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September 09, 2010

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

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FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Send an e-mail to specifying the number of TiM target buttons along with your "snail mail" (postal) address. We are using them as fundraisers for TiM, a non-profit endeavor, as you know. Our suggested donation is $2 per badge, plus $5 for handling and shipping (North America; $10 for overseas orders). Upon receipt of your order, we will e-mail you the instructions about where to send your payment to.

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P.S. On the subject of TiM target buttons, thought you may be also interested in the following real-life anecdote...

Barbershop Small Talk Turns Ugly

PHOENIX, Apr. 27 - Greeks are not the only people outraged at NATO's war on Serbia. This writer just experienced the following condemnation of Clinton's bombing by none other than a bunch of ladies at a Phoenix (co-ed) hairdresser salon.

"So what do you think of Clinton's calling up the 33,000 reservists?", this writer's long-time lady-haircutter casually asked this afternoon, while trying to make small talk. Little did she realize she was about to get volcanic anti-war reactions from her customers, seated around the room in various stages of disrepair, while being beautified.

One of the ladies said she was a human rights activist. And she suggested that all war criminals should be rounded up, and brought to trial.

"Right you are!" this writer reluctantly joined the partisan conversation, while merely trying to get a haircut, after nearly two months in the "bunker," so to speak. "We must go straight to the White House and arrest the war criminal!"

After a few seconds of stunned silence, all staff and customers broke into laughter.

When the dust settled, and the anti-NATO ladies' verbal volcano had run its course, this writer meekly whispered to his hairdresser that he had just returned from Serbia.

"You did what?" she shouted. "You just went to Serbia?"

Then turning to her other customers, just in case they had missed her first frantic reaction, she added: "Did you hear this? He just went to Serbia!"

Regretting what I had said, I was slinking in my chair while trying to become more invisible than the "stealth" bomber. The last thing I wanted was to attract attention to myself while getting a long overdue haircut.

"Why on earth would you do a thing like that?" the hairdresser asked me, after taking time out to duly register everyone's shock at my alleged stupidity.

"Because I wanted the Serbs to know that not all Americans are as bad as Bill Clinton," I replied.

Stunned silence followed.

"Now, we'll all second that, won't we, ladies?" my hairdresser said, turning to her customers. The ladies cheered. There were sounds of approval even coming from some chairs occupied by male customers in this co-ed hairdressing salon.

"What can I do to help?" whispered my hairdresser, an ethnic German-American married to a Slovak-American.

"You can keep spreading the truth about NATO's war on Serbia," I replied, giving her an anti-NATO Truth in Media button (see our Web site for a sample).

"Oh, I'll wear this with pride," she said, pinning the button on her shirt. "Can I get another one for my husband?"

She did.

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