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TiM GW Bulletin 98/10-8

Oct. 24, 1998

A Secret Argentina-Bosnia Arms Deal: Another Clinton Scam

A Balkan Affairs Potpourri

How Germany Backed the KLA; "The Serbian Reservation"


  • A Secret Argentina-Bosnia Arms Deal: Another Clinton Scam
  • An Anti-U.N. Rally Which Fizzled
  • The European: How Germany Backed the KLA
  • KLA Kills Four Serb Policemen; Kidnaps Two Serb Journalists
  • A Poem: The Serbian Reservation


BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 2 - First it was the Iran-Contra illicit arms deal in 1986. Then it was the illegal Iran-Bosnia arms transfer which the Clinton administration tacitly sanctioned in 1994. Now an Argentinean newspaper, the Clarin (, reported in its Oct. 2 edition that illegal arms sales to the Bosnian Muslims via Croatia took place in 1993-1995, which sidestepped the U.N. arms embargo. The Argentinean government has denied any involvement.

Yet, the Clarin story implicates the highest officials in the Argentinean government, including the President, Carlos Menem. The illicit Argentina-Bosnia arms deal was made possible thanks to two secret decrees - 1697 & 2283 - which were signed by the President (Menem), the chancellor, Erman Guido de Tella, and the economic minister, Domingo Cavallo, the Clarin said. This allowed Fabricacciones Militares [FM] - a military weapons manufacturer, to export about 6,500 tons of arms and munitions to Panama.

With Panama as a false final destination, the FM boss, Luis Sarlenga, and the Bosnian government representative, negotiated to complete the operation. The shipment was made under the name of Diego Palleros, an arms dealer (now a refugee in South Africa), so Sarlenga was presumed to be uninvolved. Arms went from FM to Palleros' firm in Panama, which sold them to Horacio Debernardi, a retired Argentinian Navy captain. The latter moved them to the firm Grossafir GES MBM of Austria, which represents the French arms dealer, George Starcmann. Finally, the arms ended up in Bosnian Muslim hands.

Erman Gonzalez was the minister of defense and work in 1992, when the arms negotiations began. Argentinean federal judge, Jorge Urso, who is investigating the illegal arms sales to Ecuador and to Croatia, prosecuted Sarlenga in 1995 for falsifying documents to Ecuador. Last month, the judge also indicted Erman for suspicion of forgery of the signature of the two Presidential decrees in 1991.

The Argentinean arms supplied 24 infantry battalions and six artillery units. In one secret operation, carried out with a green light from the U.S., the shipment arrived at the Croatian ports in June and November of 1993, from there it was trans-shipped to the various Bosnian cities and front lines. Bill Clinton's government was backing the Bosnian Muslims in their fight against the Serbs, the Clarin explained. Which is why the Croatia Line (a Croatian company) ships were permitted to sail unchallenged through the naval blockade in the Adriatic.

FM received $35 million from Croatia and Bosnia, although the value of the Argentinean arms provided to the Bosnian Muslims is estimated at $70 million, including the intermediaries' take. But Bosnia received financial help from Saudi Arabia and Iran, on account of the Muslim solidarity, the Clarin said. Iran alone provided $160 million.


TiM Ed.: And so, the other shoe has now dropped. Not only did the Clinton administration tacitly support the illegal Iran-Bosnia arms shipments, but we see now that it had also given a green light to illicit Argentinean arms sales.

So who says that integrity doesn't matter? And that one can tolerate and separate the lying about one's personal affairs from the conduct of the country's business. As we now see, the two were and are closely related. Here is, for example, an excerpt from the TiM Bulletin 96-4 (4/05/96):

"On Apr. 5 (1996), the Los Angeles Times revealed that Bill Clinton "directly participated" in a decision to let Iran covertly supply arms to the Bosnian Muslims from early 1994 through January 1996 (yes, even as the American troops were being deployed in Bosnia!?). And that the White House had deliberately kept the congressional committees in the dark about its secret plot.

Even the CIA wasn’t in on the scam, until it accidentally stumbled upon it in the fall of 1994.

Clinton’s spokespeople did not dispute the LA TIMES story, but merely claimed that "no laws were broken."

Really? Who said so? The four members of the top secret Intelligence Oversight Board - all of whom are Clinton’s political appointees, according to the LA TIMES. Or was it Clinton’s "Whitewater" pals that vouched for his integrity?

Meanwhile, the President, his National Security Advisor, Anthony Lake, Deputy Secretary of State, Strobe Talbott, and two U.S. ambassadors - Charles Redman (Germany) and Peter Galbraith (Croatia), make a mockery of the U.S. Constitution. And even Bob Dole, the likely Republican presidential candidate, didn’t seem overly perturbed, either. Rather than get worked up about the legal or moral issues which this deception raises, Dole, always an outspoken Muslim supporter, merely complained that Clinton should have openly armed the Bosnian Muslims, instead of doing it secretly.

There is at least one law which Clinton did break, however, the U.N. resolution which imposed an arms embargo on the former Yugoslavia. Now all American adversaries (China, Iraq, Libya, Iran...) will get the message - the Security Council decisions are meant to be flaunted!

Worse, the Clinton administration’s connivance has kept our envoy to Bulgaria, or the CIA operatives in the Balkans, unaware of its scam. Even R. James Woolsey, then CIA director, "was genuinely shocked by the evidence (of Iran-Bosnia deception), and quickly took it to the White House," the LA TIMES said."


PHOENIX, Oct. 24 - Today's planned 2PM Phoenix protest against the United Nations and its War Crimes Tribunal had to be canceled due to a poor turnout. Guess too many football games to watch; too many shops to visit on a warm Saturday afternoon. Issues of conscience and politics evidently could not compete with such allures. No matter. Here's the keynote speech which your TiM editor was supposed to deliver, but never did. So treat it as a "virtual speech."

"Thank you for asking me to address this rally in front of the Dutch Consulate in Phoenix. Both the place and the date could not be more fitting. The place, because the Netherlands is home to the world's first war crimes trials since the end of World War II. The date, because today is the United Nations Day, under whose auspices the Hague War Crimes Tribunal has been set up.

But instead of celebrating its 53rd birthday, we have gathered here today to mourn the victims of the "UN Justice." Not just human victims, but also liberty, and national sovereignty.

The War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague is a good example of the United Nations' moral and political corruption. The UN has allowed its logo and the judicial black robes to be misused for political interests of certain countries. This court has chosen to prosecute some alleged war criminals, most of them Serbs, while looking the other way in other cases. And it has shown inexcusable negligence in its treatment of some prisoners.

On Aug. 1, for example, Serb, Croat and Muslim prisoners all banged on cell doors and set off alarms trying call the guards' attention to a sick inmate who had been moaning in agony. To no avail. When the prison cell doors finally sprung open, some five hours later, all prisoners rushed in to help their dying cell mate. Too late. Dr. Milan Kovacevic, a former Prijedor hospital director, had already suffered a slow and painful death. A Tribunal spokesman later said Dr. Kovacevic had died of a heart attack. He lied. Dr. Kovacevic died of a ruptured aorta in his abdomen. In early September, the Tribunal also acknowledged that, but denied any culpability.

Lest we forget, Dr. Kovacevic had been kidnapped from his office on July 10, 1997 by four British soldiers. The same day, another Bosnian Serb, Simo Drljaca, was murdered in cold blood by a group of NATO commandos, according to two eyewitness testimonies broadcast on Bosnian Serb TV.

On June 29, the case against the former (Serb) mayor of Vukovar, Slavko Dokmanovic, was also terminated after this prisoner hanged himself in his cell at the Hague.

By the way, neither Kovacevic nor Drljaca nor Dokmanovic had been on the published list of people indicted by the War Crimes Tribunal. Yet all of them are dead now. Their cases have shown the world a new legal trick, unheard of in the course of normal western justice - secret indictments!

But that's not the worst example of the UN Tribunal's moral and political corruption. In Feb. 1996, General Djordje Djukic, also an UNINDICTED Bosnian Serb, accidentally fell into the enemy hands in Sarajevo. A few days later, he was flown to the Hague prison even though he had not been charged with any crimes. Like Kovacevic, Gen. Djukic became ill at the Hague, and was eventually returned to die in his homeland.

The bottom line: Three unindicted Serbs were kidnapped and imprisoned at the Hague; one was killed; none were convicted; yet all four wound up dead at a court which does not have the death penalty.

But, as you can see, when there is a will, there is a way. When it comes to "U.N. justice" anyway.

By contrast, two Belgian paratroopers serving within the U.N. forces in Somalia in 1993, were photographed roasting a Somali boy over a flaming torch. They were sentenced only to a month in jail, and fined £200 (about $333) after admitting the atrocity in a military court in Brussels on June 23, 1997.

In 1995, a group of Canadian paratroopers were investigated for torturing a Somali to death and killing three others. The charges led to the Canadian Airborne Regiment being disbanded in 1996.

In June 1997, gruesome photographs of Italian soldiers torturing a Somali youth, and abusing and raping a young Somali girl, were published in a Milan magazine.

Yet despite the confessions and/or indisputable evidence, none of these western U.N. soldiers were ever charged under the War Crimes Tribunal's jurisdiction. Why not?

Furthermore, I happened to be in Bosnia in July 1995, near Srebrenica, and with Dr. Radovan Karadzic and other Serb leaders. And I saw no massacres for which Gen. Ratko Mladic and Dr. Karadzic were later indicted. But I did see dozens of buses laid on by Gen. Mladic which took the Srebrenica Muslim civilians to safety in Tuzla (a Muslim-controlled town in Bosnia). Which is why I offered to Judge Goldstone to testify at his court. Not once - twice! No takers. Guess the truth is not such a prized commodity at this U.N. outpost. Victors' "justice," meaning vengeance, seems to be its goal.

Evidently, what is sauce for the (Serb) goose is obviously not sauce for the (U.N.) gander. Or as Solon (a Greek philosopher) noted some 27 centuries ago: "Laws are like spider webs. If some poor weak creature comes up against them - it is caught. But the bigger one can break through and get away." The disgraceful behavior of the UN War Crimes Tribunal makes one wonder how much mankind has really progressed in the last 27 centuries.

At a higher level, such a supra-national court also represents an assault on national sovereignty. It claims jurisdiction over crimes which have traditionally been prosecuted in various countries' own courts. No wonder the U.S. government refused to sign the Rome treaty last July which sought to establish a permanent world court for war crimes. You see, our military could have also come under its capricious jurisprudence.

As the Toronto Sun columnist, Peter Worthington, put it in his Oct. 22 piece, instead of making the world better and safer, as its proponents argue, such a world court would do "anything but. It'd be a kangaroo court."

I respectfully disagree. That's an insult to the kangaroos. Kangaroos are wonderful animals. And vegetarians to boot. They'd never be capable of causing as much harm as the Hague Tribunal has already done. Which is why it may be time to put the "UN justice" on trial. Or better still - just get rid of it!

I'd like to close with a message from His Holiness, Patriarch Pavle, with whom I spoke yesterday morning, as I told him about our rally here today, and asked for his blessing:

"We should all be aware, as were our ancestors, that it is better to lose one's life than one's honor. And that we must also treat our enemies as decent people. As Marko Miljanov said, "bravery is defending oneself from the enemy; gallantry is defending the enemy from oneself."

We must behave according to the teachings of Saint Sava and all our saints. Which means recognizing that the heavenly kingdom is more important than the one on earth. And that God sees and knows everything. Including when malicious people make false accusations against us.

We must behave so that at least the future generations who follow us would have a chance to right the wrongs done to us, if God thinks we deserve it.

That is my message to your rally in Phoenix."

And so, let us take the Patriarch's advice to heart: Let us fight for the truth, justice and liberty, but do so with dignity and confidence that, even if we don't get to see on this earth the fruits of such a struggle, our future generations will."


PARIS - A London-based weekly, The European, published a report by Roger Faligot, its Paris correspondent, in the newspaper's Sept. 21-27 issue, which shed new light on the German secret diplomacy's aid to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) right from its inception in 1996.

The Helmut Kohl's government had officially supported the western line of seeking to persuade Slobodan Milosevic, the Yugoslavian president, to end his violent incursion into Kosovo, and enter negotiations with the rebellious Albanian majority in the province, The European said. But behind the scenes, German civil and military intelligence services have been involved in TRAINING and EQUIPPING the rebels.

Indeed, this information matches some reports which TiM had received from Serbian sources in June, which indicated that some captured KLA fighters wore German-made uniforms and used regulation NATO weapons.

Germany is the principal destination for refugees from the Balkans, and the influx has become a matter of serious political controversy. There are now approximately 400,000 Kosovo Albanians in Germany.

Germany has been traditionally anti-Serb and anti-Milosevic in particular, The European said. It was the first country to recognize an independent Croatia before the Bosnian war. It is now attempting to define a new role for itself in the Balkan region, which it regards as vital to its interests.

The birth of the KLA in 1996 coincided with the appointment of Hansjoerg Geiger as the new head of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), the German intelligence service. One of his first operational decisions was to set up one of the largest BND regional stations in Tirana, the Albanian capital. BND agents co-operated closely with the leaders of the Shik, the Albanian secret service. The Shik was the successor to the Sigurimi, the feared communist-era security service, many of whose agents are still active. The BND men were in charge of selecting recruits for the KLA command structure from the 500,000 Kosovars in Albania.

Reporters covering the Kosovo conflict, which was unleashed when Milosevic sent police and special forces into the province earlier this year to suppress the KLA, were surprised to find that some of the KLA fighters wore BUNDESWEHR COMBAT JACKETS with identifiable insignia, even in front of television cameras.

[TiM Ed.: Bingo! Just as our Serbian sources had alleged.]

The black-uniformed KSK elite troops, previously active in Bosnia tracking down Serbian war criminals, have been involved in training commandos in northern Albania - still controlled by supporters of Sali Berisha, the former Albanian president, according to French intelligence sources.


TiM Ed.: The most interesting aspect of this European report to us was not that Germany had allegedly supported the KLA (most well-informed people already knew that), but that The European article was filed from Paris; and that it was based on the French intelligence sources.

In other words, the French are ratting on the Germans. Why, considering that they are both ostensibly NATO allies? Surely the French are not spoiling for another bout in the Balkans, after the licking which their "peacekeepers" took in Bosnia?

We don't know for sure, of course, but it could be a case of French jealousy. Just as was the case at the end of the Croatian war, when Germany rushed ahead to recognize this breakaway former Yugoslav republic (in January 1992), Kohl's German government may be now also doing the U.S. bidding in Kosovo - as a front.

Here is, for example, an excerpt from the TiM Bulletin 95-10, 7/17/95):

"As far back as 1991, France made it clear it no longer wanted the US security umbrella in Europe (read NATO) as it initiated plans with Germany for a pan-European force. The idea drew scorn and criticism from the US government. The Americans barely had a year or two to get used to the notion which the globalists (Bush, Clinton) were selling - that we are the only remaining "super power" in the world." And here were some lowly Europeans, the US reasoned, who should have been grateful for our 50-year+ protection, trying to pull the rug from under us!

So the "State Dept. et. al." set out to make sure the Germans stayed signed up to our cause, rather than to that of the more temperamental, and thus more volatile, French. Or the other like-minded Europeans.

The Germans obliged. First, they followed the US lead in recognizing Bosnia in 1992, a state that had never existed before. And in June 1993, at an EC meeting in Copenhagen, the German Chancellor Helmut Kohl even volunteered to be the spokesperson for Bill Clinton, even though the American President never asked him to do so. The subsequent "clarification" by the State Dept. was embarrassing for both governments."

So, some things never change, do they? Croatia and Bosnia yesterday, Kosovo and Albania today. Except that repeating the same plays over and over again, the New World Order leaders are really signaling both, contempt for their adversaries' intellect, and the arrogance which overconfidence breeds. Which should be cheery news for lovers of liberty, justice and sovereignty the world over.


KOMORANE, Serbia - Three policemen were killed and two wounded late Saturday (Oct. 17) at Orlate near Malisevo, three km (two miles) from the Komorane police checkpoint, Reuters reported on Oct. 18. Two days earlier, one policeman was killed and three more were wounded in the same region.

"That's how they (the KLA) keep their own promise. The world is waiting for us to retaliate and will then punish the Serbs,'' a traffic policeman said at Komorane. "The Albanians can do whatever they want, the world is protecting them.''

Which is basically what happened. NATO ordered its top two generals to Belgrade on Saturday (Oct. 25) to warn the Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic that they have authority to order air strikes against Serbia after 2PM (ED) on Tuesday (Oct. 27). Gen. Wesley Clark, the supreme commander of NATO, and Gen. Klaus Naumann, the highest ranking European military chief in NATO (a German), are to report back at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Sunday (Oct. 25) about their Belgrade mission.

The Serbian police fear that the KLA, which claimed control of up to 50 percent of Kosovo before Belgrade pushed them back in a summer offensive, will swarm back into the areas vacated by the security forces, Reuters reported. The Komorane checkpoint came under fire several times throughout Saturday night. "During the day it's like real peace. At night, it's hell,'' said one policeman who was supposed to go home Monday at the end of his tour of duty.


PRISTINA, Serbia, Oct. 19 - Meanwhile, a reporter and photographer working for Yugoslavia's official news agency Tanjug disappeared in the troubled Serbian province of Kosovo on Sunday (Oct. 18), Agence France Press reported on Oct. 19. Nebojsa Radosevic and Vladimir Dobricic had left Tanjug's Pristina bureau heading for Magura, 30 kilometres (20 miles) to the south, where two Serbian policemen had been reported wounded in an attack Saturday (Oct. 17) by armed ethnic Albanian separatists.

Kidnapped Serb Journalists

Police later told Tanjug that the two journalists had never arrived at their destination. In late August, a Serb reporter for Radio Pristina, Djuro Slavuj, and his driver, Slavko Perenic, disappeared in southwestern Kosovo near Orahovac. They have never been found.

A France-based international organization, "Reporteurs sans frontiers" ("Reporters without borders") sent a letter of protest to Mr. Adem Demaci, the political representative of the KLA, and expressed its deepest concern over the latest incident.


BELGRADE - An anonymous poet who wishes to be own only under the initials, "L.A.," has sent us the following poem, titled "The Serbian Reservation:"

Nothing to fear, nothing to worry,

It is an old, well known story.

Don't think too deep,

Don't loose your sleep

Just another nation goes to reservation.

Serbian people, they are so bad,

The world would be best if they were all dead.

Let's throw some bombs, lets burn them all,

Put them against or behind a wall.

Lets find a new desert, a new location,

Let's call it "The Serbian Reservation."

Don't think too long, don't think too deep,

Serbian land is now so cheap.

Croats, Albanians, come and get some

A piece of Serbia to every world's bum.

It gives me sorrow it gives me blues

Whenever I hear the CNN news:

Kid kills his schoolmates with a gun,

Magwire hits another home run.

The San Diego zoo got a new panda,

Eight-hundred-thousand killed in Rwanda.

Eight-hundred-thousand dead on the scene,

Is NATO going to intervene?

Give me a break, come on, get real,

They were all black, not a big deal.

Eight-hundred-thousand, their throats slit,

We all remember what Clinton did.

The support he offered was only moral,

At the time he was just getting oral.

In the case of Rwanda he was too slow,

But now he's ready for a final blow.

The peace on the Balkans someone disturbs,

So let's go there and bomb some Serbs.

Let's get Kosovo ethnically clean,

Ten percent Serbs, and they're so mean.

Let's kick them out to a reservation,

Kosovo is for the Albanian nation.

Ten percent only, used to be more,

Seventy percent after Second World War.

After fifty years they almost all left,

Under the pressure, terror, and theft.

Some ten percent just wouldn't go,

Now Clinton's ready for the final blow.

Serbs from Croatia, Serbs from Bosnia,

We chased them all to little Serbia,

What Hitler started, lets get it done,

Let's go to Serbia and have some fun.

Let's test some weapons, cause some destruction,

Let's see what will be the Russian's reaction.

It'll be good for the bonds and stocks,

'Cause the market lately really sucks.

Let us create the New World Order

For every country, we'll write a new border.

Everyone has to dance as we play,

Or he'll become NATO's pray.


By: L.A., a poet who wishes to remain anonymous

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