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TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-4

Aug. 20, 1999

The New York Times Reports Bosnian Officials Stole $1 Billion of $5.1 Billion International Aid

Kleptocracy, Nepotism, Cronyism, Thuggery: Dayton Legacies

Where NWO Globalists Tread, Crime and Corruption Soon Follow: The  "Balkan Kissinger" Had Ethical "Lapses" Himself


PHOENIX, Aug. 20 - The sympathetic New York media nick-named Richard Holbrooke, the recently confirmed U.S.Holbr1.gif (11978 bytes) ambassador to the U.N., the "Kissinger of the Balkans" in the fall of 1995. About which this writer said in his Aug. 17, 1997 Washington Times column, "Will American Forces Ever Leave Bosnia?"), that it was…

"…a sure omen of an ignominious end to an illustrious diplomatic career. Just as the Henry Kissinger diplomacy ultimately produced the most humiliating defeat in America's 221-year history - loss of Vietnam war - Richard Holbrooke's current Bosnia 'peace mission' is doomed to failure no matter how many wrists Bill Clinton's 'Balkan Bully' twists in this troubled region."

Well, this "Balkan Bully" is no longer twisting any wrists, having had his own badly twisted even by our wimpy New World Order Senate, during his protracted confirmation proceedings for his U.N. Post. That's because not only had Holbrooke stepped on too many big Washington toes, but this "Kissinger of the Balkans" did something which in the game of cheating is a no-no - he got caught.

Which, of course, did not derail Holbrooke's U.N. nomination; it only delayed it. In a world ruled by Greed, Arrogance, Murder and Ethnic-cleansing (GAME) - the real name of the New World Order GAME - what's a few memory or ethics lapses? Holbrooke eventually paid $5,000 to settle civil charges that he had violated Federal lobbying laws (for improperly using U.S. embassy officials overseas to promote Credit Suisse First Boston investment deals, and some other money-related transgressions). But he denied that he had done anything wrong.

So just like that world champion of the NWO GAME, Bill Clinton, the Wall Street raised and bred banker-cum-diplomat kept his head low, and let his bosses do the talking. Until even the supposed Senate Republican "hawks," the Foreign Relations Committee's "scowling owl" from North Carolina, Jesse Helms, and the Senate Majority Leader, Trent Lott (Mississippi), fell into line. Like two clay pigeons shot out of the southern sky by Yankee dollars. On Aug. 6, the Senate confirmed Holbrooke's nomination, filling the U.N. ambassadorial post which had been vacant for 14 months.

Which, by the way, goes to show us how "important" that U.N. job is. Maybe Washington should have left it vacant - permanently?

Meanwhile, back in Bosnia, the site of Clinton's and the "Balkan Bully's'" greatest foreign policy triumph, according to the NWO media, the real face of the NWO is now on display - in all its ugliness. For, where NWO treads, crime and corruption soon follow.

Four years after the U.S.-sponsored Croat-Muslim 1995 "blitzkrieg" ethnically cleansed 250,000 Serbs from their centuries-old ancestral lands, followed by four weeks of NATO bombings of the Bosnian Serbs (late August through mid-September 1995), the New York Times published a front page story on Aug. 17, "Up to $1 Billion Reported Stolen by Bosnia Leaders." "As much as a billion dollars has disappeared from public funds, or been stolen from international aid projects through fraud carried out by the Muslim, Croatian and Serbian nationalist leaders," the Times said.

If written by honest editors, the Times headline might have read: "Kleptocracy, Nepotism, Cronyism, Thuggery: Dayton Legacies." And the "Serbian" leaders would not have been included among the Bosnian "fraudsters." Not because they are not capable of it. Nor because the Times story failed to provide a single example of corruption among the Bosnian Serb officials, yet alleged their wrong-doings in the opening paragraph. But because the Bosnian Serbs hardly received any aid from which to steal. More than 90% of all foreign investments went to the 51% of Bosnia which the Croat-Muslim Federation represents.

We first reported about the massive fraud in Bosnia last November, in the "Biting the Hand That Feeds You" article (see the TiM GW Bulletin 98/11-7, Nov. 24, 1998). We said that, "nearly $600 million of Bosnian aid provided by the American and other western taxpayers was 'stolen by fraudsters'," according to a March 1998 London Times story."

Which means that even after such public disclosures last year, theft and corruption by the Bosnian government officials have continued unabated, given that the amount has now risen to $1 billion since last year's $600 million, according to the Times Aug. 17 story. Here are some examples of the rampant corruption, especially in the Muslim-run parts of Bosnia:

"Tuzla, a Muslim city, is one case study of widespread corruption that infects many local governments, the report says. The investigators' report charges that $200 million was missing from this year's budget, in addition to $300 million missing over the last two years.

Tuzla's schools were painted four times last year alone by the city government, although they were rebuilt and painted by international aid organizations as well. Tuzla officials paid two or three times the normal price for such work and sold many of the cans of paint on the local market, the auditors found. Many of the schools, meanwhile, still lack heat.

In the town of Sanski Most, heavily damaged during the war, municipal funds are being used to build a horse racing track, much to the consternation of aid agencies, the report said.

The report charges the town's Mayor, Mehmed Alagic, with 358 counts of corruption. The charges include the theft of $450,000 in relief aid from Saudi Arabia. That money was supposed to be used to provide feed and farm equipment, but the report alleges that the Mayor gave the money instead to his brother to start a bank. The Mayor has denied the charges and accused the Office of the High Representative of mounting a campaign against him.

The most sensitive case under investigation by the antifraud unit concerns the Bosnia and Herzegovina Bank, or BiH, in Sarajevo. The bank took in tens of millions of dollars from international agencies and 10 foreign embassies. The money, the investigators say, was lent to fictional businesses or given as personal loans to friends by the two owners.

The bank has now collapsed. The collapse underscores a near-total failure to establish a viable banking industry. Of the some 50 banks in Bosnia, Western diplomats say, only 6 are solvent.

The Agency for International Development, which has not made its losses public, had at least $4 million in the BiH bank, according to Western diplomats. At least half of the $20 million lost by international organizations deposited in the bank was to have been used for reconstruction projects, the investigators said."

As usually a case in societies based on crime and corruption, "kleptocracy" - theft by government officials - is often accompanied by nepotism, cronyism and thuggery. Consider the following examples:

"Officials of the Office of the High Representative and Western diplomats say one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Bosnia is Bakir Izetbegovic, the son of President Izetbegovic. He controls The City Development Institute, in charge of determining the occupancy rights of 80,000 publicly owned apartments in Sarajevo. The apartments, many of which belonged to Serbs or Croats before the war, have been given to members of the governing Muslim-led Social Democratic Party. Others who want occupancy rights must pay Izetbegovic $2,000, said several Bosnians who have paid the fee.

Izetbegovic owns 15 percent of Bosnia Air, the state airline, and takes a cut of the extortion money paid out by local shopkeepers to Sarajevo gangsters, the diplomats said. Izetbegovic has consistently denied any involvement in such activities."

And then there is a corrupt legal system, too, also set up by the Westerners, but administered by the locally greased judicial palms:

"When foreign aid agencies or even the Office of the High Representative try to turn to Bosnian courts for redress, they run up against an overwhelmed and corrupt system.

The Agency for International Development is moving against several large state-owned companies. But creditors are rarely able to collect. The Tuzla courts, for instance, have a backlog of more than 30,000 cases of organized and violent crime. There were 1,050 convictions last year, and in most of the cases, those convicted were released on parole.

Even when laws are passed to try to contain the fraud, politicians have blocked or ignored them. For instance, last year the Bosnian Assembly passed a law to allow the Government to tax the oil and gas trucked in from Croatia. The revenue was expected to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. But when the law appeared in the official gazette, the articles stipulating the taxation were inexplicably missing. The Croatian mafia that brings in the oil and gas continues to pay no taxes. Although the case is in a Sarajevo court, diplomats say the judges, fearing retribution, are afraid to try it."

No wonder that such rampant corruption and thuggery have discouraged foreign investment. McDonald's, for example, have refused to set up operations after demands by Bosnian Muslim government officials to pay bribes, and do business exclusively with their local party officials. Other companies - like the Italian construction company Aluveneto and Gluck Norm, Germany's largest maker of door and window frames - have pulled out with heavy losses, complaining of interference from the state, and inability to collect debts and demands by officials for kickbacks and bribes to stay in business, the Times said.

Volkswagen is also considering pulling out of Bosnia. The money-losing Volkswagen plant in Vogosca does only final assembly on car bodies shipped from the Skoda auto works in the Czech Republic. Few new cars sell, in part because of the thousands of stolen cars brought into the country from Europe by local gangsters. Here is one example:

"The used car market in Stolac, which convenes every Sunday in the Croat-controlled part of Bosnia, has one of the largest collections of stolen vehicles in Europe, according to the international police.

On one recent Sunday, some 400 cars, most with forged registration papers and German, Swiss and Italian license plates, were being sold for large wads of German marks. The gangs that bring the cars into Bosnia oversee the sales.

The Office of the High Representative has outlawed the market. It pressed in January to have the market's organizer, Jozo Peric, arrested. But the local Croatian court released him a few days later and dismissed the charges. Now Peric is in hiding. When federal tax officials showed up last year to try carry out an audit, they were beaten so badly that they were hospitalized."

But what about the multicultural aspects of Dayton, which its "architect," Holbrooke and other Clinton administration officials hailed as a model for how to bring the three warring parties back together (Bosnia's Muslims, Serbs and Croats)? Such top-down multiculturalism is in tatters, too, according to the Times:

"The Dayton agreement, which was signed by Muslim, Croatian and Serbian warring factions in 1995, called for the creation of a single state and the return of two million refugees and displaced people to their homes. But Bosnia remains partitioned into three antagonistic ethnic enclaves.

Serb-held Bosnia continues to operate as a separate entity. The internationally created Muslim-Croat Federation has no authority and has been unable to raise revenues. The two million refugees and displaced people have not gone back to their homes. And the Office of the High Representative, the chief civilian international agency in Bosnia, has been reduced to promising money and aid projects to towns and cities that say they will allow some refugees to return, promises that are usually never kept.

"Dayton stopped the violence, but it did not end the war," said Jacques P. Klein, the chief United Nations representative here, "and the war is still being fought bureaucratically through obfuscation, delay and avoidance by a group of leaders who do not want to lose power. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a patient on life support assistance -- political, military and economic."

Which is an absolute travesty, and perhaps the greatest failing of the Dayton NWO-imposed "multiculturalism." Before such "multiculturalists" started meddling in the Balkan affairs, Sarajevo was one of Europe's most cosmopolitan cities, and one of the finest examples of multiculturalism in the world. Now Sarajevo has lost its soul. Its residents are decidedly uni-cultural (Muslim); most living off of western dole, if not involved in crime and corruption. And most are unhappy, despite the forced exodus of more than 100,000 Serbs in early 1996 - which the Muslims of Sarajevo achieved FOLLOWING the Dayton "peace" agreement (see "A Letter from Bosnia, TiM GW Bulletin 96-03, March 1996, and "The Woman Who Broke Gen. Mladic's Heart," TiM GW Bulletin 96-04, April 1996).

If any or all of the above Bosnian tragedies are reminiscent of what you have been reading lately about the NATO "peace" in Kosovo, and the forced exodus of the 175,000-and-counting Serbs from this former Serbian province, that's not surprising. For, the architects of the Bosnia Dayton "peace" accord, including the "Kissinger of the Balkans" - a.k.a. the new U.S. ambassador to the U.N., are also the Clinton officials who have been busy bees replicating the Dayton "successes" in Kosovo (see "Kosovo: Bosnia II…" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-1, Mar. 6, 1998, and many other articles about that.).

So any time you hear some of such NWO "liberals" say they are doing something somewhere around the world in an effort of spreading the American-style "multiculturalism," figure they are engaged in another round of Washington-style "ethnic cleansing."

Any time some overseas nation hears the Klintonites claim that they launching another humanitarian endeavor, the poor targets of such rescue missions should head for air raid shelters. Or out of the country, as the Kosovo Albanians did, for example, fleeing from NATO's "peace" in Kosovo, to the Serbian capital (Belgrade - see S99-137, KFOR "Peacefarce" 31, Item 1, Aug. 13).

Any time you hear the Clinton administration officials claim that they are engaged in "nation building," or in "spreading the democracy" around the world, think of Somalia (re. "nation building") and Bosnia (re. "democracy"). And then light a candle for the souls of the American servicemen who have been sacrificed by a dishonorable Clinton government while besmirching America's honor and goodwill around the world. Because where the NWO globalists tread, crime and corruption soon follow.

And if you think that America can somehow escape this global truism, after having been downtrodden by such NWO globalists for at least the last four decades, then you've got another think coming. Maybe even as soon as Jan. 1, 2000.

So keep those candles lit, and your prayers short and sweet, and your powder dry. For, the real name of the globalist GAME is - Greed, Arrogance, Murder and Ethnic-cleansing. Which includes "America (once upon a time) the Beautiful."

Sorry.  But those who do not learn from history, and doomed to repeat it.   (With apologies to whoever first said it).

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