thing Rockefeller didn't tell us is that, since NAFTA was passed in 1993, our trade with Mexico went from a surplus of about $5 billion in 1992, to a deficit of $10 billion - in just the first eight months of this year!  Our global trade gap has been running at an annual rate of $114 billion this year, ahead of last year's record $111 billion deficit. 

For anyone other than tone-deaf globalists, that's a sucking sound of millions of American jobs leaving the country.

Nor did Rockefeller even bother to say "thank you" to the U.S. taxpayers, whose money Clinton, Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole extorted in early 1995 when the peso collapsed, in a bipartisan Wall Street bailout.  Over $20 billion of U.S. taxpayers' money was used to prop up Wall Street banks' bad loans to Mexico, including Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan. 

(Now Clinton has just done an encore in a bailout of Indonesia, another globalist "darling" country).

But Rockefeller did warn us that, "if we turn our backs on the challenge of global competition, we will pay the consequences: higher prices and fewer choices for consumers and less secure, lower paying jobs for our workers."

Really?  Rockefeller's empathy for the American worker is touching.

But how much "less secure" can a job be than no job at all?

How much lower can a "low paying job" get than no wage at all, or the unemployment insurance checks? 

As for  the benefits of lower prices to consumers, workers are also consumers.  Where are they going to get the money to buy these cheap imports?

Oh, I get it!  At the Chase Manhattan bank, right?  But will Chase be willing to lend it to people with a bad credit due to layoffs?

Guess that's the point at which the globalist economic math falls down.  As does the obfuscation that "free trade" is good for America.  Not necessarily.  But it is undoubtedly good for America's elite.  Witness Rockefeller's going to bat for Clinton, trying to bail out the man who helped bail him out in 1995.  You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Meanwhile, no one is scratching the U.S. taxpayers' backs.  And those who pretend to do it, like Clinton, end up taking the strips off our backs.  Which is why the House should vote the "fast track" down.  Let's put the "sex offenders" where they belong - behind bars, not in a harem.” 


TiM Ed.: That 1997 House did say “no” to “fast track.” But the 2000 House has come back to bite the U.S. taxpayers again today with the China trade legislation.  The globalists are relentless.  “Rocky’s Rockettes” are rocking again - to a Chinese drumbeat.


3. China Readies for War with Taiwan

BEIJING, May 24 - China is readying for war with Taiwan, according to a news report released today by, an Internet publisher that cited the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) as its main source. 

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

“The purchase of 24 deadly SS-N-22 Moskit or Sunburn nuclear-capable anti-ship missiles from Russia is merely one of a number of frightening omens that mainland China is preparing to invade Taiwan and go to war with the United States if necessary…

Other signs that China is readying an attack on Taiwan were military exercises in late April along the Chinese coast, involving more than 1,000 jet fighters and more than 80 missile units of the three major Red Chinese fleets, and the recent purchase from Russia of advanced R77 air-to-air missiles…

The Sunburn missiles, first of a total of 48 to be delivered, are designed to destroy U.S. aircraft carriers and ships using Aegis battle-management systems. The missile deal shocked U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, who told The Washington Times, "The Chinese communists now have the ability to sink American aircraft carriers and kill thousands of Americans."

Buying the radar-guided R77, which has an effective range of 30 miles and performs in a manner similar to the U.S.-made AIM-120 missile, alters the balance of forces in the Taiwan Straits by posing a threat to the island's early warning aircraft intended to alert Taiwan's defense forces of an impending attack by the mainland.”

For the full NewsMax report, click on .


TiM Ed.: Meanwhile, the Clinton administration last month refused to authorize the sale to Taiwan of four Aegis radar-equipped missile destroyers and high-speed anti-radiation missiles that could be used by Taiwan's forces to counter the new warships, according to a Washington Times May 19 report.  The Times said that Taiwan arms sales have been blocked by pro-China officials at the White House and State Department who fear U.S. transfers will upset Beijing.

So “why don’t we just outsource our entire foreign policy establishment to China?” (as we suggested on a different topic last year - see this writer’s Washington Times column, “Chinese Dragon Wagging Macedonian Tail”).

With “friends” like Clinton’s administration, Taiwan may welcome some open enemies.  And it so happens, Beijing may be willing to oblige.  Using some of its American dollars to buy high-tech weapons from Russia -  with which to beat up on this erstwhile American “ally.”  

Yukh… Gotta get Buchanan into the White House.

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