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TiM Bulletin 96-10

Oct. 1996

From a U.N. Conference in Wisconsin

The Amazing UN "Amazon Women"

"Secretary of Sex" - Next Clinton Cabinet Post?



WAUKESHA, WI, Sept. 28, 1996 - One year ago to the day, the Beijing UN Women's Conference took place. Now, a national U.S. conference carrying the same themes was held here and across the nation, a Wisconsin based correspondent of the National State Sovereignty Coalition reports. The backdoor for this conference was the satellite nationwide television hookup of over 450 sites through universities, shopping malls, restaurants here in the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Canada.

So what did all these women gather here for?

TiM Ed. To figure out, it seems, how to run the world without men? Haven’t some Amazon women already tried that social experiment? And look what happened.... Now there are no women there, either.J

Meanwhile, posters from all nations that were collected at the Beijing Conference were on display at the Waukesha Technical College room. Conspicuously absent were the posters of families and particularly men. The intent of this meeting was to inform women on how the UN Beijing's agenda was being set up in "your neighbood where you live, and how to activate at home the Beijing platform."

Hillary Clinton, Honorary Chairwoman of the Interagency Council on Women (ever heard of this Federalamazon.jpg (24176 bytes) Government agency before?) started off the program. "Your actions speak louder than our words, with your call to action on women and children." Hillary informed the audience that President Clinton was determined to show the UN conference that the United States was leading the way. So Clinton established the Interagency Council prior to the convention. Hillary Clinton serves as its Honorary Chair, Madeleine K. Albright as Chair. Secretary Donna E. Shalala was also in attendance at the Wisconsin conference as a delegate.

Then, Betty Friedan spoke out, "We have to legislate nationally for a shorter workweek. Marie Wilson, MS Foundation, "Women should be productive workers in our society until their 70's."

The Clinton administration’s Donna Shalala, said, "In two out of every three families, the woman is the primary wager-earner."

Maureen Reagan, another panelist, has led the US delegation to the Women's Conference for the past three years. Reagan's proposal is that volunteerism should possibly be added to the gross national product for what it has brought to the community. Reagan stated, "We should be able to formulate a tax code to deduct from our taxes the amount of volunteerism we do."

This meeting was MC’d quite tightly from Washington by the CNN reporter Judy Woodruff. Although this two-hour meeting was to have been an open discussion, only two faxes were allowed.

Geraldine Ferraro had a written response to one of the incoming faxes.

To form the Interagency Council on Women, the NSSC correspondent says that Clinton had contacted 16 (!) U.S. government agencies to implement and develop the UN's Beijing platform.

TiM Ed. Gee... 16, huh? Was there one left out? The Pentagon, perhaps? Whom didn’t Clinton "contact" to "implement and develop the UN’s Beijing platform?" The yet-to-be-formed "Department of Sex?"

For more information on these UN plans, you can call the Council of Women at 202/456-7350, the NSSC correspondent said. The Council holds monthly public meetings to discuss its work, we are told. How many FAXes do they allow?

Ed. None from men, we presume?

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