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TiM Bulletin 2004/1-3

April 19, 2004

Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce: Private Armies of Private Armies at Taxpayers’ Expense

Privatizing War

About 20,000 Mercenaries Prove Iraq War Is about $Money$!



Thought you’d be interested in our latest Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletin – our first on the worsening situation in Iraq.  We have not commented about it till now because everything that had been happening there has gone according to the earlier New World Order scripts, played out during the Balkans wars.  Just check our various TiM Global Watch Bulletins from 1997 onward.  But there are some new twists, too, in the current Iraq campaign.  Which is why we wanted to give you an update.


Privatizing War

PHOENIX, Apr 19 – Most offensive wars are fought for money and power.  Some are being spun to the public as being waged in the name of some higher moral principle.  None are.  All offensive wars are inherently immoral.  The Iraq invasion is a case in point.  It is the best example yet of our New World Order (NWO) motto – “perpetual war for perpetual commerce.”  

We first formulated it in 1992, and have since used it in numerous editions of both, the Truth in Media, and in this writer’s columns in the national and international media. Here’s what we said in a Washington Times piece in July 1998, for example:

“The NWO elite need their ‘Hitlers,’ ‘Stalins,’ ‘Saddams,’ ‘Maos,’ so as to justify their basic foreign policy - PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL COMMERCE.  Foreign wars and subsequent ‘peacekeeping’ engagements are good for business of the global merchants of death.” 

(An excerpt from Washington Times, July 5, 1998).

First you knock them down; then you build them up.  Either way, the “death merchants” and other government contractors make out.  But either way, homo sapiens loses.

Text Box:  We have lost about 700 soldiers in Iraq so far by the official count.  About 90 of them perished in just the first 17 days of April.  (It pains me to use the term “about” when it comes to human lives.  Every life is precious.  No life should be lost in vain.  But rounding the numbers is the best one can do given the continuing losses that we are taking).

Considering the Clinton administration’s Big Lie – that we had supposedly lost no troops in combat during the 78 days of the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia – and the Bush administration’s propensity for going one better in lying and covering up, God only knows how many additional casualties we may have suffered, especially in units engaged in clandestine operations (see "NATO War" for more on that).

As for Iraqi civilian casualties, nobody knows for sure.  This month alone, they are estimated at about 1,000.  Since the Bush II invasion of Iraq was launched in March 2003 under the “Restore Hope” mantra, tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed.  To the Bush administration and the Pentagon, they are evidently expendable.  Nobody is keeping the exact count. 

The Balkans wars in the 1990s demonstrated the validity of our above NWO theory on a smaller scale.  But it took the current conflict in Iraq to fully expose the evil face of the NWO crowd.  Not only did President Bush invade Iraq under false pretenses, but his administration is now dishing out tens of billions of dollars of the war’s booty to hundreds of private government contractors – his cheerleaders.

That the Iraq war is about money became perfectly clear from today’s (April 19) front page New York Times story about some 20,000 mercenaries who are serving as “security” personnel alongside about 130,000 regular U.S. army troops.  The U.S. security companies that employ this new brand of Foreign Legionnaires “from all corners of the world,” “unblushingly charge $500 to $1,500 a day for their most skilled operators,” according to the Times.

As a result, security costs could claim up to 25% ($4.5 billion) of the $18 billion budgeted for reconstruction, a huge and mostly unanticipated expense that could delay or force the cancellation of billions of dollars worth of projects to rebuild schools, water treatment plants, electric lines and oil refineries, the Times said.

And there is another price… the human toll.  At least 80 foreign mercenaries from the United States, Europe and South Africa working for American companies - have been killed in the past eight days in Iraq, writes Robert Fisk on April 13, a veteran British war correspondent who regularly reports from the Middle East for the London-based Independent.  But that’s not something Bush administration officials, or the U.S. military leaders in Iraq, are anxious to talk about publicly.  For, it would make our losses look even bigger than official reported.

Since the start of 2003, contractors have filed claims for 94 deaths and 1,164 injuries with the Department of Labor, according to the Times.  For all of 2001 and 2002, by contrast, contractors reported 10 deaths and 843 injuries.  And, of course, these Labor Department figures do not contain any foreign mercenary casualties.

In Washington, defense experts and some leading Democrats are raising alarms over security companies' growing role in Iraq.

“Security in a hostile fire area is a classic military mission,” Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, a member of the Armed Service committee, wrote last week in a letter to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, also signed by 12 other Democratic senators. “Delegating this mission to private contractors raises serious questions.”

That’s like complaining to the fox about the security in a chicken coop.  For, the Bush administration’s growing dependence on private security companies is partly by design, the Times notes.  Rumsfeld has pushed aggressively to outsource tasks not deemed essential to war-making.

But many Pentagon officials now concede that the companies’ expanding role is also a result of the administration’s misplaced optimism about how Iraqis would greet American reconstruction efforts.  Instead of flag-waving and cheering encompassed in the “Restore Hope” mission slogan, American troops are being greeted by a bullets and RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades).

Lest we forget, it was the brutal killing of the four American “security officials” in early April on a bridge in Fallujah that started the latest round of violence in this predominantly Sunny town 30 miles west of Baghdad.  Scores of U.S. marines have been killed there since then and about 600 Iraqi civilians, according to Arab sources.

Furthermore, the lines of distinction between the roles the regular U.S. troops play, as opposed to those of the private security companies, are often blurred, the Times said.  As is the chain of command and control.  Many security guards are hired as “independent contractors” by companies that, in turn, are sub-contractors of larger security companies, which are themselves subcontractors of a prime contractor, which may have been hired by a United States agency, the Times points.

“In practical terms, these convoluted relationships often mean that the governmental authorities have no real oversight of security companies on the public payroll,” the Times concluded.

So not only are we (the taxpayers) shelling out $4.5 billion to private security companies hired by the Bush administration, but we have little or no control over their actions.  That’s like taxation without representation. At least one revolution occurred in part because of a similar injustice (in 1776).

By using the U.S. military in offensive foreign adventures that only benefit the U.S. “death merchants” and friends of the “Bushies” engaged in reconstruction projects, while practically destroying the American image and reputation around the world, the Bush is turning our troops into Halliburton’s, Lockheed Martin’s or Carlyle Group’s private armies.  

We picked the above three companies randomly from the list of the Top 50 Pentagon contractors in 2003.  Besides the weapons and aerospace manufacturers, you will find among the Top 50 “death merchants” computer companies - CSC (#10), EDS (#27), Dell (#35) and IBM (#50), as well as health care providers Humana (#11), Health Net (#14) and Cardinal Health (#33).  Even consulting firms - Booze Allen (#23), and educational institutions - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (#48) are profiting from the Bush administration’s surge in military spending. Text Box:

Some foreign companies, such as British Aerospace (#13), or the Dutch NVK (#43), or the Government of Canada (#47), are also benefiting from Washington’s warmongering.  So by voicing their opposition to Bush’s Iraq war, France, Germany and Russia, to mention three prominent countries, have effectively cut themselves off from lucrative reconstruction contracts.  A noble, albeit an unprofitable decision, in a world ruled by money and greed.

Now, which company among the Top 50, do you suppose, had the biggest increase in its Pentagon business in 2003?  Surprise, surprise… It was vice president Dick Cheney’s former company – Halliburton.  Despite the controversy over its over-charging the Pentagon for some of its oil deliveries in Iraq, Halliburton recorded a whopping 711% jump in 2003 revenues (see the above chart).

Isn’t war great, especially if one has friends in high places? (also see “War Is Great!  Long Live NATO!”, Mar 1999, and "Weep Mankind: Dubya Chooses Warmonger as Veep", July 2000, and "Stitching Together the New World Order Flag," Nov 1999).

Text Box:

Altogether, we figure that 9/11 may have been worth about $1.4 trillion in additional military spending over the next 10 years to various U.S. and multinational “death merchants.”  Which makes the global wartime economy the fastest growing “new” market. 

So who needs the Cold War and the Soviets when fighting Saddam and Osama can be so much more profitable?

“Perpetual war for perpetual commerce.”  Remember those five words.  Money makes the NWO world go around.  The Almighty Dollar is the only God they really worship.  All else is spin and rhetoric.  The Iraq war has just proven it all over again.  In spades.  Privatizing war has been a new twist that the Bush administration has added to these old truisms.

People who kill people for money are called contract killers or hit men.  People for whom they work are called mob bosses.  Any similarity between such criminal activities and what’s going on in Iraq is entirely intentional and purely non-coincidental.  That’s the real ugly face of the New World Order that lurks behind the UN, democracy or freedom masks.


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