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Aug. 13, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-137, KFOR "Peacefarce" 31

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Aug. 13, 1999 - KFOR "Peacefarce" 31


Belgrade                          1. The KFOR "Peacefarce:" Kosovo Albanians Now

                                            Seek Safe Haven in Belgrade

California                        2. Beware of "Free92" Web Site: Enter Only at Own Risk!

                                            (A "Public Service Announcement" by Dave Thomas)

New Zealand                   3. Recipe for a Disaster by a British Cuisine Master

Newfoundland                 4. U.S. Naval Intelligence


1. The KFOR "Peacefarce:" Kosovo Albanians Now Seek Safe Haven in Belgrade

BELGRADE, Aug. 10 - We've told you on "Day -1" of NATO's "peace" that the whole charade would turn into a Kosovo "piss process," right under the watchful eyes of the KFOR "peacefarce" (see "Who Won and Who Lost?, S99-99, Day 72, Update 2, Item 4, June 3, which was actually our last NATO War issue). But never did we image that even the Kosovo Albanians would be trying to flee the NATO/KLA "peace," and seek a safe haven in the Serbian capital.

Yet, that's exactly what's happening, though ignored by most of the NWO "lie and deny" media. Except for some honorable exceptions. Such as the Aug. 10 report by the London Daily Telegraph, filed by David Millward from Belgrade. Here are some excerpts:

"Muslims seek a haven from hatred in Belgrade

Ethnic Albanians are eager to move to Belgrade from Kosovo, despite the presence of NATO troops in the province. A notice board at the Yugoslav capital's only mosque is crammed with slips of paper from Kosovars offering two or, in one case, three flats in Pristina for one in Belgrade. There are an estimated 200,000 Muslims in the Yugoslav capital which has been a haven from the bloody inter-communal strife that has beset first Bosnia and then Kosovo, with little more than a handful of incidents since the start of the NATO bombardment.

Most are employed in blue collar jobs. Many have lived in Belgrade for decades and are located throughout the city. There is not a Kosovar or Muslim 'ghetto'.

Imer Mehmet, 50, left Pristina 32 years ago and is now one of about 50,000 Kosovars living in Belgrade. He said: 'Everything here has been fine; I haven't had any problems. I have friends who are Serbs, my children go to school with Serbian children. I really could not go anywhere else.'

Another Kosovar, Farzi Zeneli, 53, who has lived in Belgrade for more than 40 years, also doubted the wisdom of the bombing which, he said, had soured relations with the Serbs. He said: 'I didn't have any problems, but I know some people who did and it has made things worse for some of us in Belgrade.'

The two men were among about 1,000 Muslims who packed into weekly prayers in the mosque in Dorcol, the oldest part of Belgrade. The ease with which the Muslims live in Belgrade is one of the paradoxes of a country that has been ripped apart over the past decade by ethnic conflict.

But even under Tito, the Yugoslav capital was a law unto itself. Renowned for its tolerance, Belgrade was a cosmopolitan city where cafe society flourished; and the tradition has continued."


TiM Ed.: That Belgrade should continue to be a cosmopolitan and tolerant city even after the NATO "humanitarians" showed up on the scene, and started dropping thousands of bombs on Serbia's 26 ethnic minorities - to show them how the NWO multiculturalism really works, should only amaze the western reporters.

For, during one of the many meetings which this writer has had in the last decade with the Serb Patriarch in Belgrade, Patriarch Pavle said in March 1997, quoting a Serb poet, Marko Miljanov: "Bravery is defending oneself from the enemy; gallantry is defending the enemy from oneself."

In another message, which the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church asked this writer to pass on to the Serbian-Americans in October 1998, Patriarch Pavle also said (see S99-116, "Peace" 10, Item 6, June 27):

"We should all be aware, as were our ancestors, that it is better to lose one's life than one's honor. And that we must also treat our enemies as decent people… We must behave so that at least the future generations who follow us would have a chance to right the wrongs done to us, if God thinks we deserve it."

So as you can see, NATO's bombing has changed nothing in Belgrade. Not even the ignorance of the western reporters who still seem to marvel at the Serb tolerance and cosmopolitanism, despite all the wrongs done to them by the NWO. The only thing NATO's killing innocent people and destroying of Serb civilian structures has shown the world is who the real goons are. Just ask the Kosovo Albanians trying to move from Pristina to Belgrade.

Click on the title for the rest of the Daily Telegraph "Muslims seek a haven from hatred in Belgrade" report.


2. Beware of "Free92" Web Site: Enter Only at Own Risk! (A "Public Service Announcement" by Dave Thomas)

CALIFORNIA, Aug. 11 - In a recent TiM GW Bulletin, we commented about the Belgrade "independent" radio station, the "Voice of Soros," B2 (Bomber)-B92 starting again to bomb the Serbs its globalist propaganda. Well, it appears that more dangers lurk at the "FreeB92" Web site, based on the comment which we received on Aug. 11 from Dave Thomas of California. We bring you some excerpts from it as a sort of a "public service announcement:"

"Regarding the recent TiM article, 'Rebirth of the B2(Bomber)-B92 Radio: 'Voice of Soros;' Ready to Bomb Serbia with Globalist Propaganda,' -- I have a warning for anyone who visits the associated Web site: This so-called 'FreeB92' site actually damaged my hard disk, and caused my operating system to crash - twice! I was bombed by the B2-Bomber-B92 site!

Fortunately the damage was not serious, and I was able to fix it easily. Here's what happened: I had been exploring the site for only a few minutes when suddenly my computer crashed. (Of course, this isn't unusual for me, because I have an older computer and browser that often runs out of memory and crashes after I've been at one or more graphics and/or java intensive sites for a long time.)

But what happened this time was entirely unprecedented. It wasn't merely the browser which froze, something very weird happened to the entire operating system. All the letters of the warning message, the entire operating system menu bar, and the names of every file on the desktop were replaced by little squares and odd symbols!

(Making my desktop look very much like a Russian-language web page! Of course, the Russian web sites I've seen look like that because they use the Cyrillic alphabet which my browser doesn't translate.)

But this 'FreeB92' web site actually infected my computer's operating system itself with these little squares! Nothing like THAT has never happened before! That was the strangest crash I've ever experienced. I wanted to be sure it was the web site that caused this, so I went back to see if it would happen again. Well, it did something equally strange this time, and that's the last time I'll ever go there!

Perhaps I was being foolhardy, but since I use an ancient Apple Mac which is immune to most viruses and 'trojan horses,' I thought maybe I could take the chance. This time I had been at the 'FreeB92' site for an even shorter time when it crashed my computer again. But instead of turning every letter of every word on the desktop and menu bar into a square, it erased them all entirely! Absolutely everything gone! Only the little rainbow Apple symbol in the upper left corner of the screen was still there. In the middle of the screen was an empty warning box with only that little black bomb graphic in it, and the whole box was flickering wildly. Perfect - bombed by the B2-bomber site!

I thought I'd really done it this time! Went and got my whole hard disk erased by a 'trojan horse' or something. I ran a disk repair utility from a backup disk on an external drive and found that my hard disk was still there after all. Whew! But the utility did discover what it defined as serious problems, which it fixed.

I've run this utility (Norton Disk Doctor) many times, but never has it found damage of this nature - deep inside the operating system itself. Always it's been something in a mere file, usually very minor. This damage clearly came from simply visiting the 'FreeB92' web site itself!

I've never had that happen before - getting damaged from merely visiting a web site. I thought viruses and worms and 'trojan horses' could only infect from e-mail attachments and shared files and downloads. But apparently nothing whatsoever is safe anymore, not even just surfing on a web site!

I wanted to inform you about this so you could warn others about it. Whatever there is on the 'Free92' site doesn't appear to cause serious damage, at least not to my computer, but maybe it could do more harm to another computer, such as an unprotected IBM compatible."

Dave Thomas, California


3. Recipe for a Disaster by a British Cuisine Master

NEW ZEALAND, Aug. 12 - Pedro Kurdo, a pseudonym for a "business correspondent of Internet Express News," whose real identity is known to TiM, has already entertained the TiM readers with his dry sense of humor. At the height of NATO's war on Serbia, we published his tongue-in-cheek piece, "DOJ Files Antitrust Charges Against NATO (That'll Be the Day...)," which he contributed from New Zealand (see S99-57, Day 35, Item 3, Apr. 27).

Here are Pedro Kudro's latest musings, appropriated titled "Recipe for Disaster" in keeping with the KFOR "peacefarce" in Kosovo:

"Like many public personalities these days, this famous Briton decided to launch a product associated with his name. 'It's going to be really big', he says, 'even bigger than The Yorkshire Pudding. I am going to put pride back into the British cookbooks'.

Considering the size of the headlines, he may be right. Please welcome Robin The Cook and his new creation 'The Big Balkan Nutty Fudge'.

The best idea to start the discussion about Robin's dish is by trying it. While it may take the brainpower of a rocket scientist to understand it, the preparation process itself will require no intelligence at all. So, let's make it first using Robin's own recipe:

Find at least two troubled ethnic groups and place them into a melting pot well oiled with conflicting geo-strategic interests. Start cooking by simmering them on a slow but constant heat. Add the international law, but be sure to peel off first all of its unfavorable chapters.

Then throw in the media - the liberal ones strongly flavored; the others smoked. Stir the situation vigorously. Mix in massacre footages. If you can't get the real stuff, contact your nearest NATO representative for a substitute.

Using your high-powered 'democratic peace processor,' chop everything inside to small bits and pieces. Bring the whole dish to the boiling point at least a couple of times, to make sure possible voices of discontent evaporate.

At this stage, lovers of exotic herbs may add the remains of Chinese embassy, ground to a find pulp.

Continue to stir the mixture vigorously, occasionally draining off extensive hope. Sprinkle over it crying Albanian refugees for a better visual impression.

That's it. Serve the stew hot to primetime news anchors every night.

The new Robin the Cook cookbook recipe has been supported with a massive advertising campaign. 'Don't ask, just chew the stew!' its slogan goes.

If we are to judge the success by the early feedback, it looks like Robin the Cook has collided with a marketing brick wall here among ordinary housewives. Joe Blobs and John and Jane Q. Public say it wasn't a memorable experience. They found it hard to swallow, and the stew tends to leave a bitter aftertaste for a while.

But what do the global celebrities think about it?

The President says he consumes the dish strictly for health reasons. It's been prescribed to him on a daily basis by his spin-doctors, as the best remedy for his chronic credibility problem.

The Prime Minister would have never answered a question of this magnitude without consulting his best friend. What would have been good for Humphrey must have been good for Britain. The animal liked it.

While the Chancellor finds the dish smells of nostalgia, intensely revoking the memories of Germany's past glory days, the rest of his aids smell a rat.

Elsewhere, after just one mouthful, Boris Yeltsin apparently went ballistic.

But not all people are the same. You may like it, if for no other reason, then because everyone on primetime TV seems to rave about. It's a craze these days. Sort of."

Pedro Kurdo is the correspondent for the Internet Express News.


4. U.S. Naval Intelligence

NEWFOUNDLAND, Canada, October 1995 - We received the following story, titled "Naval Intelligence," from a TiM reader who claimed that the following story was the transcript of an actual radio conversation between a U.S. Navy ship and the Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, in October 1995:

"Americans: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision.

Canadians: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.

Americans: This is the Captain of a U.S. Navy ship. I say again, divert your course.

Canadians: No, I say again, you divert your course.


Canadians: This is a lighthouse. Your call."wpe17.jpg (7527 bytes)


TiM Ed.: No word if the USS Lincoln did hit the Newfie brick wall. Classified U.S. naval intelligence? 

P.S. By now we hope that you've figured out this was a "Friday the 13th Newfie joke."

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