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TiM GW Bulletin 99/9-6

Sep. 22, 1999

From the Guardian/Observer:

U.S.-Trained Indonesian Death Squads: Butchers of East Timor

Crimes Increase after Australians Disarmed; For Your Smile: Life in Russia Under Socialism; Life in Russian Under Capitalism


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London                            1. U.S.-Trained Indonesian Death Squads - Butchers of East Timor

Australia                          2. Crimes Increase After Australians Disarmed

New Zealand                   3. Clinton's Secret Service Flood Chicken Farm with Faxes

Moscow                           4. For Your Smile - Life Under Socialism…

Moscow                           5. For your smile - Life Under Capitalism...


1. U.S.-Trained Indonesian Death Squads - Butchers of East Timor

ZURICH, Switzerland, Sept. 22 - Like father, like son… Just as the U.S. and other western countries once armed and trained Saddam Hussein's army before invading Iraq, so had the same global troublemakers done in Indonesia, the London Guardian/Observer points out in its Sept. 19 edition. Both U.S. and British governments have the East Timor blood on their hands. Here are some excerpts from that story:

"Washington trained death squads in secret while Britain has spent 1m helping Indonesian army

Indonesian military forces linked to the carnage in East Timor were trained in the United States under a covert program sponsored by the Clinton Administration which continued until last year.

The Observer can also disclose that the (British) Government has spent about 1 million in training more than 50 members of the Indonesian military in Britain since it came to power. Human rights campaigners claim a number of these are likely to have links with those complicit in the atrocities.

The US program, code-named 'Iron Balance', was hidden from legislators and the public when Congress curbed the official schooling of Indonesia's army after a massacre in 1991. Principal among the units that continued to be trained was the Kopassus - an elite force with a bloody history - which was more rigorously trained by the US than any other Indonesian unit, according to Pentagon documents passed to The Observer last week. Kopassus was built up with American expertise despite US awareness of its role in the genocide of about 200,000 people in the years after the invasion of East Timor in 1975, and in a string of massacres and disappearances since the bloodbath. Amnesty International describes Kopassus as 'responsible for some of the worst human rights violations in Indonesia's history'.

The Pentagon documents obtained by the US-based East Timor Action Network and Illinois congressman Lane Evans detail every exercise in the covert training program, conducted under a Pentagon project called JCET (Joint Combined Education and Training). They show the training was in military expertise that could only be used internally against civilians, such as urban guerrilla warfare, surveillance, counter-intelligence, sniper marksmanship and 'psychological operations'.

Specific commanders trained under the US program have been tied to the current violence and to some of the worst massacres of the past 20 years, including the slaughter at Kraras in 1983 and at Santa Cruz in 1991. The US-trained commanders include the son-in-law of the late dictator General Suharto, Prabowo Subianto, and his mentor, General Kiki Syahnakri the man appointed last week by the so-called 'reform' government as commissioner for martial law in East Timor.

The secret program unveiled in the document became the focus for military training when above-board aid was curtailed by Congress after the Santa Cruz massacre. Congress had stepped in after up to 270 peaceful protesters many of them schoolchildren were murdered by Kopassus shock troops as they paraded through Dili.

American sponsorship of the Indonesian regime began as a matter of Cold War ideology, in the wake of defeat in Vietnam. The left-wing movement in East Timor was feared by Jakarta and seen by the US as an echo of those in southern Africa and of Salvador Allende's government in Chile. Jakarta's harassment of the Timor government and the invasion of 1975 were duly encouraged by the United States.

The training of Indonesia's officer corps peaked during the mid-Eighties. In 1990 a former official at the US Embassy in Jakarta cabled the State Department to say US sponsorship had been 'a big help to the (Indonesian) army. They probably killed a lot of people and I probably have a lot of blood on my hands'.

But the horror of Santa Cruz in 1991, when trucks were seen dumping bodies in the sea, was too much. The US decided that the training, while still available, should be paid for by the recipient nation in other words, it would no longer be military aid. The covert program then became the main means of training Indonesia's military still at the American taxpayers' expense.

In an undated prospectus, the Pentagon says the prime mission was to 'to develop, organise, equip, train, advise and direct indigenous militaries'. The scale was small, to offer concentrated 'significant special training' which would create 'self-sufficient small units'. In 1996, for instance, 10 exercises involved 376 US personnel and 838 Indonesians or 'loyal' Timorese.

Britain also made a significant contribution to Indonesia's military training. The Observer has established that, since May 1997, 24 senior members of Indonesia's forces have been trained in UK military colleges. This included training in running military units efficiently and how to use technical equipment like guided missiles. In addition, 29 Indonesian officers have studied at non-military establishments.

Revelations of the extent to which Labour (party) has used taxpayers' money to aid the Indonesian military has angered many MPs, who claim it makes a mockery of Foreign Secretary Robin Cook's 'ethical foreign policy'. In the last four years of the Tory Government, only one Indonesian soldier was trained in the UK.

Ann Clwyd, the Labour chair of the all-party group on human rights, has previously shown that Indonesian military trained here have subsequently committed atrocities. She said: 'It is simply not acceptable that we have been training these people. We know the police, the army, the militia are all interlinked. How many of those trained by this Government are now involved in the East Timor operation?'

Last week both America and Australia suspended military co-operation with Indonesia. Funding for the military training would have been made available by the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence through the Defence Military Assistance Fund. Earlier this year Defence Minister Doug Henderson admitted that training one Indonesian navy officer at the Joint Service Command and Staff College and another on the International Principal Warfare Course at HMS Dryad cost the Government 170,000. […]

Amnesty International's East Timor country specialist, Deborah Sklar, traces the regime's 'over-reliance on thuggish military operations' as being due to the demands of the foreign investment community and even from the World Bank.

She cites a blueprint called The East Asian Miracle, written by US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, in which he urges governments to 'insulate' themselves from 'pluralist pressures' and to suppress trade unions. This, she says, became a primary Kopassus role during the years of training by the United States.

'If the US,' says Sklar, 'has supplied to the Indonesians equipment that has been concerned in the perpetration of human rights abuses, then that is an outrage'."


TiM Ed.: So there you have it, the real ugly face of the Washington officials who are fomenting death and unrest, and supporting thuggish dictators while preaching "democracy" and "reform."

For the rest of this article, check out -


TiM Ed.: For more on the crimes committed in Indonesia with the assistance and/or complicity of the U.S. government, check out the article from Pacific Affairs, 58, Summer 1985, pages 239-264. Peter Dale Scott is a professor of English at the University of California in Berkeley, and a member of the advisory board at Public Information Research" (

Also see how "CIA Compiled Indonesian Death Lists in 1965" at:


2. Crimes Increase After Australians Disarmed

AUSTRALIA - The following is a letter published by the Orange Country Register (8/04/99) on the effects of confiscation of guns which the Australian government imposed on its population just over a year ago. In short, what the crime statistics say is that there is no (positive) relationship between gun control and crime rates. And that, if Americans allow the criminal Washington government to disarm us, the Second Amendment rights notwithstanding, the only guns left will be in the hands of organized crime - at the state and street levels.

"It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed, a program costing the government more than $500 million dollars.

And now the results are in: Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2percent; Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent; Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent). In the state of Victoria, homicides with firearms are up 300 percent. Figures over the previous 25 years show a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms (changed drastically in the past 12months). There has been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly.

Australian politicians are on the spot and at a loss to explain how no improvement in "safety" has been observed after such monumental effort and expense was successfully expended in "ridding society of guns."

Bet you won't see this data on the evening news or hear your governor or members of the state Assembly disseminating this information. It's time to state it plainly: Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws only affect the law-abiding citizens. Take note, Californians, before it's too late!"


3. Clinton's Secret Service Flood Chicken Farm with Faxes

MANGERE, New Zealand, Aug. 3 - A New Zealand chicken processing plant had been bombarded with stray faxes from U.S. security officials preparing for the recent visit to Auckland by President Clinton. Instead of orders for processed chickens at Poultry Pride, factory owner Saji Philips finds himself fielding fax messages on security issues such as the installation of White House communications equipment in the Auckland Airport control tower.

Despite being assured by the White House that the situation is being taken care of, the plant still received details of President Clinton’s arrival in Auckland for an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

One fax detailed the installation of White House communications equipment in the Auckland airport control tower ahead of the arrival Air Force One, carrying Clinton to a summit of Asia Pacific leaders on Sept. 12-13.

Names and car registration details of military communications officials have also been sent.

"I think it said something like U.S. APEC Support office, or something like that. And names of a few people, you know, who were supposed to drive some military vehicles and things like that and some equipment being installed at the airport," said Philips, the owner of Poultry Pride.

"One of them had the name of a military officer with his code name and security number," Philips told a local newspaper.

"For us it doesn’t really matter, but if this fell into the wrong hands, who knows what could happen. It's really quite frightening," Philips said.

He said that several weeks ago he had asked the U.S. support office for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit to stop the faxes but they kept coming."


TiM Ed.: And you wonder why the NATO/Pentagon bumble heads couldn't tell the Chinese embassy in Belgrade from a storage facility they were supposedly trying to bomb?

(By the way, while in Belgrade, the TiM editor drove past the site of the Chinese embassy bombing. The blackened ruin of the marble-lined structure still stands out eerily among the surrounding New Belgrade apartment buildings. Not exactly a typical scene for a residential neighborhood).


4. For Your Smile - Life Under Socialism…

MOSCOW, Sept. 19 - We received the following contribution from a TiM reader in Maryland:

George dies and goes to hell. He notices one sign that says, "Capitalist Hell," and another that says, "Socialist Hell." There's a long line of souls waiting to get into socialist hell, but no one waiting to get into capitalist hell. George asks the guard, "What do they do to you in socialist hell?"

"They boil you in oil, whip you, and then put you on the rack," says the guard.

"And what do they do to you in capitalist hell?" George asks.

"Same thing," the guard replies.

"Then why is everybody in line for socialist hell?"

"Because in socialist hell," the guard explains, "they're always out of oil, whips and racks."


TiM Ed.: To which we replied with a Socialism 101 comment of our own:


A Russian buys a new Moskvich (car) in 1980, and is assigned a delivery date of Tuesday, Oct. 2, 1990, between 8AM and noon.

"Could you change that to the afternoon?" he asks the salesman.

"But why? How do you know what you'll be doing 10 years from now?

"It's because my TV set is being delivered in the morning."


5. For your smile - Life Under Capitalism...

MOSCOW, Sept. 18, 1999 - Finally, here is a true story about capitalism in the former center of socialism.

On Saturday night, we went out to dinner to a typical Russian restaurant (Georgian food, in this case). Service could have stood some improvements, but the grub was good. Total bill for a three course-meal for three people, including a bottle of Georgian wine - only $36! (Wonders of the ruble devaluation for foreign visitors!).

Then this party of three went back to our American hotel where we had three coffees. Total bill - $20.

And you think the Russians are slow learners when in comes to capitalism? Or when the game is skinning the foreigners alive at American hotels? No ruble devaluation there…

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