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TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-1

March 6, 1998

Next Stage of NATO's "Green Interstate"

Kosovo: "Bosnia II" and Serbia's Aztlan, Chechnya

Western Media Buzzards Gather at the Field of Blackbirds





K94-2 (Bosnia-Kosovo).gif (29133 bytes) PHOENIX - Here we go again... "Bosnia II" is in the making in the Serbian province of Kosovo. The U.S. government officials are stoking the fires of another ethnic war while publicly opposing it. They are playing their usual, duplicitous roles pulling the strings behind the scenes. Just as they kept adding fuel to the ethnic fire in Bosnia while claiming to douse it.

The special U.S. envoy for the Balkans, Robert Gelbard, was in Serbia only days before the latest outbreak of violence. And just as his predecessors at the State Department declared in June 1991 that the territorial integrity of the former Yugoslavia is inviolable, Gelbard warned the secession-minded Albanians that Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia. But words are cheap. Especially those of the U.S. diplomats. Less than a year after such a solemn declaration, the U.S. recognized in April 1992 Slovenia's, Croatia's and Bosnia's secessions, setting off the three-and-a-half year Bosnian war.

So Kosovo looks like Bosnia "déjà vu all over again," in the words of Yogi Berra. Why should we, Americans, care? Because Kosovo, just like Bosnia, will ultimately lead to American involvement, including a deployment of U.S. troops (highlights added 2/28/08).

How do we know that? Well, the New York Times, for example, has already been clamoring for redeployment of American troops in Macedonia, a stone's throw from Kosovo. In a Mar. 2 lead editorial, which "coincided" with the latest outbreak of violence in that Serbian province, it called for "new peacekeepers, possibly under the auspices of NATO and OSCE" to be sent in when the U.N. mission leaves. And, of course, international troops are already deployed in the neighboring Albania, following this country's brush with its own civil war last year.

Another tell-tale sign of upcoming trouble in Kosovo was the arrival of some U.S. establishment media buzzards there. The New York Times reporter, for example, was given a private tour of Albanian terrorists' hideouts BEFORE the latest outbreak of violence. This implies a coordination between the U.S. government, the Albanian terrorists, and the "independent" U.S. media.

A far-fetched speculation? Only for the ignorant. For, the same pattern was discernible during the war in Bosnia. The western media buzzards "miraculously happened to be in the neighborhood" when grisly killings occurred. The CNN, ABC, or SKY... cameras were rolling even before some of the victims died.

Good journalism? Luck? Or careful coordination? Take your pick...

In this writer's wartime travels through Bosnia, for example, one former Serb resident of Sarajevo showed his sense of black humor.

"Western reporters can be deadlier than snipers," he said. "Whenever I saw one, I ran for cover. When I saw a group, I dove for cover."

"But if you happened to see CNN's Christiana Amanpour, or ABC's Peter Jennings, for example, maybe you should have actually joined them," I suggested.

"Really? Joined them? Why?"

"Because the buzzards don't kill the buzzards. Though they are not picky about what they eat." :-)

Meanwhile, in Kosovo, as in Bosnia, the New York Times focused on the reaction - the alleged Serbian police brutality against the ethnic Albanians on Mar. 1, while downplaying the cause - the attacks by Albanian terrorists on Feb. 27 in which four Serb policemen were killed. This establishment paper covered in the similar fashion the "spontaneous" demonstrations by some 30,000 ethnic Albanians in Kosovo which followed on Mar. 1, in which 24 people were killed. It sympathized with the terrorists, not the law.

But while the media are willing accomplices, it is the U.S. government, that keeps manufacturing crises around the world. Now that Iraq has quieted down again, "why don't we light a match somewhere else?" one can just see our Secretary of Hate, Madeleine Albright, hinting. Nor is she the lone hawk in the U.S. government's bloodthirsty foreign policy crowd.

Richard Holbrooke, for example, the "father of the November 1995 Dayton Agreement" which ended the Bosnian war, inserted a clause in it about Kosovo. Resolving the Kosovo problems was one of the conditions for lifting the so-called outer sanctions on Serbia (read availability of NWO funds).

greenint.gif (18462 bytes)What did Kosovo have to do with Bosnia? Nothing whatsoever. Except that Holbrooke's move revealed where the next stage of the New World Order's (NWO) expansion in the Balkans was likely to take place. In a Dec. 7, 1995 ARIZONA REPUBLIC column, "Dayton Sellout," I called this expansion a "Green Interstate," an ethnic/ geopolitical highway with a dual carriage and a dual purpose:

(1) Connecting NATO West with NATO East (Turkey);

(2) Projecting the Islamic influence into the soft underbelly of Christian Europe (Albanians are predominantly Muslim, though many of them, like the Bosnian Muslims, are former Serbs who forcibly or voluntarily converted to Islam to avoid the Turkish persecution).

"With Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania already in the U.S. backpocket, NATO could afford to lose (or ignore) the nominally pro-Serb Greece and still maintain its geographic continuity." (also see TiM GW Bulletin 95-15, 12/14/95).

The second hint about the NWO globalists' future Balkan intentions came in 1996, when the State Department requested and got Serbia's permission for the U.S. to open a USIA post in Pristina, the largest city in Kosovo. It was the first and the only such office set up outside of our embassy in Belgrade. I figured its real purpose was to be a command post, where American and ethnic Albanian would-be insurgents can whisper into each other's ears free of electronic bugging by the Serbian government.

The third hint was provided by the Kosovo Albanians themselves. They have been boycotting all Serbian elections since the fall of communism in 1990. This sent a clear signal that they were planning to achieve their political aims by bullets, not ballots. A steady flow of arms into Kosovo, financed in part by the Albanians' drug trafficking operations based in Switzerland, and by fund-raising events in the New York area (see New York Times, Mar. 2), reinforced the assessment that it was just a matter of time before Kosovo exploded in violence.

Let us pause here for a moment for a logic check. The U.S. globalists may have wanted the Kosovo clause inserted in the Dayton Agreement. Many other U.S. officials - from the former ambassador Warren Zimmerman in 1989, to Bob Dole in 1990, to Alphonse D'Amato and a number of other senators - have been for years championing the cause of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

But why did Serbia's president, Slobodan Milosevic, agree to all these terms? Why did he sell out Serbia's national interests?

Because he is evidently a globalists' tool himself. I takes two to tango. To manufacture a crisis, you need the "bogeys" as well as the "white knights" who ride in to save the day.

Why do you think George Bush spared Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War? To save him for another president to use as a punching bag. And to justify continued presence of the U.S. troops in the region, eight years after the war ended!

So Milosevic sold out Serbia's national interests for the same reason the globalist U.S. government has been selling out America's national interests - by equating them with interests of Big Business. Why do you think the U.S. government refused to back openly the massive pro-democracy demonstrators' calls for Milosevic's resignation last winter? Because Milosevic is a valuable Serbian punching bag. He has now learned when to wag his tail, and when to bare his teeth, depending on what his NWO masters need in a given situation. Without him as a villain, the U.S. anti-Serbian policy would be shown for what it is - a genocide against an entire people, which is what the old and the new sanctions are.

This vile relationship is symbiotic in reverse, too. Every time a new crisis is manufactured, it enables a dictator to usurp more powers from the people on account of a national emergency. That's exactly what Milosevic and Croatia's president, Franjo Tudjman did in April 1991, less than a month after Milosevic was almost deposed during the first massive demonstrations against him in Belgrade on Mar. 9, 1991. Killings and disturbances in the Serbian part of Croatia created a national emergency in both former Yugoslav republics. This led to a full-fledged war after Croatia unilaterally seceded from Yugoslavia in June 1991. Within months, erstwhile anti-Milosevic demonstrators were being drafted and sent to the front to die for him.

For the same reason, manufactured crises, such as the recent on in Iraq, actually benefit the dictators like Iraq's Saddam Hussein. They give him a chance to consolidate or increase his power over his own people.

I don't know Saddam Hussein. I've never met the man. But I have met Slobodan Milosevic one-on-one. Twice. Once in January 1990. Another time in February 1992. Both times, after several hours of conversation, heated at times, this former communist dictator left me with an impression of being woefully out of it when it came to foreign policy or world affairs.

Back in January 1990, for example, Milosevic told me that, in his opinion, the U.S. government was supposedly interested in the Kosovo Albanians' cause because Albania (geographically) denies the Soviet Union a direct access to the Mediterranean Sea.

I was stunned by Milosevic's ignorance, especially coming on the heels of Romania's Ceauscescu execution, which took place less than two weeks before our meeting. And considering that the Berlin Wall came down only two months before that.

"Hasn't that foreign policy card gotten a bit yellow by now?" I asked.

"Yes, it has. But the State Department bureaucrats take a long time to catch up to the real world," he replied.

Maybe they do. But it obviously took even longer for Serbia's president to figure out which end was up in world affairs.

The next time we met, in February 1992, just before the Bosnian war broke out, I warned Milosevic that he himself may face charges as a war criminal one day unless he condemned such crimes by the Serbs. He said he already had, grinning and making some notes about my comment in his pad. He evidently either didn't think he'd be prosecuted, or didn't care.

That's when it first started to dawn on me. The man must be a part of the con. The NWO elite need their "Hitler's," their "Stalin's," their "Saddam's," their "butchers," so as to justify their parasitic existence. Because the overriding principle of the globalist elite-driven foreign policy is PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL COMMERCE. Because foreign wars and subsequent "peacekeeping" engagements are good for business of the global merchants of death.

So forget the State Department rhetoric. Words are cheap. Watch the body language and actions of the Big Business' stooges in Washington.

But to try to understand from the ground level what's really going on in Kosovo, consider a scenario in which some "Americans" advocate secession of the American Southwest and its joining a foreign country, say Mexico. That's exactly what some ethnic Albanians in the Serbian province of Kosovo want. They want Kosovo to become a part of "Greater Albania."

kos-dem.gif (19698 bytes)Nor is this parallel between Kosovo and the American Southwest a hypothetical one. As I pointed out in my WASHINGTON TIMES column, "When Cultures Collide..." (Aug. 18, 1996), the Chicano groups, including MEChA and La Raza Unida (The Race United), want to "demolish the border." They want to reclaim the American Southwest for Mexico and rename it Aztlan. And, just as in Kosovo, some Clinton administration officials seem to be encouraging them by attending their rallies.

The situation in Kosovo is an even more drastic example of demographic terrorism, followed by political insurrection. Unlike Aztlan, this region has NEVER been a part of Albania. Kosovo has been a cradle of the Serbian civilization ever since King Stefan Nemanja threw out the Byzantines from Kosovo in 1180. And even before that, during the two centuries of Byzantine Empire's occupation, there were Serbs living in Kosovo. Which means that Serbs have lived in Kosovo for over 1,000 years now, as attested by numerous ancient Christian monasteries which grace this "land of blackbirds," which is what Kosovo means in a loose translation ("kos" is a Serbian word for "blackbird").

In fact, the Serbs constituted a majority of Kosovo's population prior to the purges and repression of Christian Serbs which commenced in 1945 under the communist rule. In 1929, Serbs constituted 61% of the population in 1929, ethnic Albanians 33%, and others 6%. By 1961, the pendulum had swung the other way, as a result of the communist-sponsored demographic terrorism. Ethnic-Albanians accounted for 67%, the Serbs for 27%, and others for 6%.

Today, the ethnic-Albanians represent about 90% of Kosovo's population, according to their own and the western media figures. But since there has not been a census done in Kosovo for over 10 years, such claims cannot be independently verified. Whatever the actual figures, the demographic conquest of the sovereign territory by immigrant aliens and exploding birth rates represents another parallel between Kosovo and the American Southwest.


Given that the overriding strategy of the U.S. globalists' foreign policy is PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL COMMERCE, are there some discernible tactics in the way they manufacture crises around the world? Yes, there are. Generally, they try to incite a minority group to rise up against a majority, using the old "divide and conquer" tactics.

They back Israel, for example, against the majority of its Muslim neighbors. They backed the Chechnya Muslim rebels against the Russian majority. They backed the Bosnian Muslims and the Croats against the majority Serbs in the former Yugoslavia. And now they are backing Kosovo Albanians against the majority Serbs in Serbia.

Closer to home, the "politically correct" views of neo-liberals, including the "affirmative action," has led to a virtual dictatorship of the minorities. Any criticism, no matter how logical, factual or reasoned, is immediately attacked as "racist," or "white supremacist."

But there are also exceptions to the above tactics. When Christians are the minority fighting for justice or survival, the NWO elite look the other way. That's what they did in Lebanon. That's what they are doing in China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Israel, for example, when Christian minorities are persecuted. That's what they do when the ethnic (Christian) Russian minorities' rights are abused in the former Soviet republics. That's what they did in the former Yugoslavia - when the minority Croats or Bosnian Muslims were allowed to secede from Yugoslavia, while the minority (Christian) Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia were not permitted to secede the newly minted countries of Croatia or Bosnia. Worse, hundreds of thousands of Serbs were later "ethnically cleansed" from Croatia and Bosnia - with the U.S. military aid, too.

Finally, in Kosovo, the NWO globalists not only looked the other way while the (Christian) Serbs in Kosovo were being virtually exterminated; they are now blaming and punishing the Serbs for the latest escalation in violence - just as they did in Bosnia.

Earlier generations of the NWO elite displayed similar attitudes. Remember the genocide which Turkey carried out against the (Christian) Armenians in 1915? Or the pogroms of the minority (Christian) Greeks which the same Muslim country committed in 1922?

So what is one to conclude from all these examples? That, besides being inhumane and driven by materialism (PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL COMMERCE), the NWO elite policy is and has been inherently ANTI-CHRISTIAN throughout the 20th century! And it has become even more so since the end of the Cold War. The above exceptions in warmongering tactics only confirm this rule.

If this comes as a shock to you, it should not be surprising. For, "at a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act," wrote George Orwell. And we live indeed at a time of universal deceit.

What to do? First, pay no attention to the State Department or White House rhetoric. Judge them solely on their deeds, such as the above examples. In fact, assuming the opposite from what they are saying will increase the probability of getting closer to the truth, than would taking their words at face value.

Second, apply an old proverb to the globalist elite: "The best way to kill a snake is to cut off its head." Which means remove the inhumane, anti-Christian Washington stooges of the NWO elite from power. At least in this country, we have the right to do it by legal, non-violent means. If we don't, we'll only have ourselves to blame when our turn comes to be bitten by the NWO snake.



KOSOVO-girl.jpg (32298 bytes)"Kosovo Polje" stands for a "Blackbirds' Field" in a literal translation from Serbian. But this Blackbirds' Field is also a field of death. And a shrine for Serbian patriots who gave their lives in defense of their country and Christianity.

On June 28, 1389, a mighty battle was fought at Kosovo Polje. It pitted the Serbian defenders of Christ's holy cross against the invading Ottoman Empire (Turkey) adherents of the Muslim crescent moon.

The Christian medieval Europe was fretting and hoping that the Serbs' holy cross would prevail over the Islamic crescent moon. At one point, the bells of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris rang out in premature and erroneous salute to the Serbs' victory.

But it was not to be. The Serbs were defeated. One of them, however, Milos Obilic, managed to cut the gut of the invading Emperor, Murat, with his sword, killing him, before being cut to pieces himself by the Sultan's guards.

For 600 years and counting, Kosovo Polje, the Blackbirds' Field, has been etched as a place of honor and glory in the hearts and minds of every child born by a Serbian mother. It's like Alamo, Bastogne, Siege of Leningrad (St. Petersbrurg) - combined. On June 28, 1989, the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo, over a million Serbs, 10% of the nation, made a pilgrimage to this sacred ground to pay their respects to the Kosovo heroes.

The New World Order warmongers knew all that. They knew that the Serbs will never give up Kosovo. That would be like turning the Arlington cemetery to the Germans or the Pearl Harbor memorial to the Japanese. That's why they chose to stoke the ethnic fires in Kosovo.


For those among our readers who may not have been following the Bosnian war blow-by-blow, we should point out that the western media huddled with the Bosnian Muslims in downtown Sarajevo. That's why the American public only got to see the incoming shells, allegedly fired by the Serb gunners surrounding the city. Sometimes, however, gruesome massacres were staged for the western cameras when the Sarajevo government shelled its own people while blaming the Serbs - to win the sympathy of western viewers. For some examples of those, check out the books "Peacekeeper," by General Lewis MacKenzie, the first U.N. commander in Sarajevo, and "The Sharp End, A Canadian Soldier's Story", by James R. Davis.

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